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Anarchy, Anarchism, and Anarchists

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  • Witold Brzostek (1885 - 1919)
    Witold Brzostek - a Polish anarchist, who subsequently took an active part in the anti-Bolshevik underground activities of anarchists.
  • Maria Hryhorivna Nikiforova (1885 - 1919)
    Maria Hryhorivna Nikiforova (Ukrainian: Марія Григорівна Нікіфорова; 1885–1919) was a Ukrainian anarchist partisan leader that led the Black Guards during the Ukrainian War of Independence, becoming wi...
  • Public domain photo by unknown photographer. Via Wikimedia Commons at
    Albert Jay Nock (1870 - 1945)
    Albert Jay Nock was an American libertarian author, editor first of The Freeman and then The Nation , educational theorist, Georgist, and social critic of the early and middle 20th century. He was an o...
  • William Batchelder Greene (1819 - 1878)
    William Batchelder Greene was an individualist anarchist, Unitarian minister, soldier, promoter of free banking in the United States, and member of the First International. Wikipedia: William Batch...
  • Stephen Pearl Andrews (1812 - 1886)
    Stephen Pearl Andrews, lawyer, abolitionist, and education innovator, the son of Elisha and Ann (Lathrop) Andrews, was born on March 22, 1812, at Templeton, Massachusetts, the youngest of eight childre...

A Geni project with the goal to promote research and present those involved in the anarchist movement.
All those who want to improve those profiles are welcome here, it is by no means limited to anarchist participants.

Well known anarchists


  • Pyotr Arshinov












  • Rudolf Rocker






Other anarchist projects


  • Anarcho-terrorism and Propaganda by Deed
  • Anarcho-communism
  • Anarcho-syndicalism
  • Individualist anarchism
  • Anarchism without adjectives

Anarchist groups and "fellow traveler" organisations

  • Bogomils
  • International Brigades (Abraham Lincoln Brigade)
  • Anarchist Black Cross (to do)
  • antifa (to do)
  • Anti-Racist Action (to do)
  • CNT (to do)
  • IWW (to do)
  • IWA / First International (to do)
  • Solidarity Federation (to do)
  • Zabalaza Federation (to do)
  • Animal LIberation Front (to do)
  • Earth Liberation Front (to do)
  • Earth First! (to do)
  • Black Bloc (to do)

Anarchist territories, communities, large-scale experiements, rebellions as well as repressions of anarchists

Sister projects

To-do list

  1. Create profiles for well-known anarchists
  2. Update already existing profiles to include timeline of notable events about life and political activity
  3. Upload freely licenced media from Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia: photos and drawings, documents
  4. Set up separate projects to coordinate notable groups and events in anarchist history
  5. Set up projects dealing with the submovements of the anarchist movement: anarchafeminism, green anarchism, eco-anarchism, antifa, etc.