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"No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place." -- Maya Angelou

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Jamaica DNA Project recommends the 67-marker test.

Local DNA Centre Caribbean Genetics (CariGen),

Both legal and private DNA paternity testing services are easily accessible in
Jamaica. The two primary institutions offering these services are the Caribbean Centre for Genetics (CARIGEN) at the University of the West Indies, and the Government Forensic Laboratory, Hope Boulevard.

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Williams DNA Afriann Burial Ground DNA Project Howard University in Washington D.C. where biological anthropologist, Michael Blakey, DNA


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Rick Kittles, African Ancestry's scientific director and University of Chicago associate professor of medicine, counters that his proprietary database is large enough for accurate testing. DNA testers include Bruce A. Jackson, co-director of the African American DNA Roots Project at the University of Massachusetts, who said he is swamped with so many requests that he has stopped taking them until he works through a two-year backlog African Ancestry Inc., a Washington-based firm, has tested the DNA of 15,000 people against its database of 25,000 African genetic lineages, according to its president, Gina M. Paige. British slave castle on nearby Bunce Island.

G. Kofi Annan, a New Jersey-based design and marketing consultant who blogs about African trends.

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