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Ada Jennie Jones (Archer) MP (1865 - 1946)

Addie Lee Garner Smith (Archer) MP (1867 - d.)

Alice Dummer (Archer) MP (c.1603 - c.1661)

Alice was the daugther of Christopher & Alice Archer. She married Stephen Dummer in England. To this union, 9 children were born: Jane Dorothy Richard Thomas Stephen Nathaniel Sarah A...

Amanda Jean Thompson (Archer) MP (1861 - 1936)

Amanda was cousin to Freeman Cooper Thompson's first wife Mary.

Anne Archer MP (1670 - 1745)

Anne Archer (Townsend) MP (c.1529 - 1607)

[no title] DR 37/2/Box 88/25 n.d. 1552x1562] Administrative history: Edmund - - - to Humphrey Archer: Met one of my lady's servants en route from Salop. Her will is that Archer 'and my maystres yor...

Anne Archer MP

Anne Archer (born August 24, 1947) is an American actress. She has appeared in films such as Paradise Alley, Short Cuts, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Man of the House and Fatal Attraction...

Benjamin Vincent Archer, Sr. MP (1767 - 1820)

Source: Dolly Mae CD, Abaco, 2007 Edition. Benjamin Archer was probably from South Carolina. He was at Marsh Harbour in 1804. Source: "Homeward Bound" by Sandra Riley, p 195. Note: As far as anyone can...

Carlotta Archer MP (1865 - 1946)

Obituary posted on Find A Grave: Miss Carlotta Archer, pioneer Mayes county citizen, passed away at 2: 15 p.m., August 27, 1946. She would have reached her eighty-first year October 10. She was the...

Charlotte Archer (Newman), SM/PROG MP (1797 - 1865)

Wednesday 11 November 1840 MARRIAGES (By Special Licence) In St.George’s Church on Monday 9th November by the Rev Geo. Hough MA: (By Banns) Mr. John ARCHER, widower, to Mrs. Charlotte STO...

Clarissa Ann Archer (Peeler) MP (1845 - 1914)

Clarissa was an ardent missionary worker. At her death, her church raised a church building fund in her name and her portrait was placed in the hall of fame in a training school building situated in Lo...

Colin Archer MP (1832 - 1921)

Colin Archer , Skipskonstruktør og verftseier. Foreldre: Forretningsmann William Archer (1786–1869) og Julia Walker (1791–1880). Gift 1868 med Karen Sophie Wiborg (11.7.1838–24.11.1908), datter av sk...

Cynthia Ann Archer MP (1831 - 1916)

Edwin Archer MP (1817 - 1893)

Elizabeth Archer (Harris) MP (1658 - 1729)

Elizabeth Harris Birth: 1658 - of Morelands, Henrico County, Virginia Death: before 1729 - of Bristol Parish, Henrico County, Virginia Husband: George Archer Jr. Children of George Archer, ...

Elizabeth Archer (Wells) MP (1760 - 1790)

Elizabeth Archer (Pinder) MP (c.1776 - c.1860)

Elizabeth Archer (Royall) MP (1706 - 1785)

Elizabeth White (Archer) MP (1650 - 1700)

Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Renick (Archer) MP (c.1736 - d.)

She was captured by Shawnee Indians when her husband was murdered. From Chalkey: 1757 - July 25th, Robert Renick, at Forks of James River, killed; Thomas Moor, at Forks of James River, killed; Mrs Re...

Elizabeth Anne Musgrave (Archer) MP (deceased)

From the book "Baronetage of England, pub. 1806" Sir PHILIP, who married Jane, daughter of John Turton, of Orgreave, in the county of Stafford, Esq., and had by her had issue ; 1, Jane; 2, Elizabeth ...

Ernest Edward Archer MP (c.1876 - 1917)

Name: Mr Ernest Edward Archer Born: 1876 Age: 36 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 59 Portswood Road Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Able Seaman Last Ship: Oce...

George Archer MP (deceased)

George Archer, lll MP (1681 - 1738)

George Archer III married Mary Kennon and had two sons, George IV and Peter. With the land left him from his father, he continued tobacco farming. Having lived and farmed his entire life in Henrico C...

George Archer, II MP (1654 - 1729)

George Archer II was born in 1654. When he was twenty-two, he inherited his father’s plantations. He married Elizabeth Harris in 1688 when he was 34. They had seven kids, George III, William, Blanche, ...

George Archer, V MP (c.1748 - 1818)

George Archer V was the son of George Archer IV and Rachel. He was born in Henrico or Chesterfield County, VA between 1739 and 1757 and died between November 25, 1818 and January 25, 1819 in Lincoln Co...

George Archer, I, Immigrant MP (1631 - 1675)

In 1636, George Archer, son of John Archer and Mary Langdon, came to Virginia as an indentured servant. His voyage was funded by Justinian Cooper, an investor who transported servants for land. When th...

George Archer, lV MP (c.1703 - c.1757)

George Archer IV took a different path in life than his father and grandfather. He sought the life of adventure through foreign conquest. In 1739 the British embarked on a war to remove some of the Spa...

Gertrude Friend MP (c.1665 - 1738)

Birth: unknown Pennsylvania, USA Death: 1738 Family links: Parents: Nils Larsson Friend (1620 - 1686) Annika Andersdotter Friend (1638 - 1724) Siblings: Jonas Friend** Gertrude Friend Archer...

Harriet M. Joy (Archer) MP (1831 - 1850)

Sir Henry Archer of Essex MP (deceased)

I. Sir FRANCIS, 1st bart., was M.P. for co. Surrey, in the 1st parliament of king Charles I., m., 1st, Sarah, da. of sir Amias Paulet, governor of Guernsey and Jersey; 2dly, Mary, da. of sir Henry Arch...

James Mitchell Archer MP (1837 - 1926)

Capt. James Archer MP (c.1747 - c.1830)

Birth: 1747, USA Death: 1830 Monroe County Ohio, USA He was a son of Patrick Archer of Ireland. He married Sophia McClelland and Jane Lincicome. This is a memorial marker in the East Union Cemete...

Lt. James W. Archer, Medal of Honor MP (1828 - 1908)

Citation Voluntarily took command of another regiment, with the consent of one or more of his seniors, who were present, rallied the command and led it in the assault. for the U.S. Department o...

Jane Archer (nn) MP (c.1758 - c.1819)

Jane Archer (Linicome) MP (1760 - 1821)

John Archer (Johansson) MP (c.1649 - 1740)

Born as Arian Johansson, he reversed his name early in life to become Johan Arian, which evolved through Orian, Orchard and Archard to Archer. In May 1685, he purchased with his step-father Mårten Mårt...

John Archer MP (c.1644 - 1695)

John Archer of Umberslade MP (deceased)

Major John Archer, US Congress MP (1741 - 1810)

) John Archer (May 5, 1741 – September 28, 1810) was a U.S. Congressman from Maryland, representing the sixth district for three terms from 1801–1807. His son, Stevenson Archer and grandson Stevenson...

Jonas Archer [Convict "Atlantic" 1791] MP (1760 - d.)

Jonas ARCHER was born c1760 Jonas was convicted and sentenced to transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 20/8/1791 on "Atlantic" Jonas married Mary KEARNS c1794 and they had the following chil...

Joseph Archer MP (1781 - 1855)

Loveday Jones (Archer) MP (1697 - 1717)

Madeline "Middy" Chastain (Archer) MP (c.1710 - 1790)

Proof of Pierre Jr's wife was never found but possibly married Mildred "Middy" Archer in Virginia. She was born in Virginia according to records of Nora Young Ferguson [now deceased]. Mrs. Ferguson a;s...

Margaret Anne Archer (Cookus) MP (1822 - 1892)

Maria Ellen Archer MP (c.1701 - 1778)

Maria Archer, born c. 1701, married [1] c. 1722 John Morton, son of Mårten Mårtensson, Sr., and [2] c. 1733, John Sketchley (English). She lived in Ammansland until her death in 1778. Her only child wa...

Martha Field Haskins (Archer) MP (deceased)

Martha Carroll (Archer) MP (1814 - 1890)

Mary Archer (unknown) MP (c.1719 - 1765)

Many pedigrees list the wife of Patrick Archer, ~1717 to ~1793, as a Miss Weaver. As far as I can tell, however, the only basis for this statement is a mistaken interpretation of an early document whic...

Mary Goodman (Archer) MP (1610 - 1643)

Mary Archer Born 1614 in South Hill, Bedfordshire, , England Died about 1642 in South Hill, Bedfordshire, , England Daughter of Edward Archer and Jane Plather Wife of William Goodman — marrie...

Mary Elizabeth Farley (Archer) MP (c.1674 - 1761)

Mary Sarah Elizabeth Archer (Wood) MP (c.1631 - 1695)

Mary (Kearns) Archer - Chalker - Storer [Convict "Sugar Cane" 1793] MP (1767 - 1826)

Mary KEARNS was born c1768 Mary was convicted of theft and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 17/9/1793 on "Sugar Cane" Mary married Jonas ARCHER c1794 and they had ...

Mary E. Thompson (Archer) MP (1849 - 1879)

Mary Frances Archer (Vann) MP (1825 - 1921)

Mary Elizabeth Lipe (Archer) MP (1847 - 1914)

Mary Archer MP (deceased)

Sir FRANCIS, the eldest son, was knighted in his father's life-time; was afterwards created a baronet, by letters patent, July 26, 1620; and in the first year of the reign of King Charles I. served in ...

Mary Archer (Eppes) MP (1664 - 1698)

Mary B (Kennon) Archer MP (1679 - 1727)

Maude Grace Miller (Archer) MP (1886 - 1952)

Michael Archer MP (c.1759 - 1787)

Mildred Sutherland (Archer) MP (deceased)


Nancy Enochs (Archer) MP (1780 - 1844)

Neil Archer MP (1818 - 1862)

Audrey Archer MP

Sandersville, GA, USA

Aunt Audrey's 100th Birthday Celebration Time Thursday, January 19, 2012 · 7:30am - 10:30am Location Floyd Street, Sandersville, GA For Rawlings Family of Georgia More Info Come one, come al...

Gen. Patrick Archer MP (1720 - 1793)

Peter Field Archer MP (1709 - 1785)

Peter Kingsley Archer, Baron Archer of Sandwell, PC MP (1926 - 2012)

Peter Kingsley Archer, Baron Archer of Sandwell, PC From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Personal details Born Peter Kingsley Archer (1926-11-20)20 November 1926 Wednesbury, Staffordshire, Eng...

Sampson Archer MP (c.1700 - 1791)

DAR Ancestor #: A003003

Sarah Amherst (Archer), Countess Amherst of Arracan MP (1762 - 1838)

some sources say she got married on 20 May 1778 =================================================== Links: ================================================ Citations: 1. [S6] G.E. Cokayne...

Sarah Archer (Wells) MP (1784 - 1833)

Sarah Blair (Archer) MP (c.1682 - 1710)

Sophie Barnes (Archer) MP (1837 - 1910)

Thomas Archer MP (1668 - 1743)

Thomas Archer was an English Baroque architect. He was born at Umberslade Hall in Tanworth-in-Arden in Warwickshire. He attended Trinity College, Oxford. He went on a Grand Tour and was influenced by t...

Col. Thomas Archer, MP MP (1619 - 1685)

Family and Education bap. 14 Jan. 1619, 2nd but 1st surv. s. of Sir Simon Archer of Umberslade by Anne, da. of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth Castle, Staffs. m. by 1650, Anne (d. June 1685), da. of Richa...

Violet Louise Archer MP (1913 - 2000)

Violet Louise Archer CM (April 24, 1913 – February 21, 2000) was a Canadian composer, teacher, pianist, organist, and percussionist. Born Violet Balestreri in Montreal, Quebec, in 1913, her family ch...

Archer MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

ARCHER MP (1885 - d.)

Archer MP (1858 - 1879)

Archer MP (deceased)

Klemmensen MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

Archer MP (deceased)

"Attie" Archer MP (b. - 1982)

"Dr" Isaac Holmes Archer MP (1887 - d.)

A Dentist, served in World War I, lived in Washington while serving the government.

"Girl" Archer MP (deceased)

"Stump" Archer MP (deceased)

(private) Archer (Brons) MP (deceased)

,private> Archer (Leisinger) MP (deceased)

- Archér MP (deceased)

- Archer (Coppin) MP (deceased)

--- Deatrick (Archer) MP (deceased)

. Archer MP (deceased)

. Archer MP (deceased)

<baby> Archer MP (deceased)