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2nd wife of George Leslie of Balgonie MP (deceased)

When his wife, Sybil Stewart died, George Leslie of Balgonie married Alexander's mother to legitimate Alexander, (later Earl Leven) who was by then a General. Alexander Leslie was born in 1582 as a...

Agnes Leslie MP (deceased)

Lord General Sir Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven MP (1582 - 1661)

Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven (1582 – 4 April 1661) was a Scottish soldier in Dutch, Swedish and Scottish service The nursery rhyme "There was a crooked man" is allegedly about Sir Ale...

Alexander Leslie MP (1380 - d.)

Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie MP (b. - c.1644)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Alexander Leslie: Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie [1] M, #67260, d. after 1642 Last Edited=30 Apr 2011 Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie was the son of...

Alexander Leslie, 2nd Earl of Leven MP (c.1637 - 1664)

From the Historical records of the family of Leslie from 1067 to 1868-9 by Charles Joseph Leslie, Page 363-364: Alexander, second Earl of Leven, married Lady Margaret Howard, daughter of the Earl o...

Aline E Leslie MP (1510 - d.)

Andrew Leslie, 5th Earl of Rothes MP (1534 - c.1611)

Sources: Repository: Name: Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 USA Title: Ancestral File (R) Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Publication: Copyright (c)...

Sir Andrew Leslie MP (c.1291 - c.1324)

Page 18 - 23 VI. SIR ANDREW DE LESLIE, DOMINUS EJUSDEM. Sir Andrew de Leslie succeeded his father, Sir Norman de Leslie, as VI. Dominus Ejusdem before 1320. Sir Andrew de Leslie married Mary Aber...

Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes MP (1441 - 1473)

'Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes M, #28119, d. before 3 August 1473 Last Edited=10 Apr 2008 Consanguinity Index=0.8% Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes was the son of George Leslie, 1st Earl of ...

Anna Leslie MP (c.1620 - d.)

Anne Leslie (Erskine), Countess of Rothes MP (c.1595 - 1640)

marriage contract between her and John Leslie was signed on 28 December 1614

Anne Leslie Leslie (Lindsay), Duchess of Rothes MP (1631 - 1689)

Anne Leslie MP (1623 - 1696)

Barbara Ruthven (Leslie) MP (deceased)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Barbara Leslie: Lady Barbara Leslie [1] F, #193635 Last Edited=30 Apr 2011 Lady Barbara Leslie was the daughter of Alexander Leslie, 1st Earl of Leven ...

Carolina Jemima Leslie MP (deceased)

Lady Catharine Melville (Leslie), Countess of Melville MP (1638 - 1713)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Catharine Leslie: Catharine Leslie [1] F, #67259 Last Edited=30 Apr 2011 Catharine Leslie was the daughter of Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie and Lady ...

Catherine Leslie MP (1623 - 1670)

Catherine LESLIE, born Armagh, , , Scotland, daughter of James LESLIE. Born ABT 1638 Married James H. HAMILTON. Died ABT 1685. GENEALOGY: Our Calhoun Family; Page 442; Vol 3; Orval O. Calhoun...

Charles Leslie MP (1810 - d.)

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Colonel Charles Leslie, Twenty-sixth Baron of Balquhain MP (1785 - 1870)

Page 238 - 240 "Colonel Charles Leslie, "Twenty-sixth Baron of Balquhain. "Colonel Charles Leslie, K.H., fifth son of John Leslie, twenty-second Baron of Balquhain, by his wife Violet Dalzell, ...

Sir Charles Abraham Leslie, of Wardis, Fifth Baronet MP (1796 - d.)

Page 293 – 294 "SIR CHARLES ABRAHAM LESLIE OF WARDIS, "Fifth Baronet. "Sir Charles Abraham Leslie of Wardis, fifth baronet, married Anne, daughter of Adam Walker, and by her , who died 1...

Charles Edward John Leslie MP (1839 - 1886)

Charles Leslie (1839-1886) was an English landscape painter during the Victorian era, and a member of the Williams family of painters. Charles Leslie was born Charles Edward John Leslie on 27 Novembe...

Christian Bruce (Leslie) MP (1661 - 1710)

Cynthia Crossley (Leslie) MP (deceased)

David Leslie, 1st Lord Newark MP (c.1601 - 1682)

) David Leslie, Lord Newark (c. 1600 – 1682) was a cavalry officer and General in the English Civil War and Scottish Civil Wars. A son of Patrick Leslie, 1st Lord Lindores, he fought for the S...

Elizabeth Hamilton (Leslie) MP (c.1518 - d.)

Elizabeth Leslie MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Seton (Leslie) MP (c.1445 - d.)

Elizabeth Leslie of Ardoyne MP (1503 - d.)

Elizabeth Leslie MP (deceased)

Eupheme Leslie MP (1573 - 1611)

Eupheme Leslie Birth: Death: aft 1611 Father: Andrew Leslie 4th Earl of Rothes b: 1527 in Kilmany,Fifeshire Mother: Grizel Jean Hamilton b: 1531 in Finnert,Renfrewshire Marriage abt 1...

Euphemia Leslie (de Ross), Countess of Ross MP (c.1320 - c.1394)

Euphemia I, Countess of Ross From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Euphemia I (d. 1394 x 1398), also called Euphemia of Ross and Euphemia Ross, and sometimes incorrectly styled Euphemia Leslie and Eu...

Euphemia Leslie MP (1546 - 1588)

George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes MP (c.1450 - 1512)

George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes Wikipedia George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes (d.1513) was a Scottish peer. He was the son of Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes and Marjorie Sinclair, and the grandson...

George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes MP (1484 - 1558)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes (died 1558) was a Scottish nobleman and diplomat. George became Earl of Rothes after his father's death at the Battle of Flodden. Th...

George William Evelyn Leslie, 16th Earl of Rothes MP (1835 - 1859)

George Leslie, First Laird of Drummuir MP (deceased)

Page 354 “THE FAMILY OF LESLIE OF DRUMMUIR “The family of Leslie of Drummuir is descended from the Kininvie and New Leslie branches of the family of Leslie, Barons of Balquhain. &#x...

George Leslie of Balgonie MP (deceased)

George Leslie of Balgonie From He was the second son of George Leslie 1st Laird of Drummuir and his wife Margaret Stewart. The Leslie's of Drummuir were descended from Sir William Leslie 4th Baron ...

Col. George Leslie MP (deceased)

Page 355 “ II. George, who went to Germany, entered the army, and attained the rank of Colonel. He was killed at a siege, leaving a daughter, who was married in London to the Laird of Newhall."

Grizzel Leslie MP (c.1495 - d.)

1. Lady Grizel Leslie, mar. (1) Walter Heriot of Burnturk, and (2) Henry Wardlaw of Torry Sources Historical records of the family of Leslie from 1067 to 1868-69. Collected from public records an...

Lady Helen Leslie MP (1520 - 1594)

thepeerage... ; Helen Leslie : d. 28 October 1594 Helen Leslie, daughter of George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes and Margaret Crichton. She married , 2. secondly, Mark Kerr, son of Sir Andrew Kerr o...

Isabel Leslie MP (deceased)

Isobel Leslie MP (deceased)

James Leslie MP (c.1538 - d.)

James Leslie, 3rd Lord Lindores MP (deceased)

He is said to have married, first, a daughter of Ormiston of Ormiston; secondly, Mary, third daughter of Patrick, Lord Gray; and thirdly, a Yorkshire lady of the name of Clepburn, but there is no posit...

James Leslie MP (deceased)

James Leslie, Parson of Rothes MP (c.1505 - c.1576)

3. Hon James Leslie, Minister at Rothes (d. 13 Oct 1576) Sources Historical records of the family of Leslie from 1067 to 1868-69. Collected from public records and authentic private sources. by C...

James Leslie, Master Leslie of Rothes MP (1580 - 1607)

James Leslie, 2nd Lord Lindores MP (deceased)

Jane Leslie MP (deceased)

Jane Elizabeth Pym (Leslie-Melville) MP (1796 - 1848)

Jane Elizabeth Leslie, 12th Countess of Rothes MP (1750 - 1810)

(which listed her and her father with the Birth Surname of Hamilton, however her grandfather already changed it to Leslie) Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 16 2016, 11:16:17 UTC

Janet Leslie MP (b. - 1640)

Jean Bruce (Leslie) MP (deceased)

Jean Leslie MP (deceased)

Joan Leslie MP (deceased)

Probably died young.

Johanna Leslie MP (deceased)

John Leslie of Balmain MP (deceased)

John Leslie, 4th Lord Lindores MP (b. - 1706)

John Leslie, 6th Earl of Rothes MP (1600 - 1641)

John Leslie, 8th Baron of Balquhain MP (b. - 1561)

Page 26 - 32 "John Leslie, "Eighth Baron of Balquhain. "John Leslie, eldest son of William Leslie, seventh Baron of Balquhain, by his first wife, Elizabeth Ogilvie, succeeded as eighth baron, o...

John Leslie, 11th Earl of Rothes MP (1744 - 1773)

Pages 137 - 138 JOHN, Eleventh Earl of Rothes. John, only surviving son of John, tenth Earl of Rothes, by Hannah Howard his wife, born in London, 19th October 1744, succeeded as eleventh Earl of Ro...

John Leslie of Newton MP (deceased)

John Leslie of Balmain MP (b. - 1481)

John Leslie, Master of Rothes was the son of Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes and Elizabeth Sinclair. He gained the title of Master of Rothes. He lived at Balmain, Inverness-shire, Scotland. 1a. Joh...

John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes MP (1698 - 1767)

General John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes KT (1698 – 10 December 1767) was a senior British Army officer who became Commander-in-Chief, Ireland. Born the son of the 9th Earl, Leslie was commiss...

John Leslie of Parkhill & Cleist MP (c.1503 - 1585)

2. Hon John Leslie of Parkhill, aided in the murder of Cardinal Beaton 1546 (dspm. 1576), mar. betw. 22 Oct 1541 and 10 Jul 1542 Eupheme Moncreiff, 2nd dau. of Sir John Moncreiff, and had issue, 2 daug...

John Forbes of Leslie MP (deceased)

Katherine Leslie, of Rothes MP (1511 - 1558)

Date of birth has also been erroneously reported to be circa 1540. Annullment 25 SEP 1550 Katherine and Alexander's marriage was annulled. One of the grounds for the annullment was the fact that her ...

Lavinia Margaret, Marchioness of Cholmondeley MP (1921 - 2015)

Leonie Blanche Leslie (Jerome) MP (1859 - 1943)

Lucy Noël Martha, Countess of Rothes (nee Dyer-Edwards) MP (1878 - 1956)

Lucy Noël Martha Leslie, Countess of Rothes (25 December 1878 – 12 September 1956) was the wife of the 19th Earl of Rothes, whom she married on 19 April 1900. Notably assisted the Red C...

Margaret Leslie (Howard), Countess of Leven MP (b. - 1664)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Margaret Howard: Margaret Howard [1] F, #261675, d. 30 September 1664 Last Edited=14 May 2009 Margaret Howard was the daughter of Sir William Howard ...

Margaret Leslie MP (c.1310 - d.)

The name of David fitz Walter's spouse is not clear, many sources suggest that she was Margaret Leslie, daughter of Walter Leslie and Euphemia of Ross. By her he had at least five children: David...

Margaret Wemyss (Leslie), Lady MP (c.1620 - 1688)

Margaret Leslie MP (deceased)

Mariota Leslie, Countess of Ross MP (c.1363 - c.1429)

Mariota, Countess of Ross (Mairead, also called Mary and Margaret; died 1440) was the daughter of Euphemia I, Countess of Ross and her husband, the crusading war-hero Walter Leslie, Lord of Ross. Upon ...

Mary Kinloch (Leslie) MP (1655 - 1748)

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Miriam Florence Leslie (Follin) MP (1836 - 1914)

Jean Gerard Leigh MP (1923 - 2012)

Sir Norman Roderick Alexander David Leslie, 8th Baronet, CMG, CBE MP (1889 - 1937)

Sir Norman Leslie of that Ilk MP (c.1263 - c.1320)

Page 15 - 17 V. SIR NORMAN DE LESLIE, DOMINUS DE LESLIE, OR DOMINUS EJUSDEM. Norman succeeded Norino as fifth possessor of the lands of Leslie. It appears that he was the first of the family who wa...

Patrick Leslie MP (deceased)

Robert Leslie, 2nd Laird of Findrassie MP (deceased)

Robert Leslie, 1st Laird of Findrassie MP (1519 - 1588)

Rose Leslie MP

Rose Eleanor Arbuthnot-Leslie (born 9 February 1987) is a Scottish actress. Born in Aberdeen, and grew up in Lickleyhead Castle, the family's 15th century ancestral seat. Her father is the Aberdeensh...

Sarah Leslie (Hutchinson) MP (1740 - 1808)

Sarah Hutchinson, was born in 1737 in Ireland. She died in 1811 in North Carolina. She was married to Samuel Leslie,Sr. in about 1755 in Ireland. She was a midwife and a nurse. She helped deliver Andre...

Walter Leslie, Seventh Earl of Ross MP (c.1321 - 1382)

Page 65 - 75 WALTER LESLIE, Earl of Ross. Walter Leslie, who became Earl of Ross in right of his wife Eufamia, Countess of Ross, daughter and heiress of William, sixth Earl of Ross, was the fourth so...

Walter Leslie, Master of Rothes MP (1484 - 1507)

1. Hon Walter Leslie, Master of Rothes (dvp. bef. 2 Mar 1506/7) Sources Cracroft's Peerage Rothes, Earl of (S, 1457/8) Scots Peerage. James Balfour Paul.  Publication: 1904 - 1914 Vol. 7...

Sir William Leslie, 4th Baron of Balquhain MP (c.1400 - 1467)

Page 10 - 15 "Sir William Leslie, "Fourth Baron of Balquhain. "Sir William Leslie, eldest son of Sir Andrew Leslie, third Baron of Balquhain, by his wife Isabel Mortimer of Craigievar, succee...

William Leslie, 7th Baron of Balquhain MP (b. - 1545)

Page 15 - 26 "William Leslie, "Seventh Baron of Balquhain. "William Leslie, son of Patrick Leslie, sixth Baron of Balquhain, by his wife Murial Grant, succeeded his father as seventh baron, 16t...

William Leslie, 3rd Earl of Rothes MP (c.1461 - 1513)

William Leslie, 3rd Earl of Rothes, was the son of Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes, and Marjory Sinclair. He succeeded his elder brother George as Earl in 1513. As George had tried to sell the fami...

Leslie (deceased)

Leslie(Lesley) (deceased)

Leslie (1878 - 1878)

Leslie(Lesley) (deceased)

Leslie(Lesley) (1800 - d.)

Leslie(Lesley) (1804 - d.)

Leslie (deceased)

Leslie (deceased)

Leslie (1877 - 1877)