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Powerful Women in a Men's World

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  • Jane C. Croly, aka Jennie June (1829 - 1901)
    "a British-born American author and journalist, better known by her pseudonym, Jennie June. She was a pioneer author and editor of women's columns in leading newspapers and magazines in New York. She f...
    Maria da Conceição Tavares (1930 - 2024)
    290631 Maria da Conceição de Almeida Tavares São Lourenço Anadia Fausto Rodrigues Tavares Maria Augusto de Almeida Caiado Estudante 16 Espanha Solteiro Maria da Conceição de Almeida Tavares (Ana...
    Luiza Grimaldi (1541 - 1626)
    Luisa Grimaldi or Luisa Grimaldi or (Luiza Grinalda) - 1st Lady proprietor of Espírito Santo ("Donatary") - 3rd in the timeline The first woman to govern in Brazil. Ethnicity: caucasian - white ...
  • Abigail Pierrepont McKown
    Abigail Pierrepont McKown (Johnson) Abigail Pierrepont 'Abby' Johnson is an American businesswoman, who became the Chairwoman & CEO of Fidelity Investments in 2014. Fidelity was founded b...
  • Helen Frances Davis (1922 - 2003)
    WWII WASP, Helen Payne Davis was originally interred in 2003 at Arlington in the gravesite noted above. When her husband George Junius Davis died in 2012, her remains were moved to 54, 1776.* Reference...

I keep coming across semi-invisible (by which, I suppose I mean to HIStory ;-)) women, who quite obviously wield power or change their society behind the scenes of (& often by manipulating) the males whose stories are told, and I can't find a good project to attach them to - in order to give them a trace on Geni.

There are lots of projects for great women, who do impressive things (especially era-specific projects) - but none that encompass women who affect the course of their society irrespective of whether they are laudable -

eg -by divorcing one king and offering yourself to whoever beats him, causing a battle that wipes out most of the Irish nobility at Clontarf: Gormflaith

- or by quietly manipulating the politics of the colonial government who appoint you as a puppet regent, in the interests of your tribe: Nonesi Great House Wife, Twice regent of the abaThembu

- or by killing off your powerful son-in-law to change the balance of power in favour of a new son-in-law: Pepin, the Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia: Anseflede

I'm sure people can think of lots of others, or come across them in the course of researching for Geni, so I'm provisionally calling this project: 'Powerful Women in a Men's World', and asking for people to attach them & their stories here as we find them - whatever era or area they are in.

Work-in-progress - please jump in. We're having an interesting Discussion here about exactly what niche this is trying to fill.