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Happy birthday to Laura Ingalls Wilder! The beloved author was born on this day in 1867 in a long cabin in the Big Woods region of Wisconsin.

Image: Laura Ingalls Wilder / Wikimedia Commons

Wilder was the second of five children born to Charles Phillip Ingalls and Caroline Lake Quiner. Through her father, Wilder was a descendant of the Delano family, the same ancestral family of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who is her fifth cousin once removed. Roosevelt was not her only connection to a U.S. President either. She was also a third cousin twice removed to President Ulysses S. Grant.

In 1882, she received her teaching certificate and worked as a teacher until she married Alamanzo Wilder three years later.

In 1932, Wilder published Little House in the Big Woods, the first in her beloved series of “Little House” books based on her life growing up in a pioneer family. Her books became immensely popular and have remained continuously in print since their initial publication. The series would later be adapted into the popular television show Little House on the Prairie and introduce her stories to a new generation of readers.

Wilder died on February 10, 1957, three days after her 90th birthday.

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