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  • Charlemagne, Emperor of the West: Direct Family Line

    This project is to create a template to defer to for Charlemagne and his very immediate descendants. I'm still working on the grandchildren section. You're invited (begged!) to come & help, & add sources that you like to use; & engage in discussion whenever you think it needs to be updated with new research. Sharon Sources for Reference: (Please Add) Charlemagne's marriages & heirs ...

  • Descendants of Charlemagne

    Descendants of Charlemagne, divided per generation Generation 1 Charlemagne Generation 2 children of Charlemagne Adaltrude (774-) Adelaide (c773-774) Alpaida (794-) Amaudru (c770-) Bertha (779-823) Charles the Younger (c772-811) Drogo of Metz (801-855) Gisela (781-808) Hildegarde (783-783) Hiltrude (787-) Hugh (802-844) Lothair (778-c779...