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Archibald Fynlay MP (1263 - 1337)

"Finlay", "Findlay"

"120. Archibald FINLA or FINLAY, second son of Fearchar; m Margaret ROBERTSON, daughter of William ROBERTSON of Lude; d before 1337. Children: Roger, Richard and William."(Finley Findings, )". IIb Arch...

10/20/2007 6/6/2011

Fearchar McFinlay - Chief of Clan Fionnladh b abt 1210 in Pershire, Scot & Daughter of Patrick McDonachadh b(bet)1207 in Scot son of: Eugenius Shaw Farquharson McFinlay - The origin of the Clan Farquha...

10/20/2007 6/6/2011

Eugenius Shaw Farquharson McFinlay MP (c.1190 - 1223)


The Clan Farquharson page at says: Clan Farquharson, of Celtic origin, derives from Farquhar, fourth son of Alexander "Ciar" Mackintosh of Rothiemurchus, 5th Chief of Clan Shaw. A grant of ...

10/20/2007 6/6/2011

Thane Ruari McFinlay MP (1090 - 1152)


* Son of MacBeth, King of Scotland. MacBeatha mac Findlaich/McFinlay, Thane of Cromarty; (b. abt 1048 in Cromarty ; d. 1093) Married Bethoca, daughter of Andrew McBrad (McBrideThane of Cromarty/Crumbac...

10/20/2007 6/6/2011

Fergus Farquhar McFinley MP (c.1145 - c.1210)

"Fergus Farquhar McFinley", "Fergus Farquhar MacFinlay"

(116) Rory or Ruari MC FINLAY, Thane of Crumbacty (Cromarty), 1100 to 1152; (117) Fergus MC FINLAY, fourth son of Rory, and also known as SHAW or Farquhar SHAW of Rothumerches, a tenant of Rossen, Crom...

10/20/2007 6/6/2011

Caution: A lot of nonsense is circulating about this line. One example is the entirely contemporary Lebor Clann Glas. Irish genealogies show the descent of Findlaech MacRory from "cenel Loairn, one of ...

7/31/2008 6/5/2011

Findláech mac Ruaidrí, thane of Angus, Mormaer of Moray MP (c.975 - 1020)

"Findláech of Moray", "Findláech mac Ruaidrí", "Finley", "Mormaer of Moray", "or Findláech mac Ruaidrí", "Findlaech /Mormaer/", "Finlay Mcruaidhri /Finlay/", "McRuaidhri /Finley/", "Findlaech /Macrory/"

Findláech of Moray, or Findláech mac Ruaidrí , was the King or Mormaer of Moray, ruling from some point before 1014 until his death in 1020.* Married to Donada, daughter of Malcolm MacKenneth.* Childre...

2/25/2008 6/5/2011

MacBeatha Mc Finlay, Thane of Cromarty MP (1048 - 1093)

"Macbeatha /Thane/"

MacBeatha Mc Finlay (1048 - 1093) Children: Thane Ruari McFinlay Birthdate: 1048 Also Known As: "Macbeatha /Thane/" Birthplace: Ross-shire, Scotland "From this union of Princess DONADA, daughter of ...

10/20/2007 6/5/2011

Macbeth, King of Scots MP (1005 - 1057)

"Mac Bethad mac Findlaích", "The Red", "Mac Bethad /mac Findláich/", "nicknamed Rí Deircc", ""the Red King"", "Maelbeatha", "Macboeda Macbeth /Finlay/", "Macboeda Macbeth Fionnladh /Finlay/", "/Macbeth/", "Macbida Fionnladh /Mcfinlay/", "Macbeth Mormaer /Moray/", "Macbeth..."

Macbeth , Mac Bethad mac Findlaích , son of Findlaich and Donada (daughter of King Malcolm II). Born c 1006 Mormaer of Moray. Served as military general for King Malcolm II & later King Duncan. King of...

5/9/2007 6/5/2011

James II, king of Scots MP (1430 - 1460)

"Fiery Face", "James ll Stewart King of Scotland", "James II", "King of Scots", "The Black Knight or Fiery Face (due to a large birthmark on his face)", "King of Scotland"

James II, King of Scots was born on 16 October 1430 in Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh and Died on 3 August 1460 at the siege of Roxburgh (Gaelic: Rosbrog) Castle when one of the cannons exploded. He was al...

1/17/2007 6/4/2011

James I of Scotland MP (1394 - 1437)

"James l King of Scotland", "Seumas I Stiùbhairt", "Seumas I mac Roibairt", "Ard Righ Albainn", "Jacobus [Primus]", "Rex Scotiae", "Jacobum regem", "Rey James I de Escocia", "James I of Scotland", ""Black Knight of Lorn"", "King James I of Scotland", "The Black Knight"

other possible birth dates;10 December 139430 December 1394=================================================================================="James I, King of Scots (25 July 1394 – 21 February 1437), w...

5/2/2007 6/4/2011

Robert III, King of Scots MP (1337 - 1406)

"King John the Lame King of the Scots", "John Stewart", "Earl of Carrick", "King Robert III of Scotland", "Robert III of Scotland", "Robert III", "King of Scotland", "Earl of Atholl"

III "The Lame King" of the House of Stewart , King of Scots was born c. 1337 in Dundonald Castle, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland . He died 4 April 1406 at Rothesay Castle, Isle of Bute, Scotland . He w...

3/2/2007 6/4/2011

William Finlay, Royal Forester MP (c.1300 - 1356)

"Findley", "Andrew", "Finley"

"121. William FINLAY, Royal Forester of King Robert I; m Isabel DEMPSTER, daughter of Thomas DEMPSTER, Laird of Murish, and Eleanor FORBES, niece and co-heir of Viscount FORBES. Children: Andrew and Jo...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

Andrew Finlay, Sheriff of Perthshire MP (1344 - 1379)

"Andrew /Finlay/", "Andrew /Finley/", "Andrew /Fynlay/"

Andrew was a partitioner of Menmur Perth, by Royal Charter, August 3,1366 grant of King Robert11 of certain fees for exercising the office of Sheriffdom Perth, confirmed at Kyndroct July 9, 1379 Death:...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

John Finley, Bishop of Dumblane MP (1356 - c.1445)

"Findlay", "Kirkpatric"

Bishop of Dumblain 1403 - 1419. Bishop of Argyll 1420 - 1426Reginald of the Isles of the whole Thanage of Gletilt being three devaches of land for faithful service for payment of eleven merksmen and th...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

John Finlay MP (1418 - c.1461)

"Fyndlay", "Findlay"

John FINLAY, second son of Andrew FINLAY Sr., became the Bishop of Dumblane in 1406. In 1425, he was the tutor of James, son of Murdoch, Duke of St. Alban's. For these services, he became the Thane of ...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

John Finley, III MP (c.1457 - c.1507)

"The change of the surname FINLAY to FINLEY is found in various documents relating to this family under date of 1461 to 1501; appears under the form of FYNLAY , FENLAY , and under date of 1506, John FI...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

Andrew Finley MP (1504 - 1547)

Surname has also been reported to be:* Fyndley * Fyndlay * Findlay * Finlay Date of birth has also been (erroneously?) reported to be 1483. *Andrew FINLEY, son of John and Joneta ROGERS FYNLAY, had, ac...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

James Finley MP (1631 - 1681)

The descendants of James Finley can be found in the family tree of George Findley. ID: I5526*Name: James Finley*Sex: M*Birth: 9 SEP 1631 in Newburn Parish, Balchrystie, Scot 1**1. Text: The life of an ...

2/21/2008 6/4/2011

Alexander Finley MP (1667 - 1736)

In1688, Alexander became a freeman by birth and then in 1690, he fought in King William's War. John and his brother, Alexander, moved form County Fife, Scotland, to County Derry, ireland, prior to 1687...

2/21/2008 6/4/2011

James Finley MP (1688 - 1753)

"James Jennings Finlay"

James Finley Records, 1731-1811James Finleys in Augusta, Fincastle, Botetourt, Montgomery, Wythe Counties, Virginia, 1731-181121 August 1746, James Finla removed from Colony (Chalkley, 1:21, OB 1: ).17...

10/27/2007 6/4/2011

John Finley MP (1706 - 1773)

and Thankful (Doak) FinleyJohn and Thankful (Doak) Finley, were among the earliest settlers of the Shenandoah Valley in what is now Augusta County, Virginia, most likely having come from Pennsylvania. ...

2/21/2008 6/4/2011

George Finley MP (1743 - 1809)

Not to be confused with the George Finley who married Ann Newland and Mary Gaines (he was the son of John and Mary Caldwell Finley, rather than John and Thankful Doak Finley). George FINLEY was christe...

3/28/2008 6/4/2011

Rev. James Finley MP (1530 - 1597)

"James Finley"

The second son of James and Elizabeth WARRENDER FINLEY was John, baptized 8 Jun 1579, St. Andrew's Parish, County Fife; d 6 Oct 1670, Incharvie, County Fife. He was known as John of Fife and was a part...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

John Finley MP (1579 - 1670)

"John of Fife Finley", "John 'of Fife' Finley IV", "John Finley", "John (IV)", "of Fife", "Finley", "John Finley IV"

Children with Sarah Craigie (second wife): 1. Has Children James FINLEY b: 9 Sep 1631 in Incharvie Fife, Scotland 2. Has Children Robert FINLEY c: 4 May 1634 in Inchorvie, Fife, Scotland 3. Has Childre...

10/20/2007 6/4/2011

Robert Finley MP (1634 - 1712)

brief biography==From an unidentified source: Robert Finley, was born on May 4, 1634 when my his father was fifty-five years old. At that time, Charles I, the son of James Vi and I, was king. He did wh...

1/13/2008 6/4/2011

Michael Finley MP (1683 - 1747)

Name: Michael FINLEY 1 2 Sex: M Birth: 7 May 1683 in Mullaghbrack, Armagh, Ireland 2 Death: Abt 1747 1750 in Chester, Pennsylvania 1 2 Note: JV Thompson Journals Vol. 3; vol. 5; vol. 12; vol. 13, p. 3 ...

5/3/2008 6/4/2011

From the English Wikipedia page on Rev. Samuel Finley: Rev. Samuel Finley (July 2, 1715 – July 17, 1766), 1763 DD University of Glasgow (honorary). Evangelical (Presbyterian, "New Light") preacher and ...

5/5/2008 6/4/2011

James Edwin Finley, Sr., MP (c.1758 - 1819)

About His Portrait:The painting was given to Dr. James E.B. Finley by his nephew, Samuel F.B. Morse. It remained in the family until Finley's great-granddaughter Mrs. E. Vernon Hahn (Maruetta Finley Ha...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

James Edward Finley, Jr. MP (1808 - 1844)

Ancestors of James Edward FinleyGeneration No. 1 1. James Edward Finley, born 28 Jun 1808 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA; died 11 May 1844 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. He was the son of 2. J...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

James Hamilton Finley MP (1840 - 1866)

"James Hamilton /Finley/", "Jessie /Finley/"

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

John Wesley Finley MP (1860 - 1912)

"John Wesley /Finely/", "John W /Finley/"

Ancestors of John Wesley FinleyGeneration No. 1 1. John Wesley Finley, born 07 Nov 1855 in Tennessee, USA; died 1912. He was the son of 2. James Hamilton Finley and 3. Martha Francis James. He married ...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

George Finley MP (1789 - 1851)

Please Do Not Merge Profile: The Finleys of VirginiaStatement of Responsibility: [compiled by Clifton W. Bransford]Creator: Bransford, Clifton W Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administra...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

Bluford Finley MP (1820 - 1861)

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

Rufus Finley MP (1860 - 1929)

"Rouffous", "Ruffous"

Certificate: #8808 Deceased: Rufes Finley Birth: 19 Jun 1860 Birth Place: TN Death: 31 Mar 1929 Father: Bluford Finley Father's Birth Place: IN Mother: Adelaide Johnson Mother's Birth Place: TN Cemeter...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

Willie Lou Finley MP (1881 - 1917)

"Lou /Finley/", "Parry Lou /Finley/"

Ancestors of Willie Lou FinleyGeneration No. 1 1. Willie Lou Finley, born 14 Aug 1881 in White Cty, Tennessee, USA; died 20 Feb 1917. She was the daughter of 2. John Wesley Finley and 3. Melissa Ann Cl...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

Harvey Dillard Finley MP (1880 - 1945)

"Dillard /Finley/", "Harvey Dillard /Finley/", "Harvy D /Finley/"

was husband of Parlou (?) Bumbalough b Abt 1890 TNName: Harvey Dillard Finley Death Date: 06 Dec 1945 Death Place: White, Tenn. Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Race or Color: White Age: 65 Birth D...

9/28/2008 6/4/2011

Orbrie Dee Finley MP (c.1890 - c.1926)

Please see documents: for DNA and MRCA Match Confirmations for my lineage - both paternal and maternal lines - Thank you, Jacqueli Finley DNA + MRCA Matches Confirm Paternal Surname as FINLEY for Jack ...

6/13/2007 6/4/2011

Jack Harry Finley MP (1921 - 1986)

A Tribute to my "Da" ... I promised you remembrance ~ Jacqueli FinleyPlease do not edit or alter this profile ... a lot of work and heartfelt effort has gone into it by myself. Thank you.According to S...

6/13/2007 6/4/2011