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Adeltrude Henegouwen, van (de Hainaut) MP (670 - d.)

Amalberge de Hainaut MP (b. - c.605)

Béatrix de Hainaut MP (deceased)

Beatrix of Hainault Born: 992 in Hainault, France, Died: AFT 1035 Father: Regnier IV Count of Hainault b: ABT 950 in Hainault, Belgium Mother: Hedwig (Edith) Princess of France b: ABT 965 in ...

Florence Laurence de Montmorency (de Hainault) MP (1150 - 1181)

Florence de Hainaut

Guillaume de Valenciennes, Lord of Montfort MP (c.960 - c.1003)

From Medlands: [GUILLAUME [de Hainaut], son of --- . Orderic Vitalis names "Guillelmi Hanoensis" as father of "Amalrici senioris de Monte-Forti", when recording a visit by Henri I King of France to F...

Herman de Hainaut, count MP (c.1030 - 1051)

Isabelle de Hainaut, Reine de France MP (1170 - 1190)

Isabelle de Hainaut Birth: Apr. 23, 1170 Death: Mar. 15, 1190 Isabelle de Hainaut French Queen. Wife of Philipp II. Auguste. The marriage between the two was probably aranged by his advisors an...

Isabelle de Hainaut MP (1318 - 1361)

JUST A NOTE : all the accending Tree information was gathered from the Smith-Goodale-Caldwell family tree on I have attempted to copy accurately, however I may have made mistakes in transf...

Liethard der Betuwe (de Hainaut) MP (925 - c.958)

Madelgaire de Hainaut MP (b. - 646)

Régnier IV, comte de Hainaut MP (c.947 - 1013)

Reginar, Régnier, Rainier IV, Comte de Hainaut. Born after 947, died 1013. Married Hedwig (Avoie) de France REGINAR [IV], son of REGINAR [III] Comte de Hainaut & his wife Adela [von Dach...

Richilde de Hainaut MP (c.1094 - 1118)

Régnier V de Hainaut, comte d'Egisheim MP (969 - 1039)

Wauthier de Hainaut MP (b. - 572)

Yolanda of Flanders MP (c.1175 - c.1219)

Yolande van Henegouwen - Wikipedia - Nederlands Yolande de Hainaut - Wikipedia - French Yolanda of Flanders - Wikipedia - English From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, sear...

Ada de Hainaut, dame du Roeulx (1155 - 1178)

Agnes of Hainaut (c.1140 - 1168)

Geboren tussen 1140 en 1145. Zij sterft tussen 1168 en 1173. *Agnes de Hainault born about 1141 Mons, Hainaut, Belgium died about 1168/73 father: Baudouin IV "le Batisseur" Count of Hainaul...

Agnes de Hainaut (1140 - 1168)

Albaric, comte de Hainaut (630 - 694)

Albon II de Moselle (837 - d.)

Alix de Hainaut (b. - 1292)

Baudouin de Hainaut (deceased)

Beaudouin II de Hainaut (deceased)

Beaudouin III de Hainaut (deceased)

Ermengarde de Hainaut, dame de Valenciennes (c.970 - 1009)

Eustache I 'la Vieux' de Hainaut, seigneur de Roeulx (c.1115 - 1192)

Eustache de Flanders (de Hainaut) (c.1191 - 1217)

Gerberga de Hainaut (977 - 1015)

Gertrud (Ida) de Tosny (de Hainaut) (c.1108 - d.)

Gertrude DE HAINAUT (deceased)

Gertrude (Ida) de Tosny (de Hainaut) (c.1108 - d.)

Gisèle de Hainaut (998 - 1049)

Godefroi de Hainaut (1147 - 1163)

Godefroy de Hainaut, comte d'Ostrevant (1143 - 1149)

Guillaume de Hainaut, seigneur de Château Thierry (deceased) ;

Guillaume IV de Hainaut, graaf van Holland (1307 - 1345)

* Willem IV in Wikipedia NL Willem IV (?, 1317 - Stavoren, 26 september 1345) was graaf van Holland en, als Willem II, van Henegouwen. Hij volgde zijn vader Willem III op. Veel is er niet over hem be...

Guilliame Enjoerte De Hainaut (1595 - 1635)

Henri de Hainaut, seigneur de Sebourg (1151 - c.1200)

Ida de Hainaut (van Henegouwen) (deceased)

Ida de Hainaut (1084 - 1101)

Iolanda de Hainaut (deceased)

Isabeau de Hainaut (van Henegouwen) (deceased)

Isabeau de Hainaut, (Dame) (deceased)

Isabeau de Hainaut, dame d'Aix en Pévèle (deceased)

Isabeau de Hainaut (deceased)

Ithe/Itha de Hainaut (520 - d.)

Itta de Hainaut (497 - 547)

Jacqueline Taverne (de Hainaut) (deceased)

Jean de Hainaut, seigneur de Beaumont (c.1288 - 1356)

John of Beaumont From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John of Beaumont was a younger brother of count William III of Holland. He was born as John of Hainault, lord of Noordwijk, Beaumont, Gouda ...

Jean de Hainaut-Avesnes (Avesnes) (c.1345 - d.)

Jean de Hainaut (deceased)

Jeanne Countess Of de Hainaut (Holland), Herzogin zu Jülich (1315 - 1374)

Medlands Egalement connue comme Jeanne d'Avesnes. Ses ancêtres comtes de Hainaut d'Avesnes, dont le fief était Valenciennes, avaient ajouté "de Hollan...

Laurence de Hainaut (deceased)

Tante d'Isabelle de Hainaut, reine de France (épouse de Philippe II Auguste). Mariée en 1173, morte en 1181.

Louis de Hainaut (deceased)

Mahaut de Hainaut (1032 - 1089)

Malberte de Hainaut (795 - 855)

Maria de Hainaut (927 - d.)

Maria de Hainaut (deceased)

Marie de Hainaut, dame de Rasse (deceased) ;

N.N. DE HAINAUT (DeHainaut) (deceased)

N/a de Hainaut de Meuse (865 - d.)

de Hainaut de Meuse 1 (865 - ) Elle est la fille de Gilbert, comte de Maasgau 1 et Irmengarde de Germanie, duchesse de Moselle 1. Elle nait en 865 1. Elle épouse Odacar, seigneur de Tr&#...

Philippe I de Hainaut, comte de Namur (1174 - 1212)

Philippe de Hainaut, seigneur de Sebourg (deceased)

Philippe de Hainaut (deceased)

Pépin I le Grand de Hainaut (c.480 - d.)

Rainer Reginhard II de Hainaut Hennegau (882 - 932)

Rainier ~ Raynier V de HAINAUT (deceased)

Renée de Hainaut (deceased)

Richilde de Hainaut (deceased)

Sybille de Hainaut (1179 - 1217)

van Autryve Marguerite de Pottes,noblesse de Hainaut. (deceased)

Wautier II, comte de Hainaut (635 - 779)

Wautier I, comte de Hainaut (b. - 748)

Wautier III, comte de Hainaut (670 - 797)

Yolande de Hainaut (van Henegouwen) (1145 - c.1201)

Yolande van Egmont (de Hainaut) (1145 - 1201)