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Ioche Baumfeld (deceased)

Ioche was described in his nephew Pedro B. biography as “Pinkwas (Pedro) father’s brother” who died years ago in Warsaw; and as having Jakow-Laib (Jacob) as a son who immigrated to Brazil, lived in São...

2/18/2018 6/29/2018

Mira Kopelman Ilani (Baumfeld) (1905 - d.)

"Mira Baumfeld", "Mira Kopelman", "Mira Ilani"

Family managing this profile is looking for descendants of Mira Kopelman (or Ilani), née Baumfeld. She was from Ostrowiec, Poland, and seems to have immigrated to Israel after WW2, living at Tel Aviv i...

7/14/2011 6/29/2018

Berek Baumfeld (1837 - d.)

Notes by: Gisele G., third great granddaughter: read about Baumfeld family at Turobin town Yizkor book in Hebrew at: - page 194/198 (PDF) has info on this "four generation family" - Baumfeld.----------...

4/24/2017 6/29/2018

Izrael Jakub Baumfeld (1901 - d.)

Found one more son for Dawid Baumfeld and Brandla (née Baum) on JRI-Poland that was not dscribed in Pedro Baumfeld biography - Izrael Jakub. He was also not cited on Mira Kopelman Holocaust testimony o...

2/7/2018 2/7/2018

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Aron Wolf Baumfeld (deceased)

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Jakew Leib Baumfeld (deceased)

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Dawid Baumfeld (c.1791 - aft.1847)


All names above including Dawid Baumfeld and his children are a guess work, by Dawid’s 4th great granddaughter Gisele G., trying to find Kielman Baumfeld ancestors based on registries/documents found o...

11/18/2016 2/4/2018

Szeiva Baumfeld (1902 - 1942)

Check Yad Vashem testimony of Mira Kopelman (sister) testimony says parents were shot in cold blood by Nazis on 2nd German deportation day 1/10/1943. - Also mentioned: Szeiva and Chana Baumfeld, includ...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Brandla Baumfeld (Baum) (1879 - 1943)

"Brandale / Braindel Baumfeld (née Boim or Baum)"

Per JRI-Poland, Brandla Baum married Dawid Baumfeld at Radom on the year below:Surname / Given Name / Year / Type / Akta BAUM Brandla 1899 M 77 BAUMFELD Dawid 1899 M ...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Josek Baumfeld (1885 - 1916)

Possible record: Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski PSA Births 1850-66,68-89,99-1901 Marriages 1826-29,35-49,91-96 Deaths 1826-33,35-60,86-98 (from JRI-Poland):Surname Given Name Year Type Akta BAUMFELD Josek ...

4/24/2017 2/4/2018

Aron Wolf Baumfeld (deceased)

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Luiz Baumfeld (1920 - 2013)

"Luiz Baumfeld (Brazil)"

Studied Industrial Chemical Engineering and became manager of his father's Insurance Company in Brazil.

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Chava Baumfeld (deceased)

"Chava means Eve in Hebrew"

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Dawid Baumfeld (1880 - 1943)

"Dawid Baumfeld"

Per JRI-Poland, Dawid Baumfeld married Brandla Baum at Radom on the year below:Surname / Given Name / Year / Type / Akta BAUM Brandla 1899 M 77 BAUMFELD Dawid 1899 M 77Radom Radom Gubernia (records in ...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Kielman Baumfeld (1856 - d.)

"Kielman per JRI Poland records and archives"

Pedro B. mentions "Kalman" as his grandfather in his biography. From this info, Gisele G., Pedro granddaughter was able to find records at JRI and possible ancestors of Kielman. It seems Kielman and hi...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Baltche Baumfeld (deceased)

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Josef Baumfeld (deceased)

Gisele G. note, granddaughter of Josef’s brother Pedro: the below was found on Yad Vashem archives, could be Josef, although living in Josefow, near Warsaw, 2.5 hours away by train from Ostrowiec where...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Moyses Baumfeld (deceased)

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Isidoro Baumfeld (1899 - c.1980)

"Isor Baumfeld / Iser Baumfeld / Isser Boimfeld (Yddishe name)"

Gisele G. notes: Immigrated to Brazil from Poland around 1920. First lived in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro and then in the city of Rio de Janeiro.Isidoro wrote chapters of Ostrowiec Yizkor book: - named as ...

10/25/2007 2/4/2018

7/9/2011 2/4/2018

Pedro Baumfeld (1904 - 1968)

"Pinkwas Baumfeld / Pinchas Baumfeld / Pinkus Baumfeld / Pinhas Baumfeld"

7/9/2011 2/4/2018

Blima Cywiia Baumfeld (Kacelenbogen) (1870 - 1913)

"Ciwiia Bina Kacelenbogen / Blima Cywa Kacelenbogen per Kielce Polish archives documents / Blima Ciwiia Kacelenbogen"

Described by her son Pedro as "Civia Bina" Also: Civia Bina-Nechuma Kacenelenbogien (per written bio) / Katzenelnbogen / Per JRI Poland records: Blima Ciwiia Kacenelenbogen-----------------------------...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018

Wólf Lejzor Baumfeld (c.1870 - 1913)

"Wulfa Lejzora Baumfelda per Kielce Polish archives documents"

Gisele G., Wólf's great grandaughter notes: According to his son Pedro, Wólf had two businesses: first was a (ready-made and haberdashery) clothing store; and the second was of jewelry and silver, at O...

7/14/2011 2/4/2018