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Genealogia das famílias da aldeia de Colvá da província de Salcete / Genealogy of families of the village of Colvá of the province of Salcete

// Familias de Colva

Genealogia das famílias da aldeia de Colvá da província de Salcete / Genealogy of families of the village of Colvá of the province of Salcete.

This is a project to compile the genealogy of noble, illustrious and elite ancestral families either related directly or indirectly belonging to the village of Colvá (Colluá) that included Vanelim, Sernabatim, Gandaulim of the then province of Salcete from pre-15th century to 1975. Families were: Roiz (Rodrigues), Mártyres, Friz (Fernandes), Mascarenhas, Aguiar, Santimano, Silva, Gracias, Costa, Vales, Texeira, Pacheco, Cunha, Cruz, Rebêlo. These families belonged to the parish church called Igreja Nossa Senhora das Mercês de Colvá. The church was built in 1630 and affiliated to the parish of Benauly until 1635. From 1581 to 1635, these aforementioned illustrious, elite and noble families and all their subjects belonged to Igreja de São João Baptista.

All the descendants of these noble, illustrious and elite families of the Portuguese empire belonging to Colvá from the late 15th century until date are recorded here. The other families who later integrated either through marriage, migration, settlement are also recorded which are: Silva Pereira, Silva Rosa, Pereira, Diniz, Dias, Noronha, Serrão, Ferrão, Furtado, Furtado de Mendonça, Siqueira, Vás, Machado, Mesquita, Barbosa, Barbosa Barreto. These families moved into Colvá (includes Sernabatim, Vanelim, Gandaulim) and migrated post the early 18th century.

Gentile surnames of the noble chardó families [from Colvá (Colluá) that included Vanelim, Sernabatim, Gandaulim, limited part of Canã] were: Sinay/Shenay, Naique, Porobo Dessay, Naique Dessay, Samlo/Saunto/Saunto Dessay, Gorvy Dessay. These Kshatriyas (Nobre Chardós) descended from Monarchy, Kings, Rulers, Aristocracy and Warriors. They governed kingdoms, dynasties and are responsible for creating administered cities in the by-gone era.

Gentile Pagodes that existed in Colvá pre 16th century are: Pagode de Mallcomy (Mahalaxmi) and Pagode de Samtery (Shantadurga). The later was installed for the fishing community by the Feudal Lords/Gancars of Colvá for their subjects.

Catholic structures post 16th century are: Capella de Santo Antonio (Bairro 3), Capella da Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Bairro 1), Igreja de São João Baptista (1581 - Colluá, 1596 - Vanelim), Igreja Nossa Senhora das Mercês de Colvá (1630 built and 1635 no affliation with Benaulim church).

Colvá was also called: Praia de Colvá, Colluá, Coluvá, Kolluvá, Kolambe, Quoluva, Qualloá, Qualloálly, Koleá

This Project and Page serves as a catalogue to help find your ancestry for free if you have noble chardó and Luso-Asiaticos ancestors from Colvá.

Project Founder: Sebastião José Roiz