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“Captain Michael Pierce and the Fake Genealogy of Frederick Clifton Pierce”

March 2017

People: Joan “Jane” Pierce, William Pierce, of Mulberry Island, William Pearce, of Gloucestershire and 9 others.

William Gifford's origins -

Gifford: I have noticed that, with the spread of the Intern... Read more on!

People: 1st wife of William Gifford, Hester Gifford, Patience Russell and 7 others.

Spurious Chastain Genealogy - from The Pierre Chastain Family Association

Who are Pierre's parents? Submitted by Tim Chastain of

People: Jeanne Laurent, Étienne Chastain, Dr Pierre Chastain and 1 other.

Spurious Pedigree -- Table 818: Constantine the Great to Charlemagne

The British Chronicles, Volume 2 By David Hughes. Page 615

People: Venantius, Melleta Tarrutenia, Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus and 17 others.

John Goodman of the Mayflower | Goodman History and Genealogy | Goodman History and Genealogy

John Goodman of the Mayflower John Goodman, presumed to be the same John Goodman who was later on the Mayflower, and ...

People: Jan Codmoer, John Goodman, "Mayflower" Passenger and Sarah Codmoer

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"Edward Whitman" in RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: A Few Relatives of Robert L. and Mary J. (Mahoney) Hegerich

Source: Mary Elizabeth Bedwell, A Genealogical History of the Whitman, Bedwell, and Related Families (Commonwealth P...

People: Edward Whitman, of Bletchingley, Alice Gould, Henry Whitman and 2 others.

A spurious descent from King James IV

Breaks at Bridget Fleming; Malcolm Fleming had no daughter named Bridget according to the Scots Peerage.

People: William Thompson, of Scarborough, Richard Thompson, of Kilham, Richard Thompson, Esq., of Kilham and 3 others.

Reviewed Work: Feudal England. by J. H. Round

Review Reviewed Work: Feudal England. by J. H. Round Review by: Charles M. Andrews Political Science Quarterly Vol. 1...

Ancestry Believe It or Not: Genealogy Scams, Fakes & Forgers

Introduction: Mary Harrell-Sesniak is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background. In this g...

Five Steps to Verifying Online Genealogy Sources

verifying online genealogy sources

Lydia Carelton

The Carelton Family

People: Thomas Carleton, Esq. and Elizabeth Carlton

The fraudulent Coligny-Rapalje descent. John Blythe Dobson (2006)

John Blythe Dobson, "The fraudulent Coligny-Rapalje descent," Annals of Genealogical Research Vol. 2, No. 1 (2006) at...

People: Antony Jansen van Salee and Joris Jansen Rapalje

Horatio Gates Somerby Genealogy & Ancestry Articles | GenealogyBank Blog

Find articles about Horatio Gates Somerby genealogy and family history. Read Horatio Gates Somerby ancestry articles ...

The New England Ball Project - 6 Brothers Myth

Most Ball families in North America have heard that they were related to President George Washington. Highly likely t...

The Curious Pedigree of Lt. Thomas Minor

The Curious Pedigree of Lt. Thomas Minor From New England Historical and Genealogical Register of July 1984, pages 1...


Supplemental Information to "Windows Into Our Past A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith & Associated Families, Vol. 1, Â...

People: Mildred Moore, David Witt, Mary Bullington and 23 others.

Fleur-de-lis Designs - Excuse Me, But There's No Such Thing As A Family Crest

Family Crest or Coat of Arms -- History and description of heraldry

It's In The Book: Published Family Histories


Family Chronicle - Fraudulent Genealogies

A genealogical magazine for people researching family trees, family history, their heritage and genealogy roots. htt...

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