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Francis Edward Prins, (born O' Brien) SV/PROG MP (c.1770 - bef.1837)

"Frans Edwart", "or Eduard with born surname O' Brien"

Person: Old Ancestor Frans Edward O’ Brien – apparently changed his surname from O’Brien to Prins, (we don’t really know why!) - when he arrived in c. 1796, (not verified), from North West Ireland, (su...

8/25/2014 8/4/2017

Jean Bastarache MP (c.1658 - 1733)

11/20/2011 7/24/2017

Jean François Couchot MP (1794 - 1878)

Jean and Anne Couchot with thier children Immigrated to the United States in 1840 from the Meuse Region of France on the Ship "Apollo" With families Ayet, Humbert, and Mougeville. Arrived in New Orle...

12/9/2016 4/14/2017

Nicolas Couchot MP (c.1610 - bef.1666)

12/17/2016 4/13/2017

Pieter Willem van Heerden, SV/PROG 1 MP (c.1685 - 1763)


See also See and -------------------------------------------- Pieter Willem van Heerden was die stamvader van die van Heerdens. Hy land omstreeks 1701 in die skip "Popkensburg" Was 'n landbouer...

6/30/2007 4/8/2017

Willem Schalk Schalkz van der Merwe, SV/PROG MP (1640 - 1716)


Bronne /Sources Navorsing gedoen deur Emerentia J v Rensburg - Navorser aanbeveel deur NAAIRS. Judi Marais-Meyer register Emerentia v Rensburg Register. Hester Maria Christina register. Jun...

6/27/2007 4/8/2017

John Pearce MP (1889 - c.1952)

4/25/2016 10/12/2016

Douwe Gerbens, later known as Douwe Gerbrandt Steyn, MP (c.1631 - 1700)

"Douwe Gerbens", "Douwe", "Douwen", "Douw", "Gerbens", "Gerbrants", "Gerbrantz", "Gerbrandse", "Gerrebrandtze", "Gerbrant", "Gerbrandze", "Gerbrantsze", "Gerb:", "Stein", "Stijn", "Steijn"

Douwe is the legal ancestor of many of the Steyns in South Africa. His adopted son Jacobus is the definite biological ancestor. The assumption made in authoritative genealogical publications is that Do...

2/6/2007 10/12/2016

Michael George Doubell, SV/PROG MP (1799 - 1871)

"George Double"

Obituary in The Grahamstown Journal on Monday 25th September, 1871. Thanks to Sue Mackay for her transcriptions done in the archives in England. A WATERLOO VETERAN Mr. M.G. DOUBELL of Eland’s Poort, ...

8/31/2009 10/12/2016

Gunnar Torgeirsson Barstad MP (c.1593 - 1653)

Gunnar var gårdbruker på Brekke 1614-53, med en liten avbrytelse i 1624-30, da han var gårdbruker på Ose, mens gårdbrukeren på Ose var på Brekke. Det finnes ingen dokumentasjon på at han skulle være ...

9/19/2008 9/13/2016

Erik Jonsson Vereide MP (deceased)

"Erich Johnson"

Erik Jonsson gift med arvingen i Øystein-ætta. Hans opphav er ukjent. Eventuell kobling mot Bratt-ætta er ren spekulativ. Y-DNA En etterkommer er testet R1b. Flere mannslinjeetterkommere søkes te...

1/15/2008 9/11/2016

Ships Carrying Huguenots to South Africa Ships Passenger List for Huguenot Ship Oosterlandt to South Africa 1688 Oosterland - 3rd ship to leave Netherlands, 160 feet long, could carry 275 passeners...

8/26/2007 1/20/2016

Jacobus de Wet, SV/PROG MP (1673 - 1710)

"Stamvader in Suid Afrika"

Citizen Stellenbosch. James was a prominent member of the society and the Church Farm Road, south of Shimla (also known as Roodezandkerk in the Land of Waveren) farming. The farm is irrigated by a stre...

8/19/2007 1/20/2016

Barend Blom, SV/PROG MP (bef.1684 - c.1720)

"Pietersz = Seun van Pieter"

Barend Pieterse Blom, stamvader, woon in 1707 op die plaas "Groendal" in die Wagenmakersvallei (nou Wellington). a1 Barend Pieterse Blom v. Wegenau. In 1707 woon hy op die plaas “Groendal” in die W...

9/15/2007 1/20/2016

Johannes Barnard, SV/PROG MP (1685 - 1727)

BERNARD JOHANNES. - Cologne. Arr. 1708 as so., b. 1710. ~ 2.3.1710 Sara Pietersz Strand of Amsterdam. 3 children. + 1728. (V.C. 56; Inv. O.C. 4: 105; G.R. nr. 19.) - Dr. J. Hoge, Personalia of the Ge...

2/26/2010 1/20/2016

Casper Hendrik Heinrich Badenhorst, SV/PROG MP (1668 - 1741)

"Casper Heinrich Badenhorst"

Geni message from Kobus Badenhorst about the Badenhorst Stamvader sent on 16 August 2010: Intussen wil ek net noem dat ek die boek "Geslagregister van die Badenhorst-familie in Suid-Afrika" deur Ds. ...

5/22/2008 1/20/2016

Marthinus Ackerman, SV/PROG MP (1688 - 1718)

yDNA = R-M259

3/13/2009 1/20/2016

Anthony Ochotny MP (1871 - 1948)


Anthony Ochotny (1873-1948) immigrated to the United States in 1904. He and his wife, Tekla Baralkewicz and their daughters Salomea , Anastasia and Sophia sailed on the S.S. Bremen , departing on July ...

2/20/2014 12/23/2015

François Morel MP (c.1523 - c.1593)

Notes Plus ancien ancêtre paternel direct de Mario Morel , haplogroupe du chromosome Y « R1b-M269 ». P.S.: Tous descendants males de François possède le même haplogroupe.

5/10/2008 12/23/2015

Antonino Moreci MP (c.1786 - 1856)

"Antonino Scafidi", "Antonino Scafidi Moreci"

Updated from Ancestry Genealogy via daughter Rosa Scafidi Moreci by SmartCopy : Aug 25 2015, 6:01:33 UTC Updated from Ancestry Genealogy via son Antonino Scafidi Moreci by SmartCopy : Aug 29 2015, 5:...

2/20/2015 10/30/2015

Thomas Gleeson MP (1790 - 1839)

11/24/2013 10/12/2015

Francis Leroy Montgomery MP (1845 - 1906)


First evidence of Francis is as a 2 year old child in the 1850 census, Washington County, VA with a single mother and 3 siblings. His father is unknown. His mother remarried in 1852 and moved the famil...

8/23/2014 9/24/2015

Jonathan Howton MP (aft.1760 - 1826)

"The Howton family of Fayette Co. has been the greatest genealogical mystery of my life for the past 18+ years. Every posssible person who could have been the progenitor of our line from Jonathan Howto...

10/31/2008 3/14/2015

Robert Guthrie MP (c.1635 - 1692)

"Gutterig", "Guttridge", "Gutridge", "Guthridge", "Goodridge", "Goodrich"

Robert Guthrie Died: on Block Island, December 3, 1692; buried in the graveyard on Block Island.* Married: 1 wife, Margaret Ireland, born 1633; died on Block Island April 5, 1687; buried there,...

6/7/2009 2/11/2015

Henry Whitney MP (c.1615 - bef.1673)

Please use this About section for basic information. Long documents should be linked or added as a source. Early Life The statement that he was born in 1620 at Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, son of T...

4/13/2008 10/21/2014

Stephen Miller MP (1750 - 1824)

YDNA R-M269 Several unsourced trees list his wife as Katherine Katy Haverbout. However, this is not supported by a marriage record. There is also confusion between two Stephens born in Cumberland Co....

4/13/2010 6/2/2014

Andrew Harrison, I MP (1648 - 1718)

"Andrew Harrison Sr."

About Andrew Harrison Notes : first marriage 1669-04-22 to Elizabeth Palmer, child John -- other children from this page -- notes from same source: Ancestry fairly well documented in Cripplegat...

6/22/2008 5/9/2014

Laurentius Svenonis MP (c.1507 - 1579)

"Lars Svensson"

Laurentius Svenonis, född 1507 i Barkesta, Harmånger sn (X), död 1579 i Säbrå sn (Y). Kyrkoherde i Säbrå sn (Y). Kyrkoherde i Säbrå från 1543 Enligt tveksamma uppgifter i 'Boken om Säbrå' sattes Lars i...

4/1/2007 11/25/2013

Frederick Treat Gleason MP (c.1872 - 1934)

"Fred Gleason"

Obituary from the Nevada Mining Journal , Monday, March 12, 1934, page six: "Frederick Treat Gleason, who died in a Tonopah hospital from injuries sustained in an automobile accident, typified the id...

9/10/2011 5/12/2013

Dr. John Durand MP (1664 - 1726)

John (Jean) Durand (1664-1726). He was a surgeon. He was born into a Huguenot family near La Rochelle, France. Like other Huguenots, he fled the country after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1...

2/17/2008 4/12/2013

Jørgen Pedersen Holst MP (1624 - 1679)

• Bopel: Gårdbruker (Farmer at): Haraldset, Nes, Buskerud. • Yrke (occupation): Lensmann ("Sheriff" representing the law for his area), Trelasthandler (lumber dealer), Gårdbruker.

9/10/2008 2/8/2013

Henry (or John) Addington was Henry Addington, JUNIOR was listed in the Table of Non-Jurors Petitioners in Calvert County Maryland 1780 to 1781. in 1780 at Calvert County, Maryland. Henry Addington was...

1/28/2013 1/28/2013

John Dowell MP (1764 - aft.1851)

DAR Ancestor #: A034053 Private. Service source: R3509V; PENSION OF BROTHER, GEORGE DOWELL *S32222 Notes Family Tree DNA - Dowell DNA Surname Project John Dowell born 1764 in Albermarle VA pred...

3/3/2010 1/21/2013

Josselyn Goodwin, of London MP (1405 - aft.1488)

1. JOSSELYN GOODWIN, d. after 1488; m. _________ CHITTOCK. and resided in London, England. Children, surnamed GOODWIN: 2. i. ROBERT, b. "Northfolke," England; m. JOHANNE _________.   ii. MAUD, ...

12/30/2008 1/11/2013

Robert Goodwin, of London MP (c.1435 - c.1488)

2I. ROBERT (JOSSELYN 1) b. Earsham, Norfolk m. Johanne ______ will 6 Oct.-3 Mar. 1488/9, London Robert was a draper in London. Issue- I. Thomas Salle- II. Philippe- III. Robert- IV. John-...

12/30/2008 1/11/2013

3IX. RALPH (JOSSELYN 1, ROBERT 2) m. JULIAN ______ d. Apr. 1518 North Berlyngham Note: Conflicting birth dates. The DNA patriarchs page has "b abt 1469" - however he's listed as 9th (or 10th) child i...

12/30/2008 1/11/2013

4I. WILLIAM (JOSSELYN 1, ROBERT 2, RALPH 3) William succeeded to the Berlyngham property. Issue- 5I. RICHARD- d. 29 June 1576 Berlyngham Ref: Daniel Goodwin of Ancient Kittery, Maine & Hi...

12/30/2008 1/11/2013

Daniel Goodwin, of Yoxford MP (1600 - aft.1625)

7II. DANIEL (JOSSELYN 1, ROBERT 2, RALPH 3, WILLIAM 4, RICHARD 5, JOHN 6) b.c. 1590 m.c. 1615 DOROTHY (2) BARKER (m.2. Edward Yeardly) will 16 Feb. 1625 Upon his father's death Daniel was under the...

7/5/2008 1/11/2013

John Goodwin, of East Bergholt MP (bef.1555 - 1600)

6II. JOHN (JOSSELYN 1, ROBERT 2, RALPH 3, WILLIAM 4, RICHARD 5) bpt. 30 Nov. 1555 Burlingham m. ELIZABETH (3) WOODGATE (d.c.1597) will 10 May-16 June 1600 John was a clothier in East Bergholt, Suff...

12/30/2008 1/11/2013

Sgt. Daniel Goodwin, of Kittery MP (1620 - bef.1713)

"Daniel Goodin"

1. DANIEL1 GOODWIN, died before 1713, married first 1654, MARGARET SPENCER, daughter of Thomas and Patience (Chadbourne) Spencer of Berwick, Maine; married second Mrs. SARAH (SANDERS) TURBET, widow of ...

12/17/2007 1/11/2013

Thomas Fine, Sr. MP (1725 - 1775)

DNA Y results: R1b1a2 There is a shared mutation in 3 descendants of Thomas Fine. They all descend from Thomas' son, Vinett. Thomas Fine was born about 1727 in New Jersey. Parents: Possibly Joh...

1/27/2009 11/26/2012

Med Vatne Bygdebok I som kilde går det fram at Jacob Ellingsen er født ca 1619, men så er det lagt til at Jacob og kona Marte Haldvorsdtr har fått ca 10 år for høg alder. Han skulle altså være født run...

4/25/2011 10/31/2012

Barend Daniel Marais MP (1864 - 1964)

b2c4d1e4 ...f12g1h3 Generated SAG v5 p 445 stops f11 Listed 3rd child on his father's DN 1911 Predicted Haplogroup: R1b1a2 Shorthand: R-M269 DYS393 - 13 DYS390 - 24 DYS19 - 15 DYS391 - 1...

9/21/2007 10/10/2012

William H. Gleason / Gleeson MP (c.1848 - 1936)

"William H. Gleeson"

William H. Gleason (born c. 1848) was a Canadian-born American blacksmith from Laingsburg, Michigan. Gleason was born in Canada. His parents were James Dagg Gleeson and Margaret Gleeson (Dobie). He m...

9/10/2011 3/10/2012

Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia MP (1868 - 1918)

"Nikolai II", "Николай II Романов", "HIM Tsar Nicholas II of Russia", "Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer", "The Bloody", "The Martyr", "Romanov-Holstein-Gottorp", "Nicholas II", "Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias", "märter", "verine tsaar", "pühak.", "märter verine tsaar..."

Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann the Younger #1902 Wikipedia : Dansk , English , Español , Français , Italiano , Polski , Русский , 中文

5/4/2007 3/10/2012

Jon Johannesson Sundal MP (c.1575 - d.)

DNA-slektsgransking Jon høyrde truleg til haplogruppe R1b1a2 . Direkte etterkommarar i rein mannslinje (far-son) kan teste seg på mellom anna Family Tree DNA for å stadfeste dette.

7/14/2009 2/2/2012

Peder Pedersen Holst MP (1595 - 1662)

Peder Pedersen Holst var Kongelig Sagfoged, i Eiker, Buskerud. Han skal ha kommet som embedsmann til Norge fra Danmark. Født 1595, død 1662 i Eiker, Buskerud, Norge, navn på kone ikke kjent. Slektsna...

9/10/2008 7/27/2011

Sjur Torsson Ringstad MP (c.1570 - 1627)

"Sjur Torsen"

Sjur Torsson (Sigurd, Sivert?) er nemnd som første brukar på "Jogarden", Ringstad gnr 52-1 1603-1620. Kilde: Stranda - bygdebok III, bind A,side 412. DNA-slektsgransking Sjur hørte trolig til hap...

11/18/2008 7/14/2011

Krispinus Olson Gjølanger MP (c.1688 - 1769)

"Chrispinus Olsen"

Familietradisjonen er at Rasmus Gjølanger nedstammer fra første protestantiske presten på Jølster, Krispinus Johannessen Sandnes Herr Crispinus (som var femte, ikke første, prest på Jølster) var født...

8/13/2007 6/14/2011

Judge Henry Freeman MP (1669 - 1763)

Henry Freeman Birth 8 JUL 1669 in Elizabeth, NJ, USA Death 10 OCT 1763 (94) in Woodbridge, NJ, USA 1695 Age: 25 Marriage to Anne Elizabeth Baignoux Bowne (1673-1763) Woodbridge, NJ, USA Spouse: Eliza...

2/11/2008 5/28/2011

Nils Jørgensen MP (1771 - 1802)

Nils Jørgensen Ibestad , Tjenestemann. Allerede da han i 1790 som 19-åring ble konfirmert, var han bosatt på Skog på Sør-Rolla. Elleve år senere var Niels tjenestemann hos bonde Hans Jensen Trane og ...

11/22/2008 5/28/2011