Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred :: Genealogy - Children of Henry and Anne (Plumer) Samson

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John Samson Gender Male
John Samson Living Status Deceased
John Samson Birth Surname Samson
John Samson Last Name Samson
John Samson First Name John
Priscilla Samson Gender Female
Priscilla Samson Living Status Deceased
Priscilla Samson Birth Surname Bartlett
Priscilla Samson Last Name Samson
Priscilla Samson First Name Priscilla
John Summers, of Rochester Gender Male
John Summers, of Rochester Living Status Deceased
John Summers, of Rochester Last Name Summers
John Summers, of Rochester First Name John
Mary Summers Gender Female
Mary Summers Living Status Deceased
Mary Summers Birth Surname Samson
Mary Summers Last Name Summers
Mary Summers First Name Mary
John Lambert Gender Male
John Lambert Living Status Deceased
John Lambert Also Known As
John Lambert Last Name Lambert
John Lambert First Name John
Hannah Lambert Gender Female
Hannah Lambert Living Status Deceased
Hannah Lambert Birth Surname Holmes
Hannah Lambert Last Name Lambert
Hannah Lambert First Name Hannah
Josiah Holmes, of Duxbury Gender Male
Josiah Holmes, of Duxbury Living Status Deceased
Josiah Holmes, of Duxbury Last Name Holmes
Josiah Holmes, of Duxbury First Name Josiah
Hannah Holmes Gender Female
Hannah Holmes Living Status Deceased
Hannah Holmes Birth Surname Samson
Hannah Holmes Last Name Holmes
Hannah Holmes First Name Hannah
Elizabeth Hanmer Gender Female
Elizabeth Hanmer Living Status Deceased
Elizabeth Hanmer Birth Surname Kingman
Elizabeth Hanmer Last Name Hanmer
Elizabeth Hanmer First Name Elizabeth
Mary Hanmer Gender Female
Mary Hanmer Living Status Deceased
Mary Hanmer Birth Surname
Mary Hanmer Last Name Hanmer
Mary Hanmer First Name Mary
John Hanmer, of Taunton Gender Male
John Hanmer, of Taunton Living Status Deceased
John Hanmer, of Taunton Birth Surname Hanmer
John Hanmer, of Taunton Last Name Hanmer
John Hanmer, of Taunton First Name John
William Hanmer Gender Male
William Hanmer Living Status Deceased
William Hanmer Birth Surname Hanmer
William Hanmer Last Name Hanmer
William Hanmer First Name William
John Hanmer Gender Male
John Hanmer Living Status Deceased
John Hanmer Also Known As
John Hanmer Birth Surname Hanmore
John Hanmer Last Name Hanmer
John Hanmer First Name John
Anne Samson Gender Female
Anne Samson Living Status Deceased
Anne Samson Birth Surname Plummer
Anne Samson Last Name Samson
Anne Samson First Name Anne
Stephen Samson, of Duxbury Gender Male
Stephen Samson, of Duxbury Living Status Deceased
Stephen Samson, of Duxbury Birth Surname Samson
Stephen Samson, of Duxbury Last Name Samson
Stephen Samson, of Duxbury First Name Stephen
James Samson, of Duxbury & Dartmouth Gender Male
James Samson, of Duxbury & Dartmouth Living Status Deceased
James Samson, of Duxbury & Dartmouth Birth Surname Samson
James Samson, of Duxbury & Dartmouth Last Name Samson
James Samson, of Duxbury & Dartmouth First Name James
unknown Hanmore Gender Female
unknown Hanmore Living Status Deceased
unknown Hanmore Birth Surname Samson
unknown Hanmore Last Name Hanmore
unknown Hanmore First Name unknown
Elizabeth Sprout Gender Female
Elizabeth Sprout Living Status Deceased
Elizabeth Sprout Birth Surname Samson
Elizabeth Sprout Last Name Sprout
Elizabeth Sprout First Name Elizabeth
Henry Samson,"Mayflower" Passenger Gender Male
Henry Samson,"Mayflower" Passenger Last Name Samson
Henry Samson,"Mayflower" Passenger First Name Henry


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