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1820 Settlers - Mouncey's Party

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  • James Mouncey (1808 - d.)
    1820 Settler in Mouncey's Party .----------------------------------------------- James Mouncey went to Natal in 1834 and in 1835 was appointed to the Town Committee for Durban. During that year he was ...
  • William Mouncey (1804 - d.)
    1820 Settler in Mouncey's Party .Register of Births and Baptisms at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Great Bridgewater Street in the parish of Manchester, Lancashire from 1801 to 1807 RG4 / Piece 885 /...
  • Lieutenant Henry Ogle, SV/PROG (c.1800 - 1860)
    Henry Ogle===See Ogle was born in Yorkshire in 1800. He was a mason by trade, and came to South Africa as an unmarried man, aboard the ship 'John' as a member of Charles Mouncey's party of 1820 settler...
  • Thomas Mouncey (1806 - d.)
    1820 Settler in Mouncey's Party .-----------------------------------------------May have died before 1820
  • Mary Carr (Pennington), SM/PROG (1786 - 1858)
    1820 British Settler= Mary Pennington 34, together with her husband Thomas Carr 35, Joiner, and their 2 daughters, were members of Charles Mouncey's Party of 41 Settlers on the Settler ship John .Party...

Mouncey's Party

1820 Settlers

Main Reference - The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence
and Mouncey's Party - Return of Settlers

Additional information 1820

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Party Details

  • Leader Charles Mouncey
  • Number 41 + 2 not on list (Mouncey children)
  • Area Party originated from Yorkshire
  • Area Allocated to the Party Lynedoch and Kap Rivers. Their location in Lower Albany was named Wentworth Park.
  • 1820 Settler Ship


  • Dates
  • Departure Liverpool, 13 January 1820
  • Arrival Table Bay, Cape Town - 19 April 1820
  • Final Port Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth, May 1820

(Other parties on this voyage - Hayhurst, Liversage, Stanley, Wainwright.)

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 32 on the Colonial Department list, led by Charles Mouncey, a wholesale merchant of Wain Gate, Sjheffield, Yorkshire. This was a mixed party; Mouncey pain the deposits for his own family and five servants, ands the other six men men were 'free settlers' and not bound by any service agreement. The deposit for Samuel Shillito, his son Thomas and son-in-law George Carlisle were paid by the Earl of Fitzwilliam, whose family seat, Wentworth Woodhouse, was at Rotherham near Sheffield. The party was recruited in Sheffield and embarked at Liverpool in the transport John. Mouncey had difficulty in making up the numbers of his party at the last minute; George Carr, Thomas Shillito, Ogle and Fox were all late replacements for men who had dropped out. The special consent of the Colonial Department had to be obtained before the Agent of Transports would permit Fox to go on board, as he was considered to be less than able-bodied. Mountcey gave his assurance, however, that Fox was healthy and active in spite of being 'a little deformed'.

Deposits were paid for 12 men, and the John sailed from Liverpool on 13 January 1820, reaching Table bay on 19 April and Algoa bay some time in May. The party's location, between the Lynedoch and Kap Rivers, was named Wentworth Park.

In 1824 Mouncey informed Special Commissioner William Hayward that five men of the party, including the older and younger Shillito and George Carlisle, had returned to England, and that four others intended to do so".

Members of Mouncey's Party

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George Carlisle 22. Cutler.

Wife Hannah 22.

  • Mary 1

George Carr 28. Caddy Maker

Thomas Carr 35, Joiner.

Wife Mary Pennington 34
Children :

William Fox 34. Tailor and habit-maker

William Guest 26. Farmer.

Child :

Joseph Hewson 21. Labourer.

Wife Elizabeth 20.

  • Charles 2.

Charles Mouncey 40. Farmer.

Wife Sarah Mellor 39

  • The following children have been identified - not all on the Settler list
  • William chr. 3 Jun 1804 Great Bridgwater Street Wesleyan, Manchester, Lancashire
  • James chr. 13 Sep 1808 Brunswick and Park Chapels Norfolk Street-Wesleyan, Sheffield, Yorkshire

Henry Ogle 20. Mason

Samuel Shillito 39. Sawyer.

Wife Isabella 40.

  • Samuel Shillito 13
  • Tabitha Shillito 10

William South 39. Farmer.

Wife Lydia 40.

  • Mary 8

William Taylor 39. Button-turner.


  • Ann 6.

Main source for party list

Return of settlers under the direction of Charles Mouncey (Cape Archives CO 6138/1,92). This is the list as compiled by the Agent of Transports at Liverpool, 27 December 1819. No Agent of Transports' Return has been traced for the John showing the state of the parties as they arrived at the cape, but Colonial records confirm the presence in Albany of all the men of the party except William Guest, who must have disembarked at the Cape. to
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ANONYMOUS re MOUNCEY's Party, 1820 Settlers

National Archives, Kew CO48/41, 155

Sheffield, Nov 9th 1819


I am a man that has been allowed to read the newspaper and it expresses that they shall be able boddied individuals that goes to the Cape of Good Hope. Sir, I have to inform you that Charles MOUNTCEY is the unfitest man that ever I saw, I think he is as bad of an Asmecomplain as ever I saw one. More over than this it breaks the sircaler and all articals. Sir there is a wors thing than all beside them that has got 3 children he placed them with others to cheat the deposit money. I believe He imself has eather 5 or 6 children and he only pays for 2 of them and the poor man that is going along with im he makes them pay thare own deposits and the poor creatours has been to solicit thair friends and sould thair firniture and some has raised all the money and some 5 or 6 pounds and he promises them thire land when thay land on the colleny and thay have nothing to show for thaire money. Sir I ham shure sum of them nevr can reach the ship because they have no money to help them. Sir the reason why the mony did not com to you sooner the poor man was distres in themselvs for to raise it and I believe he donot caire. If all men faile he thinks he shall get all thire money imself and he imself is holed up til the letter come to fech them by reason of rits been out against im for Det. This I was tould by sum of the party. I hear is sum of the men wich carractures is [obscured] and very creddible. Sir if you for firther inform you may right eather to Sam'l SHILLITO or to Thos. CARR or Geo CARLILE or Geo FIELS or any other you think proper. Sir, those lines has com from a friend and welwisher of is King and Cuntry, near Sheffield.

[note on back of letter: anonymous, respecting Mr. Chas. MOUNCEY, the head of a party of settlers]

The 1820 Settler Correspondence - Charles Mouncey

Transcriptions: 1845 Proclamation on Subdivision of Settler Lands

From the Supplement to The Graham's Town Journal, March 27th 1845

Transcribed from the original at the National Archives in London (CO53/15) by Sue Mackay


by His Excellency Lieut.General Sir Peregrine MAITLAND, Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath, of the Royal Military Order of William of the Netherlands, and of the Imperial Order of St.Waldimir of Russia, Colonel of Her Majesty's 17th Regiment of Foot, Governor and Commander in Chief of Her Majesty's Castle, Town and Settlement of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and of the Territories and Dependencies thereof, and Ordinary and Vice Admiral of the same, Commanding the Forces &c &c.

Whereas it is enacted by Ordinance No.15 1844, bearing date the 28th day of August, and entitled "An Ordinance to provide for the enregisterment in the Land Register of the Colony of certain Sub-divisions of the Locations and Extensions of the Settlers of 1820" that it shall and may be lawful for the Governor of this Colony to publish by Proclamation in the Government Gazette and in some one or more of such newspapers as shall be published in Graham's Town, the names of such persons as shall, after due investigation, be recommended by the Board of Commissioners for Lands as the persons entitled to receive Grants of the aforesaid Sub-divisions of the Locations, together with a description of the said Sub-divisions, and also the particulars of all such Grants or original Locations and other Lands as it may be necessary to cancel, by reasons of portions thereof being included in such aforesaid Subdivisions, and thereupon to proclaim that unless objections showing cause to the contrary be lodged in writing at the office of the Secretary to Government in Cape Town, within six weeks from the day on which such Proclamations shall last be published, the Title Deeds therein mentioned will be cancelled, and the Subdivisions aforesaid granted accordingly.

And whereas the said Board of Commissioners for Lands have recommended the following parties as the persons entitled to receive Grants of the Subdivisions undermentioned, respectively, viz.:


In MOUNCEY's Party

1st Joseph HEWSON, 88 morgen, being the portion surveyed for him.

2nd Joseph HEWSON, 88 morgen, being the portion surveyed for William TAYLOR and by him ceded to the said Joseph HEWSON

3rd Charles MOUNCEY, 344 morgen, being the portion surveyed for him

4th Lydia SOUTH, 118 morgen, being the portion surveyed for the late William SOUTH, who bequeathed the whole of his property to his wife the said Lydia SOUTH, by will dated 27th December 1828.

5th Thomas William HEWSON, 166 morgen, being the portion surveyed for him, being the shares of George CARR and Thomas CARR, who sold to William OWEN, who sold to the said Thomas William HEWSON.

And whereas the said Board of Commissioners for Lands have reported that it is necessary to cancel the undermentioned title deed by reason of portions thereof being included in the aforesaid subdivisions in MOUNCEY's party, viz:

The grant made on quitrent to Mr. Charles MOUNCEY, dated the 20th November 1823, of 602 morgen and 52 square roods of land in the District of Albany, being the extent allotted to Mr. Charles MOUNCEY and party of Settlers.

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