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British West Indies Planters

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  • James Knowles, Sr. (c.1723 - 1806)
    James Knowles was a mulatto plantation owner on Long Island, The Bahamas. He was born c. 1723 in an unknown location (likely Eleuthera) to John Knowles, listed as white or European, and an unknown Afri...
  • James Keighly Binns, Esq. (b. - 1810)
    Of the Beans Estate and Ware Park, in Hanover, Jamaica
  • Hannah Knowles (Campbell) (1745 - 1828)
    Hannah (Campbell) Knowles was born in 1745 at an unknown birthplace. On October 7, 1777, she became the second wife of James Knowles through a ceremony at Christ Church, Nassau, New Providence, The Bah...
  • Capt. Wentworth Vernon Bayly (1815 - 1871)
    Capt. Wentworth Vernon Bayly, of Weston Hall, Sufffolk.

The 1700's ~ List of Planters

Handbook and Almanac of Jamaica Planters

In 1832, before the abolition of slavery there were six hundred and fifty-three sugar estates in cultivation- over 500 coffee plantations.

The British Slavery Abolition Act of 1834 provided a grant of £20 million to compensate the owners of all West Indian slaves for the loss of their 'human property!!! ( 20,000,000 ).


1840 Jamaica Almanac



Allen, Robert, & al., Tryall, 2184

---Same, Recovery, 326

Allen, Wm. heirs of, Orange Cove, 806

Atkinson, Catherine, Flamstead, 36

Afflick, Eleanor, 10

Allardyce, William, 58

Allen, Ann, & al, 15

Anderson, Robert, Lethe, 1000

Allen, Alexander, Good-Hope, 16

Boswell, Jane, heirs of, 10

Binns, Frances, 25

Baldie, Elizabeth, Redbrook, 33

Bean, William, Pontefract, 306

Binns, James K., Barbary Hill, 14

Blagrove, John, Maggotty, 2900

Blagrove, J. W., Orange Bay, 2090

Baird, Margaret, 25

Boddington, & Co., Success, 944

Bowen, Joseph R., Orchard, 957

Brebner, William, Pedro, 148

Brown, James, Clifton, 36

Brown, Mary, Chelsea, 45

Brown, William, Retreat, 51

Buchanan, James, Great River, 15

Buchanan, James, Tillichewen, 66

Buchanan, Jane, Boggy Hill, 33

Buchanan, Sarah, 33

Brown, Elizabeth, Mount Charles, 14

Butter, David, estate of, Graham Hall, 23

Brissett, Sarah E., 10

Bucknor, Eliza R., 344

Bing, Lewis A., 16

Buddle, Mary, 84

Brown, John, Hail Weston, 14

Brown, Robert, 50

Brown, Charles, as guardian, Mount Charles, 21

Brown, James R., 21

Brocket, Henry, Farm, 82

Brebner, Arthur & William, 50

Besly, Judith, 49

Brpwn, Edward B., 50

Brown, Catherine, 10

Barrett, Richard, dec., Harding Hall, 403

Bennett, Thomas, Woodlands, 18

Binham, Eliza Ann, Industry, 25

Barham, Elizabeth, 12

Blyth, John, Gibraltar, 24

Capon, Benj, heirs of, Caldwall, 640

Campbell, Alexander, Thorn Hill, &c, 245

---Same, Copse & Beverly, 3185

Campbell, Ann & al., Askinish, 356

Campbell, Dugald, heirs of, Salt Spring, 927

Campbell, John, Rock Spring, 700

Campbell, William, heirs of, New Milns, 1487

Casely, Rachel, Industry, 30

Chisholm, Francis, Rose Hill, 98

Chambers, Alexander, 569

Chambers, Richard, 279

Chisholm, Sarah M., 44

Clarke, W. and J. J., Industry, 1276

Christie, John, Greenwich, 1115

Clarke, Sir Simon H., Fathog Quarter, 549

---Same, Wood Church, 752

---Same, Cacoon Castle, 3327

Cooke, William Hilton, Chester Castle, 1600

Costa, Rebecca, Wood Ville, 10

Croll, Ann, dec., Good Hope, 12

Croll, Eliza, 12

Croll, James, Content, 21

Croll, John, Edeavour [sic], 73

Croll, Richard James, Bellfield, 28

Crooks, William James, 60

Crooks, John, 15

Croll, William H. estate of, 33

Chisholm, Alexander, Strat Glass, 33

Coltman, Ann & al., 15

Connell, David, Content, 11

Chisholm, Martha, 14

Cochran, Geo. & Margaret A., 190

Casely, George W., 10

Campbell, Peter, Lances Bay, 192

Campbell, Elizabeth, Shield, 13

Campbell, Isabella, Lorn, 11

Coleman, John, 10

Crooks, Susan, estate of, 15

Crooks, Elizabeth, Ginger Hill, 15

Davis, Anthony, Saxham, 589

Dehany, Williaim K., Point &c, 1933

Duff, James & al., Grange, 712

Dickson William A., Davis' Cove, 32

Deans, James, Wellington, 256

Daly, Patrick, trustee, 100

Dias, Samuel, 42

Devoy, William, 23

Donaldson, Frances, Mount Pleasant, 53

Dwyer, James, 10

Dias, Joseph, 16

Dias, Hetty, Tobolskil, 74

England, Sarah Jane, 63

Edwards, Cath. estate of, 42

Ellarde, Mary H., 18

England, Wm. & Anna, 85

Elliott, George, Ravensworth, 11

Evelyn, Lyndon H., 101

Edney, Ann Theresa, Hope Hall, 30

Freebairn, Robert, 30

Fenton, John, Lewther Cottage, 13

Greig, James, Esher, 715

Gordon, John, Campbelton, 1334

Gray, Sarah, Friendship, 800

Gilpin, Henry, Cascade and Dispute, 630

Grant, Alexander, Greenland, 92

Graham, James F., 10

Gardiner, Edmund, Flint River, 1057

Garrison, Alice, 15

Goldsworthy, William, Rock Pleasant, 105

Gray, Edward, as guardian, 12

Gladstone, John, Fish River, 2976

Grant, John, Dispensary, 29

Gray, George, Content, 18

Gardiner, David, 13

Gilmore, Emily C., Bell Burnett, 10

Grant, Rebecca, 11

Gordon, Thomas, & al., Friendship, 18

Grant, James, 33

Gordon, James, as guardian, 10

Hine, Daniel Danis, Montpelier, 324

Hibbert, R. sen. heirs of, Country, 596

---Same, Great Valley, 4000

Hibbert, Robert, jun., Georgia, 2175

---Same, Dundee, 640

Heaven, Wm. H., Beans, 569

---Same, Golden Grove, 1093

---Same, Silver Grove, 640

---Same, Rumble, 2305

Hall, William L., Round Hill, 1334

Hine, James S., Retirement, 52

Hole, William B., Stoodley, 14

Hillman, Abraham, Hills Brook, 400

Harvey, John, Eastbury, 52

Heming, Mary Ann, Belle View, 14

Hudson, Robert, Friendship Grove, 20

Hay, James, Williamsfield, 720

Hine, Comfort G., 54

Hutton, William, Epping, 50

Hill, Elsy, & al., 12

Howden, Frances M., 11

Innes, Margaret, 12

Innes, Rose, 30

Innes, Margaret D., 50

Innes, John P., 20

Innes, Philip H., Haughton Hall, 620

Innes, Colin, Hilbride, 10

Innes, George, 30

---Same, Burnt Ground, 1750

James, William R., Haughton Tower, 1053

Jackson, Henry, heirs of, Mount Pleasant, 1009

---Same, Sod Hall, 742

Johnson, George, Cave Valley, 136

Johnson, George R, Whitney, 12

Johnson, Jane, 61

James, Robert, Spring Valley, 20

Jones, Sarah M., Pleasant Hill, 20

Knubley, Simon, estate of, Rockingham, 210

Kenny, William, Inch Valley, 19

Kirkaldy, Wm. estate of, Bower Hall, 50

Leslie, Thomas, Top Hill, 118

Lyon, Jacob, Top Hill, 10

Leith, David, Montrose, 11

Lindsay, Alex. estate of, 99

Leighan, Ann, 13

Latham, William H., 44

Lysaight, John, 10

Lewis, Ann, Walton Hill, 54

McLelland, James, 11

Mitchell, W. R. & S., Kew, 1423

Malcolm, Neil, Argyll, 634

---Same, Pell River, 995

---Same, Alexandria, 1057

---Same, New Paradise, 734

---Same, Old Retrieve, 1029

---Same, New Retrieve, 1126

---Same, Blenheim, 962

---Same, Knockalva, 2727

---Same, Retirement, 1653

Morris, R., estate of, 30

Miles, Philip J., Richmond &c, 4006

---Same, Prosper Pen, 794

Miles & Kington, Hopewell, 709

---Same, [C]ontent, 1250

---Same, Cardley, 529

Munro, Donald, Kindall, 90

Miller, Rebecca A., Friendship, 171

Miller, Benjamin R., Cottage, 84

---Same, as guardian, 16

Miller, William R., Bell View, 57

McIntosh, Ann, 42

Morrison, Nancy, Blair Castle, 32

Morris, William C., Rome, 170

McMahon, Robert, Cacoon, 20

McMahon, Edward, 24

McMahon, Eliza, 24

McMahon, Eleanor, Barnside, 20

McDermot, Eleanor, 20

Mitchell, Ann, 10

Murray, Margaret, 20

McCallum, Rebecca, Lassuade, 22

Medley, John T., Mase Mure, 105

McKenzie, Alexander, Knapdale, 50

Morris, Rachel, estate of, 12

Munro, George, 270

McAra, Catherine, 16

Nasmyth, Thomas, heirs of, Rhodes Hall, 495

Nelson, Alice, 15

Ottey, Mary A., 25

Oates, George H. estate of, Morven, 270

Ochterlony, Elizabeth, Liberty Hall, 21

Purrier, Hon. John V., Haddington, 780

---Same, Welcome, 1200

Pullar, David, Middlesex, 368

---Same, Riverside, 31

Petgrave, Thomas, Comfort Hall, 47

Patie, Eleanor Ann, Bushy-Park, 23

Payne, Edward, Dalmally, 46

---Same, and Henderson, John, Tealing, 23

Petgrave, Ann Miller, 37

Parker, Thomas, Rileys, 552

Quarrell, Richard, Phoenix, 1273

Rivers, Lord, Eaton, 1545

Reid, Thomas, heirs of, Belvidere, 1792

Randall, Sarah, Colnbrook, 16

Ross, Alex., Tarbet Point, 100

Riley, Sarah, Mount Lebanon, 42

Reid, T. W. H., 12

Russell, Ann, 13

Ritchie, James B., Bower Hill, 80

Steele, Richard, Abingdon, 600

Seaford, Lord, Shettlewood, 1980

Spring Annuitants, Spring, 850

Scott, Hutchison, Musquito Cove, 724

Spence, Patrick, estate of, 12

Spence, Samuel, estate of, Betsy Mount, 200

Spence, Wm. heirs of, Axe and Adze, 200

Sawers, John & Thomas, Whittingham, 52

Sharpe, Kitty Maria, 25

Samuells, Margaret, Mountain Spring &c, 61

Spence, James, Castle Hyde &c, 285

Samuells, Eliza, 20

Smith, Mary, Retirement &c, 65

Spence, Frederick, 38

Spence, Daniel, 10

Stainsby, Rev. John, 232

Stewart, John, Orange Valley, 10

Saffery, Wiliiam, Dry Hill, 13

Stephenson, Daniel, Hopewell, 750

Stewart, Peter, Tweedside, 67

Stephenson, Rebecca, Wood Cot, 45

Stewart, Jennet, Strath Glass, 13

Scott, James, 96

Spence, Amelia, Cash Hill, 10

Sawers, John, Alex. & Robert, Look-Out, 50

Streete, Wm. Henry, Friendship, 39

Taylor, George W., Haughton Grove, 950

---Same, Haughton Court, 1121

Tharp, Eliza Mary, Blue Hole, 798

Thelwell, John sen., Merry Land, 238

Thelwell, Thomas J., Retreat, 27

Toppi, Adam, Wemyss, 60

Thompson, Eleanor, Amsterdam, 33

Thelwell, John jun., 21

Taylor, William, 55

Usherwood, Thomas, estate of, Cottage &c, 82

Vassall, Wm. heirs of, Green River, 963

Vassall, John, Newfound River, 950

Wedderburn, John, Prospect, 1283

Walker, W. C. heirs of, Bamboo, 700

Walker, J. C., Caledonia, 260

Wallace, Robert, Cessnock, 860

Will, John, estate of, 40

Willey, John & al., 123

Walcott, Henry E., Brae, 139

Weatherston, Rebecca, Richmond-Hill, 52

Webb, Susan, 16

Wight, Allen, Craigie, 170

White, Thomas M., 142

Walker, F. G., 154

Wood, Margaret, Whitby, 15

Wilson, Edmund F., Content, 14

Wood, Ann, guardian, 15

Watt, Alex., Deskford, 13

Watt, James, Cullen, 13

Webb, Adam, 33

Webster, George, Cousin's Cove, 1642

Williams, Richard, Hillside, 65

Yule, Robert, Dolphin, 277


1840 Jamaica Almanac


See Almanacs for general information on using the Almanacs

Proprietors, etc., Properties, etc., Acres

Adlam, William, Upper Warminster, 912

Adlam, William, Lower Warminster, 1870

Alexander, Lilly, Content, 48

Allan, Benjamin, Little Ease, 17

Allan, John, Canaan and Branlieu, 45

Aumand, William, Ginger-Hill, 1439

Anderson, Dr. William, Whitehall, 941

Allison, Cecelia, 16

Adlam, Mary, 100

Allison, Elizabeth, 50

Allan, Samuel, 50

Angell, Benjamin, Content Pen, 800

Adair, Elizabeth D., 20

Adair, George, 20

Austin, James, 150

Bannister, Elizabeth, Richmond-Park, 20

Banton, Timothy, Miller-Trustee, 150

Banton, W. Benjamin, Frenchman-Settlement, 81

Barham, John, Island and Windsor, 5011

Barham, Charles, 684

Barrett, John Saple, 207

Barrett, Thomas, 50

Barrett, John Thomas, Labour-Hill, 100

Bennett, Thomas, Spring-Garden, 119

Bennett, Elizabeth, 100

Bennett, Joseph B., 30

Bennett, Catherine, as guardian, 28

Bennett, Dorothy, Cabbage-Valley, 214

Bennett, Benjamin, 50

Bennett, Margaret Ann, Greenfield, 29

Bennett, Joseph Thomas, 90

Bent, Nicolas-Abel, Mulberry-Grove, 20

Bent, James, Middlesex, 117

Bent, Priscilla, 20

Bent, John Francis, Mahogany-Hall, 100

Bent, Peter, Newfield, 59

Bent, Bernard, Sea-Air, 40

Bent, Henry S., Cherrymoia, 150

Bent, George, Rumford, 30

Bent, John B., Cotton-Tree Hill, 530

Bent, Henry S., Minthill-Settlement, 60

Bent, Benjamin, for H. Gale, 50

Blake, Wm. sen., Molehill, &c, 355

Blake, Mary, Holt, 60

Blake, Ruth, 22

Blake, John, Teverton, 900

Blake, John, Riddleford, 160

Blake, James, 12

Boura, William, 200

Brisset, George Joseph, Content, 160

Broomfield, John Mullings, Hampstead, &c, 241

Broomfield, Andrew P., Cottage-Bury, 40

Broomfield, J. F., guardian, Chapman and May-Hill, 27

Broomfield, John Mullings, Epsom, 20

Broomfield, Frederick, Cherry-Garden, 20

Brooks, Stephen, Little-Park, 40

Brooks, Edward, estate of, Cottage, 250

Bruce, John, Brucefield, 504

Burton, Bonella, Country-go-so, 167

Burton, John P., Content and Lornhill, 425

Bryce, Mrs., Providence, 200

Burlton, James Edward, Ashton & Mount-Charles, 1002

Byrne, Andrew, Paisley, 400

Berry, Sarah, for-- Marksman, dec., 88

Black, William, Hillside, 50

Black, Alexander, Trysee, 55

Black, James, Greenfield, 60

Black, Robert, Springfield, 60

Banton, Grace R., Mango-Hill, 10

Brown, J. Edmund, 26

Bennett, Ann, Little-Ease, 50

Bennett, Robert, 86

Black, Joseph, Lodge, 61

Black, James, Happy Recess, 10

Banton, James, Providence, 10

Biggs, Thomas William, Eldorado, 40

Binns, Edward C., Paradise &c, 60

Buchanan, Kemble B., Water-Clump, 100

Belinfante, Joseph A. C., Endeavour, 10

Bent, Elizabeth, Lemon-Vale, 74

Bent, Lot Abel, 60

Bent, Joseph, guardian, 100

Bell, Rachael, 70

Bent, William Henry, 50

Baylis, M. P., Mayfield, 300

Bays, Thomas, 14

Blake, William, Maiden-Bradley, 400

Boucher, Richard, Wilton, 500

Brooks, Deborah E., Greenfield, 100

Brooks, John, Enfield, 100

Bridge, Susanna, 40

Bent, Margaret Powell, 40

Bent, Richard, Glanbury, 100

Banton, Zachariah, 30

Barrett, Elizabeth, 50

Bell, Henrietta, 50

Baylis, Orladon, 20

Bent, William, near Alligator-Pond, 150

Cameron, John, Caris-Brook, 1455

Campbell, James, Kilmurry, 601

Campbell, Duncan, Portmahony, 226

Campbell, Alexander C. Rosehall, 365

Cawley, W. heirs of, Cromlek, 100

Campbell, Alexander C., Glandbigg, 55

Campbell, William, 15

Campbell, Mira D., Cathkin, 120

Campbell, John D., Burnt ground, 96

Chambers, John, estate of, Northampton, 1517

Chambers, John, estate of, Cabbage-Valley, 2240

Chambers, Jane E., Dignity-Hall, 98

Cooper, David, Lyndesaye-Lodge, 118

Cohen, Judah, Potsdam, 1710

Cohen, Judah, Cosby-Castle, 328

Cohen, H. and J., Twickenham &c, 1000

Cohen, Hymen, Berlin, 1412

Coke, Ed. Francis, Paynestown, 580

Cole, Thomas, Milford and Stonefield, 38

Cowan, Alexander, Cheltenham, 244

Cuff, John, Emmaus, 852

Coldstream, Sophia, Mango-Grove, 40

Clark, George, exor. of, Brownberry, 603

Clerk, Charles, Canesham Pedro, 58

Christian, James M., Labor-Content, 43

Campbell, Rosamond, 10

Cawley, William, heirs of, Hope-River, 600

Coles, Joseph A., Whitehorn, 24

Coles, Stephen A., Bagshill, 52

Campbell, Niel, Pedro, 100

Clerk, William, Mayfield, 12

Coles, James, Stoney-Hill, 226

Crowe, Samuel, 16

Cohen, Mary Ann, 10

Campbell, J. B., estate of, 100

Chisholm, Amelia, Southfield, 323

Cartwright, William, 150

Crowe, Elizabeth, 100

Clamp, William, 30

Cranston, Alexander, 30

Cawley, Jane and Charlotte, Reading, 500

Daly, James, Thornton, Speculation &c, 2093

Daly, Mary M., Success, 1000

Delap, Lilly, Content, 48

Dalby, Eliza, 22

Daly, George, Hartshall, 300

---Same, Hartsfolly, 50

Dickenson, M. and C., Happy-Grove, 500

Dickenson and Harman, Pepper and Bonavista, 4100

---Same, Barton Isles, 2000

---Same, Appleton Estate, 5000

Dickenson, Vicars, heirs of, Barton, 4000

Dobb, Ann, Delve, 102

Dennis, Thomas S., Glasgow, 30

Drummond, John James, Hilton, 133

Dyer, Thomas, 24

Dyer, J. heirs of, Arlington, 552

Dunkley, William, Santa-Cruz, 120

Dunkley, George, Rockdunder, 35

Dickenson, Caleb, executor, Grosmond, 823

Davy, Rosetta, Brays-River, 285

Davis, Anthony, 1500

Delap, Ann, Friendship, 22

Dennis, Valeria, 100

Dewar, Alexander, 900

Dunn, George R., Cedar-Spring, 200

Dennis, Charles S., Providence, 64

Dobby, John, Cedar-Grove &c, 82

Drummond, Richard deceased, Breadnut-Valley, 75

Davis, Thomas, Nightengale-Grove, 10

Davis, John, 100

Drummond, Elizabeth, 300

Drummond, Bridget, 100

Dunkley, Edward, Good-Hope, 400

De la Roche, Rachael, Lancewood, 200

Dear, James, 200

Ebanks, Caleb deceased, Stonefield, 458

Ebanks, Richard, Blantas, 221

Ebanks, Elizabeth, Content, 280

Ebanks, William Christian, Belfast &c, 80

Ebanks, James D. Happy-Retreat, 193

Ebanks, Eleanor, Mount-Sinai, 36

Ebanks, John, Rockfield, 45

Ebanks, John Benjamin, Mayfield, 40

Ebanks, Benjamin, New-Buildings, 53

Ebanks, Benjamin, jun., Prospect &c, 142

Ebanks, W. Caleb, Enfield, 128

Ebanks, Nicholas J., Sandy-bank, 16

Ebanks, Albert B., Coverland, 150

Ebanks, John Richard, Content, 80

Ebanks, Anthony, Tamarind-field, 10

Ebanks, W. Caleb, Pimento-Hall, 53

Ebanks, Ann M., Cherry-Garden, 170

Ebanks, Ann, Content, 42

Ebanks, Mary, Castlecary, 100

Ebanks, Norwood A., 300

Earle, John, Chelsea, 180

---Same, Mount-Olivet, 502

Earle and Muirhead, Roseberry, 802

Edwards, John, Content, 124

Elliott, Sarah S., Twickenham, 80

Elliott, Henry, 80

Elliott, David, Hillside, 80

Elliott, Jane, 200

Esson, Andrew, estate of, Pondside, 740

Eaton, W. as guardian, 91

Evans, William, Success, 33

Exton, Mary Ann, 100

Farquharson, Charles, estate of, Spring-Vale, 1412

Farquharson, Matthew, Spring-Mount, 155

Finlason, W. estate of, Mount-Zion, 618

Finlason, John, Malvern Chase, 500

Finlay, George, Nightingale-Grove, 111

Finlay, Elizabeth, Cool-Retreat, 18

Finlay, William, 100

Fisher, John, Union, 4000

Fisher, John, Luana, 3901

Forbes, C. estate of, Stanmore-Hill &c, 3650

Forbes, Mary, Prosper, 220

Forrest, Thomas, Vineyard, 859

Ford, J. and William A., Bunkley, 26

Frith, Sarah, 140

Forster, John, Elim, 4560

---Same, Two-Mile-Wood, 2230

---Same, Lancaster, 1500

Forster, J. W. estate of, Bogue, 3040

Foster, Henry, heirs of, Lancewood, 500

Foster, Phillip, Industry-Park, 40

Froize, Isaac, Paradise &c, 70

Froize, Joseph, Trysee, 15

Franklin, William, Retirement, 107

Faulkner, Thomas K., Rainsberry, 13

Faulkner, Dorothy, Queensberry, 115

Forbes, Mary, Thatchfield, 638

Finlay, John D., 35

Finlay, William, Lacovia, 100

Gladstone, John, Lacovia Estate, 2212

---Same, Holland, 4548

Graves, S. heirs of, Islington, 600

Gordon, John James, Saint-Helena, 70

---Same, Port Royal, 89

Gordon, Larchin, Happy-Retreat, 210

Grant, James, Castle-Grant, 72

Griffith, John, Goshen & Longhill, 5813

Gale, Ralph, Hopington, 39

Grant, Alexander, Content-Hall, 27

Gallant, William, Kilmarnock, 80

Graves, W. Vassall, New-Castle, 130

Girdwood, F., administrator, 400

Glasgow, Robert deceased, 300

Gordon, William C., 150

Gale, William C., Look-On, 100

Gale, Henry, 100

Hendricks, Frederick, Exeter, 209

Harriott, William, Mexico, 4000

Hart, M. Johnson, Dunbarton, 20

Hart, Samuel, Industry-Park, 300

Heath, William H., Peru, 1500

Hewitt, W. Kellet, Fellowship, 2000

Holness, John, Sealwood, 293

Hollness, Jane, Retirement, 119

Hyam, Michael, 14

Hutcheson, Hugh, Cornwall, 2000

Hennegan, Charles sen., Mahogany-Hall, 10

Hylton, John, Ruthven, 145

Hylton, John S., Elderslie &c, 2568

Hastings, Theodore, Bleachfield, 50

Hanson, George, Newfield, 25

Hanson, Philemon, Breezy-Hill, 50

Hardy, James, Rocky-Hill, 19

Holness, Richard, 65

Henegan, James, Locust-Hill, 15

Henegan, Ruth Jane, 40

Hill, George, Heathermuir, 22

Henry, William, Green-Valley, 150

Heron, Elizabeth M., Mirebah, 56

Holness, George, Bethney, 22

Hering, William, Look-Out, 20

Hollingshed, William, Ramble, 15

Holness, J. S., 400

Hollingshed, Edward, Ramble, 45

Isaacs, Isaac, Malvern-Well &c, 650

Isaacs, Caroline, 22

Isaacs, David, Springlands, 20

Icke, Enock, Purgatory, 300

James, Margaret A., 15

James, John, Ridge-Pen, 1013

James, John William, Chelsea, 80

James, Robert Bucknor, Cobby-Castle, 121

James, Nicolas, estate of, Comfort-Hall, 321

James, William, Williamsfield, 730

James, Richard, Comfort-Hall, 80

James, Jonathan, Watchwell, 591

James, Elizabeth, 50

James, Elizabeth, as guardian, Paradise, 300

James, Rachael, Paradise, 1600

James, Edward, Prospect, 26

James, George, Fairfield, 63

James, T. J. and J. B., 170

James, William R., Newell &c, 5691

James, Charles S., 33

James, Hannah, Comfort-Hall, 53

Johnson, Mary, Retirement &c, 488

Jones, John Bennett, Salisbury, 31

Jones, Robert, Good-Intent, 25

Johnson, Rosalinda, Industry-Park, 40

Jones, Thomas, Tryworth, 25

Jones, Clementina, Tryworth, 25

Johnson, John, Return-Castle, 23

Jeffrey, Archibald, Prospect, 27

Johnson, Alexander, Pleasant-Hill, 50

Jones, Eliza and Amelia, 450

Jones, Mary, 30

Kennedy, Allan, Dalintober, 857

Kilburn, William, Burton Settlement, 91

Kirlew, James, Phoenix, 12

Kean, Elizabeth Jane, Kean's Valley, 198

King, Frances, estate of, New-Buildings, 1200

Longmore, George, Donegal, 825

Laird, Henry, Prospect, 2300

Lennox, Elizabeth, Orange-Grove, 100

Levy, Deborah, Winchester, 300

Linton, Thomas Lynch, Cambridge, 130

Langlands, David, Hermitage, 392

Lynch, John, Fairfield, 20

Lynch, Benjamin B., Fairmount, 40

Lesslie, Patrick, Bellswales, 40

Luton, C., estate of, Retirement, 100

Laird, James, Mountain Spring, 330

Levy, William Benjamin, 20

Levy, Isaac, Topfield, 76

Lewis, William, Mount-Harling, 30

Lewis, James, 35

Leslie, Sarah, Content, 32

Lawrence, Alexander, 50

Maitland, Andrew, deceased, Giddy-Hall, 2000

McLean, Rose Ann, Smile-Dale, 10

Marcy, George, Kepp, 420

Marling, Susan, 57

Marchant, Robert, Maiden-Bradley, 176

Mason, Thomas, Southampton, 824

---Same, Content-Hall, 800

---Same, Cashoo, 2054

Maxwell, Andrew, Mango-Grove, 209

Malcom, Ann, Industry-Park, 30

Medley, George B., Chew Magna, 400

Moore, Alexander, George's Valley, 424

McDonald, James, Pisgah, 86

McDaniel, Robert, Mount Pleasant, 1003

McIntosh, John, estate of, Santa-Cruz Park, 1383

McLeish, William, 342

McFarlane, Margaret, Providence, 20

Miller, James, Malvern Hill &c, 2700

Mitchell, David, Prospect, 30

Monteath, Nancy, Rose-Hall, 340

Moies, J., estate of, Hermitage, 300

Morse, John, heirs of, Y. S. estate, 6004

---Same, Ipswich Estate, 2006

Mullings, Thomas Banton, Rockland, 30

Mullings, James, Folly and Mount Eagle, 210

Mullings, William J., 30

Mullings, D. estate of, 30

Mullings, Ann, 30

Mullings, Benjamin J., Chatham, 364

Mullings, Diana M., 30

Mullings, Montague J., Retirement, 200

Mullings, Jane, 30

Mullings, Elizabeth E., 30

Mullings, Benjamin J., Islington, 23

Mullings, John, heirs of, Mount-Pleasant &c, 856

Muschett, John, Carmel, 500

Myers, Louisa, Farm, 208

Myers, Michael, Portsea and Newcastle, 112

Mack, Jane, Rocky-Hill, 20

Maxwell, Francis, Spring Hill, 72

Mitchell, Robert J., Folly, 84

Malcom, Robert, Newton, 17

McNab, William, Industry, 36

McCallum, John Vaugham, Mount Tryall, 300

McLean, John, Shelter, 48

McCallum, Elizabeth, 256

McRae, Farquhar, 20

Morgan, Henry R., Phantillands, 3000

McLeish, Archibald, 200

Malcom, Jane, 70

Malcom, William, 40

Malcom, John, 10

McClymont, John, Unity, 1000

McCracken, Thos. estate of, Benlomond and Limerick, 1000

McDonald, Simon T., Brighton, 200

Mullings, Theodore, Lodge, 100

McEwen, John, 50

Muschett, Robert, 1200

Moore, John, Shrewsbury, 800

Muir, Samuel, 50

Nembhard, Eliza P., Kensington, 202

---Same, Hounslow, 3000

Newman, Charles, Milksham and Corsham, 632

Nesbitt, Robert, Providence, 90

Neiff, Elizabeth, 15

Owen, William R., 15

Parlane, Alexander, Sterling Castle, 150

Patrick, Benjamin, Bosworth Field, 133

Parchment, Rich. B., Kildare, 95

Pight, Thomas J., Hope, 233

Powell, John, Happy Retreat, 48

Powell, William, 16

Powell, Caleb, Providence, 16

Powell, Elizabeth, Wilderness, 48

Powell, John, Prospect near Berlin, 70

Powell, Edward, 12

Paris, Edmund G., Chateau, 27

Potter, John, Crawfords and Friendship, 400

Phillips, Ruth, Durham, 37

Peart, John, Peart's Hall, 30

Peart, Ann Maria, Newton, 50

Peart, Alexander, New Rivers, 50

Peddie, William, Endeavour, 53

Palache, Abraham, Industry, 80

Parslow, John, Roslin Castle, 50

Palmer, Arabella, Lexington, 27

Parchment, J. W., 120

Powell, Elizabeth, Newholland, 230

Ramson, C. L., Raby's Trustee, 600

Rinton, J., estate of, 1000

Robertson, Hon. D., Gilnock Hall, 1050

Robertson, Duncan, deceased, Friendship, 1683

Robertson, John, deceased, Bellemont, 832

Rowe, Jas. deceased, Fullerswood Pen, 1847

---Same, Bagdale, 2004

Rowe, Hon. W., Bellevue, 817

---Same, Fullerswood Park, 850

---Same, Torrington Castle, 1000

Rowe, Mrs. C., Finlason's Run, 673

Rowe, Wm. jun., Gibraltar, 500

Roy, Joseph, Small-Pox Corner, 62

Royal, Joseph, heirs of, Lower Works, 540

Russell, Margaret, Coffee Valley, 29

Russell, Richard, Shaddock Grove, 40

Russell, Edward, Russell's Grove, 198

Russell, John, Roseberry, 275

Robertson, William, Struan, 67

Reid, William, Slipe, 14

Reynolds, Joseph, 300

Renton, George, New Building, 11

Robertson, John A., 37

Russell, William, 50

Reynolds, John, Retreat, 48

Robb, William, 100

Roy, Johnathan J., 40

Rose, William A., 1500

Stone, Theodore, Whitehill Pen, 614

Stone, Theodore, New Savanna, 1060

Sandcroft, Mary, 63

Sandcroft, Francis, 50

Salmon, Hon. John, Mulgrave, 5500

Salkeld, William, Parkhead, 150

Salmon, John, and Cooper, C., Middlesex, 1500

---Same,Vauxhall, 1899

Seaton, Martins, estate of, Doncaster, 300

Shakspeare, John, dec., Hodges, 2000

Smith, John, Hope Town, 268

Smith, Jane, Spitalfield, 100

Spence, Joan Lean, Bloomsbury, 226

Spence, George B., Upland, 82

Swaby, Joseph James, Montpelier and New River, 3000

Sinclair, Sarah, Cottage, 27

---Same, Hazard-field, 60

Salmon, William, 17

Senior, Bernard M., Salt Spring, 2000

---Same, Compton Lodge, 208

Seaton, Abigail, 29

Segre, Ralph, 100

Sanderson, Peter, 193

Sherman, Samuel, Mitcham, 807

Spalding, Alexander, estate of, Ashwood, 262

Simpson, Thomas, Denton, 156

Sullivan, William, Industry Hall, 45

Stephenson, James, 122

Salmon, Eleanor, 18

Simms, Anthony, 36

Swaby, Ann, 100

Simms, William, Goldberry and New Hope, 32

Smith, Henry, 50

Simpson, James Nief, 35

Simpson, Samuel, Bull Savanna, 15

Simpson, Margaret, Bull Savanna, 13

Smith, Mary, Rangle, 40

Stewart, Margaret, Endeavour, 33

Samms, William, Happy Lane, 12

Smith, Spencer, Font Hill and Hampstead, 7000

Smith, Esther, Cottage, 1000

Smith, Edward, Breadnut Valley, 2000

---Same, Haughton, 1500

Smith, Joseph, 200

Stephen, Hannah, Cedar Spring, 500

Stone, Francis, Mount Pleasant, 340

Slater, Thomas, 50

Solomons, Eve, Mount Lebanon, 1500

Smith, Elizabeth, heirs of, Silent Hill, 1000

South, James, Enfield, 100

Simpson, Bernard, Chocolate Hole, 300

Simpson, Joseph R., 300

Simpson, William, 300

Simpson, Charles, 300

Thompson, Mary, estate of, Dettingen, 227

---Same, Seaside Pen, 120

Taylor, Nicolas B., Pleasant Hill, 389

Taylor, John P., Pullet Hall, 600

Thompson, Alexander, Lower Prospect, 245

---Same, Myer's Run, 300

Tomlinson, Julia, Craigie, 300

Thompson, George, Peter Head, 104

Tomlinson, Susan, Penrith, 27

Tomlinson, Edward, 119

Townsend, Eliza, Burnt Ground, 310

Tough, James, Cheviot Hill, 502

Turner, William, Wallingford, 1032

Tibby, Stephen, Spring Garden, 89

Tomlinson, Catherine Ann, 23

---Same, as guardian, 60

Tibby, William D., Spring Garden, 15

Taylor, Edward, for R. Drummond, 150

Taylor, Elizabeth, 40

Turner, William, for Armstrong, deceased, 1500

Thelwell, Thomas, 40

Vanhorne, John J., 30

Vassall, Elizabeth, Content, 20

Wallace, Jane, Mount Unity, 188

Wallace, Hugh Ritchie, Biscany, 2500

Wallace, William, Denbigh, 107

Wallace, James, Cherry Hill, 114

Watt, Robert, Belmore Castle, 900

---Same, Middlesex, 600

---Same, Friendship, 1405

Wheatle, Thomas, Balbeck, 208

White, John, deceased, White Hall, 1808

White, Andrew, deceased, Oxford Estate, 2000

Wight, Robert, Mount Semple, 250

Williams, Thomas, Lower Expectation, 75

Willis, William Samuel, 66

Witter, James, Benjamin and Diana, Fairfield, 312

Wright, Nathaniel, South Valley, 115

Wheatley, Thomas, 142

Woolery, William, 50

Wallen, William, Carmel, 18

Williams, Robert T., Robfield, 15

Witter, Dorothy, Carlisle &c, 150

Weller, Eliza, Shaye Cottage, 25

White, Thomas, Lovely Point, 14

Witter, Sarah, Frenchfield, 27

Weatherly, J. B., 50

Wells, John B., Croydon, 120

Wifliams, Thomas J., Cuttacoo, 300

Witter, Thomas, 100

Watson, Robert, Harmony Hall, 3000

Wallace, John, Content late Whitehall, 150

Yewell, Thomas, 210

Omitted in the preceding pages.

Anderson, Mrs. Thomas, Brighton, 200

Coke, Thomas, Happy Grove, 29

Chisholm, Amelia, Yardly Chase, 1500

Farquharson, William, Hazel Grove, 516

Holness, William, Happy Hall, 24

Dickenson & Harman, Burnt Savanna, 1000


1838 Jamaica Almanac



Anderson, Thomas, 57

Anderson, Alexander, 20

Atkinson, Hosier & Co., 22

Barnes, Thomas, 30

Broughton, Henry, 25

Burke, Amelia, 31

Darling & Milne, 21

Graham, Brice, 57

Harvey & Darrell, 36

Johns & Blake, 32

McIntyre, John, 32

McLean, L. dec., 43

Nethersole, John, 21

Pike, Wm. T., 22

Scott, David R., 50

Thompson, John D., 24

Williams, B. J., 22

West, Stuart, 49 _________________




As given in to the Parochial Vestries on the 28th March, 1837



Proprietors, Properties, Apprentices

Atley, Stephen O., Prospect, 112

Bryan, Edmund, Bog, 239

---Same, Shot-Over, 74

Clachar, John S., Newport &c, 157

Cosens, George H. deceased, Shrewsbury, 263

---Same, Twickenham, 61

Deans, John, Kinmay Grove, 61

Deans, J. G., Egg Hill, 32

East & Steel, M., Mount Cheerful, 27

---Same, Parkmont, 53

Gale, Wm., Stoney Hill, 32

Hearne, Phillip, Grange, 34

Hinshelwood, J. & W., Providence, 31

Johnstone, Andrew G., Anchovy Valley, 109

Jones, Arthur R., Whitehall, 123

---Same, Passley Garden, 125

Jones, Hon. Maurice, Boston, 171

Jacobs, J. W., Rural Hall, 40

Jones, J. P., Sion Hill, 108

King, P. C., Harmony, 23

Mein, Robert, Retreat, 43

McKenzie, Alex. deceased, Berriedale, 23

Mein, W. B., Hope, 86

Orr, Bryan W. deceased, Castle Comfort, 168

Oldham, J., Golden Grove, 310

---Same, Hermitage, 155

---Same, Mount Pleasant, 159

Purrier, Hon. John V., Fairy Hill, 166

Roper, Thos. deceased, Darley, 62

Swire, Roger, Norwich, 144

---Same, Stanon Harcourt, 81

---Same, Unity Valley, 130

Stewart, John, Snow Hill, 21

Sims, W. & J., Cambridge, 114

White, James C., Burlington, 147

Williams, Wm., Williamsfield, 131

---Same, Mount Oakley, 58

Wright, Wm. deceased, Wydah, 132

Whitworth & Gilbank, Seaman's Valley, 204

Yates, J. B., Spring Garden, 117

---Same, Friendship Hall, 121





Name of Estate, Owner (Attorney of Owner in Parenthesis)

ST. ANDREW Mona, Louis Verley (A. J. Pine)

ST. THOMAS Albion, John Grinan

Amity Hall, James Harrison

Belvidere, heirs of Count Freeman (E. J. Sadler)

Blue Mountain, Sir William Fitzherbert (W. S. Richards)

Coley, Charles Levy

Duckenfield, E. T. H. Hawkins (Richard Evans)

Golden Grove, Lady Huntingtower (D. J. Davis, lessee)

Hall Head, J. H. McDowell (E. J. Sadler)

Hordley, James Harrison

Leith Hall, E. M. Davis (D. J. Davis)

Lyssons, Charles Levy (C. H. Levy)

Norris, W. S. Richards

Plantain Garden River, Heirs of Kelly (D. J. Davis)

Serge Island, Charles Levy (C. H. Levy) ________________


Burlington, (H. Cork)

ST. MARY Ballard’s Valley, C. L. Walker

Dover, Supersansingh

Gray’s Inn, T. Elmslie (Henry Braham)

New Ramble, F. H. Barker

Orange Hill, Hon. J. Pringle (F. G. Cohen)

Trinity, Hon. J. Pringle (Rose Robinson)

ST. ANN Bengal, Alex. Hopwood

Cave Valley, Henry Sewell (Joseph Shearer)

Drax Hall, Henry Sewell (Joseph Shearer)

Greenock – John W. Anderson (William Cover)

Llandovery – Heirs of White (E. J. Saddler)

Orange Valley, H. J. Blagrove (Richard Todd)

Richmond – Bernal Family (E. J. Saddler)

Seville – Webb & Harris


Arcadia, Henry Sewell (H. S. Hoskins)

Braco, C. H. Gordon (Joseph Shearer)

Brampton Bryan, Dr. A. V. Proctor (J. Sime)

Bryan Castle, Dr. A. V. Proctor (J. Sime)

Cambridge, Elizabeth Thompson (H. S. Hoskins)

Chester, Thomas Phillpotts

Dundee, Hon. W. Kerr & Mrs. D. Kerr (Hon. W. Kerr)

Etingdon, Hon. L. C. Shirley

Fontabelle, C. H. Stewart (J. Sime)

Freemans Hall, S. Whiting & Bros.

Georgia, C. T. Gordon

Green Park, Heirs of Atherton (George Robertson)

Gales Valley, Edward M. Gale (Hon. W. Kerr)

Golden Grove, Miss A. M. Jarrett (Hon. W. Kerr)

Good Hope, Heirs of F. R. Coy (J. H. Bruch)

Hyde Hall, Hon. L. C. Shirley

Hyde, Trustee, Henry Sewell (Joseph Shearer)

Harmony Hall, G. P. Dewar

Kent, Miss A. M. Jarrett (Hon. W. Kerr)

Lancaster, C. H. W. Gordon (J. Shearer & A. P. Dewar)

Long Pond, J. B. Sheriff (G. Robertson & J. Sime)

Lottery, Henry Sewell (H. S. Hoskins)

Oxford, C. M. Barrett (H. S. Hoskins)

Orange Valley, W. L. & H. J. Kerr (Hon. W. Kerr)

Steelfield, Trustee H. Sewell (H. S. Hoskins)

Swanswick, G. R. Clarke (L. C. Shirley)

Tilston, Miss A. M. Jarrett (Hon. W. Kerr)

Vale Royal, Henry Sewell (H. S. Hoskins)

ST. JAMES Anchovy, J. W. Parkin

Belfield, A. C. Houchen (lessee)

Content, William Sterling (G. Robertson)

Catherine Mount, J. W. Parkin

Catherine Hall, Miss Jarrett (Hon. W. Kerr)

Cinnamon Hill, George Robertson

Eden, J. W. Parkin

Fairfield, J. W. Parkin, lessee

Friendship, C. Plunkett

Guilsbro, Hon. W. Kerr

Hampden, Dermot Kelly (L. Booth)

Hazelymph, D. Trench

Ironshore, Irving & Martin

Irwin, James K. Fisher

Latium, J. C. Farquharson

Leogan, R. S. Goodrich (J. H. Parkin)

Lima, James Sime (lessee)

Providence, Messrs. Broadwood (Hon. W. Kerr)

Retirement, D. Mills

Running Gut, Robert Ferguson (G. Robertson)

Rose Hall, George Robertson

Success, C. D. Wittingham (Lessee)

Spring, J. E. Kerr (D. Trench)

Tryall, A. Turnbull (R. T. Domville)

Unity Hall, P. McFarlane

Wiltshire, H. Blair

Windsor Lodge, David Mills, jr.



Barbican, Fred Tupper

Copse, Heirs of R. Hind (J. W. Parkin, lessee)

Chester Castle, A. E. Cooke

Flint River, Heirs of R. Hind (J. W. Parkin)

Golden Grove, DeB. S. Heaven

Georgia, Henry Davis & Son

Haughton Hall, Hawthorn $ Watson (E. J. Sadler)

Kew, F. J. C. Curtis (A. C. Houchen)

Mosquito Cove, L. Sanftleben & Sons

Orange Cove, Jacob Jackson (Joseph Shearer)

Phoenix, William Farquharson (W. S. Noad lessee)

Point, D. T. Mudie

Prospect, Hawthorn, Shedden & Co. (E. J. Sadler)

Round Hill, Geo. F. Lawrence (Hon. William Kerr)

Riley, Henry Davis & Son

Spring Valley, Hawthorn, Shedden & Co. (E. J. Sadler)

Tryall, J. W. Parkin ________________


Albany, Anthony Charley

Belleisle, Heirs of Wm. Vickers (H. A. Vickers & E. J. Sadler)

Blue Castle, Eustace Greig (E. J. Sadler)

Blackheath, Eustace Greig (E. J. Sadler)

Carawina, Mrs. E. Cooke or E. A. Sadler

Charlottenburg, Anthony Charley

Cornwall, Col. Lushington (E. J. Sadler)

Friendship, C. W. Eves & E. J. Sadler (Edward J. Sadler)

Frome, Heirs of William Vickers (H. A. Vickers & E. J. Sadler)

Fort William, Heirs of Admiral Hay (E. J. Sadler)

Fontabelle, Hugh A. Vickers

George’s Plain, Miss Sarah Watt (Walter Wolliscroft)

Glasgow, Mrs. Helen Whitelocke (William Ewen)

Grandvale, David King (Lawrence Tate)

Masemure, Anthony Charley

Mesopotamia, Eustace Greig (E. J. Sadler)

Meylersfield, Dr. W. J. Calder

Mint, Mrs. A. H. Sinclair (Dr. W. J. Calder)

Mount Eagle, Mrs. Richard Burgess (Rev. H. Clarke)

New Hope, Alexander Stewart (John Hudson)

Retreat, W. H. and J. Farquharson

Retrieve, Alexander Stewart (John Hudson)

Roaring River, Heirs of Admiral Hay (Thomas Cridland)

Shrewsbury, Lady S. Seymour (E. J. Sadler)


Appleton, William Hill

Bogue, Foster & Co. (C. W. Treleaven)

Elim, Hon. J. M. Farquharson

Holland, Allport & Calder

Island, Hon. W. H. Coke

Y.S., P. J. Browne


Amity Hall, J. W. Mitchell (Arthur James)

Bog, Alfred Pawsey (Quinton Logan)

Carlisle, Estate of J. M. Gibb (Isaac Fox)

Caswell Hill, Elliott & Murray

Danks, Hon. Robert Craig

Denbigh, M. E. Muirhead, Lessee (Thomas Ellis)

Gibbons, J. McGregor, lessee (John McGregor)

Greenwich, Hon. C. J. Ward (E. C. Elliott)

Halse Hall, Hon. C. J. Ward (Isaac Fox)

Hill Side, Leyden Bros. (Quintin Logan)

Money Musk Hon. C. J. Ward (E. C. Elliott)

Morelands, J. H. Mitchell (Quintin Logan)

Parnassus, Col. W. G. Dawkins (W. Jump)

Perrins, Sir William Fitzherbert (G. M. Fitzherbert)

Pusey Hall , D. B. Callaghan (E. C. Elliott)

Rock River, John Scully

Sevens, Juan Grinan

St. Jago, J. H. Mitchell (Quintin Logan)

Suttons-Chesterfield, J. H. Mitchell (Quintin Logan)


Bushy Park, L. Verley

Caymanas, A. Crum-Ewing (T. Kemp)

Cherry Garden, Lavinia Robinson

Dove Hall, F. G. Bather

Lloyds, Hon G. Stiebel (S. L. Tilley)

Lodge, T. M. Martin

Rose Hall, D. Campbell

Spring Vale, J. H. McDowell (J. R. Scarlett)

Treadways – Col. W. G. Dawkins (W. Gyles)

Tulloch, John H. McPhail

Wakefield, J. H. McDowell (J. R. Scarlett)

Worthy Park, Talbot and Carpenter (J. R. Scarlett)


COFFEE CULTIVATION IN JAMAICA 1889-1890 (50 acres or more are listed in the book. Many small settlers grew coffee, but the book just references total acreage for small settlers in each parish.)

Name of Estate, Owner (Attorney of Owner in Parenthesis)


Caledonia and Prospect, Rev. J. S. Roberts

Charlottenburg & Union Hall, John Casserley

Clifton Mount, A. R. Hamilton (John McLean)

Cold Spring, John McLean

Clydesdale, M. E. McLaverty

Dublin Castle, estate of Aitkin (John McLean)

Flamstead, T. M. Martin

Green Valley, George Henderson

Middleton, Heirs of Duke of Buckingham (Charles Levy & Co.)

Mt. Lebanon, Olive Chisholm (J. A. Stephens)

Newton, heirs of B. W. Davies

Pleasant Hill, George Henderson

Rose Hill, Rev. J. S. Roberts

Silver Hill, A. R. Hamilton (John McLean)

Tweedside, Alexander Berry

ST. THOMAS Arntully, W. A. Sabonidiere

Middleton, G. B. Massey

Moy Hall, Capt. G. G. Taylor

Radnor, J. Stephens

Richmond Vale, G. B. Massey

Sherwood Forest, John Davidson

Whitfield Hall, DeB. Spencer Heaven

MANCHESTER Brokenhurst, W. W. Wynne

Lomax, estate of J. W. Leyden (C. J. Georges)

Perrins, Sir William Fitzherbert (C. J. Georges)

Seniors and Campbell Castle, William Hungerford

Soho, R. B. Braham

Virginia, George Nash


Glendale, Quintin Logan


BANANA AND COCOA CULTIVATION IN JAMAICA 1898-1899 (50 acres or more are listed in the book. Many small settlers grew coffee, but the book just references total acreage for small settlers in each parish.)

Name of Estate, Owner (Attorney of Owner in Parenthesis)


Amity Hall and Hordley – Jamaica Co. (Hon. Dr. John. Pringle, C.M.G.)

Bachelors Hall – Mrs. A. C. Neyland (W. C. Groves)

Cambridge and Clifton Hall – A. C. James

Creighton Hall – J. H. Cox & Bro.

Golden Grove and Wheelersfield – Boston Fruit Co. (L. D. Baker)

Harbour Head – S. F. Noyes

Morant – W. Creighton

Middleton – W. F. Harrison (H. Cork)

Phillipsfield – Boston Fruit Co.

Potosi – Potosi Estate Co. (Henry Steer)

Pleasant Hill and Unity – A. C. Neyland (W. C. Groves)

Plantain Garden and River – Boston Fruit Co. (James Dougall)

Rhine – Hon. S. C. Burke (Boston Frt. Co., Lessees)

Stanton – I. J. Mordecai & Co.

Stokesfield – S. F. Noyes

Springfield – Boston Fruit Co.(R. B. Hopkins)

Winchester – Jamaica Co. (Hon. Dr. John. Pringle, C.M.G.)


Big Spring Garden – L. D. Baker (Wm. Watson)

Boston, Bound Brook, Elysium, Fellowship, Golden Vale, Hermitage, Kildare, Paradise, Prospect, Red Hazel, Seaman’s Valley, Stanton, Tom’s Hope, Unity Valley, Windsor – Boston Fruit Co., (Wm. Watson)

Buff Bay River – R. L. Benbow

Burlington and Greenvale – Henry Cork

Caenwood – J. A. Small

Hart Hill 1 – Henry A. Bolton

Hart Hill 2 – A. J. Henriques

Hector’s River – Hon. E. C. Hall, Comdr., R.N.

Hope – M. C. Wallace

Lennox – J. O. Mason

Little Spring Garden – Thos. F. Thompson

Low Layton 1 – Jas. Broughton

Low Layton 2 – Chas. D’Aubigny

Mid Layton – J. O. Mason

Mt. Vernon – G. H. Moodie

Orange Vale – Herbert Walsh

Shrewsbury – D. Sanftleben

Snow Hill – P.A. Moodie

Terra Nova – J. Sweeting

Union – Joseph Afflick

White River – Benj. Crossley

Windsor Castle – A. DaCosta


Agualta Vale, Brimmer Hall, Chovy, Ellis’ Estates, Fort Stewart, Hopewell, Koningsburg, Orange Hill, Tremolesworth, Trinity – Hon. Jno. Pringle, C. M. G. (James G. Cohen)

Berry Hill – Hans Olofsen

Ballards Valley – Chas. L. Walker

Charlottenburg – W. H. Westmorland

Claremont – Henry Constantine, Robt. L. Constantine, R. A. Morris, Edward Dyer

Cove – Jose A. Benjamin

Crawle – David Priest

Crescent – Leo Geo. Silvera, Robt. A. Silvera, Est. of Geo. Silvera

Cromwell – Susan E. Prendergast

Dover – S. Supersangsing

Eden Park – Jno. H. Philpotts

Esher – H. S. Westmorland

Fontabelle – Harriett D. Simmonds and Edward Campbell(Robt. P. Simmonds)

Fort George – Aug. F. G. Ellis

Frontier – Est. of D. R. Clemetson (Robt. P. Simmonds and Jno. B. Goffe)

Gray’s Inn – T. Elmslie (Henry Braham)

Greenwood – F. D. Marshall

Gibraltar – M. E. Westmorland

Golden Grove – E. E. C. Hossack

Harmony Hall – John Wile and Susan E. Prendergast

Heywood Hall and Llanrumney – J. E. Kerr & Co.

Iter Boreal – J. L. Hossack

Langley , Moore Hall and Wentworth – Boston Fruit Co.

Langley No. 1 – A. J. Johnson

Langley No. 2 – M. E. Johnson

Lambkin Hill and Russell Hall – A. E. Silvera

Nonsuch – Susan E. Prendergast, Hon. Jno. Pringle, C.M.G., Henry J. Rudolph (James G. Cohen

New Ramble – Leo Geo. Silvera

Oxford and Rosyln– C. H. C. and C. C. F. M. Goffe

Osborne – Richard L. Benbow

Pemberton Valley and Quebec – Harriet D. Simmonds (R. P. Simmonds)

Preston – R. M. Cocking

Richmond – H. B. Walcott

Sherness – Alfred N. Dixon

Spring Valley – E. M. Mais, Lessee and G. H. Powell

Tryall – A. R. DaCosta

Union Hill – Est. A. B. Clemetson

Warwick Castle – John T. Marsh and R. T. Rigg

Water Valley – Est. of Jas. Broughton (J. H. Scarlett)

White Hall – Charles L. Walker


Content – Dr. J. L. Cox

Malvern Park – Edward Pratt

New Ground – A. N. Dixon


Low Ground – Lord Dudley (Horace C. Munn)

Mount Industry – Est. of Jas. L. Hibbert (Hon. R. B. Braham)

North Hall – David Girvan, Herbert D’Aguilar, Ann Saunders (David Girvan and Emile D’A. Saunders)

Suttons – Col. W. G. Dawkins (Sidney Moxsy, lessee)

Whitney – Lord Dudley (Hon. J. P. Clarke)


Blair Pen – R. L. Rivett

Bodons – John Breary

Cambrians – F. Cohen

Cedar Grove, Pt. of Cow Park, Pt. of Cottage, Great Salt Pond, Hayfield – Boston Fruit Co.

Charlemont – Hon. Geo. McGrath

Clifton and Goshen – Chas. Fulford

Pt. of Congreve Park – Easton Muirhead

Cooksons, Mt. Pleasant, Phoenix Park and Woodlands – W. R. Turner

Pt. of Cow Park – Henry McGilchrist

Craigallichie – Bishop C. Gordon

Dove Hall – J. Mills

Eltham Park – Thos. H. Sharpe

Pt. of Farm – Lord Carrington (Hon. S. C. Burke, M. L.C.)

Grange – Henry Cork

Guinep – Louis Verley

Halfway Tree Pen – R. Hotchkin

Hartlands – Hartlands Co., Ltd.

Hawkers Hall – J. C. Lescesne

New Hall – P. H. Bather

New Works – F. W. Aris

Parsons Pen – Hon. James Allwood

Pt. of Reid’s Pen – J. E. Kerr & Co. and F. B. Kennedy

Pt. of Reid’s Pen – Reid’s Pen Syndicate

Rio Magno – Henry J. Rudolf

Riversdale – A. McIntosh

Pt. of Rodons – Robert Hay

Tamarinds, Watson Grove – Boston Fruit Co.

Tulloch – John McPhail

Twickenham Park – E. M. Davis

Worthy Park – Hon. J. V. Calder



His Excellency Sir A. W. L. Hemming, K.C.M.G., President

The Hon. J. T. Palache, M.L.C., Mandeville, Vice-President

T. H. Sharp, Esq., Spanish Town, Vice President

The Hon. C. J. Ward, C. M. G., Kingston, Vice-President

The Hon. J. Pringle, Annotto Bay, Vice-President


Douet, George A., Secretary

Barclay, John – Assistant Secretary


Baker, Capt. – Port Antonio

Campbell, D. Esq. – Linstead

Fursdon, C. A.T., Esq. – Up-Park Camp

Cork, H. Esq. – St. Margaret’s Bay

Roxburgh, A., Esq. – Walker’s Wood

Bather, F. G., Esq. – Linstead

McGrath, The Hon. G. – Ewarton

Clark, The Hon. J. P. – Shooter’s Hill

Ronaldson, H. T., Esq. – Milk River

Murray, G. F., Esq. – Hayes

Wynne, W. W., Esq. – Old England

Gossett, B. S., Esq. – Hagley Gap

Clarke, A. F., Esq. – Shooter’s Hill


Archbishop of the West Indies

Bishop Gordon – Kingston

Allwood, The Hon. J. – Collector-General

Cox, H. E., Esq. – Claremont

Fawcett, W., Esq. – Director Public Gardens

Cork, P. C., Esq. – Asst. Colonial Secretary

Nash, G., Esq. – Mandeville

Robertson, R. H., Esq. – Ramble

Shore, J., Esq. – Little River

Watts, F., Esq. – Kingston

Duerden, J., Esq. – Kingston

Calder, J. V., Esq. – Malvern

Walcott, R. A., Esq. – Kingston

Bertram, L. J., Esq. – Kingston