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  • Descendants of Charlemagne

    Descendants of Charlemagne, divided per generation Generation 1 Charlemagne (742-814) Generation 2 Children of Charlemagne Adeltrude (774-852) Adelaide (c773-774) Alpaida (794-) Amaudru (c770-) Bertha (779-823) Charles the Younger (c772-811) Drogo of Metz (801-855) Gisela (781-808) Hildegarde (783-783) Hiltrude (787-) Hugh (802-844) Loth...

  • Notable Descendants of Robert Backus, I

    Robert Backus, I (c. 1460-1503) Notable Descendants William Backus "The Immigrant" - 2nd Great-Grandson ( a founder of Norwich, Connecticut, USA ) Captain Elijah Backus - 6th Great-Grandson (a Patriot of the American Revolution for Connecticut. DAR Ancestor # A004349 . See "The Backus Ironworks" information on profile notes.) [ Rev. Isaac Backus ] - 6th Great-Grandson ]

  • Descendants of Mathurin Guyon

    Mathurin Guyon, c. 1530 - 1578 About I was going to make this group for Jean Guyon, but decided that he had way too many siblings so I changed it to Mathurin Guyon, his grandfather. Jean Guyon was one of the original settlers in New France. Many people with French-Canadian and Acadian heritage can trace their lineage back to Jean or one of his siblings. Famous relatives Justin Bieber ...

  • Descendants of Eight

    Project Objective The objective of this project is to find all of the living descendants of 8 Pierce boys from Canandaigua, NY in the mid-1800s: William Eugene Pierce Robert Melvin Pierce Daniel Webster Pierce Thomas Benton Pierce William Henry Pierce James Hamilton Pierce George Washington Pierce Henry Leighton Pierce Project Goals The first goal is to try and track...