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Degroat family of Sussex, Pike, & Wayne counties in NJ & PA

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Started in an attempt to establish 17th and 18th century ancestors of Abraham Degroat of Sandyston

Abraham de Groat of Sandyston


In 17th century North American there are two unrelated De Groot lines in the New Amsterdam/NYC area: 1 from Demark, as exemplified by Dirck Janszen de Groot of Denmark and 1 from Gelderland, as exemplified by two brothers: Dirck Jansen de Groot and Staets de Groot. This distinction is well worth remembering.

Elsewhere in the NY/NJ colony there are many, many, individuals with "Groot" or "Groat" in their name

Tracing up and down the De Groat tree new branches are slowly being built and merged into one that is beginning to provide a comprehensive and varied picture of this surname that now has profiles extending from Europe in the 1600's to America in 2100's. The particular focus of this tree will allow us to incorporate other branches into this De Groot/ DeGroat tree.

Notice that there are several related projects shown on the panel at right.

Multiple Threads to explore

I. Let’s look at two Degroat pedigrees in parallel.

  1. Arientje Sloove (c.1722) > Joseph (1742) > Joost of Franklin (1769)……….……….. > Peter2 of Franklin (1802)
  2. ,,?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, > ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,> Abraham of Sandyston (born betw. 1760-1763) > Samuel of Sandyston (1780 > Daniel of Sandyston c.1805 & John (1825) (1/2 brothers)

II.Here are some reference urls:

GEN 0 Peter deGroat of Franklin ; Joseph aka Joost (born c. 1742 in New Jersey
GEN 1 Joost deGroat Joost DeGroat (born in Franklin 1769, died in Franklin 1821
GEN 2 Peter deGroat of Franklin Peter DeGroat (born in Franklin 1802, died in Franklin 1884) married twice,, had offspring.

List of early Degroats, as yet not linked to this tree but strong candidates suggesting a match

  1. Ariyaentje who married a Degroat (born between 1722 & 1744) Tappan area; also: check out this thread as it may be of use.
  2. Elizabeth (DeGroot') De Vries of Franklin Township (1775- )
  3. Peter Degroat of Franklin Township NJ (1802-1844)

Study items

A study of Banta family in the Ramapo area

  1. Look at this relationship Maritie de Groot to Leona Banta. I bring this up because Leona Banta was baptized in the same church as another Banta descendant Elizabeth de Vries .
  2. The next thing to notice is that Elizabeth de Vries is a mulatto and Leona is white.
  3. What can be seen it that Elizabeth de Vries lived her life in Franklin, Sussex, NJ not the Ramapo area. These two locales are distant from each other. A picture emerges... The descendants of Ramapo mulattos moved out to settle Sussex county.

Possible Danish grandparent (?) of Abraham of Sandyston

  1. Abraham Dirckszen de Groot (born 1678) son of the Dane Dirck Jansen de Groot of Denmark or his brother:
  2. Jan Dirckszen de Groot

A study of De Groot males baptized/married in Hackensack and other parishes local to NJ/NY/Tappan-Hackensack area

Hackensack Church record: Read attached document
Some (not all) candidate fathers are:

  1. Jacob Pieters de Groot born c.1696 and his brother
  2. Arie Pieters de Groot baptized the same day.
  3. Johannes De Groot bap. May 1703
  4. Johannes Pieterse de Groot bap. Jul 1704
  5. Jan de Groot 1710
  6. Staets de Groot 1713
  7. Staets de Groot 1715
  8. Samuel de Groot 1717
  9. Johannes De Groot 1717
  10. Petrus De Groot 1719
  11. Pieter de Groot 1721
  12. Jan de Groot 1729

The most glaring omission is Joost De Groot, a person of mulatto heritage, born circa 1720 for whom some known offspring are well-documented. We do not as yet see any match for Abraham de Groat of Sandyston. Still, it may be that Joost is Abraham's grandfather...

Unknowns in chronological order

  1. Gerret Janse De Groot of Bay Bouwery born before 1698 might be the brother of Klaes de Groot, for then he'd be named after his maternal grandfather "Gerret"
  2. 1705 Aug 08; Dirk de Groot, Ariaantje Kierstede; Pieter; Adolph de Groot jr, Angenietje de Groot jd[12] NA baptisms
  3. 1708 Nov 21; Josua Bosch, Willempie de Groot; Elizabeth; Abram Brajor & wife Elizabeth [Schoute][12] NA baptisms
  4. 1720 Jul 06; Pieter de Groot, Rebecca Goederus; Rebecka; Barent Hibon, Rebecka Goederus[12] NA baptisms
  5. 1731 Oct 10; Johannes De Groot, Elisabet Sikkels; Robbert; Zacharias Sikkels, Ariaantje[25] in Port Richmond baptisms
  6. 1746 Jul 27; John Lee, Jannetje de Groot; Maria; Joseph Forbush & wife Hester Day[16] (ancestral curios)


  1. go to a tree view of Generva Boyd and set the view to one descendant and five ancestors. There are cases of cousins marrying cousins.


  1. NJ Sussex cemeteries
  2. Ramapo Reformed Church
  3. Hackensack DRC De Groot baptisms There are more than 100!