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Rowley Register - 1643 Massachusetts Bay Colony

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  • Captain David Hazeltine (1644 - 1717)
  • John Lull (1663 - 1743)
  • Peter Jenkins (1640 - 1703)
    Evidence needed to support as child of Henry Jenkins, of Lyminge Jenkins married Sarah ?Children # Matthew Jenkins+ d. 10 Nov 1755# Joseph Jenkins# Thomas Jenkins# Sarah Jenkins ===BiographyJenkins was...
  • John Kelly of Newbury (c.1615 - 1644)
    John Kelly, of Newbury* Birth: Abt 1610 of Exeter, Devonshire, England* Death: 28 Dec 1644 in Newbury, Essex Co, MA===family===Parents unknown.Name of wife unknown.Children* 1. Sarah, b. 12 Feb 1640/41...
  • David Wheeler, of Newbury (bef.1625 - aft.1669)
    WHEELER, DAVID, Newbury, son of John, born 1625, at Salisbury, Wiltshire County, came in the Confidence of London, departed Southampton on 24 April 1638, probably betrusted to some friend (John Ludwell...

A project that tries to facilitate a better appreciation of the various blood lines of Rowley immigrants

icn_favorite.gif The settlement, called originally "New Plantation" was begun in the spring of 1639. "13 March, 1638-9, Mr. Ezechiel Rogers, Mr. John Phillips, & their company had granted them 8 miles every way into the country, where it may not trench upon other plantations already settled."

➽ We've gone through and checked off each name that relates to the 1643 map (above) ↑↑↑

icn_check.gif < means cross-referenced..... or ✖ < if the profile is not found on Geni or is obscured by contradictions, etc.
Discussions of such difficulties are covered in documents.
There are 73 (+/-) names in the list below. This suggests a population of 146 adults, if each had a distinct partner. Of course this is a crude way of estimation...

Please add any additional profiles of your own descendants but, we request that such NOT be added to the list below. It's reserved for husbands and wives of the lot holders of 1643. Don't hesitate to add documents, discussions, photographs, and links.




To cross-reference the settlers of Rowley with Geni Profiles.
Women, spouses & widows are included as much as possible.

Method for finding a Rowley settler of 1643

  1. Pick out a surname you want. Use the alphabetized list that follows in the column below, if needs be.
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  6. One advantage of the alphabetized list is that maiden names of wives are cross-referenced.
  7. If you want to see who your direct ancestors are in this list, use the History Link App. It will detail and total your direct ancestors for you. Search on < "Rowley" >
  8. The check-marked list below is by street name. This aids in locating the lots held (mostly) in men's names.


Survey of Rowley register On the "tenth of the eleventh Anno Domini 1643

Thomas Nelson, Edward Carlton, Humphrey Reynon & Deacon Francis Parratt, Esq. icn_check.gif made a survey of the town and a register of the several house lots of from 1 1/2 to 6 acres then laid out to the settlers. They were as follows:

On Bradford Street {named for Bradford, West Yorkshire}, Thomas Ellethorpeicn_check.gif, John Dresser icn_check.gif, Hugh Chaplinicn_check.gif, Peter Coopericn_check.gif, Thomas Sumnericn_check.gif, John Burbankicn_check.gif, Thomas Palmericn_check.gif, William Wilde icn_check.gif, William Jackson, Hugh Smithicn_check.gif, Michael Hopkinsonicn_check.gif, John Boyntonicn_check.gif, William Boyntonicn_check.gif, Thomas Dickinsonicn_check.gif, Joseph Jewetticn_check.gif, Maxemilian Jewetticn_check.gif, Jane Grant icn_check.gif, John Spoffordicn_check.gif, George Kilborneicn_check.gif & Margaret Stanton ✖ whose lot contained only one acre.

On Wethersfield street, John Remington icn_check.gif, James Barker icn_check.gif , William Stickney icn_check.gif, William Scales icn_check.gif, Matthew Boyes icn_check.gif , Jane {& John} Brocklebank icn_check.gif , Thomas Mighill icn_check.gif, Margery Shoveicn_check.gif, Humphrey Reynor, & Ezekiel Rogers icn_check.gif who had six acres. { Humphrey Reyner Deacon Francis Parratt, Esq. }

On Holmes street John Miller, John Jarrat icn_check.gif, Francis Parroticn_check.gif, Edward Carletonicn_check.gif, Henry Sandysicn_check.gif, Thomas Leavericn_check.gif, John Trumble icn_check.gif , John Haseltineicn_check.gif, Thomas Tenneyicn_check.gif, Robert Haseltineicn_check.gif, Richard Swan icn_check.gif , Thomas Lilforth icn_check.gif, Richard Thorlay {or Thurlow} icn_check.gif , Frances Lamberticn_check.gif, Robert Hunter ✖, William Acy William Acie, Jr., Thomas Millericn_check.gif, William Harrisicn_check.gif, John Harrisicn_check.gif, Thomas Harrisicn_check.gif, John Newmarchicn_check.gif , William Bellinghamicn_check.gif, Thomas Nelsonicn_check.gif, Thomas Barkericn_check.gif, Sebastian Briggam {or Brigham}icn_check.gif, George Abboticn_check.gif, Edmund Bridgesicn_check.gif, Constance Crosbyicn_check.gif& Richard Wicomicn_check.gif.

Sixteen other lots were soon afterwards laid out to the following persons, viz.: John Smithicn_check.gif (son of Hugh icn_check.gif ), Mark Primeicn_check.gif, William Tenneyicn_check.gif, Nicholas Jackson icn_check.gif, Richard Leightonicn_check.gif, John Pearsonicn_check.gif, Edward Sawyericn_check.gif, James Baileyicn_check.gif, Richard Holmesicn_check.gif, Thomas Burkley ✖ , John Tillisonicn_check.gif, Samuel Bellinghamicn_check.gif, Thomas Sawyericn_check.gif, Daniel Harrisicn_check.gif , William Lawicn_check.gif & John Hill ✖ who 'remained but a short time' .



Mortality was high in the early years of Rowley, consequently many individuals married multiple times. This settlement was also known in its early day as The Rogers leader Rev. Ezekial Rogers was the head, He had originally been solicited to take this group to assist with the settlement of New Haven Plantation by his acquaintance in faith, the Rev. John Davenport

Numerous individuals who emigrated to Rowley early on do not show up on the register as they were under-age and not property holders. Leonard Harriman (age 16 at the time) is a good example.

A check mark icn_check.gif indicates completion/inclusion in the alphabetized list.
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Suggestion for those new to researching Rowley ancestors

If you are directly related to one couple, you are undoubtably closely related to many others. In the SURNAME list below, test a few other relationship paths by running your relationship to them, you may be able to find numerous surprises.

Many individuals listed here are buried in the Rowley Burial Ground


List Alphabetized by surname

Spouses are included on this list too, sometimes multiple times. Some individuals remarried more than twice (Street name in italics as an aid to find them on the map)

ABBOTT, George... husband of Mary HILL; a son married a SWAN Holmes St.
AUTER, Joan.. wife of John HAZELTINE
BAILEY, James.. husband of Lydia EMERY; other lots
BARKER, James.. husband of Grace & Mary {how about Elizabeth KILBOURNE?}; Wethersfield street
BARKER, Jane.. wife of Francis LAMBERT
BARKER, Elizabeth.. wife of George KILBOURNE;
Bradford St.
BARKER,Thomas.. brother of James BARKER, husband of Mary (MNU) who was also married Rev Ezekial ROGERS;
Holmes St.
BELLINGHAM, Samuel... husband of Lucy (MNU);
other lots
BELLINGHAM, William.. (no wife known); his brother was the 8th Gov. of Massachusetts; his sister was hanged as a witch
Holmes St.
BOOTH, Jane.. wife of Richard THURLOW / THORLEY;
BOYCE / BOYES , Mathew.. husband of Mary GLEADSTON & widow of William BOYNTON (Elizabeth Jackson);
Wethersfield St.
BOYNTON, John.. husband of PELL, Elizabeth - the two Boyntons are brothers;
Bradford St.
BOYNTON, William.. husband of JACKSON, Elizabeth ;
Bradford St.
BRADLEY, Mary.. wife of Thomas LEAVER
BRIDGES, Edmund.. husband of (possibly three women);
Holmes St.
BRIGHAM, Constance (see CROSBY) Capt. Sebastian Brigham is Constance Crosby (Brigham)'s first cousin.
BRIGHAM, Sebastian.. Capt. of Rowley forces;
Holmes St. did not remain in the Americas - returned to England
BROCKLEBANK, Jane.. & husband John who died in 1666;
Wethersfield St.
BURBANK, John.. husband of Jemima Jane (unknown maiden name) & JORDAN, Ann;
Bradford St.
BURKBY, Thomas.. aka Burkley/Burpee; husband of Sarah KELLEY;
other lots
CARLETON, Edward.. husband of Ellen NEWTON;
Holmes St.
CHAPLIN, Hugh.. husband of Elizabeth Jackson (unknown maiden name);
Bradford St.
CHENEY, Mary.. 1st wife of William LAW
COLEMAN, Dorcas.. wife of John TILLOTSON (did not stay & died young)
COOPER, Peter.. husband of Emma (unknown maiden name);
Bradford St.
CROSBY, Constance.. widow; her maiden name is BRIGHAM; husband died prior to the recording of this map;
Holmes St.
DAWSON, Elizabeth.. wife of WIlliam STICKNEY
DICKINSON, Thomas.. husband of Jennet WHIPPLE;
Bradford St.
DRESSER, John and wife Mary ROWLEY,
Bradford St.
EMERY, Lydia.. wife of James BAILEY & Daniel WICOM
ELITHORPE, Thomas and wife Abigail, whose maiden name is unknown, who also married SUMNER,
Bradford St. (Other Elithorpe / GOULDs settled in the New Haven plantation, such as Katharine Miles )
ELLSWORTH, Mary... wife of Hugh SMITH;
GOULD, Martha... wife of John NEWMARCH
GRANT, Jane.. widow (held property in her own namr) on Bradford St. aka Jane Grant (Haburne); Thomas, her husband, died as the list was being made
HARRIS, Daniel.. husband of Mary WELD (they left Rowley in 1651;
other lots
HARRIS, John..
{three brothers on the Newbury Road}
HARRIS, Thomas.. husband (in Rowley) of LAKE
HARRIS, William.. husband (in Rowley) of BLIGH?
HARTOPP, Joan.. 1st wife of Ezekial ROGERS; she died in childbirth along with her child
HAZELTINE, John.. husband of Joan AUTER; brother of Robert II;
Holmes St.
HAZELTINE, Robert II.. husband of Ann LANGLEY ;
Holmes St.; neighbor SWAN was a close relative.

 • '''HILL'', John.. did not remain long in town, unknown relationships ✖ 

HILL, Mary... wife of George ABBOTT; she & her husband seemed to have died as a consequence of starvation;
HOLMES, Richard.. husband of Alice NORTHEND; other lots
HOPKINSON, Michael... husband of Ann (unknown maiden name) who later married (2) TRUMBLE & (3) SWAN; Bradford St.
JACKSON, Elizabeth.. wife of William BOYNTON & Mathey BOYCE / BOYES
JACKSON, Nicholas.. two wives Sarah RILEY & Mary (MNU) widow of CHAPLIN; other lots
JARRATT, John.. husband of (?) ; Holmes St.
JEWETT, Joseph..
JEWETT, Maxemillian.. husband of Elizabeth PELL; Bradford St. & lived next door to his brother Joseph
JORDAN, Ann.. wife of BURBANK
KELLEY, Sarah.. wife of Thomas BURKBY aka Burkley
KILBOURNE, George.. husband of Elizabeth BARKER; Bradford St.
LAMBERT, Francis.. husband of Jane BARKER; Holmes St.
LANGLEY, Ann.. wife of Robert HAZELTINE, II
LAW, William.. husband of 1) Mary CHENEY & 2) Faith maiden name uncertain; other lots
LEAVER, Thomas.. husband of Mary BRADLEY; Holmes St.
LEIGHTON, Richard.. husband of Mary (MNU), a daughter married a SPOFFORD; other lots
LILFORTH, Thomas.. (not known is he had a spouse); (? moved to Haverhill); Holmes St.
MIGHILL, Ann.. 1st wife of Thomas TENNEY
MIGHILL, Thomas.. husband of Ann PARRAT; Wetherfield St.
MILLER, Thomas.. husband of Isabel (MNU); Holmes St.
NELSON, Thomas,Jr... husband of Dorothy STAPLETON; Holmes St.
NEWMARCH, John.. husband of Martha GOULD; both were born in New England; house on road to Newbury (at right)
NEWTON, Ellen.. wife of Edward CARLETON; Holmes St.
NORTHEND, Alice.. wife of Richard HOLMES; other lots
NORTHEND, Elizabeth.. wife of Deacon Francis Parratt, Esq. (the two Northends are sisters)
PALMER, Thomas.. husband of Wheeler, Ann; Bradford St.
PARRAT / PARROTT, Francis.. btother of Ann; husband of Elizabeth NORTHEND; Holmes St.
PARRAT, Ann.. wife of Deacon Thomas Mighill & Thomas TENNEY
PEARSON, John.. husband of Dorcas PICKARD; other lots
PEASLEY, Mary.. wife of Edward SAWYER
PICKARD or PICARD, Dorcas.. wife of John PEARSON
PELL, Elizabeth.. wife of John BOYNTON; wife of Maximillian JEWETT
PRESCOTT, Mary.. wife of Thomas SAW(Y)ER; family moved on; other lots
PRIME, Mark.. husband of Ann (MNU); other lots

 • '''REMINGTON''', John.. husband of Elizabeth; '' Wethersfield street'' 

RILEY, Sarah.. wife of Nicolas JACKSON
ROGERS, Rev. Ezekial.. three wives including Joan HARTOPP, Elizabeth WILSON, Mary widow of Thomas BARKER; (no descendants) Wethersfield street
ROWLEY, Mary wife of DRESSER, Bradford St.
SANDYS, Henry.. his sister Margery was the widow of Edward SHOVE; He owned The Welcome; Holmes St
SAW(Y)ER, Edward.. husband of Mary PEASLEY; other lots
SAW(Y)ER, Thomas.. husband of Mary PRESCOTT; did not remain; went to Lancaster; other lots
SCALES, John.. husband of E.or S. JARRETT of Holmes St.;
SCALES, William.. wife of Ann (MNU); Wethersfield St.
SHOVE, Margery.. widow of Rev. Edward Shove; she was also known by her maiden name SANDYS; Wethersfield St; her brother owned the ship "Welcome" on which she and her family had sailed
SMITH, Hugh.. husband of Mary ELSWORTH and father of John SMITH; Bradford Street
SMITH, John.. son of Hugh SMITH & husband of (it is said but not confirmed) Faith Parrat ✖ other lots
SPOFFORD, John.. husband of Elizabeth SPOONER; Bradford St.
SPOONER, Elizabeth.. wife of SPOFFORD, John
STAPLETON, Dorothy.. 2nd wife of Thomas NELSON, Jr.
STICKNEY, William.. husband of Elizabeth DAWSON; Wethersfield street
SUMNER, Thomas and wife Abigail, widow of ELITHORPE , Braford St.
SWAN, Richard .. husband of Ann (MNU), widow of HOPKINSON; Holmes St.
TILLOTSON, John.. husband of Dorcas COLEMAN; other lots
TENNEY, Thomas.. husband of Ann MNU & Elizabeth PARRATT (NORTHEND) a widow; Holmes St.
TENNEY, William.. brother of Thomas and husband of Katherine (MNU); other lots
THURLOW/THORLEY, Richard.. husband of Jane BOOTH; Holmes St.
TRUMBLE, John.. widowed in Rowley (CHANDLER) who then married the widow Ann (MNU) HOPKINSON; Holmes St.
WELD, Mary.. wife of Daniel HARRIS
WICOM, Richard.. who married Ann (MNU); Holmes St.
WILD, William.. Bradford St.
WILSON, Elizabeth.. wife of Rev. Ezekial ROGERS; died in childbirth along with child
WHEELER, Ann.. wife of PALMER
WHIPPLE, Jennet.. wife of Thomas DICKINSON


Project Relationships detailed through Documents

direct links provided

  1. Colonial American Ministers Ezekial Rogers
  2. Famous Ancestors/Relatives of these Immigrants 1) Reverend John Rogers (1507-1554) 2) Edward I, King of England 3) Ann Bellingham, witch 4) Richard Bellingham, 8th Gov. of Massachusetts
  3. Famous/Notable/Notorious Descendants of these Immigrants

1) US House of Rep. Arnold Plumer
2) W. Atlee Burpee is Elizabeth Parratt (Northend)'s 6th great grandson
3) Luther Burbank "The Wizard of Horticulture" is John Caleb Burbank III's fourth great grandson
4) John Caleb Burbank III is Dwight Foster, Judge & U.S. Senator's third great grandfather & his brother
5) Theodore Foster, U.S. Senator, also of Massachusetts

Useful Documents

  1. History of Essex County, Massachusetts: With Biographical ..., Volume 2, Part 1; edited by Duane Hamilton Hurd
  2. Records of Rowley, Mass, Volume 1
  3. New England Families