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1820 Settlers - Hayhurst's Party

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  • John Bradley, Jnr. (1799 - d.)
    1820 British Settler John Bradley 46, Brickmaker, together with his wife Mary Oxley 47, and 3 children, were members of Hayhurst's Party of 107 people on the Settler ship, John . Party originated f...
  • Henry Hudson (1778 - 1820)
  • James Cawood, b1 (1798 - 1876)
    1820 British Settler James Cawood 21, together with his parents and 9 siblings, were members of Hayhurst's Party of 107 people on the Settler ship, John . Party originated from Lancashire, England....
  • Samuel Cawood (1808 - 1887)
    "South Africa, Church of the Province of South Africa, Parish Registers, 1801-2004," images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 14 Jul 2014), South Africa > Cape of Good Hope > Grahamstown, Bathurst, St John th...
  • David Cawood, Snr, SV/PROG (1775 - 1832)
    1820 British Settler David Cawood 43, Woollen manufacturer, together with his Mary Smith 33, and their 10 children, were members of Hayhurst's Party of 107 people on the Settler ship, John . Party ...

Hayhurst's Party

1820 Settlers

Main Reference - The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence

Additional information at 1820

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Party Details

  • Leader Richard Hayhurst
  • Number 107
  • Area Party originated from Lancashire, England
  • Area Allocated to the Party Trappes Valley
  • 1820 Settler Ship


  • Dates
  • Departure Liverpool, 13 January 1820
  • Arrival Table Bay, Cape Town - 19 April 1820
  • Final Port Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth, May 1820

(Other parties on this voyage - Liversage, Mouncey, Stanley, Wainwright)

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 51 on the Colonial Department list, led by Richard Hayhurst of Liverpool, who described himself as a miner and cabinet maker. Hayhurst and Michael Whitley set themselves up as emigration agents in Liverpool, although with no official support or sanction, charging would-be emigrants a fee of £1 a head to 'register' their names with government. Their advertisements aroused suspicion and even indignation - one angry member of the public complained to the Colonial Department, 'They are no better than Swindlers, their office is a Public House' - but they served as a rallying point for northcountrymen who were unable to make up parties of their own, and they succeeded in organising a party of 34 men and their families. This was far short of their original aim of 100 families, who would have been entitled to their own chaplain in terms of the emigration scheme. The Rev William Boardman (who in the event emigrated as chaplain to Willson's party) was entered as chaplain in Hayhurst's early lists, but withdrew to join Willson's party when it became apparent that Hayhurst would not achieve the required number of settlers.

This was a joint-stock party, each man paying his own deposit with the exception of Hayhurst's servant Thomas Kidd. Many of the men had to sell their furniture and working looms to raise their deposit money, which suggests that a number of the 'farmers' in the party were in fact weavers by trade.

Michael Whitley did not accompany the party, but applied unsuccessfully in July 1820 for permission to take out a further 40 or 50 families who were 'anxiously awaiting an opportunity to follow their relatives and friends'.

The party sailed from Liverpool in the John on 13 January 1820 and reached Table Bay on 19 April and Algoa Bay during May. One of the emigrants, Henry Hudson, died on board the John before sailing; his widow went on to the Cape with the support of her nephew, James Robinson. The party's first location, named Trappes Valley after the Provisional Magistrate of Bathurst, proved inadequate, and further land was assigned to three separate divisions under Cawood and Griffiths, Murray, and Watson".

Members of Hayhurst's Party

[Bold links are to Geni profiles; other links are to other biographical notes]

John Bisset 40. Nurseryman.

Wife Ann 35.

John Bold 46, Clockmaker.

Wife Hannah Bold 46.


John Bradley 46. Brickmaker.

Wife Mary Oxley 47.

Children :

Samuel Buffrey 38. Farmer.

Wife Lucy 40.

David Cawood 43, Woollen manufacturer.

Wife Mary Smith 33.

Children :

George Clark 28, Tallow chandler.

Wife Elizabeth M Clark 22.

Children :

Andrew Counsel 40. Farmer.

Thomas Derbyshire 24. Gardener. (Later married Elizabeth Freemantle of Mahoney's Party.)

Robert Eccles 43. Musician

Thomas Eccles 37. Farmer and army pensioner.

Robert Foxcroft 38. Plasterer.

Wife Ann Cumberland 40.


Stephen Gradwell 20, Smith. (Later married Margaret Foxcroft of this Party).

William Gradwell 21, Smith. (Later married Elizabeth "Betty" Cawood of this Party)

William Griffiths 33, Master mariner.

Wife Ellen Griffiths 33.

Children :

Richard Halstead 36. Dyer.

Wife Ellen 21.

Children :

  • Thomas Caldecott 9
  • James Caldecott 4
  • Nancy Caldecott 2

Benjamin Hartley 36. Calico printer.

Wife Elizabeth 31.

Richard Hayhurst 39. Miner and cabinet maker. (Later married Elizabeth Toynbee of Rowles' Party.)

Wife - Ellen Wareing 38

Ellen Higham 13 (step-daughter of William Griffiths).

Margaret Higham 12 . (step-daughter of William Griffiths).

Henry Hudson who died on board before sailing.

Wife Mary Hudson 27. (Later married George Alexander Whitehead of Wainwright's Party)

Children :

Robert Kelbrick 21, Farmer. (Later married Sarah Cawood of this Party.)

James Kent 27, Household servant.

Wife Ellen Williamson 28.

Child :

Thomas Kidd 32. Grazier.

James Murray 40. Farmer.

Wife Mary 39.


John Oxley 25. Farmer.

Thomas Peel 24. Labourer.

Wife Mary 21.

James Robinson 21. Farmer.

Henry Sharples 21. Bricklayer.

Wife Mary 19.

Henry Stirzacker 40. Farmer.

Charles Tudor 19. Cordwainer.

Wife Bridget 28.


  • Edward 1.

John Walker 31, Farmer.

George Watson 33 Joiner.

Wife Jane Watson 31.

Children :

Main sources for party list

Return of settlers under the direction of Messrs Hayhurst and Whitley (Cape Archives CO 6138/2,39 : this is the London list and included John Pollard and his family who were replaced shortly before sailing by Richard Halstead and his family); Special Commissioner William Hayward's notes, giving the subdivisions of the party (Cape Archives CO 8542). No Agent of Transports' Return has been traced for the John, showing the state of the parties as they arrived at the Cape.

According to E Morse Jones a son, Ralph, was born at sea to the wife of James Murray. to
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