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Champions of Liberty - Olive Branches

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  • Bartolomé Antonio de La Concepcion Salom Borjes, General en Jefe (1780 - 1863)
    General en Jefe Bartolomé Salom Borges General en Jefe de los ejércitos de la República. Quien les presenta estas páginas de contenido bolivariano, ha querido explícitamente colocar entre ell...
  • Juan Guillermo Iribarren Chaquea, General de Brigada (1797 - 1828)
    Juan Guillermo Iribarren y Chaquea (Araure, 1797- ibídem, 1827) fue un patriota y general de la Independencia de Venezuela. Nacido en la Villa de Araure el 25 de marzo de 1797, siendo el segundo hijo d...
  • Tte. Cnel. Jose Francisco Jimenéz, Procer (c.1795 - d.)
    Tte. Cnel. Jose Francisco JIMENÉZ, Procer (1795- 1830 ?) Don Jose Francisco JIMENÉZ, Procer, por su valentía y gran coraje tuvo el privilegio de formar parte de los 150 valientes que combatieron en l...
  • Tte. Cnel. Juan GALEA, Procer (1795 - d.)
    Tte. Cnel. Juan Galea (1795- ??) Sabemos que fue el encargado de quedar cuidando los predios de San Fernando de Apure, luego que em 1818 Paez envia a Ramon Nonato Perez como reo con el Capitan Maldon...

This project, regardless of the race, sex or religious beliefs centers on the individual's very particular essence to carry out what's proper or good for their own kind, no matter what it may take in physical resource (s) or at what personal expense, suffering and/or toil.

It is basically aimed to gather and pay homage to a select group of individuals that, throughout history, have shaped their century's course of events (in their own turf or internationally) in a significant (positive way), and succeeded in "planting" the idea... which is what will live beyond "the man", long after he has physically disappeared from the face of the earth.

In a way it is a group engulfing that of the "Dissident Freedom Activists Worldwide" , but for people that have specifically challenged (or are challenging) a system, with courage and determination, not always succeeding in bringing the ship to safe harbor, but at least doing what they believe is right in the name of Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Human Rights and Environmental Awareness.

I'd like this portal to include: Freedom of Speech (1st Amendment) Advocates (Press, Journalists, Writers, etc.); Inventors (who have put their inventions and scientific life-discoveries to good use, or who have seen their brain-child's potential danger of being misused and warned the appropriate authorities on time); Natural Philanthropists (Pure Scientists, Mathematicians, Natural Scientists, Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, Anthropologists, Entomologists) who have defended the(ir) Natural Habitat from Extinction (Fauna and Flora); Artists, Actors, Film and Documentary Makers Raising Awareness of These Problems (thus directly protecting the basic rights of the animals and plants to exist, and indirectly protecting our own !); Politicians and Human Rights-Advocates; Minority and ill-Represented group champions who suffer (or have suffered) incredible breach of privacy and in many cases defamation as well as physical assault by violent perpetrators who try to silence them- by exercising fear, playing at eroding their patience or in some cases, simply plain-ignoring their pleas for Justice. Climate Change Advocates of any walk of life: scientists, politicians, laymen alike; Military as well as Clergy Men (who always have power to start with, but don't use it until perhaps it is too late); Students, Civil Rights Leaders, Poets and Thinkers who have taken the call at the right time at the smack dab moment in History.

"The cause of freedom is always the cause of God." William Lisle Bowles: (letter to Edmund Burke)

Project Created on February 23rd, 2019 by Pedro L. Baldo D. ARR.