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Sir Johannes Andreas ''John'' Truter, Sr. MP (1763 - 1845)

"Sir John Andreas"

Sir John Andries Truter: More correctly Johannes Andeas Truter, was the first Chief Justice of the Cape Colony. Born in 1763, he studied law at Lyden university and, taking his doctorate in 1787, retur...

7/29/2007 6/25/2013

Willem Frederik Krugel, a2b4c2d1 MP (c.1767 - c.1837)

Inventaris mitsgaders taxatie van alle zodanige goederen als abintestato metter dood zijn ontruijmd ende nagelaten door Petronella Prinsloo ten voordeele van haare overgeblevene man den landbouwer Andr...

11/3/2012 6/25/2013

Willem Hiddingh, SV/PROG MP (1780 - 1839)

Willem * Hoogeveen, Nederland, Advokaat, regter v, die Raad v. Justisie x 29/12/1805 Anna Margaretha van der Poel

2/14/2010 6/25/2013

General Lord Charles Henry Somerset (2 December 1767 – 18 February 1831) was a British soldier, politician and colonial administrator. He was governor of the Cape Colony, South Africa, from 1814 to 182...

6/4/2009 6/24/2013

Sir Andries Stockenstrom MP (1792 - 1864)

The eldest son of Anders Stockenström (1757-1811), he received an elementary education in Cape Town and in 1808 took up an appointment as clerk in his father’s office at Graaff-Reinet. On route he me...

9/24/2008 6/24/2013

Theunis Christiaan de Klerk was one of the Slagtersnek rebels. He, along with 5 others, was charged with Armed rebellion and High Treason. He was married to Johanna Prinslo. They had 5 daughters and hi...

10/8/2007 6/24/2013

Abraham Carel Bothma, b5c3d10e8 MP (1787 - 1816)

"b5", "c3", "d10", "e8"

x huwelikshof, Kaapstad 17.02.1805 9 March 1816 Slagtersnek. Condemned to death and Hanged.

1/14/2013 6/24/2013

SAG volume 1, 1986 Stephanus x Kaapstad 19/02/1797, Anna C Venter 9 March 1816 Slagters nek Condemed to death and hanged.

1/14/2013 6/24/2013

Cornelis Jacobus Faber, b2 MP (1773 - 1816)

Hendrik Prinsloo, Stephanus Botma, Abraham Botma, Cornelis Faber en Theunis de Klerk is ter dood veroordeel en gehang vir hulle aandeel in die slagtersnek rebellie 1815. Baptism NGK Tulbagh Corne...

1/26/2011 6/24/2013

Jacob Glen Cuyler, SV/PROG MP (1773 - 1854)

Jacob Glen Cuyler, c. 1806 bevelvoerder van Fort Frederick te Algoabaai, later kolonel en c. 1815 landdros v Uitenhage en Kommandant vd Grens. Eienaar van "Cuyler Manor", distrik Uitenhage vanaf c. 181...

2/19/2012 6/24/2013