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George Rufus Redman Horn (Horne)

Псевдоним: "George Rufus Redmond Horn.George Rufus Raymond Horn"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Clay, Atchison County, Missouri, United States
Смерть: Умер в Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska, United States
Причина смерти: Dissecting aneurysm on abdominal aorta
Место погребения: Ridge Cemetery, Fremont, Dodge Co, Nebraska
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын William Steven Horne и Rachel Jane H. Horne
Муж Myrtle Louise Horn
Отец Earl August Horn; Mary "Mae" Izetta Anderson; Eva Louise Miller; August Rufus Horn и Edna Eileen Palmatier
Брат Nancy Horne; Elizabeth Isadore "Lizzie" "Icy" Clark; Martha Nancy "Marthy" Freeman; Mary Adelaid Klingerman; Lydia Rebecca Record и ещё 4

Профессия: Railroad Fireman
Менеджер: Justin Swanström
Последнее обновление:

About George Rufus Redman Horn

He was a railroad fireman. According to his son August Horn, George was the first of his family to spell Horne without the "e."

His grandson Ridge Durand erroneously believed George was half Shoshoni. In fact, he was Cherokee or part-Cherokee.

According to his obituary, as a young man he worked on President Truman's father's farm near Lamar, Barton County, Missouri. He also worked for a time picking apples for John Weight, the grandfather of his future wife.

I have not been able to find him on the 1900 census (Swanström), but he might have been the George Horn, born November 1870, who was working for James H. Thurman at Camden City, Ray County, Missouri.

He might have been the George Raymond Horn who enlisted 30 June 1896 (Service No. 001560689, Records of Bureau of Naval Personnel).

At the time of his marriage in 1902 he was living in Corning, Holt County, Missouri. After their marriage, they lived at Oregon, Holt County, Missouri until about 1905, although in 1904 they were living at Forbes, Missouri. They moved to Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska, where he worked for the railroad, and lived there until about 1910. In 1911 they were living at Neligh, Antelope, Nebraska.

His 1918 draft registration card shows him as George Rufus Horn, back in Norfolk, Nebraska, living at RFD #4, and working as a laborer for the C&NU Railroad.

In 1920 they were living in the 4th Ward of Norfolk, Nebraska. George's brother-in-law Charles S. Quillen was living with them. In 1921 they moved to Fremont, Nebraska, and lived at 230 N. Crosby. There, he had a farm and worked as a fireman for the railroad until he retired in 1922.

He was in Fremont in 1930 and 1940. The 1940 census shows him as George Rufus Horn (64), born in Missouri, and wife Myrtle Louise Horn (54), born in Iowa, living in a rented house at 135 N. Crosby, which is said to have been the same place where they were living in 1935. He was a Waterman for the "W. Pa. Project".

George Horn chewed tobacco, according to his son August. August and his sister Evelyn remembered their father's hay barn, plow team, harrow, and other horse drawn farm equipment. George used the harrow to keep the weeds down on either side of the railroad track. George later worked for Elevator B for many years. He and his wife might have moved away and later returned, as his wife's obituary says that they moved to Fremont about 1936. As early as 1956, he was living at 1150 West 1st Street in Fremont, and was still there at the time of his death in 1969. Burial services were held at the Free Methodist Church.

George's grandson Ridge Durand, had George's straight razor and shaving mug. The mug says "Geo. Horn." The mug is now (2002) is the possession of Ridge Durand's widow Georgia.

George's daughter Evelyn (Horn) Miller said that most of George's family is "out west" (Oregon and Washington) (1993).


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Хронология George Rufus Redman Horn

27 Января 1876
Clay, Atchison County, Missouri, United States
2 Сентября 1904
Возраст 28
Forbes, MO, USA
27 Сентября 1909
Возраст 33
Oregon, MO, USA
31 Август 1911
Возраст 35
Neligh, Cuming, NE, USA
6 Август 1915
Возраст 39
26 Апреля 1917
Возраст 41
Nebraska, United States
12 Февраля 1969
Возраст 93
Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska, United States
15 Февраля 1969
Возраст 93
Ridge Cemetery, Fremont, Dodge Co, Nebraska