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Abigail Lyon (Mallory) MP (1701 - 1771)

Capt. Abner Mallory MP (1723 - 1804)

Alice Mallory (Driby) MP (1340 - 1412)

'Alice de Driby1,2,3,4 'F, #11012, b. circa 1340, d. 12 October 1412 Father John de Driby, Esq.2,3,4 b. c 1312, d. a 30 Nov 1357 Mother Amy de Gaveston3 b. c 6 Jan 1312, d. b 1354 ' Alice de Dr...

Alice Mallory MP (1145 - d.)

She is not to be confused with the later Alice de Driby whose third and final husband was Sir Anketil Mallory "II".

Alice Frances Mallory (Messenger) MP (1905 - 2000)

Angeline Mallory (Hildreth) MP (1806 - 1860)

In 1832 George and Angeline Howe moved with their children to Missouri and then to Illinois. In 1835 George Howe joined an armed expedition sent against the Indians in the Black Hawk War. He disappeare...

Sir Anketil Mallory, Govenor of Leicester MP (c.1142 - c.1187)

"Or, a lion rampant queue fourchee gules" is a tincture change from Montfort of Leicester (Gules, a lion rampant queue fourchee argent). The early Mallorys held their lands of the Earls of Leicester. ...

Sir Anketil Mallory, II, Lord of Kirkby Mallory MP (c.1335 - 1393)

Sir Anketil Mallory II was born in 1335 in Kirkby Mallory, Leicester, England. He married Alice De Driby [in 1378]. Anketil died on 26 Mar 1393. Alice De Driby was born in 1340 in Wakefield, Berkshire,...

Sir Anketil Mallory I, of Kirkby Mallory MP (c.1314 - 1344)

Anketil I has often been misidentified as "Kirkby Mallory", which was his landholding, not his first name. Hikaru Kitabayashi presents persuasive evidence on GenForum that there were indeed two conse...

Ann Mallory (Peck) MP (1731 - 1810)

Ann Thornton Mallory (Peyton) MP (c.1773 - c.1851)

She inherited substantial property at her father's death in 1787, but in 1793 married William Mallory, a drunk and ne'er do well (Goeden). He was undoubtedly the William who appears on the 1810 census ...

Ann Mallory (Eure) MP (c.1558 - 1627)

Anne EURE Born: ABT 1568 Father: William EURE (2° B. Eure of Witton) Mother: Margaret DYMOKE (B. Eure of Witton) Married: Ralph (John) MALLORY Children: 1. Jane MALLORY (m. Arthur Ingraham...

Anne Mallory (Wythe) MP (c.1670 - c.1720)

Anne Wythe. She was the daughter of Thomas Wythe and Ann. She married William Mallory BEF 02 MAY 1693, son of Roger Mallory. He died ABT JAN 1719/20. Children of Anne Wythe and William Mallory includ...

Anne "Mary" Ingleby (Mallory) MP (aft.1520 - bef.1588)

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Avery Mallory MP (1610 - d.)

Caleb Mallory, Rev. War veteran MP (1725 - 1816)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A073232 Service: GEORGIA Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: 12-19-1725 STRAFFORD FAIRFIELD CO CONNECTICUT Death: 3- -1816 HUNTINGTON TWP FAIRFIELD CO CONN...

Catherine Mallory (Nunwich) MP (1222 - d.)

Catherine Mallory (Batte) MP (1614 - d.)

Charity Hotchkiss (Mallory) MP (c.1650 - 1726)

Married a Hotchkiss, but not Jesse Hotchkiss b. 1738.

Christopher Mallory MP (c.1568 - 1598)

Christopher Mallory was buried in Ripon Minster July 2 1598. Came to an untimely end. According to a letter from Queen Elizabeth in the Johnson manuscripts at Campsall, he was riding on the highway whi...

Edward / Everard Mallory MP (1612 - 1655)

John and Edward may have been twins.

Eglina Bagot (Mallory) MP (c.1333 - 1361)

'Eglina Mallory1 F, #61823 Last Edited=22 May 2004 ' Eglina Mallory is the daughter of Sir Anketill Mallory.1 She married, firstly, Sir John Bagot.1 She married, secondly, Sir William de Pounfret...

Elizabeth Mallory (Barnes) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Mallory (Bourne) MP (1769 - aft.1850)

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Elizabeth Mallory (Dowell) MP (c.1764 - d.)

Her father Nehemiah Dowell gave his permission for her to marry James Mallory on 2 August 1792. James and William Mallory gave a bond for the marriage on 28 August 1792. The marriage was solemnized on ...

Elizabeth Mallory (le Brun) MP (c.1445 - 1494)

She was on her first marriage by 1461, so an earlier rather than a later birthdate is preferable. ELIZABETH BRUYN (d. March 7, 1493/4) Elizabeth Bruyn, sometimes called Anne, was born between 1444 ...

Elizabeth Mallory (Higgason) MP (c.1675 - c.1726)

Sources Detailed Timeline From the files of The Mallory Surname DNA Study , accessed April 6. 2014.

Elizabeth Booth (Mallory) MP (1691 - 1777)

Elizabeth Legard (Mallory) MP (bef.1573 - bef.1627)

Links Ancestry of Sir William Mallory (d. 1603)

Elizabeth Palmer (Mallory) MP (bef.1655 - c.1747)

Elizabeth Mallory, who was the wife of Richard Croshaw and then of Martin Palmer, is named in many accounts (including the Mallory Surname DNA Study, see below, as well as ) as the daughter of Capt. Ro...

Elizabeth Mallory (Vaughan) MP (c.1570 - 1644)

Elizabeth Mallory MP (aft.1640 - bef.1665)

12 June 1665, Roger Mallory's half-sister, Elizabeth Mallory was buried at in the chancel of the church at Northenden, England. (23) Source: (23) Cheshire Sheaf, Volume 1 By Francis Sanders, Willia...

Ellen Bernard (Mallory) MP (1398 - d.)

Fountain B. Mallory MP (c.1824 - d.)

He appears on the 1850 census of Berkeley County, West Virginia. Mother (implied) Sarah Mallory 49 Head (implied) Fauntain B Mallory 26 Wife (implied) Sarah Mallory 19 Laura Mallory 12 Thom...

Frances Mallory (unknown) MP (c.1610 - 1671)

2nd wife m.2 Frances. Issue: 2 dau.[1][5] Susanna[6] Elizabeth[7] Abstract of will of "Tho. Mallory, D.D., & Rector of Eccleston in ye Countie of Lancaster . . . Given under my hand & Seale...

Sir Geoffrey Mallore Lord of Kirkby Mallory, Walton, Botley MP (c.1154 - c.1189)

He was hitherto believed to have been the first grantee of Kirkby Mallory, but several previous potential holders have been discovered. Lord of Kirkby Mallory and Walton, & Botley

George Mallory, Curate of Mobberly MP (1608 - d.)

Grace Mallory (Neale) MP (c.1582 - d.)

Grisell Sutherland (Mallory) MP (c.1744 - 1807)

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Hannah Mallory (Cave) MP (1748 - 1817)

Hannah Mallory (Richmond) MP (1768 - 1818)

From 5th Generation pdf page 57, which is from Joshua Bailey Richmond's book: CHILDREN BY FIRST MARRIAGE +669. HANNAH6 , born Aug. 20, 1768; married Nirum Mallory

Sir Henry Mallory, of Tachebrook MP (c.1167 - bef.1222)

Lord of Kirkby Mallory and Walton, Succeeded to Tachebrook Mallory

Isabel Mallory (Hamerton) MP (1425 - c.1480)

Identity laid open to question by the fact that her husband John Mallory was NOT a son of Sir William Mallory and Dionysia (Denise) Tempest.

Isabella Mallory MP (1335 - 1358)

Iseult Mallory MP (c.1172 - 1191)

James Mallory MP (c.1760 - 1801)

James Mallory , born about 1759, son of Philip Mallory and Lucinda Pines . He apparently moved from Fauquier County, Virginia to Berkeley County, (West) Virginia. There seems to be confusion about this...

Jane Ingram (Mallory) MP (1638 - 1693)

Jane Quarles (Mallory) MP (c.1665 - 1719)

Jane Mallory was the daughter of Capt. Roger Mallory and Mary Jane Holland Holderby. She was born 1665 in King William Co, Virginia, and died date unknown in King & Queen County, Virginia. She married ...

Jane Holford (Mallory) MP (1605 - 1638)

Jane Mallory (Holland) MP (aft.1636 - c.1736)

Sources Detailed Timeline From the files of The Mallory Surname DNA Study , accessed April 6. 2014.

Jane Mallory (Unknown, 1st Wife) MP (c.1608 - 1638)

Biography Thomas Mallory married his first wife, Jane (maiden name unknown), in Northenden, Cheshire in 1626.[citation needed]) Thomas and Jane had four sons and two daughters:[2] John Mallory[...

Jane Quarles (Mallory) MP (deceased)

Jane Rudston (Mallory) MP (c.1515 - d.)

Jane Stamp (Mallory) MP (1636 - 1675)

Did not marry Thomas Stampe, that’s been disproven

Joan Mallory (Constable) MP (1458 - aft.1497)

Originally misplaced, has been correctly reassigned.

Joan Mallory MP (1458 - 1474)

Joanna Mallory (Conyers alias Norton) MP (c.1503 - 1588)

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John Mallory MP (1612 - 1655)

John and Edward may have been twins.

John Mallory MP (c.1452 - d.)

John Mallory MP (c.1309 - 1378)

Sir John Mallory, Kt. MP (1432 - bef.1462)

Per William Matthews, "The Ill-Framed Knight" (p. 124), he may have gotten killed at the battle of Towton, March 28, 1461 - the bloodiest battle in the Wars of the Roses.

John T. Mallory MP (c.1793 - bef.1880)

John T[hornton?] Mallory (c1793-1870/80). He was a farmer, and a Justice of the Peace. Many researchers give his middle name as Thomas, but there seems to be no known contemporary record. There is so...

John Mallory, Lord of Walton MP (c.1307 - 1378)

'John Mallorie M, #806 Family Child Clementia Mallorie+ From: ____________________

John Mallory MP (c.1634 - aft.1671)

John Mallory MP (1456 - d.)

Sir John Mallory, Knight MP (c.1473 - 1527)

Oldest son of William Mallory and Joan Constable. Married four times: 1. Margaret Thwaites 2. Margery Hastings (also known as Margaret and Marjorie) 3. Elizabeth Reade. 4. Anne York (who survived him b...

Sir John Mallory, MP MP (c.1555 - 1619)

b. 1555/6, 1st s. of Sir William Mallory† of Hutton Conyers Yorks. and 1st w. Ursula, da. of George Gale†, goldsmith, of York.1 educ. L. Inn 1574.2 m. by 1578, Anne (d.1627), da. of William, 2nd Bar. E...

John Asher MP

John Mallory Asher is an American actor, director, writer and cinematographer, perhaps best known for his performance as Gary, on the USA Networks' series spinoff of the movie Weird Science. Asher wa...

John H. Mallory MP (c.1793 - d.)

A John H, Mallory is reported by Rose Rentzel as a son of James Mallory and Elizabeth Dowell, but without any further details. He does not appear on any documented list of their children. Source ...

John Mallory MP (c.1759 - bef.1849)

Do not confuse him with John B. Mallory , of Alabama. He was in Fayette County, Kentucky by 1804, when he posted bond and gave his consent for the marriages of his three daughters. He was probably a ...

Sir John Mallory, Kt. MP (deceased)

Joseph Mallory MP (1664 - 1742)

Lucinda Mallory (Pynes) MP (c.1718 - 1783)

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Lady Margaret Mallory (Burley) MP (c.1387 - 1439)

Primary Sources Inquisition Post Mortem for Margaret who was the wife of Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet, Esquire. Writ. 6 February 1439. She died on 26 January last [1439]. Roger Corbet is son and n...

Margaret Palmer (Mallory) MP (deceased)

Sir William Mallory of Papworth St Agnes HAD NO DAUGHTER WHO MARRIED ANY CORBET. NONE. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. His WIFE Margaret was the WIDOW of Robert Corbet, Sheriff of Shropshire - and she was almost c...

Margery Moton (Mallory) MP (c.1379 - 1412)

Martha Katherine Mallory MP (c.1606 - c.1645)

Martha Mallory. Martha Mallory, bur. at Birstal, co. York, 9 Feb. 1654/5, m. John Batte, of Okewell, co. York, d. by Sept. 1653, a son of Robert Batte by Elizabeth Parry (see above - brother and sist...

Martha Mallory MP (1578 - d.)

Mary Mallory (Pinion) MP (1666 - 1706)

Mary Mallory (Preston) MP (c.1629 - 1690)

Mary Preston. Born ca 1629 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. She was the daughter of William Preston and Elizabeth Sale, who died when she was little. She was raised by her step-mother, Mary Seabrook Presto...

Mary Ford (Mallory) MP (b. - c.1675)

Note from Pam Wilson: I believe that Mary Mallory has been connected to the wrong Thomas Mallory as her father. According to John Bennett Boddie in Virginia Genealogies (p 117), she was the daughter ...

Mary Howe (Mallory) MP (1656 - 1752)

Mary Mallory (Taylor) MP (1810 - d.)

Do not confuse her with the Mary Osborn who married a different John Mallory on 29 August 1833 in Champaign County, Illinois. If Gary Violette is correct that she was born at Harpers Ferry, she proba...

Mary Terrell (Mallory) MP (1738 - 1780)

Mary Mallory (Osborn) MP (c.1810 - c.1839)

Do not confuse her with the Mary Taylor who married a different John Thomas Mallory on 24 June 1834 at Charleston, West Virginia. Her marriage license to John Mallory calls her Mary Osbourn. I find n...

Mary Mallory (Payne) MP (c.1776 - 1812)

Mary (or Molly ) Payne was born about 1776 in Orange County, Virginia, probably the first of Thomas and Elizabeth Paine's children to be born there.On 16 May 1797 she married Roger Mallory in Orange Co...

Mary Stodgon (Mallory) MP (c.1641 - 1706)

From Pam Wilson Dec 27, 2017: I've detached her from Rev. Thomas and Jane Mallory as parents because I haven't seen evidence that they had two daughters named Mary born the same year. There is a good...

Mary Whirley (Mallory) MP (aft.1600 - 1664)

Nirum Mallory MP (1766 - 1856)

Peter Mallory MP (aft.1610 - 1697)

THIS Peter Mallory is NOT the son of Rafe Mallory and Grace Neale. (The Peter Mallory who was the son of Rafe and Grace is accounted for elsewhere. He never left England.) He was [NOT] born at Shel...

Philip Mallory MP (1885 - 1975)

Philip Rogers Mallory (1885-1975) was an American businessman and the founder of the company that is now known as Duracell International. Rather than making a career in his family's shipping business, ...

Rev. Philip Mallory MP (bef.1618 - aft.1661)

From Roger Mallory's uncle, Rev. Philip Mallory married Catherine Batte. His wife's given name was also spelled "Katherine". In 1644, Philip Mallory was ejected from Norton in Stockton Parish, Durham...

Rafe Mallory MP (1583 - aft.1634)

Please DO NOT merge this profile! ________________ Rafe Mallory M, #83723, b. 31 March 1584, d. circa 1634 Father Peter Mallory b. c 1538 Mother Frances Astry b. c 1550 Rafe Mallory was c...

Rebecca Bunnell (Mallory) MP (1648 - 1690)

Twelve children

Sir Richard Mallory, of Kirkby Mallory MP (c.1217 - d.)

Lord of Kirkby Mallory, Botley and Walton

Rev. Richard Mallory MP (c.1591 - d.)

Robert Mallory MP (1454 - d.)

Roger Mallory MP (c.1277 - 1314)

Roger Mallory, II MP (c.1680 - 1743)

Capt. Roger Mallory MP (c.1637 - 1695)

For an extensive biography, see Roger Mallory is the ancestor of several lines of Mallory descendants in America. He is not even remotely related (in the male line) to Peter Mallory of New Haven, Con...