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GSB Ancestors & Descendants of Goa.

// Brahmins Ancestors & Descendants of Goa

Gentiles: Brahmin and Goud Saraswat Brahmin and recorded Brahmins of Goa in general.

This is a project to compile the profiles for gentiles: Brahmins, GSB ancestors and Brahmins descendants of Goa. Many Brahmins, GSB descendants are Roman catholic by faith in the 21st century (Only their ancestors who were Brahmins, GSB's will be compiled here) and all the ancestors of descendants that are still practicing their original Brahmin, GSB gentile faith will be compiled here. Together irrespective of the faith type they choose, they belong to one Goan Brahmin family by blood and ancestry. This serves as a catalogue to help find your Brahmin ancestry.

Present day Brahmins, GSBs in Goa have either of the six Brahmin, GSB prefixes for their surnames or family names:

  1. Naique (Naik or nayak)
  2. Sinai or Sinay or xinay (shenvi, shenoy),
  3. Porobo (Prabhu) ,
  4. Poi (Pai) ,
  5. Camotim (Kamat)
  6. Botto (Bhat)

Project founder: Sebastião José Roiz

Project GSB genealogy knowledge guru: Guruprasad Namshikar

Project main collaborator: Jules Fausto Mendonça de Sá

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