Genealogy Projects tagged with merging on the Geni Family Tree

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  • Mega Merge

    Purpose==Project to determine which profiles have been involved in a large number of merges. Please include profiles that have 100+ managers or more by adding them to the project. ==Possible Uses==* Performance benchmark tests* Researching collaborative genealogy trends* Possible profiles that need profile locking or curator following.* Draw attention to's goal of one person p...

  • Working sensibly - The ABC of merges, merging and linking profiles

    This project replaces the need to send out countless private messages to those users whom create duplicate profiles on a regular basis. Although it is written with predominantly the South African part of the big tree in mind, it would also be relevant for older profiles (before Anno 1600).The cornerstone of GENI is the single tree of Everyone. Individuals that would like to create their own tre...

  • User Tutorial - Merge Guide

    Merge Guide Step by Step guidelines for merging duplicate profiles The purpose of this project is to help users become better mergers by explaining how to safely and correctly merge duplicate profiles on Geni. With a greater awareness of Tree and Data Conflicts we can improve the quality of the tree. == See also How do I merge duplicate profiles? on Geni help.