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Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber MP

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Baron Lloyd-Webber (born 22 March 1948), properly styled and widely known as The Lord Lloyd-Webber, is a British composer and impresario of musical theatre. He is an English ...

Anna Winslow (Webber) MP (deceased)

Anna Fontaine (Webber) MP (bef.1671 - 1745)

Anna Webber was born in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands : 1671 Jul 04 ; Wolfert Webber, Geertruyd Hassing; Anna ; Laurens Van der Spiegel, Aeltie Van Couwenhoven

Annis Webber (Pasley) MP (1691 - d.)

Christopher Webber MP (deceased)

Deborah Sawyer (Webber) MP (1717 - 1807)

Mrs Eleanor (?) Webber MP (c.1675 - 1758)

Eleanor is identified as a Webber in modern sources. This is apparently based on a deed (Spotsylvania Book A, 1722-1729. pp 88-91) of Henry & Jane Webber to two sons of John Chiles, but wherein they ar...

Elizabeth S. Webber MP (1835 - bef.1900)

Elizabeth S. Webber was born in Maine in 1835. She married on Aug. 15, 1861 with GEORGE MANLIUS GAGE , son of Dr. Leander Gage and Ann Brewer Sargent. He was born Aug. 22, 1834 in Waterford, Maine. C...

Emma Palmer (Webber) MP (c.1815 - 1876)

Born in UK (Brentwood?) Travelled to Australia and back (with the Gregorys) before marriage. Married in London. Emigrated to Nelson, New Zealand, with husband on the Phoebe in 1843. Very few wo...

Francis Albert Webber MP (c.1881 - 1912)

Mr Francis Albert Webber Age: 31 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: in Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Leading Fireman Engine crew First Embarked: Southampton D...

Hillegond Webber MP (1674 - 1728)

New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Baptisms1639-1674 in the Dutch Reformed Church 1674 Mar 25; Wolfert Webber, Geertie Hassing; Hillegond ; Aernout Webbers, Hillegond Megapolensis

James Webber MP (c.1846 - 1912)

Name: Mr James Webber Age: 66 years Last Residence: in San Francisco California United States Occupation: Miner 3rd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 191...

Joanna Pike (Webber) MP (1740 - 1832)

Joanna Webber (Harris) MP (1714 - 1790)

John Webber MP (1683 - 1748)

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John Webber MP (1785 - d.)

John Webber, son of John & Mary Webber, was born May 1, 1785 in Rumney, Grafton Co., New Hampshire. He married on Oct. 22, 1839 with SARAH "Sally" TAYLOR, dau. of Jonathan Taylor and Abigail Fiske. She...

Rev. Lemuel P. Webber MP (1832 - 1874)

Rev. Lemuel Peterson Webber Born: June 8, 1832, Salem Co., NJ Died: September 25, 1874, Anaheim, CA The Westminster (California) Colony was founded in October of 1870 when the Reverend Lemuel...

Lydia Webber (Glazier) MP (1787 - d.)

Magdalene Webber (Hilton) MP (1669 - 1725)

Saw her first husband Nathaniel Adams killed by Indians in 1692; she was marched to Canada as captive. She was redeemed in 1695, she returned to York and married Elias Weare. In 1707, as she returned f...

Mark Webber MP

Mark Allen Webber (born July 19, 1980) is an American actor, screenwriter, and director known for his roles in the films Snow Day, Weapons and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Mary Webber MP (deceased)

Patience Godfrey (Webber) MP (deceased)

Phillip Webber MP (1690 - 1761)

Phillip Webber MP (1725 - 1796)

Richard Webber MP (deceased)

Richard Webber MP (1713 - 1796)

Roxana Webber (Glazier) MP (1792 - d.)

Samuel Webber, Jr. MP (deceased)

Samuel Webber MP (deceased)

Sarah Brower (Webber) MP (1685 - c.1793)

Sara Webber1 b. 9 August 1685 Father*: Aernout Webber2 b. 2 Oct 1644 Mother*: Jannetie Cornelis2 b. 30 Jun 1652 Charts: Adam Brouwer: Descendants Chart Sara Webber was baptized on 9 August 1685 ...

Sarah Hanks (Webber) MP (deceased)

Sarah Hinckley (Webber) MP (1731 - aft.1763)

From her Thomas Rogers Society page: Sarah Webber [1] F, b. 19 January 1731, d. after 1763 Sarah Webber was born on 19 January 1731 at Provincetown. Marriage banns for Sarah Webber an...

Sarah Webber (Chapman) MP (deceased)

Susan Webber MP (1874 - 1952)

Susie Webber Name: Miss Susan Webber Born: Thursday 2nd July 1874 Age: 37 years Last Residence: in Bude England 2nd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 191...

Tahphenes Webber (Ward) MP (1729 - 1794)

Thomas Webber, Jr. MP (1629 - 1687)

Thomas WEBBER.Fisherman, Kennebec, took Oath of Fidelity to Plymouth government 1654. His son, Samuel in deeding to his son John located his father's home place as on S.W. side of the Kennebec over aga...

Warnard Webber MP (bef.1666 - d.)

Born in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands; 1666 Nov 13 ; Wolfert Webber, Grietie Warnard; Warnard ; Bernardus Hassing, Anna Wallis

William Webber MP (1787 - 1855)

1841 Census William and Susannah were in South Molton - ages given as 50. He was a labourer - 4 children were at home - 3 of them "weekly spinners" and 1 "Lace flowerer" 1851 William 65 and Susanna 6...

Wolfert Webber MP (1575 - 1644)

Over the years many have believed and in spite of the facts still believe that (Johan)Wolfert (Wolfret) Webber was the son and Anneke Jans (Webber) was the granddaughter of William the Silent - William...

Wolfert Webber MP (bef.1634 - 1717)

Wolfert Webber jr MP (1670 - 1759)

Baptism 1670 Nov 14; Aernout Webber, Adriaentje Adriaens; Wolfert ; Wolfert Webbers, Anna Wallis Marriage 1697 29 Oct; Wolfert Webber jr, jm van N. Yorck; Grietje Jacobs, jd van N. Yorck, b...

Wolfert Webber de Jonge MP (bef.1604 - aft.1686)

Born in Amsterdam, 1604 to Wolfert Webber and Anike Coos. Wolfert married Anna Wallis in Amsterdam and had 9 children. Wolfert and Anna and children immigrated to New Amsterdam (between 1664-1661). Wol...

Webber MP (1879 - 1879)

Webber MP (deceased)

WEBBER MP (deceased)

Webber MP (deceased)

Webber MP (deceased)

Webber MP (deceased)

Webber MP (deceased)

Webber MP (deceased)

Webber (Collins / heighton) MP (deceased)

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Willams (Webber) MP (deceased)

"Dr" Augustine M Webber MP (1790 - 1873)

'Bert' Albert Jacob Webber MP (1880 - 1955)

'Josie' Emma Josephine Webber (Niergarth) MP (1880 - 1914)

'Mary' Prudence Pedrick (Webber) MP (1837 - d.)

(---) Webber MP (deceased)

(baby) Webber MP (1875 - 1876)

(Daughter) Webber MP (c.1910 - d.)

(Daughter) Webber MP (c.1911 - d.)

(Daughter) Webber MP (c.1912 - d.)

(Male) Webber MP (deceased)

(Mary) Katherine Turner (Webber) MP (1893 - d.)

Father (see cause of death) Webber MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Webber MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Webber MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Webber MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Webber MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Webber MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Webber MP (deceased)

(Zoruch) Copel "Charles" Webber MP (1859 - 1923)

Former name: Siwowlos Nickname: Charles Residence: 245 Brunswick St. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada To 1923

----------------- Webber MP (deceased)

. Webber MP (deceased)

1Private Webber MP (deceased)

2Private Webber MP (deceased)

<Private> Webber (Williams) MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber (??) MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (c.1821 - d.)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Webber MP (deceased)

? Pollack (Bergsaz) (Webber) MP (deceased)

?? Webber MP (deceased)

?? Bernhard (Webber) MP (deceased)

?? Webber MP (deceased)