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Memorial to European Rabbis that Perished in the Holocaust

זכרון לרבני אירופה שנספו בשואה

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  • Reb Avraham Baruch Bursztyn, הי״ד (aft.1865 - c.1942)
    Avraham Baruch (1865-1941) son or Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak, was one of 11 brothers and sisters. He began his studied in his hometown Ostrow-Mazowiecka, and then moved to more advanced studies in Warszawa....
  • Rav Simcha Zelig Riger (Reguer), Posek of Brisk (Brest) (1864 - 1942)
    R. Simcha Zelig served as the Dayan of Brisk for three decades from from 1899. He was the right-hand of R. Chaim Soloveitchik and took charge of daily Halachic matters in the town of Brisk. see also:...
  • Yechezkel Feigin (1895 - 1942)
    Iheskel Feigin was born in Kremenchug, Ukraine (USSR) in 1898. He was a head of a yeshiva and married to Shosha nee Tzeitlin. Prior to WWII he lived in Riga, Latvia. During the war he was in Riga, Latv...
  • Calev Meir Ziv (1874 - 1941)
    הרב כלב מאיר פייבל הי"ד נולד לאביו ר' שמואל יחיאל זיו בעיר שאד שבליטא. ספרו "גולת כלב" יצא בתרס"ו עם הסכמות הרב משה דאנישעווסקי מסלבודקה והרב שמואל יעקב רבינוביץ מיעלאק. כן מופיעה שם המלצת הרב צבי הירש...
  • R' David Friedman of Ploesti (1897 - 1941)
    מגזע שושלת בוהוש ואדמו"ר משפיקוב בפלוישט

Books and web sites about Rabbis that Perished in the Holocaust:

Dr. Pnina Mysels wrote about Rabbis that perished in the Holocaust ("רבנים שנספו בשואה"). The bibliography for that site

More data about the Holocaust victims can be found in the Yad VaShem Data Base.

Here I'd like to update, fix and add more data and photos from many other sources.

- אדמו"רים שנספו בשואה, מנשה אונגר, הוצאת מוסד הרב קוק

- ,מורי האומה, חלק ג הרב ישראל שורין

- המאור וזכרון בספר ח"ב, Hebrew Books

- Zachor Michalalah Website

- תולדות אנשי שם, ח"א, מיוחד לתולדות האדמו"רים והרבנים המפורסמים שנסמכו מגאוני וצדיקי אירופה

- שם ושארית, הרב לוי גרוסמן

- Data can be found in the Yizkor Books.

- הרב צבי הירש מייזליש, מקדשי השם

R' Zvi Meislish 1

R' Zvi Meislish 2



Memorializing the Lives and Torah Wisdom of the Perished Gedolim

We are moving on to the next step of the project

Some of those rabbis wrote lots of Torah – and all that is left are some pages in some old unknown book. As an important part of the memorial project I'd like gather as much data as possible about the rabbis – and find what is left of their Torah, have their writing catalogued and accessible to the public's eyes.

Having their Torah accessible – would enable us to learn their Torah, and keep their spiritual life live within us. That would be the best format of memorial we can have.

So - if you have in your tree Rabbis that Perished in the Holocaust, or if you hold data about their Torah writings - Please add their profile and the data to the project.

El Moley Rachamim Holocaust Prayer