New Improvements to Sources on Mobile Devices

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A few months ago, we released some major enhancements to sources on Geni. Today we are happy to announce new improvements to sources to make your citation experience on your mobile device even better. 

Sources can now be added from the family tree interface quickly on your phone, making it even easier to document your ancestry while you are on the go. While visiting your local archive, courthouse, or library, you can use your mobile device to take a photo of any historical documents you have found and upload the images to your relatives’ profiles directly in the tree! Not only will you be able to cite profile facts and add missing immediate family members, but you will also be able to preserve the document digitally on Geni.

Learn more about our latest improvements to sources below.

View Profile Sources in the Side Panel

While viewing the tree on your mobile device, you’ll notice that the information shown in a profile’s side panel now matches what you see on your desktop. Tap on a node in the tree to reveal the side panel. If a profile already has sources cited, a Sources section is displayed with the names of those sources and the facts they support.

Add Sources in the Tree

Sources can now be quickly added to the tree on your mobile device. To add a new source, tap on the node for the person in the document you are citing. In the side panel, tap “More” and select “Add sources.”

Here you can select the document you would like to cite from a list of documents the profile has been tagged in. To view a list of all documents you have uploaded, check the box “Show all documents.” Tap on an existing document to begin citing profile facts or tap on the plus tab at the bottom of the screen to upload a new document.

When adding a new document, you will next see the options to “Upload a New Document,” “Capture a Webpage,” or “Create a New Document.” 

If you are reviewing historical documents in a library or archive, you can quickly add your new research discoveries to a Geni profile by taking a picture of the document and uploading it right away in the tree. Simply tap “Choose File” and select the option to take a photo.

Once you have the document in focus, tap to take a picture with your device’s camera. You can tap the lighting bolt icon to turn the flash on or off. 

Once you take the photo, the image will be automatically uploaded to the profile and appear in your list of documents. Next, tap on the document to begin citing facts for the profile. You will then see two tabs, “Basic Information” and “Relationships.” In the “Basic Information” tab, tap the checkboxes for every profile fact the document supports. Just like in the desktop version, you will have the option to enter the data as it is provided in the document for each fact.

On the “Relationships” tab, you will be able to add supporting documentation for immediate family relationships and add missing immediate family members.

This latest update is perfect for citing your sources on the go, which helps to keep the World Family Tree as accurate as possible. And stay tuned for more! Our team is already hard at work on the next phase of enhancements to sources, which will include flagging discrepancies between profile data and its source citations and adding the ability to extract information from MyHeritage’s Record Matches and Smart Matches to existing Geni profiles.

Try out these new improvements to sources in the tree now and let us know what you think!

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