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Robert Mewhirter

生日 (80)
出生地 Pennsylvania or Ireland
逝世 1872年1月8日 (80)
Owensburg, Greene, Indiana
葬于 Dishman Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Greene, Indiana

父母: [-?-] Mewhirter/ mc Whirter
妻: Elizabeth Mewhirter
子女: Samuel Taylor Mc Wherter; Mary Jane Roberts; Susan Mary Emery; Martha Ellen McWhirter; Robert Barr McWhirter另外4个

管理员 Judith "Judi" Elaine (McKee) Burns

About Robert Mewhirter

The family bible gives the date on the group sheet; given in Pickaway co. records as 6 Mar. 1830 and his name is spelled Mc Whorter,

! Land held in 1890 S 1/2 of NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec. 6 T6 R5 except 6 acres

Elizabeth Dayton says in the 1790 census of Pa. only two MeWhirter/McWhirter's are listed.


1. 1850 United States Census, Indiana MicroFilm #432 Roll 148 Greene county, Indiana Taylor Twp. pg. 412 __/808. " McWhirter, Robert 57, Pa. Farmer. Elizabeth 42, Ct.; Samuel. 19, Oh.; Susanna 14, Oh.; Martha 12, Oh.; Robert 9, In.; Sarah 7, In.; Sabina 6, In. and Nancy In. Real Estate $1500."

2. 1860 United States Census, Indiana, MicroFilm #M653 Roll #262 Greene County Jackson Twp. Pg. __ 1697. "McWhirter Robert 65, Pa. Farmer; Elizabeth 51, Pa.; Nancy 14, In.; and Rebecca 9, In. Real Estate $2000 Personal $200."

3. 1870 United States Census, Indiana Microfilm M593-318 Greene Co Jackson Twp. pg. 363 254/254. "Mewhirter Robert 77, Pa. Farmer; Elizabeth 62, Ct.; Hester Ann 16, In. and Samuel Wilson, 11 Real Estate $1800 Personal $600." NOTE: Hester Ann is Sam & Dicey's daughter. There were two girls and a boy before Sam Mewhirter marched off to save the union; per Elizabeth Dayton.

4. Greene County Indiana - Index to Estates Etc. 1853 , Vol. 1, Clerk of Greene County Circuit and Superior Court, Greene County Courthouse, 1 W Main St., P.O. Box 229, Bloomfield, Indiana 47424. " Robert McWhirter vs. Exman C. Flinn Box., 3 file 2; Robert McWhirter vs. Graham & Hitchcock 1861 Box 3 file 2;."

5. Biographical Memiors of Greene County, Indiana; 3 Vols., 1908 B. F. Bowen & Co. Indianapolis, In., Vol. 2 pg. 473-5. "NATHANIEL EMERY - - . . . .Robert and Elizabeth (Taylor) McWhirter, who were natives of Pennsylvania and the first settlers of Taylor township , Greene county, Indiana on a farm there., but both died in Jackson township. . . ."

6. Records of Elizabeth W. Dayton, Letter, 9 Mar 2001, . "When my great grandfather came to Indiana from Ohio, he settled for awhile in the river bottoms below Bloomfield, somewhere in the Scotland neighborhood, my mother though.... At that time the area was swampy because no one had yet thought of drainage ditches and the whole family came down with the ague (malaria). At this point grandfather determined to find 'higher ground' He set out and the place he found in north of Owensburg, just north of Sexson's spring.. It was and is, high! My mother wasn't clear about how long the family had lived in the Scotland area, but at some point, I found land record entered by my grandfather Mewhirter in Jackson twp. My grandmother was born while the family lived in the Bloomfield area and I suspect Aunt Susan (Emery) might of married before the move was made to "higher ground". I'm not sure which children accompanied the move.. My mother has told me that when the household 'stuff' was being loaded, the good glass lamps were put into the 'boot' of the buggy. My grandfather Mewhirter sent the older siblings ahead with the wagons, announcing he would drive the buggy and bring 'Betsey and the baby. . . .Evidently both sons accompanied the move because Samuel subsequently married and entered the land just east of his parents homestead. . ."

7. Records of Elizabeth W. Dayton, " FAMILY RECORD MARRIAGES, FAMILY RECORD - - MARRAIGES - -

  • Robert Mewhirter and Elisabeth Taylor married the 8th day of March 1830;
  • Mary Jane Mewhirter and Allen Roberts was married on Saturday the 9th day of February 1850;
  • Samuel Mewhirter and Di___[below torn] Roberts was married ___ [torn here];
  • Andrew Wade and Sabina Catharine Mew....[torn] was married on tuesday th_ [torn] of november 185_ [torn];
  • Isaac Biers and Sarah Elizabeth Mewhirter maried on thursday th_ [torn] 9th day of february 1866.
  • Samuel ____ _____ ____ october th____ [this entry is faded and looks as if been crossed out rest torn off and gone]


  • Robert Mewhirter was born on Thursday the 1st day of January 1792; [torn]
  • _lisabeth Taylor wife of Robt [torn] __whirter was born on Tues___ [torn] the 29th day of October A.D. 1807;
  • Samuel Taylor Mewhirter _ [torn] as born on Saturday the __ [torn] th day of March 1831;
  • Robert Bar Mewhirter was born on Friday 11th day of September 1840;
  • Sarah Elisabeth Mewhirter was born on thursday the 12th day January 1843; and
  • Sabina Catharine Mewhirter was born on Wedensday the 12th day of March 1845.........[rest torn of page torn off and gone]."

NOTE: Dates and the name MeWhirter are out of the family bible two torn pages notarized and saying: This is a copy of the upper part of a page torn from a bible belonging to Robert Mewhirter and the information was entered by his hand.

The half-page is in the possession of Elizabetth Dayton, youngest granddaughter of Rebecca Caroliine Mewhirter White. Rebecca was the youngest of Robert and Elizabeth's children. The record was given her by her mother, Martha White Wilson, youngest daughter of William and Rebecca Caroline Mewhirter White.

8. Records of Joyce Foster, 3 Apr 2001, . "My mother took photos of Robert Mewhirter and Elizabeth's headstone and they used the spelling MeWhirter on them. I have been told that no matter how you spell it, it is pronounced MuhWherter? Can't say."

9. Records of Saundra and John Carr "1840 Census Greene cty. In. Robert McWherter near Mendehall, Linkerton, Meredith.

Joined the Bethel Christain Church, Jackson twp., Greene co., In. and was a farmer.

Robert McWhirter bought land in Taylor twp., Greene co., In. 10/1/1840 in Vincennes as follows: 80 A A W 1/2 NW Sec. 22 6-N 4-NW [George R. Taylor same day in Vincennes bt. 80 A 15 8-5 6-W].

Robert may have been born in Ireland, perhaps county Armagh. John could be father fr. Lawrence county Neshannoch Twp., Pa.

Have copy of the auction which took place in 1874, two years after his death. Son- In-law William W. White and James H. Gilliand were administrators of his will.

In family bible it is MeWhirter. Other spellings McWhirter, McWhurter, McWhorter.

Robert's estate papers are in box 89, file 2 Linton, Greene county, Indiana.

Parentage: unproven - William McWherter married Jane Barr 14 Jan. 1774 Lancaster co., Pa. They had:

  • 1) ROBERT MEWHERTER b. 1 Jan. 1792 in Northumberland co., Pa. d. 8 Jan. 1872 Owensburg, Jackson twp., Greene co., In. m. Elizabeth Taylor;
  • 2) JOHN MEWHERTER unproven relationship m. Rebecca Wildahn 22 Feb. 1814 Pickaway co., Oh.;
  • 3) MARY MCWHERTER unproven relationship b. 1785 d. 1870 m. WiIlliam Barr b. 1790 Pa. d. 1817 Harrison co., Oh. Wm. Barr's death from Alan D. McWhirter e-mai:;
  • 4) SUSAN MEWHERTER b. b. 1839 Westmoreland co. Pa. m. William McDowell. 1839 Deed filed in Hamilton co., Oh. Re: William Barr's land by William and Susan McDowell of Westmoreland co. Pa. and William Wood. . . The land descended to her as a legal heir of Wm. Barr (from Nancy McEwen e-mail:

Unproven relationship: Samuel McWhirter m. Elizabeth Barr Rowan cty. NC.; William McWhorter 1810 census Fairfield twp., Westmoreland co. Pa.

Marriage also in Pickaway cty., Oh.: Margaret McWherter m. Sylvester V. Firoro 12 De. 1860 - - - Marriage in Muskingham cty., Ohio; Margaret McWhorter m. Isaac N. WiIlliamson 15 Jan. 1846

Unproven relationship Hugh McWherter came 1730 d. 1748 m. Jean or Jane

John Barr McWhirter prior to 1820 left Pa. to Harrison co., Oh.

Other Ohio land pruchases: ROBERT 8/10/1837 bt. 160 A in Buyrus Marion ct Oh.; William bt. 80 A same day in Buyrus Wayandott cty.; HENRY 4/8/1822 75.9 A Delware land of. Hancock cty; Henry 1/7/1826 80 A Delaware land of, Hancock Cty.; HENRY 2/16/1822 80 A Delaware land Ofc Hancock cty; HENRY 2/18/1822 80 A Delaware cty. of Hancock cty.; JAMES 3/5/1832 lands in Indiana from Cincinnati land office; JOHN 12/1/1831 lands in Indiana from Cincinnati land office 80 A; JOHN 3/25/1807 patented land from Patrick McCurdy warrants June 1796 United Brethern Warrant bought 100 A from US Military Survey Licking cty. Oh.

Barr Ohio land purchases: JOHN 1805 land in Tuscawarus cty., Oh. United Brethern Warrant; ROBERT 11/10/1831 Cincinnati between the Miamies 156 + 79 + 79 + 76 + 88 + 76.88 + 168 A." NOTES by JEB: 15 Sep. 2002: Estate papers would be in courthouse at Bloomfield, Greene county, Indiana. - - - The Hugh McWhorter of Greene co., In. is actually Hugh McWhorter Dobson proof of this found in an abstract book of Greene County, In. in Land Patent index he is listed as Hugh M. Dobson and on the certificates he is listed as "Hugh McWhorterDobson of Greene county, Indiana" He bought five parcals of land 78.7 A, 40 A, 40 A, 40 A, 80 A starting on 31 Dec. 1831 and ending on 1 Oct. 1840.

10. Bureau of Land Management. "Robert McWhirter TITLE TRANSFER: Issue date Oct. 1, 1840 Land office: Vincennes, Cancelled: No., Mineral Reservations: No., Authority: April 24, 1820 Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 556). SURVEY State: INdiana, Acres: 80, Metes/Bounds: No. DOCUMENT NUMBERS: Document Nr.: 27155, Accession/Serial Nr.: IN2370-167, BLM Serial Nr.: In NO S/N - - - - Certificate No. 27155 The United Stateds of America, To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas Robert McWhirter of Greene County Indiana, has deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a cetificate of the Register of the Land Office of Vincennes whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the said Robert McWhirter, according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 24th of April, 1820, entitiled "An act making further provision for the sale of the Public Lands", for the West half of the North West quarter of Section twenty two in Township six north of Range four west in the District of Lands subject to sale at Vincennes, Indiana containing eighty acres according to the official plat of the survey of the said lands, returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, which said tract has been purchased by the said Robert McWhirter. Now know ye, that the Unidted States of America, in consideration of the Premises, and in conformity with the several acts of Congres, in such case made and provided, Have Given and Granted and by these presents Do give and Grant unto the said Robert McWhirter and to his heirs and assigns forever. In testimony whereof, I, Martin Van Buren President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made Patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the City of Washington, the first day of October in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty and of the Independence of the United States the sixty-fifth. By the Preseident: Martin Van Buren By. M. Van Buren Sec'y Jos. G. WIlson acting Recorderd of the General Land Office."

11. Jackson Twp. Greene County Indiana Abstract of Real Estate Title Records 1816-1890, pg. 375. "Bk. _ pg. 11 Canal to Robert Mewhirter... made 12 Jul. 1854; Bk. M pg. 124 Samuel Gr. _ner & wife to RObert McWhirter 1051.000....made 10 Jul. 1854 recorded 25 Jul 1854; Bk. Q pg. 188 RObert McWhirter & wife to Henry Jones 400.00....made 30 Jun. 1859 recorded 19 Jul. 1859

I am not sure but think this would all be Robert's estate:

Bk. 7 pg. 548 Jacob F. Byers & wife to William White 15.00 wty...made 28 Mar. 1873 recorded 25 Oct 1873

Bk. 7 pg. 549 John R. Hudson & wife to William White 2000.00 wty...made 24 May 1873 25 Oct 1873

Bk. 8 pg. 48 William W. White Admr Robert McWhirter to John R. Hudson 150... made 18 Sep. 1872 recorded 12 May 1873

Bk. 8 pg. 217 A. J. & Sabina C. Wade to William W. WHite 65.00 wty ...made 18 Apr. 1873 recorded 23 Oct. 1873

Bk. 8 pg. 218 Daniel A. Roberts & Wife (Mary J.) to WIlliam W. White 65.00 wty.... made 14 Jan. 1873 recorded 25 Oct. 1873

Bk. 8 pg. 219 Samuel H. Wade & wife Nancy E. to WIlliam W. White 65.00 wty made 1 Nov. 1873 recorded 25 Oct 1873

Bk. 8 pg. 415 L. B. Sexson H. Busenbrigh, Jy Byeres? to Elizabeth McWhirter partition Cour__... made 31 Oct. 1873 recorded 31 Dec. 1873

Bk. 8 pg. 436 Isaac Y. Byers & wife Sarah E. to WIlliam W. White 65.00 wty... made 30 Oct 1873 redorded 6 Jan. 1878

Bk. 9 pg. 363 William White & wife (Rebecca C.) to Nathaniel Emery 65.00 ....made 2 Jun. 1874 recorded 11 Jun. 1874

Bk. 9 pg. 377 Nathaniel Emery & wife (Susan) to George D. Wilson 120.00 wty ....made 6 Jun. 1874 recorded 16 Jun 1874

Bk. 9 pg. 378 Nathaniel Emery & wife (susan) to William W. White 70.00wty ... made 6 Jun 1874 recorded 16 Jun. 1874

Bk. 8 pg. 379 Andrew Wade & wife Sabina C. to George D. Wilson 60.00.... made 15 Jun. 1874 16 Jun. 1874

Bk. 10 pg. 27 ?? Byers & Sam.. H., Nancy Wad (?) to George D. Wilson 120.00 made 5 Sep. 1875 recorded 27 Jan. 1875

Bk. 10 pg. 335 Jacob F. Byers & wife (Hester A) to George D. Wilson 15.00 made 23 Jan. 1875 recorded 27 Jan. 1875

Bk. 10 pg. 336 Sam Wilson??, Robert McWhirter, Martha ? to George D. WIlson 62.00 made 16 Jun 1874 recorded 27 Jan. 1875

Bk. 10 pg. 337 Daniel A. Roberts & wife Mary J. to George D. Wilson 60.00... made 12 Nov. 1874 recorded 27 Jan. 1873

Bk. 10 pg. 338 Saml Wilson??? to William W. White 76.70 to William W. White made 16 Jun. 1874 recorded 27 Jan 1875

Bk. 13 pg. 123 Lewis and Mary E. Pugh to George D. Wilson 15.00 ...made 6 Mar. 1875 recorded 25 Mar. 1876."

12. Records of Stephen J. Stalcup, "Taylor, Elizabeth Birth : 29 OCT 1807 Connecticut Death : 24 FEB 1874 Greene Co., Indiana Gender: Female Marriage: 8 MAR 1830 in Pickaway County, Ohio Mc Wherter, Robert Birth : 1 JAN 1792 Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania Death : 8 JAN 1872 Greene Co., Indiana Children: ; Mc Wherter, Samuel Taylor Birth : 26 MAR 1831 Coshocton Co.,Ohio Death : 30 AUG 1862 Louisiana marriage 27 Jan 1851 in Greene co., In. Roberts, Dicey; Mc Wherter, Mary Jane Birth : 25 MAR 1833 Coshocton Co.,Ohio Death : 2 MAY 1904 Martin Co.,Indiana Marriage: 10 FEB 1850 in Greene Co. IN Roberts, Daniel Allen; Mc Wherter, Susannah Birth : 28 NOV 1835 Coshocton Co.,Ohio Death : 3 DEC 1916 Greene Co., Indiana marriage 15 NOV 1855 in Greene Co. IN Emory, Nathaniel Mc Wherter, Martha Ellen ; Mc Wherter, Robert Barr ; Birth : 11 SEP 1840 Scotland, Greene Co.,Indiana Death : 1 OCT 1857 Indiana; Mc Wherter, Sarah Birth : 12 NOV 1843 Greene Co., Indiana marriage Marriage: 9 FEB 1860 in Greene Co. IN Beyers, Isaac Young Birth : 13 DEC 1838 Columbiana County, Ohio Death : 14 JUL 1914 14 Jun 1856 m 1st Dyer, Julia death : BEF. 1860 s /o Beyers, Jacob , Sr. & Young, Sarah ; Mc Wherter, Sabina Catherine Birth : 12 MAR 1845 Scotland, Greene Co.,Indiana Death : 21 JAN 1924 Greene Co., Indiana Marriage: 29 NOV 1859 in Greene Co. IN Wade, Andrew Birth : 1838 Greene Co., Indiana s/o Wade, Henry & Rush, Nancy ; Mc Wherter, Nancy E. birth 1846 marriage 27 Oct 1864 in Greene co., In. Wade, Samuel; Mc Wherter, Rebecca Caroline Birth : 16 FEB 1851 Taylor twp.,Greene Co.,Indiana Death : 12 FEB 1925 Jackson Twp.,Greene Co.Indiana Marriage: 22 MAR 1867 in Greene Co. IN White, William Wesley ; Mc Wherter, Hester Ann."

13. Records of Joyce Foste "1. JAMES BARR was born 1750 in Chester, PA/Chester Co., PA. He married ELIZABETH MCCORKLE, daughter of ALEXANDER MCCORKLE and CATHERINE MORRISON. She was born 1757 in Rowan, North Carolina. Children are: . ELIZABETH BARR, b. 1772, Rowan, North Carolina.; . HANNAH BARR, b. 08 Oct 1775, Rowan, North Carolina; ALEXANDER BARR, b. 1776, Rowan, North Carolina; WILLIAM HAMPDEN BARR, b. 1778; m. REBECCA REID; CATHERINE BARR, b. 1780 ---> 2. ELIZABETH BARR was born 1772 in Rowan, North Carolina. She married SAMUEL MEWHIRTER. He was born in was on 1820, census in, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Children are: JAMES MEWHIRTER; SAMUEL MEWHIRTER; . ROBERT MEWHIRTER, b. 01 Jan 1792, Northumberland, Pennsylvania; d. 08 Jan 1872, Greene, Indiana. He married ELIZABETH TAYLOR 08 Mar 1830 in Owensburg, Greene, Indiana, daughter of JAMES TAYLOR and ELIZABETH BRAY. She was born 29 Oct 1807 in Arlington, Devonshire, England, and died 24 Feb 1874 in Owensburg, Greene, Indiana.

1. ALEXANDER MCCORKLE was born Abt. 1660 in Scotland. He married [-?-] Children are: WILLIAM MCCORKLE, b. Abt. 1690, Scotland; JAMES MCCORKLE, b. Abt. 1695, Ireland; SAMUEL MCCORKLE, b. Abt. 1700, Scotland.

---> 2. SAMUEL MCCORKLE was born Abt. 1700 in Scotland. He married MISS ALEXANDER. She was born Abt. 1702 in PA. Child is: 3. ALEXANDER SR. MCCORKLE, b. 1722, PA. ---> 3. ALEXANDER SR. MCCORKLE was born 1722 in PA. He married AGNES MONTGOMERY. She was born 1726 in Ireland. Children are: 4. ALEXANDER JR.MCCORKLE, b. Abt. 1740, Lancaster, PA. ; SAMUEL EUSEBIUS MCCORKLE, b. 23 Aug 1746, Lancaster, PA.; JOHN MCCORKLE, b. 1750, Lancaster, PA. ---> ALEXANDER JR. MCCORKLE ) was born Abt. 1740 in Lancaster, PA. He married CATHERINE MORRISON Abt. 1757, daughter of JAMES MORRISON and MARY. She was born 1740 in Rowan, North Carolina, and died 1831 in Henry,TN..Children are: NANCY MCCORKLE, b. Rowan, North Carolina.; CATHERINE MCCORKLE; ALEXANDER MCCORKLE; JAMES H. MCCORKLE; LEWIS MCCORKLE.

vi. SAMUEL MCCORKLE.5. vii. ELIZABETH MCCORKLE, b. 1757, Rowan, North Carolina. She married JAMES BARR. He was born 1750 in Chester, PA/Chester Co., PA.; MARY MCCORKLE, b. 04 Oct 1781; JAMES MORRISON MCCORKLE, b. 24 Sep 1783."

14. 1840 United States Census, M704-81 Greene county Indiana pg. 115. "Roberta McWhirter males: 1 under 1 & 1under 50; females: 2 under5, 1 under 10, 1 under 30, 1 under 40."

15. Greene County Genealogical Society, Greene County Indiana, Common Pleas Court Boxes 80/1 (No Date & No Publisher), 6,8,49. "May 1872 - William W. White, administrator of estate of Robert McWhirter vs. hiers of decendent Report of sale of real estate and proof of publicaton. Samuel B. Sexton and John R. Hudson appraisers.

Sept. 1872 - Mortage . John R. Hudson to William W. White, administrator of estate of Robert McWhirter, deceased.

March 1872 - William, White, Administrator of Robert McWhjrter vs. Elizabeth McWhriter, widow. Susan Emery & Nathaniel Emery, her husband. Rbecca White & William White, her husband. Sabina Wade & Andrew Wade, her husband. Martha Wilson, deceased, her husband deceased, children: Samuel WIlson & Robert WiIlson. Samuel McWhirter, deceased, children: Hester, Mary, Robert & Matilda. Mary J. Roberts & Allen Roberts, her husband. Sarah Byers & Isaac Byers, her husband. Petition to sell real estate. Proof of Publication

1872 - Estate of Robert McWhirter. William White, Administrator. Inventory and sale bill."


16. Greene County Indiana - Index to Estates Etc. 1853 , Vol. 1, Clerk of Greene County Circuit and Superior Court, Greene County Courthouse, 1 W Main St., P.O. Box 229, Bloomfield, Indiana 47424. "Robert McWhirter Estate Pet to Sell May 1872 Box. 80 file 1; Robert McWhirter Estate Guardian Report

1874  Box. 89 file 2."


17. Cemeteries of Eastern Greene County, Indiana, Greene County Historical Society, Pg. 112. "Robert Mewhirter 1 Jan 1792 8 Jan 1872."


Robert Mewhirter的年谱

Pennsylvania or Ireland
Coshocton, Ohio
coshocton, Ohio
Coshocton, Ohio
Coshocton, Ohio
Taylor, Greene, IN, USA
Scotland, greene, Indiana
Scotland, Greene, Indiana
Scotland, Greene, Indiana