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  • Neovia - Nyen - Nevanlinna - Ниенша́нц

    The Swedish fortress and town on the shore of River Neva (1611-1703) Neovia - Nyenskans - Nyen - Nevanlinna - Ниенша́нц Neovia , as the entire Swedish Ingria , was a short-lived project of less than a hundred years during the time of Sweden's "stormaktstid", the period as a powerful European nation. There were at least hundreds, possibly up to some 2,500 people living in Neovia. Most of t...

  • Talvik, Alta, Norway.

    This project contains genealogical information about people born in Alta area and Talvik area, Finnmark, Norway. Genealogy / Slektsforskning, wikipedia Norwegian immigrants to United States. Goldminers in Alaska. Shipwrecks along the Norwegian coast. Genealogyproject on Geni . Northernlights route, pictures and history, Tromsø University Northernlights observatory on Haldde - Alta - N...