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House of Roeulx Lords of Roeulx, Morlanwelz and Écaussinnes

Ada de Hainaut, dame du Roeulx MP (1155 - c.1181)

II. Eustache le Vieil, lord of Ræulx, adviser of Baudouin IV, count of Hainaut, built the castle of Ræulx and the tower of Morlanwez, married Marie, daughter of Jean, lord of Havrech, peer of the castl...

Adela MP (929 - 961)

- 1. REGINAR [III] ([920]-973). .. ... ..... m ADELA , daughter of --- (-961). The Annales Hanoniæ record the death in 961 of "Adela comitissa Montensis…uxor Ragineri comitis"[39], although as this...

Adélaïde of Burgundy MP (c.894 - c.960)

An assumptive marriage to Reginar is insupportable. Medlands Hainaut webpage states: " m ---. No reference has been found to the name or origin of the wife of Comte Reginar [II]. However, the int...

Adeltrude de Hainaut van Henegouwen MP (670 - d.)

Alberade de Mons, duchesse de Basse Lorraine MP (c.862 - 916)

and children [ edit ] Reinier married in 885 with Alberada (854 - after 919). Her origin is unknown, but her age before marriage indicates that she was a (wealthy?) Widow. From Reinier and Alberada the...

Amalberge de Hainaut MP (b. - c.605)

Ansbert Gallo de Brandebourg et Hainaut, Lord Duke of Mosel MP (c.520 - c.570)

Anthonette de Hainaut MP (1130 - 1201)

Bron : verder in het digitale boek voor Anthonette van Henegouwen geboren als dochter van de "Graaf van Henegouwen" op blz. 256. Ze is gestorven in Valencyn, Hainaut Wallonië België op 300 november 120...

Avoye de Saint Saulve, erfgename van Saint-Sauve MP (deceased)

Baldwin II, count of Hainault MP (1056 - 1101)

de Hainaut Baldwin became Count after the death of his older brother, Arnulf III, Count of Flanders. The family claim to the title Count of Flanders was lost by his brother's death, passing instead to ...

Béatrix de Hainaut MP (deceased)

Beatrix of Hainault Born: 992 in Hainault, France, Died: AFT 1035 Father: Regnier IV Count of Hainault b: ABT 950 in Hainault, Belgium Mother: Hedwig (Edith) Princess of France b: ABT 96...

Clothilde von Thüringen MP (deceased)

House of Hainaut_Ancient

Guillaume 1er de Hainaut, Conseiller de Baudouin V, Chancelier des Flandres, le Bâtard MP (c.1156 - aft.1229)

m HEDWIGE [Heluidis/Avoye ] de Saint-Saulve, daughter of ---. The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified. 1212/19. Guillaume & his wife had seven children (whose parenta...

House of Hainaut_Ancient

Guillaume II de Hainaut, Seigneur de Wierge et de Chäteau-Thiéri-sur-Meuse MP (b. - aft.1246)

GUILLAUME [II] de Hainaut . “Willelmus patruus marchionis Namurcensis” noted that “Philippus castellanus de Maldenghem” had pledged “mediatatem decimæ suæ...apud Suënkercke”, and recorded “uxor Philipp...

Lord Guillaume de Hainaut, Seigneur de Montfort-l'Amaury & Count de Haynault MP (c.960 - bef.1022)

From Medlands: [GUILLAUME [de Hainaut], son of --- . Orderic Vitalis names "Guillelmi Hanoensis" as father of "Amalrici senioris de Monte-Forti", when recording a visit by Henri I King of Fran...

Hedwige de France, comtesse de Mons MP (c.969 - c.1013)

HUGUES , son of HUGUES “le Grand” Duc des Francs & his third wife Hedwig of Germany ([940]-villa "Les Juifs", near Prasville, Eure-et-Loire 24 Oct 996, bur église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis). Th...

Henry, Latin Emperor of Constantinople MP (1176 - 1216)

(c. 1174–1216) was the second emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople.He was a younger son of Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut (later Baldwin VIII, count of Flanders), and Margaret I of Flanders, sist...

Herman de Hainaut, comte de Hainaut MP (c.1018 - 1049)

Ida de Hainaut (of Leuven) MP (1062 - 1139)

Baldwin II, Count of HainautFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFamilyHe married Ida of Leuven (a daughter of Count Henry II of Leuven and sister of Godfrey I of Leuven, Duke of Lower Lotharingia) in ...

Isabelle de Hainaut (Holland Henegouwen) MP (c.1310 - 1361)

JUST A NOTE : all the accending Tree information was gathered from the Smith-Goodale-Caldwell family tree on I have attempted to copy accurately, however I may have made mistakes in transf...

Isabelle de Hainaut, Reine de France MP (1170 - 1190)

Isabelle de Hainaut Birth: Apr. 23, 1170 Death: Mar. 15, 1190 Isabelle de Hainaut Queen. Wife of Philipp II. Auguste. The marriage between the two was probably aranged by his advisors and celebrated wi...

Jean II d'Avesnes, comte de Hainaut MP (c.1247 - 1304)

I van Hainaut werd later als Graaf van Holland 'Jan II' !!!* Jan II van Avesnes Jan I * Medlands * Wikipedia_EN and in French: II of Avesnes (1247 – August 22, 1304) was the oldest son of John I of Ave...

Lauretia van Henegouwen (de Hainaut) MP (c.1135 - 1181)

Florence de Hainaut--------------------Tante d'Isabelle de Hainaut, reine de France (épouse de Philippe II Auguste). Mariée en 1173, morte en 1181. www.findagrave.comLaurette De Hainaut De Montmorency ...

Liethard de Hainaut MP (c.915 - c.958)

- 3. LIETARD (-[before 944]). "Otto…imperator augustus" confirmed the donations to the convent of Nivelles by "Regenarius comes" of property "in pago Ardenna super fluvia Aisna in comitatu Waudricia ...

Madelgaire de Hainaut MP (b. - 646)

Ancient arms of Lalaing

Mahaut de Lalaing, Dame de Raches MP (deceased)

Simon I married Richesende de Landas. They have three children: Nicolas 1er who is the first to settle in the village of Lallaing, Gossuin and Mahaut (or Marie) who marries Guillaume, lord of Château-T...

Margaret II, countess of Flanders MP (1202 - 1280)

Margaret "The Black Lady" of Flanders (2 June 1202 – 10 February 1280) was countess of Flanders from 1244 to 1278 and also countess of Hainaut from 1244 to 1253, and again from 1257 until her death. le...

Marie de Hainaut

Marie de Hainaut, Dame de Râches, Lady of Spiere MP (b. - aft.1232)

Oud Maldeghem …cont Philip I was married in 1207 to Maria, daughter of Willem de Oom van Henegouwen (Bruges, Diocese, St-Donaas, charter under date July 1207. - Mme de Lalaing, p. 361, January 1230), L...

Marie de France, Duchesse de Brabant MP (c.1198 - 1224)

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Marie Capet (1198–1238) was a daughter of Philip II of France and his disputed third wife Agnes of Merania. She was a member of the House of Capet. Contents ...

Mathilde de Hainaut (de Verdun) MP (996 - 1039)

Mathilde de Boulogne MP (c.500 - 580)

Philippa of Hainault, Queen consort of England MP (1314 - 1369)

short summary from WikipediaPhilippa of HainautQueen consort of EnglandTenure 24 January 1328 – 15 August 1369Coronation 4 March 1330 Spouse Edward III of WindsorIssueEdward, Prince of Wales The Bla...

Phillipa, countess of Luxembourg MP (1252 - 1311)

Régnier IV, comte de Hainaut MP (c.947 - 1013)

Reginar, Régnier, Rainier IV, Comte de Hainaut.Born after 947, died 1013.Married Hedwig (Avoie) de France[IV], son of REGINAR [III] Comte de Hainaut & his wife Adela [von Dachsburg] (after 947-1013). T...

Reginar II, count of Hainaut MP (c.892 - aft.932)

Reginar II, Count of Hainaut @ en.Wikipedia Reginar (or Rainier) II (890–932) was Lotharingian magnate who was active from approximately 915 to 932. He was brother of Duke Gilbert of Lotharingia, who...

Régnier (Reginar) III, comte de Hainaut MP (c.924 - c.973)

Reginar III (c. 920 – 973) was Count of Hainaut from approximately 940 until his exile in 958. He was the son of Reginar II, Count of Hainaut. He took part in the rebellion of his uncle Gilbert...

Richilde de Hainaut MP (c.1095 - aft.1118)

Richilde de Hainaut Richildis de Hainaut From Medlands: RICHILDIS de Hainaut ([1095]-after 1118). The Chronicon Hanoniense names "Richeldis" as daughter of "Balduino comitis Hanoniensis" and wife of "c...

Richildis von Egisheim MP (1030 - 1086)

mentions Renier de Hânon and Adelheid von Egisheim as her parents.RichildeParents: unknownSpouses:1. Herman, Comte de Hainaut* Roger* daughter (Agnes)2. Boudewyn, Graf van Vloandern* Arnoul* Baudouin* ...

Symphoriane von der Darnau (Hainaut), of Hainaut MP (c.898 - c.949)

Daughter, possibly called SymphorienneParents: Reginar (Rainier) Longneck, Comte de Hainaut & his second wife AlberadaSpouse: Berengar, Comte de NamurLINKSson of --- ([875/85]-before 946). The origins ...

Saint Vincent Madelgarus MP (c.607 - 677)

Belgian sources sthat that Vincent Vadelgarus was born in Strépy, Belgium, sometime in the late 6th or early 7th century; died 677 in Soignies; and was a Benedictine monk who established two monasterie...

Wauthier de Hainaut MP (c.541 - 572)

Saint Wautrude de Lommois MP (c.640 - d.)

Sainte Waudru de Mons or Waldeltrude or Waldetrude 1 (in Latin Waldetrudis ), born in Cousolre in 612 , 613 , died onApril 9, 686or 688 in Mons , of which she is the patron saint , was the sister of Al...

... (deceased)

... Slavo (of Hainaut & Flanders) (deceased)

.... Angelina Komnena (deceased)

- . daughter. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not been identified. Her marriage, to the younger brother of the late Baudouin I Latin Emperor of Constantinople, was arra...

Ada De Hainaut de Roeulx (deceased)

Adelaida de Hainault (NN) (deceased)

Adélaïde Caudron (Hainaut) (deceased)

Adelaide de Hainaut (de Bourgogne) (896 - 960)

Adele HAINAUT (1893 - 1983)

GEDCOM Note ===Hainaut Adèle, Eugénie, Marie, Ghislaine Décédée le 24/08/1983 à 10h00

Adeline de Hainaut (Péladeau) (deceased)

Adonie Marie d'Hainaut (1867 - 1903)

Adriana Montenegro D'Hainaut (deceased)

Agnes de Hainaut (c.1133 - 1204)

Geboren tussen 1140 en 1145.Zij sterft tussen 1168 en 1173. *Agnes de Hainaultborn about 1141 Mons, Hainaut, Belgiumdied about 1168/73father:*Baudouin IV "le Batisseur" Count of Hainaultborn 1108 Mons,...

Agnès BUTIN (1660 - d.)

Agnès HAINAUT (1804 - 1868)

Agnès DUPUIS (1754 - 1811)

Agnes de Hainaut (deceased)

Agnès Faury (Hainaut) (1925 - 2012)

Reference: MyHeritage Genealogy - SmartCopy : Feb 18 2018, 11:00:46 UTC

Agnes of Hainaut (Aleramici), of Montferrat (c.1187 - 1208)

- ) AGNESE di Monferrato (-1208). Villehardouin records the marriage of Emperor Henri and "the Marquis de Montferrat's…daughter" at Constantinople "in the church of Santa Sophia on the Sunday after Can...

Albaric, comte de Hainaut (630 - 694)

Alberade de Hainaut (Henegouwen) (deceased)

Alberde de Coucy (de Hainaut) (930 - 1006)

Albertine Hainaut (c.1862 - c.1890)

Reference: Geneanet Genealogy - SmartCopy : Nov 18 2017, 12:25:04 UTC

Albert François Joseph Hainaut (deceased)

Albon II de Moselle (837 - d.)

Albreda de Montfort (969 - c.1022)

Aldegonda d'Hainaut Degado (deceased)

Aldegonde Hainaut (1848 - d.)

Aleidis de Hainaut (c.1095 - 1155)

Alfed Hainaut (deceased)

Alfred Joseph Hainaut (1883 - d.)

Alfred Jules Hainaut (1901 - 1967)

Alfred or Al Hainaut (deceased)

Alice De Bourgogne (900 - 960)

Alix de Hainaut (b. - 1292)

Count Amaury de Montfort de Hainaut (925 - c.973)

Amelia Hainaut (1925 - d.)

Amicie HAINAUT (1832 - aft.1875)

Ana García Carvallo (1920 - 2010)

Andrée Bauvois (1928 - 2005)

Angèle RAUX (1886 - 1970)

Angele Maria Hainaut (1881 - d.)

Anne HAINAUT (1682 - 1727)

Anne DE BRETIGNIES (deceased)

Antoine HAINAUT (1660 - d.)

Antoine Augustin Joseph HAINAUT (1726 - 1757)

Arnulf I van Henegouwen (de Hainaut) (c.1089 - c.1150)

Arthur Hainaut (1874 - d.)

Augustin Joseph HAINAUT (1778 - 1842)

Augustin Hainaut (1902 - 1970)

Augustin HAINAUT (1728 - d.)

Augustin Jacques HAINAUT (1696 - 1730)

Baldwin V (VIII), Comte de Hainaut et Flandre (deceased)

Béatrice de Metz (deceased)

Béatrix d'Ath (c.1072 - c.1150)

Béatrix de HAINAUT (c.990 - bef.1045)

Berthe de Moselle (deceased)

Bouchard de Hainaut. bishop of Metz (1251 - 1296)

He was the grandson of Bouchard IV and Margaret "the Black Lady" of Flanders, son of their son Jean I, COunt of Hainaut.See Biographical Index of the Middle Ages

Boutor (deceased)