Genealogy Projects tagged with cleanup on the Geni Family Tree

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  • "About" Cleanup

    This project relates to cleaning up copy-paste dumps from external websites on historical profiles. We will be developing guidelines for how to do this in the near future, in the meantime please add profiles with copy-paste issues to this project. Am excellent template for how to write up an "About" narrative is provided by Erica Howton here: Erica's Master Profile Cheat Sheet, notes in...

  • Mega Merge

    Purpose Project to determine which profiles have been involved in a large number of merges. Please include profiles that have 100+ managers or more by adding them to the project. Possible Uses Performance benchmark tests Researching collaborative genealogy trends Possible profiles that need profile locking or curator following. Draw attention to's goal of one per...

  • Driftwood, profiles without Parents,Spouses and/or Children

    Looking for volunteers who look for relations/duplicates of these profiles to connect with existing trees. Curators can find more driftwood here

  • Provenance and Images

    To investigate and cleanup images which may or may not actually depict the purported subject. © © 1909 : Jan Pieter VETH ‧ 1864-1925 ‧ kunst-schilder ‧ & ‧ © year : Tom HAARTSEN ‧ w:Ouderkerk a/d Amstel -NLD ‧ fotograaf ‧ || ‧ Coll.ABN‧AMRO ‧ Hist.Archief A'dam ‧ eigendom onbekend ‧ provenance onbekend ‧ & ‧ © portret : Erven Nalatenschap: Benjamin Willem BLIJDENSTEIN ‧ 1839-1914 ‧ & ‧ © be...

  • Biblical Driftwood

    This "project" is a place to save links to biblical profiles that are presently NOT attached to the main tree, until they are resolved. i.e. just ignore it.

  • Curator Help: Kill Zombies on these profiles

    Add a profile to this project if you need a curator to run the "Hunt Zombies" tool on it. We'll remove the profile once we've run the tool. The "Hunt zombies" tool is good if you find some profile in the tree that is alive when it should be dead (a great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, for instance); you usually can't get the link to the profile itself, but if you can find a nearby publi...