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21.9.2010 в 10:23 до полудня

Bjorn, I noticed that as well, but I just hate to see such trash in the database.

21.9.2010 в 10:25 до полудня

Here's my work around for the lack of an "undo" feature (which I also endorse).

View the profile in the tree
Select "edit" on the bottom of the profile box
Select the "Relationships" tab at the top, scroll to the bottom
Select and "remove" the incorrect relationships

21.9.2010 в 10:40 до полудня

They "undo button" is a great idea, I have to admit that I have hit merge and as the page is waiting to change noticed that I had made a mistake. A "Undo Button" is easier than spending a lot of time "fixing" something that only took a click to mess up!!!

21.9.2010 в 9:47 после полудня

I hope a curator or anyone familiar with the Stewart line can sort out this cross-generational entanglement:

If you expand the Sister Of section on the profile on the left, you'll see that her brother (Sir John Stewart 2nd Earl of Atholl) is the father of the profile on the right. Which is correct? We should be able split the incorrect relation.

21.9.2010 в 10:15 после полудня

Thank You Gene and Ann for taking the time on Joan de la Warre.

I seem to be jumping around trying to deal with a lot of profiles that have been miss merged, it gets some what confusing and I am not sure if I am getting back to the one I started sorting out.

There seems to be a rash of bad merges, I hope they start locking profiles, so just one person can do the merges.

21.9.2010 в 10:54 после полудня

Does anyone have an opinion about William le Scrope's father?
Sir William le Scrope
In the big tree we have his father as William le Scrope, this the same as
But, Medlands has his father as Henry, which is his grandfather in thepeerage. (a little bit past the middle of the document)
Any suggestions?

Private User
22.9.2010 в 12:17 до полудня

Dear Carole,

'No Name' husband of William Hastings.

As manager of this odd profile (I don't know how or when it got added!) I have disconnected 'No Name' from parents and husband, and deleted the profile. I'm sorry if this caused any headaches.

22.9.2010 в 6:23 до полудня

@Ric Dickinson re. William le Scrope. First, thank you for your question and for providing great links to all the relevant sites. After looking at all of these, my judgment is to trust the MedLands and go with Henry and Juliana as his parents. The only source given for the insertion of this additional generation of William (with no dates, no wife, no info at all) is an *email* written by Tim Boyle to Darryl Lundy. IMHO, this is pretty weak supporting evidence (especially since we can't even see the email to know what the argument may have been). On the other hand, we know that MedLands/FMG is extremely well researched and is, in fact, the best authority I know on these medieval family relationships.

So if you can reconfigure the tree to make William the son of Henry, please do so. If you can't, then let me know and I'll work on it.

Thanks! Pam

22.9.2010 в 6:34 до полудня

Ric, Carol, Ben and others working on these English families with French surnames (le Scrope, de Neville, Beauchamp, etc)--they are Anglo Norman families, and I invite you to join the new Anglo-Norman Families project. I've created a Geni wiki page at and I would like for you to add your names and the families you work on in this area under "Project Members and Their Interests"; we also have a separate discussion board for these at

Thanks, and maybe there we can get a more focused discussion going about these interrelated families.

22.9.2010 в 6:40 до полудня

Ric, Pam, after looking at some other online sources I'm not so sure that Henry & Juliana were his parents, as far as the other sources they were his grandparents and his father was also called William.

22.9.2010 в 11:15 до полудня

Thank You Robert Turner

'No Name' husband of William Hastings. You could of just disconnected her from being married to her other profile Catherine Neville, then she could of been merged with Catherine.

22.9.2010 в 11:55 до полудня

Pam, thank you for your help, much appreciated! I think I am inclined to agree with you, the only source I can showing William's father as William instead of Henry is thepeerage. I am sure I am able to make the correction if all agree.

Ofir, have you came across any further evidence that William was William's father, besides thepeerage?

And Pam, thank you for the invite. I saw your earlier post and I will add my name to the list now.

22.9.2010 в 1:10 после полудня

@Ric -- I should also have added that of course the discrepancy between the various sources should also be noted and that a rationale should be provided for why a decision was made to select one parent over another. I might also do further research to see if Keats-Rohan or another scholar has done any writing on the issue of whether there was actually an additional generation of William Scrope; another place to check would be the GEN-MEDIEVAL discussion list archives, which is a very good source for discussions of controversies like this.

22.9.2010 в 2:29 после полудня

Excellent suggestions, I will be sure to note the discrepancies. And I was not aware of GEN-MEDEVAL. Very cool! Thanks, and I'll keep you abreast of my findings and actions.

22.9.2010 в 3:36 после полудня

How to Search the GEN-MEDIEVAL Archives:

Happy hunting!

23.9.2010 в 10:43 до полудня

Thanks Pam! I've used a different link for years. This one is much better.

23.9.2010 в 11:30 до полудня
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23.9.2010 в 11:46 до полудня

Well, I have just added a curator note to that profile and undone that pending merge

Someone had already merged together grandfather and grandson and also two brothers Halvdan and Harald.

24.9.2010 в 9:29 до полудня

William Sprague. There are many merges to complete in here. I attempted, but got an error. There may be some locked profiles preventiing the merge(?)... whatever it is, can a curator fix?

Private User
24.9.2010 в 9:39 до полудня

Tim - working on it :)

Private User
24.9.2010 в 11:13 до полудня

I think things should allow you to continue now. If you run into any additional blocks let me know. I have a lunch date so I have to run but will be back on in an hour

24.9.2010 в 12:36 после полудня

This William Mulins profile has two William Mullins profiles showing as being married to each other (as husbands):
William Mullins, "Mayflower" Passenger

Private User
24.9.2010 в 12:44 после полудня

Such errors usually fix itself when viewing the tree.

25.9.2010 в 11:51 до полудня

Carole, it's done.

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25.9.2010 в 12:04 после полудня

Carole I have a Joan Fitz Alan married to Willaim de Beauchamp. She was born 1375 the daughter Richard Fitz Alan . Is this the one you are talking about.

25.9.2010 в 4:10 после полудня

Can somebody please fix the Thomas Wyatt the younger mess (Sir Thomas "The Younger" Wyatt, MP). Somebody merged somebody with a completely different name into him so everything is all messed up.

Private User
25.9.2010 в 5:59 после полудня

Carole - Henry is reconnected to his tree. Thanks.

28.9.2010 в 5:25 до полудня

@Patrick Hays
You can't fix anything without merging down the stack first, there are 8 profiles in the stack start merging them!! As far as I can see nr 7 don't belong, but I have nothing on the branch at all.

28.9.2010 в 9:47 до полудня

Tim Stamps is looking much better now, but please continue to help there.

29.9.2010 в 12:53 до полудня

Trying to resolve merge on this and the other profiles in this family, i keep receiving "We are experiencing technical difficulties"
I think that the profiles are bad merges, and should be cancelled.

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