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In Search for new (un)conventional ways of creating Geni projects, every Plaza table represents a link to a conceptual discussion/forum, hosted by a project maker, presenting a new Project Concept idea.

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Ways of Collaborating; old versus new

There's a difference between passive and active collaboration on Geni projects. We all receive every once in a while, project invitations to collaborate. More often it means no more than just adding your name to a list.

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Collaboration on interests and profession

I collaborated on projects to gather profiles of people with a certain attribute. This was in my view a success, and we gained a lot of insight on immigration of the Dutch into other places. We could also start collaboration on our own attributes. I noticed for example people working with genealogy professionally. Other collaborations are possible....?

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Turning V.I.P. profiles into projects

In the nearby future, not only you can hook up profiles to related projects. You should be able to create individual projects of V.I.P.'s

The I. in VIP, stands for Interesting; Important; Inspirational

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Location Names: Balance between Historical Accuracy and Genealogical Meaningfulness

To balance the need of genealogists and historical accuracy, while keeping the management of profile simple and practical, I propose the concept of creating projects specific about location. Each project could show guidelines about location names per time period. For each time period, the "recommended" values for the 'Place', 'City', 'County', 'State/Province' and 'Country' fields are indicated. The benefits are many, including illustrating the major milestones associated with a location, reflecting the cultural context of the time, and ability to recognize communities by using consistent location names between contemporary profiles.

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Namelists transformed to mini biographical descriptions

Dull uninformative name lists are now revealing mini biographies and where possible, their connection to the main subject of the project. This way the project has increased his informative capacity on it's subject in a compact and easy accessible way.

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Projects should be competitive with Wikipedia

As we know, projects can easily be found via Google. Therefore, project visitors are not only users from Geni, but from the entire internet. That can be a big plus in getting more people involved with Geni.

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