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Asher Margolis MP (1827 - 1887)

According to his descendant, Cassia Margolis, he was born in 1826 and known as Rav Asher of Bila. Neil Rosenstein (The Margolis Family, 1984) writes about Asher: "Asher Margolis was the head of the l...

Asher "Isser" Margolis MP (1833 - 1904)

Rabbi Asher Margolis, HaRav of Rokishok Son of Eliahu (Elijah or Eliash) Margolis. Grandson of Mordechai Margolis. Born 1833 and died 1904 in Rokishok. He was the author of "Halachot Gedollot" (Vilna...

Batya Margolis MP (1835 - 1903)

Batya (Bessie)'s sons, the Rosenberg brothers, emigrated to South Carolina.

Chaim Margaliot - Kalvarisky (Margolis) MP (1867 - 1947)

from a catalog of rare manuscripts Jonathan Fishburn 43 Ridge Hill London, NW11 8PR Email: Hayim Kalwariski-Margolis (1868-1947) was a very active proponent of Jewis...

Chava Frankel (Margolis) MP (1835 - 1915)

From her birth certificate in the Suwalki archive: Eywa (Chava) Margolis (Frankel) was born in Przerośl, 13th of October 1835 at ten o'clock in the morning. 21st of October 1835 was written bi...

Chaya Sarah Margolis (Verebaitchik) MP (1840 - 1905)

1897 Lithuanian Census Name Sarah-Chaia Father Hillel Husband Osher, rabbi of Rokiskis Age 54 Born in Polotzk Registered in Kalvaria (her husband's hometown) Living in Rokiskis (where h...

Chaya Shifra Schilobolsky (Margolis) MP (1829 - 1898)

JRI-P records from Wizajny, Suwalki: Births to Jankiel Lejzer SZYL/OBOLSKI and Chaja Szyfra Kalwaryjska: Abram Mortchaj born 1856 (Avraham) Dweura born 1861 (Dvora) Szmojl/o born 1862 (Sh...

Cindy Margolis MP

Cynthia Dawn "Cindy" Margolis (born October 1, 1965)[1] is an American glamour spokesmodel and actress. Contents [show] Personal life[edit] Margolis was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughte...

Efrayim Zalman Margolis, Bais Ephraim MP (1762 - 1828)

Ephraim Zalman Margolis (December 19, 1762–August 24, 1828) (Hebrew: אפרים זלמן בן מנחם...

Elias Margolis MP (1880 - 1946)

Born on July 15, 1880 in Merecz, Vilna, Poland (now Lithuania). Died on November 26, 1946. Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Section 10, Plot 51, 80 Commerce Street, Hawthorne, NY 10532 (USA). Accor...

Eliezer Rav of Luboml אב"ד לובמלא Margolis MP (1615 - 1656)

The Gaon R. Eliezer Margaliyot - See Luboml: The Memorial Book of a Vanished Shtetl - Page 35.>>>>----------------------

Elijah Margolis MP (1807 - 1867)

Rabbi of a number of Lithuanian towns - Veisiejai, Radun, and Rokishok for certain and likely also Wizhany. His sons were also rabbis of Lithuanian towns (see below and profiles of his sons). Was he ...

Eluzer Rokeach (Margolis), ABD Amsterdam - Ma'ase Roke'ach MP (1649 - 1741)

Chassidic Belz, Poland Ukraine video המעשה רוקח For some reason Geni is showing "(HOROWITZ)" which is his wife's mai...

Hinde Bas Ber Margolis MP (b. - c.1835)

Birth of a granddaughter or great granddaughter in Przerosl, Suwalki Gubernia, Biyalstok, Poland in 1841 shows that Hinda was deceased by 1841: KALWARYJSKA Hynda 1841 B 18 daughter of Mowsza Ber an...

Hirsch Zvi (Harry) Levin (Margolis) MP (1807 - 1887)

From A Portion of the People: Three Hundred Years of Southern Jewish Life edited by Theodore Rosengarten and Dale Rosengarten, p. 98: "Following his brothers-in-law, Samuel, Moses, and Benjamin Winst...

Isaac Margolis MP (1842 - 1887)

Rabbi Isaac ben Eliahu Margolis (Margalit) Jewish Encyclopedia article Russo-Polish rabbi and author; born in Kalvariya, government of Suwalki, Russian Poland, 1842; died in New York Aug. 1, 1887; ...

Isaac Margolis MP (1817 - d.)

Marriage in Rajgrod in 1835 of KALWARYJSKI Idzk age 21 son of Lejbka and Badana born in Przeros'l from Przeros'l GOLDSZTOK Raszka age 20 daughter of Abram Wolfowicz and Rejza born in Rajgrod...

Judah Leib Margolis MP (1798 - 1837)

Profession: Stallkeeper Judah died at the age of thirty nine and was buried on the 14th Elul (14th Sept), 1837, according to "Nachlat Asher". His wife Badana, daugher of Judel (Judah) Myszkowsky was ...

Max Leopold Margolis MP (1866 - 1932)

Record from Jewish Gen of his birth (Litvak SIG database): MARGALIUS, Mordekhay Yitschak, - Hinda, - - 10/8/1866 11 Elul Merkine Trakai Vilnius Father was a teacher in a cheder. Brit on 18 Elul ...

Menachem Mendel Margolis-Stengen (Shtengen ben Yoel Feivish Schtengen), ABD Przemyśl MP (c.1568 - 1652)

HaRav Menachem Mendl Stangen-Margolioth was the rabbi of Pińczów from about 1615 to 1635 and then became rabbi of Prezmysl. Menachem Mendl was the son of Rabbi Yoel Feivish Stangen and Fr...

Mordechai Margolis (Margolioth) MP (c.1713 - 1735)

הרב החסיד המפורסם מוה׳ מרדכי �...

R' Mordechai Margolis MP (deceased)

Y-DNA is G1; awaiting further results. Reported DOB is 1690.

Mordechai Margolis MP (b. - 1846)

There are a number of births in Przersol, Suwalki Gubernia, Biyalstok Province, Poland that indicate that Mordechai Margolis was deceased by 1850, namely his grandson and great grandson (respectively):...

Reizel Margolis (Rosenberg) MP (1859 - 1932)

Both Reizel Rosenberg and her first cousin, Jacob Hirsch Rosenberg, married Margolis. She married Jacob, son of Asher and Sheyna Bayla (Myszkowsky). Asher was the son of Judah Leib Margolis and Badan...

Samuel Margolis MP (c.1725 - d.)

Reported DOB is 1725. Sources The Unbroken Chain by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, Vol 1 2nd edition, page 18. Paragraph G.10,2 The Margolis Family by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, 1984.

Sulka Margolis MP (b. - c.1860)

Update February 2012: Children of R' Chaim Sterling and Sulka Margolis Oszer (Asher) Zundel, b. c. .1840 Married Liba Aleksandrowicz in 1863 in Bakalarzewo Note (Nathan) b. c. 1844. Married Chaya...

Zvi Hirsch MARGOLIS MP (1818 - d.)

Landsmen Vol 14, Numbers 3 -4 (December 2004) page 66 records the birth in Przerosl in 1818 of Kalwaryski, Irsz son of Lejb son of Mortchaj and Badana z Judko. (The surname is speculative but this ...

Berger (Margolis) (deceased)

R. Yoel Feivish Margolis-Schtengen (c.1520 - d.)

Hebrew Books Rabbi Yoel Feivish Stangen was the son Itzchak Stangen. Several sources indicate that he was born in Germany likely around 1520-1540. One researcher indicates specifically that he was ...

"Izzy" Margolis / Margolies (1920 - 1945)

according to Larry Axelrad, "Izzy" served in WWII in Europe and was wounded.

(first wife) Margolis (Atah) (1854 - d.)

(Ita) Leah Margolis (deceased)

Major (Mayer) Margolis (deceased)

(Mr) Margolis (deceased)

. Margolis (c.1820 - d.)

. Margolis (c.1845 - d.)

? Margolis (Jaffe) (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (Shapiro) (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Weinstock (Margolis) (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

? Margolis (deceased)

?? Margolis (deceased)

A. Margolis (deceased)

Aaron Margolis (b. - c.1923)

Aaron Feive Margolis (deceased)

Aaron Margolis (deceased)

Aaron Margolis (deceased)

Aaron Margolis (c.1920 - c.1942)

Aaron Margolis (1870 - 1938)

Aaron (Ockie) Margolis (deceased)

Aaron Henry Margolis Gershoig (1890 - 1960)

Aba Josef Margolis (deceased)

Aba Margolis (1900 - 1944)

Abba Margolis (deceased)

Abbe Leibe Margolis (deceased)

Abe Margolis (1920 - 1923)

Abe Margolis (deceased)

Abe Margolis (deceased)

Abe Margolis (deceased)

Abe Margolis (1900 - 1961)

Abe Margolis (b. - c.1978)

Abe Margolis (deceased)

Abe Margolis (deceased)

Abe Margolis (1916 - 1974)

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Abe Margolis (deceased)

Abel Margolis (deceased)

Abel Margolis (1803 - 1876)

Abie Margolis (1932 - 2008)

Abraam Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Margolis (Margalit) (1902 - 1971)

Abraham Margolis (1884 - 1953)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Him his wife and eight children were parished in the Holocaust

Abraham Margolis (1892 - 1972)

Abraham Margolis (1907 - d.)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Margolis (c.1820 - c.1856)

The Unbroken Chain by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, Vol 1 2nd edition, page 18. Paragraph G.12.2 Also The Margolis Family by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, 1984.

Abraham Margolis (b. - 1962)

Abraham Joseph Margolis (deceased)

Abraham "Abe" Abel-Michel Margolis Lane (1879 - 1970)

Abraham Margolis (1913 - 1947)

Abe Margolis (1927 - 1997)

Abraham Margolis (c.1910 - d.)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Margolis (1891 - 1956)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)

Abraham Itzka Margolis (1873 - d.)

Abraham Margolis (c.1915 - d.)

Abraham Itzchak Margolis (1898 - d.)

Abraham Margolis (deceased)