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1820 Settlers - Liversage's Party

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  • Thomas Venables (c.1811 - 1872)
    1820 BRITISH SETTLER Thomas Venables 8, together with his parents and 4 siblings, were members of Liversage's Party of 48 Settlers on the John . Party originated from Staffordshire, England. Depa...
  • Sarah Ennis (1805 - 1880)
    1820 BRITISH SETTLER Sarah Venables 13, together with her parents and 4 siblings, were members of Liversage's Party of 48 Settlers on the John . Party originated from Staffordshire, England. Depa...
  • John Payne (1818 - d.)
    1820 BRITISH SETTLER Thomas Payne 32, Bricklayer, together with his wife Sarah and 4 children, were members of Liversage's Party of 48 Settlers on the John . Party originated from Staffordshire, En...
  • Abraham Robinson, SV/PROG (bef.1797 - d.)
    1820 British Settler Abraham Robinson 24, Farmer, together with two children, were members of Liversage's Party of 48 Settlers on the John . Party originated from Staffordshire, England. Depart...
  • William Ford, SV/PROG (1789 - 1828)
    1820 Settler Departed 13 Jan 1820 Liverpool, Lancashire, England Liversage's party on the John 1820 Settler in Liversage's party

Liversage's Party

1820 Settlers

Main reference The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence

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Party Details

  • Leader Samuel Liversage
  • Number 48
  • Area Party originated from Staffordshire
  • Area Allocated to the Party Wilmot Vale on the Blaauwkrantz River

1820 Settler Ship John

  • Dates
  • Departure Liverpool, 13 January 1820
  • Arrival Table Bay, Cape Town - 19 April 1820
  • Final Port Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth, May 1820

(Other parties on this voyage - Hayhurst, Mouncey, Stanley, Wainwright.)

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 53 on the Colonial Department list, led by Samuel Liversage, a farmer of Burslem in Staffordshire. This was a joint-stock party whose members were artisans and labourers from the parish of Burslem. The Colonial Department was approached on their behalf by the Member of Parliament for Newcastle, WS Kinnersley, who recommended them as 'very likely to be desirable colonists'. Kinnersley confirmed that they had the requisite amount of money for their deposits and for 'tools and such necessaries as they are likely to want'. (It is not known whether any contribution was made by the parish.)

The party included a high proportion of young children; the only single man, James Bell, was engaged as a servant by Daniel Venables in Liverpool, to replace a man who deserted shortly before the transport sailed. Joseph Scott and Abraham Robinson were both widowers with children. Thomas Manley and his wife were entered in the original party list with seven children under the age of 14, but in the event emigrated with only three. Liversage gave a succinct explanation for this reduction in the number of Manley's family: 'Some are ded and is frends take the other'.

Deposits were paid for 11 men and the party sailed from Liverpool in the John on 13 February 1820. All three of William Ford's children died at sea. The John reached Table Bay on 19 April and Algoa Bay during May. The party ws located east of Grahamstown on the Blaauwkrantz River, and the location was named Wilmot Vale".

Members of Liversage's Party

[Bold links are to Geni profiles; other links are to other biographical notes]

James Bell (servant to Daniel Venables).

Charles Breezke 33. Clockmaker.

Note eGGSA - National Archives, Kew, CO48/67, 9 Name given as Breeze - also Breese National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 700 Newcastle, Staffordshire Nov 20th 1819. NAAIRS - 7 documents - fines/theft/receiving stolen goods/insolvency; SAF v4 - † Stellenbosch 5.5.1858 (72.10.2)

Wife Elizabeth 38.


  • Richard Breeze (4 weeks old in lists at eGGSA)

William Ford 30. Farmer.

Wife Hannah Robinson 27.


Richard Forrester 31, Wheelwright.

Wife Mary Pitt 30

Children :

Samuel Liversage 30, Farmer.

Wife Ann Liversedge 35.


Thomas Manley 35. Farmer.

Wife Margaret Robinson 30.


William Mountfort 33, Baker.

Wife Ann Mary Brookes 31.

Children :

Thomas Payne 32. Bricklayer.

Wife Sarah 33.


Abraham Robinson 25. Farmer.

Children :

Joseph Scott or Scoot 35. Miller.


  • Mary Scott 7,
  • Thomas Scott 6.

Daniel Venables 40, Bricklayer.

Wife Jane Hunt 37.

Children :

Main sources for party list

Return of settlers under the direction of Samuel Liversage (Cape Archives CO 6138/2,47); List of heads of families in Liversage's party (Cape Archives CO 158); Special Commissioner William Hayward's notes (Cape Archives CO 8543). No Agent of Transports' Return has been traced for the John, showing the state of the parties as they arrived at the Cape, but the presence in Albany of all 11 men of Liversage's party has been confirmed in colonial records. to
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