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People Connected to The Isle of Man

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  • John A. Trussell, Col. (c.1605 - 1659)
    Marriage WFT Est. 1618-1648 Arrived in Virginia in 1622 on the ship "Southhampton", as the servant of Thomas Paulett. Capt. Paulett appeared in the first assembly at Jamestown, Va. in 1619. John was ...
  • Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalston Cuming, DSO, OBE (1852 - 1940)
    Admiral Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming Born on 10 September 1852. Baptised on 16 October 1852 at St. George, Douglas, Isle of Man. Married Henrietta Florence Gibson-Craig, daughter of Sir James...
  • Matilda / Maude of Isle of Man {doubtful} (c.1228 - 1295)
    No documentation for the existence of this person has been found that is older than 1811. Manx historian J. Johnson says the ancient records of the Isle of Man were carried away to Trondheim by "Maud...
  • Walter Anthony Gilbey
    Walter Anthony Gilbey (born 26 February 1935) is a British politician and entrepreneur, who is a former Member of the House of Keys on the Isle of Man. ) Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - Smar...
  • Bob Seger
    Robert Clark "Bob" Seger (born May 6, 1945) is an American rock singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. As a locally successful Detroit-area artist, he performed and recorded as Bob Seger and the L...

People Connected to the Isle of Man

Historic County of England

Image right - Map of the Isle of Man

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Isle of Man - Main Page
Isle of Man - Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries and Graveyards

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How to use this Page

  1. Please link any GENI Profiles with links to the Isle of man to this project.
  2. You can ALSO add the earliest heads of families to the list of Isle of Man Families on Geni below (don't forget to link their profiles to the project as well). These would usually be male! Please restrict people added to the list to the earliest head of family!

Note People with links to the Isle of Man can be linked to the project but not necessarily added to the list below.

People connected to the isle of Man can be placed in the following groups.

Families with their roots in the Isle of Man.

Please add the earliest head of the family to the list of Isle of Man Families on Geni below and link their profiles to the project. These should be male! Adding anyone with a birthplace in the Isle of Man to the project would cause the project to be a little cluttered, so please restrict this to the earliest head of family!

Historical and Political people

- accommodated by the project Historic Isle of Man which covers the History of Guernsey and historical/political people. Some of these are also listed in the Famous people category.

Famous or Notable People

Those people of note with connections to the county are listed below. Some of these connections are a little tenuous - counties like to lay claim to people of renown! Please visit Isle of Man - Famous People and add them to the listing there.


People from the Isle of Man who went to the "New world" and were early progenitors in those countries. Where the earliest ancestor is known please add them to the list of "Manx families on Geni" below if that was their roots, or to the appropriate county project.

Where the earliest known ancestor is the emigrant add them to the list below. In some cases if there is a project that covers them in detail please link the project - there is no point in duplicating the list.

Names with Bold links are to Geni profiles. Non-bold links take you to other biographical web pages.

How to add a link is explained in the attached document - Adding links to Geni profiles in projects.

Isle of Man Genealogical Resources

Manx Families

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How to add a link is explained in the attached document - Adding links to Geni profiles in projects.
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