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Forrest Family of Jamaica

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  • Bawder Forrest (c.1881 - 1962)
    "Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999", index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 March 2015), Edna Lurieta Forrest, 1909. "Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999", index and images, FamilySea...
  • Maud Foster (1905 - c.1940)
    "Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999", index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 March 2015), Forrest, 1905.
  • Aston Reinford Ivanhoe Forrest (1918 - d.)
    "Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999", index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 March 2015), Aston Reinford Ivanhoe Forrest, 1918. He was a soldier in World War II - with the West India Regi...
  • Miss Edna (1909 - c.1996)
    "Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999", index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 18 March 2015), Edna Lurieta Forrest, 1909. She worked for the City of New York. She retired and moved to Jamaica...

This project is to research and find out more about the Forrest and other related families, including Foster, originating in Jamaica, West Indies.

Forrest Family of Jamaica

My paternal great uncle was Bawder Forrest .

Stories from Australia

Barbara Forrest, now Troth... I am decended from the Forrests from Jamaica. I saw your post on the Jamaican GenForum. I have been tracing my family tree for nearly 2 years, full on. My 8 times grandfather went to Jamaica in the late 1600s, possibly with his to brothers to start sugar plantations. 1 left 2 stayed. One of the brothers was Arthur Forrest 1, then there was Arthur Forrest 2, Admiral and Commander, (1702-1770). He died in Jamaica at his post for the Royal Navy. Then there was Arthur 3, who was also in the Navy, but managed the plantations. Then there was Thomas Arthur Forrest cb, who had a son, Sandford Forrest, who stayed on in Jamaica after the slaves were freed [1834]. I am told he had a son Augustus Forrest by Ann Moore, a decendant from Sir John Moore, who died in Spain, the famous John Moore. (February 18, 2009).

Me... Hi Barbara. Nice to meet you. Where are you located? Thanks for all the history. I have been researching my family for years, but got really serious in last few. First of all, Jamaica is a small place. About the size of Connecticut. Secondly, because it is so small, almost everyone with the same name is related. According to population experts, two-thirds of all Jamaicans live elsewhere, thats about 6 million or more. My Forrest branches came from St. Elizabeth, and many eventually settled in Kingston, Jamaica. The are close to the Welsh, Foster and Powell families...Kenneth (February 18, 2009).

Hi Kenneth, Where are you? I am in Queanbyan, Australia. My Forrests came also from St. Elizabeth. Barb (February 18, 2009).

Me....Cool. I am in California, USA. What part of the continent is Queanbyan? When did your Forrests leave Jamaica? We definitely are related. lol. Kenneth (February 19, 2009).

Quenabeyan is in New South Wales, Australia. Hi Kenneth... Well as for leaving Jamaica, Thomas Arthur Forrest left when the slaves were freed, but his son Sanford/Sandford stayed. Haughton Forrest another of Thomas Arthur Forrest sons, was educated there, and came to australia to settle. We apparently had the Robins River estate/penn, Masemure Sugar Plantation [including slaves], Ragged Castle Plantation, lands at Broad Nut Hill, land at Luana, and a vineyard, [all situated in the parishes of Westmoreland and St Elizabeth. Includes will extract of Thomas Forrest of Binfield, 1852 (D/EX 1212/1/37).] Haughton Forrest wrote that he remembered the speech his father Thomas Arthur Forrest [1808-1871] gave to the slaves before leaving. And it was one of the things in his life he was so proud of. Can you tell me who are we connected through? This is so exciting! Barb (February 19, 2009).

Hi Kenneth, are you on Ancestry .com? If you like, and you are, I will invite you to my tree. Barb. I have attached a photo of Arthur Forrest (1702-1770). His father began the plantations in Jamaica. Arthur had a sister, Isabell, who married a man named Wright. Penelope Forrest, another sister married a John Loveday. Arthur married a Julianna Frederica Marina Cecilia Lynch from Belfield, Jamaica. Her father was a military man there, a Col. Lynch, [his] name believed to be George, but not sure. Sandford, I was told, married a Moore. Barb (February 19, 2009).

I need to dig a little deeper. I do know that the Forrest and Foster families are just like one now. Many of them later went to become soldiers and policemen and journalists. The matriarch here is turning 100 years old this year. When I get her info, I'll send it to you. KKW ( February 20, 2009).

We have 7 generations in the military two generations policemen, and one (generation) journalist, Lowther Robert Windham Forrest got a contract to start an electricity company in India in the early 1930s, the only relly (relative) I have that I know was in Jamaica was Sandford Forrest (1814-1848 ?). It's believed that he stayed in Jamaica after Emancipation. He is listed as applying for a contract to sell petroleum and spirits (I will get back to you) ,,, I have a subscription to Jamaican Family Search, where I found this info. I also had an email from Kyra Ann Forrest looking for info, she said her Nan told her about the three (3) brothers going to Jamaica to begin plantations, late 1600. Barb (February 20, 2009).

We are on the right track. BTW, I'm the dark side. lol. We have some strong family traits. The Forrests are also in New York City and Miami; maybe Ontario, Canada. I'll get you some contact info. There is a British West Indian Regiment website that has also been very helpful to me. Check out my family blog: Kenneth/Kwame (February 20, 2009).

Hi Kenneth. In Jamaican Family website, a Forrest store keeper at Vineyard Pedro, Edward, penkeeper, Sandford storekeeper Pedro, Frederick Forrest, his family went to Monaro, Miami rings a bell, and New York. I'll get back to you on who they were. (February 20, 2009).

Arthur Forrest (1710-1770) buried in the Belfry Tower in Kingston, Jamaica.

California Connection

A branch of the Forrest ended up in Northern and Central California. (see document).

Elder's Stories