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Goan Genealogy Contributors (Geni)

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Goan Ancestry

Goans are proud of their diverse ancestry and complicated as it gets, the good news is that they are one of the best recorded populations in the subcontinent. There are numerous people from around the globe who have contributed on Geni. Due to this collective effort, the documented records have now been visually translated here into branches of graphical trees, connected directly and indirectly. Although this free volunteering work is in progress, a lot has been achieved.

When Geni was launched online, for a few years there was a bug in the coding and hence profiles added by numerous people went on to one persons name with whom there was collaboration, luckily we have not lost those added profiles. However this does not underpin the efforts of everyone who had and continues to contribute in various forms and ways. There are those who have been adding profiles without connections, there are those who then understand and find the connections as they merge the profiles, there are those who find the external connections to the world tree, there are those who correct the spellings of names, ensure that information is relevant to the times of the person(s); example the titles during that times, the country of a place during that time, etc... So everyone's contributions as a team has produced the wonderful visual display of the Goan Family tree and its branches. If you would like some help to find your ancestry, some of the contributors and interested folk are listed below.

Names of principal contributors (not in particular order):

  1. Prof. Dr. Engr. Shaun José Rodrigues
  2. Mr. Jules Fausto Mendonça de Sá
  3. Engr. Joshua José Fernandes
  4. Engr. Mário José Araújo Álvares
  5. Sr. Jorge Arez da Silva
  6. Sr. Fernando Wolfango Vasconcelos Pereira de Macedo
  7. Mr. Nicholas David Harrison Fernandes
  8. Pe. Adv. Roberto Mario Fernandes

Names of contributors (not in particular order):

  1. Dr. Luis Manuel Fernandes Pereira da Silva
  2. Engr. Carlos Agnelo do Rosario Pinto Rodrigues
  3. Sr. Paulo Alexandre dos Santos Ramunni
  4. Mr. Roy Oscar Eusebio Barboza
  5. Miss. Cleodolinda Maria Antonieta dos Remedios Pinto
  6. Mr. Abednego Jordan dos Remedios Pinto
  7. Engr. Mariano Macgyver de Quadros
  8. Engr. Paulo Ricardo Colaço Dias
  9. Sr. Pedro Lopes Madureira Silva Miguel
  10. Mr. Richard de Souza
  11. Mr. Jesus Shastri Audemor Rodrigues e Rebelo
  12. Mr. José Noel Gomes Catão
  13. Miss. Marilyn Gomes
  14. Sr. Osmand Francisco Alemão de Souza Egipsy
  15. Mr. José António do Rosário Botelho
  16. Mrs. Kim Maria Cordeiro e Figueiredo
  17. Srª. Eleanor Maria de Jesus de Pinto e Lobo
  18. Mr. José Maria de Jesus do Rosário Miranda
  19. Sr. Eduardo Cardoso Mascarenhas de Lemos

Names of minor contributors (not in particular order):

  1. Mr. Mario Henry Ozório Saldanha
  2. Mr. Sergio de Sá
  3. Shri. Guruprasad Namshikar
  4. Sr. Teotónio Karl das Dores Alemão
  5. Engr. Antonio Olavo do Rosario Carvalho
  6. Adv. Carlos Eugenio da Costa Alvares Ferreira
  7. Sr. José Pedro Correia de Araújo Bruto da Costa
  8. Mr. Auspic F M Rodrigues