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Dol, otok Hvar- Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija

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Latitude 43.168 Longitude 16.6167 Lat (DMS) 43° 10' 5N Long (DMS) 16° 37' 0E

Inhabitants: 310 (2011)


Historically, Dol has a long past. The name Dol, however, is relatively recent, being first mentioned under that name in the twelfth century. The first archaeological finds and settlement in the Dol area date form the fourth century B.C when Greek colonists first settled on Hvar Island. Historians have suggested that Dol became a Greek and nearby Old Pitve an Illyrian centre, the two oldest settelments on the island. From the immediate vicinity of Dol remains of cyclopean walls have been found, suggesting again that ist geographical location was advantageous. From its open mountain position the early Greek colonists had a safe refuge with clear views of the sea and plain below, they remained ther until they built the fortified town (polis) at Faros, persent-day Stari Grad. Five hundred years of Roman rules also left ist mark; evidence of reference to "villae rusticae" in epigraphs have been found together with some coinage. Legend has it also that the fames Illyrian queen, Teuta, has a residence in Dol but this remains clouded in confusion and conjecture (Ivica Moskatelo, 2011).


  • Berković, Bercovich (not exists at present)
  • Carić
  • Dužević, Duzevich
  • Kuničić, Kunicich, Kunich
  • Miloš
  • Moškatelo, Moscatello
  • Pavičić, Pavicic, Pavicich
  • Pavlović
  • Posinković, Posincovich
  • Roić
  • Sanseovic,Sanseovich, Sansovich, Sansevich
  • Stančić, Stancich
  • Šurjak
  • Vranković, Vrankovic, Brankovic
  • Žarko

Some family nickname

  • Pavičić: Zbedrica, Sbedrizza
  • Dužević: Tonsic, Tonsich
  • Dužević: Marijan, Marian

Countries where migrated

Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, United States, Uruguay and others.

Sv. Mihovila Arkandela parish records

Birth 1694-1887; Marriage 1698-1857; Death 1764-1889

Status Animarum (Census)

Text in latin until 1824, from 1825-1889 in italian, after 1889 in croatian. Location of records: HRVATSKI DRŽAVNI ARHIV.

Dol school

Prom school book from 1878 to present. Loctaion of records: Dol school.

Popis stanovnika iz 1673. godine (Census of 1673)

Dol was not listed in the census, but there are very short lists for the settlements of SV. PETAR and SV, BARBARA,

U zaseoku SV. PETAR spominju se obitelji:

  • DUŽEVIĆ Juraj 7, Kuzma 5, Tomo 5;
  • KOVAČEVIĆ Mihovil 6;
  • POTRESKOVIĆ Laura 1;
  • SANSEVIĆ ladrig 8,
  • STANČIĆ Ivan 9, Mato 4, Mato pok. Jurja 4, Nikola 7;
  • ZANINOVIĆ Nikola 2.

U selu SV, BARBARA spominju se sljedeće obitelji :

  • BERKOVIĆ Fabjan 4, Mato 3,
  • BRACE (?) Petar 4,
  • BUDIĆ Luka 6;
  • CARIĆ Petar 5;
  • JAKOVINIĆ (Giacouinich) Vicko 3,
  • JURAKOVIĆ (Giuracouich) Mato 8;
  • KUNIČIĆ Ivan 6, Sime 4, Sime pok Mato 4, Tomo 3,
  • KURADINIĆ Antun 7 ;
  • LOVRINČEVIĆ (Laurinceuich) Ivan 4;
  • MARJANOVIĆ (Marianouich) Bartul 5, Frane 5, Marin 1, Mato 9,
  • MILUTINIĆ Mara 1 ,
  • MRATINIĆ Antun 6;
  • PLENKOVIĆ Nikola 4,
  • POSINKOVIĆ Ivan 5, Luka 4,
  • RADIŠIĆ Frane 7,
  • RADONJIĆ (Radognich) Stjepan 5,
  • RADOSLAVIĆ Antun 4, Stjepan 1, Sime 4,
  • SNJUREVIĆ (Sgnureuich) Kata 1 ,
  • STANIČIĆ Petar 3,
  • STOJANČIĆ (Staincich) Ivan 3,
  • SURJANOVIĆ Margarita 1 , Marin 6, Nikola 4, Sime 3;
  • TONSIĆ Florio 4, Mihovil 2;
  • VAULINIĆ Mato 3,
  • VLAHOVIĆ (Vulahauich) Mato S, Vicko 5,
  • VRANKOVIĆ (Vurancouich) Ivan 7, Juraj 3,
  • VRANJICAN (Vragnizan) Jerolim 6;
  • ZOKOVIĆ Antun 5.

NB - The village of Dol today consists of two parts: Dol Sv. Marije (Dol of St. Mary) and Dol Sv. Barbare (Dol of St. Barbara). They are separated by a small low hill where there is the newly-built church of Sv. Mihovil (St. Michael), containing a 17th-century painting. In Dol of St. Mary, there is the church of Sv. Petar (St. Peter) with a new bell-tower. So it looks like that the old settlements of Sv Petar and Sv Barbare are actually part of today's Dol.


  • CARTER W Francis and MOSKATELO Ivica: Dol "House Survey - Some Preliminary Findings".
  • Zupa Sv. Mihovila Arkandela - baptism, marriages and deaths records.
  • MOSKATELO Ivica and PAVICICH Matias L: Tartajun Number 7 12-14 "Uzroci i iseljavanje do Prvog svjetskog rata" link
  • Extracted from Nevenka Bezić-Božanić's work THE CENSUS OF THE ISLAND OF HVAR FROM 1673 published in Čakavska rič, Split 1991, br.1.

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