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Julia Presslaff MP (1896 - 1982)


Paul Tyson: "My grandmother, Julia Neuman Presslaff, Cheva's granddaughter cared very deeply about family. Very deeply. She also said the Jacobowitzs were Sephadic and originally from Spain. " February...

4/14/2010 2/11/2013

Sylvia Spilky MP (1897 - 1947)

12/18/2008 1/22/2013

Mollie Jacobowitz MP (1874 - 1949)

11/4/2008 1/22/2013

Esther Ackerman MP (1897 - 1987)

Esther Ackerman SSDI Birth: Oct 19 1897 Death: Apr 1987 Last residence: Jersey City, New Jersey 07305, USA Residence code: 31

10/29/2008 1/22/2013

Fannie Jacobowitz MP (1895 - 1973)

"Fanny", "Fannie"

About her parents: "Aaron wasn't often invited socially, except at these special events, but Pop (Elias) always kept in touch with him and his family, occasionally visiting them, and always, I am so gl...

10/29/2008 1/22/2013

Miriam Jacobowitz MP (1893 - 1894)

Is this Miriam / Mary Jacobowitz? New Jersey, Deaths and Burials Index, 1798-1971 about Mary Jacobowitz Name: Mary Jacobowitz Birth Date: abt 1893 Birth Place: United States Death Date: 20 Aug 1894 D...

10/29/2008 1/22/2013

Bernath Jacobowitz MP (1848 - 1914)

We don't have documentation of his death. The index to his citizenship papers says he was born Aug. 26, 1868. Do you think that should be Aug. 26, 1848? Where did the 1848 year come from? JAKOBOVIT...

12/23/2007 1/22/2013

Chava Sofie Jacobowitz MP (1844 - 1904)


4/13/2008 1/22/2013

Aaron Jakubovits MP (c.1807 - 1870)

"Aron", "Jacobowitz"

1848 Conscriptio Judaeorum (Jewish Census) for Szobrancz lists JAKUBOVICS Aron, 41, born Vajnatina, with wife NEUMAN Fani, 34, and children Nahum, 13, Hersko, 11, Hani, 8, Zsuszi, 6, Ester, 3, and Fark...

4/13/2008 1/22/2013

Cecile Jennie Treuhaft MP (1883 - 1953)


@1892 "Papa (Josef Kreinik) lost the last house, and we moved back to the East Side in New York. I attended school on Broome St., and there met Jennie Jacobowitz, (yes, your aunt) and Fanny Semel. We...

9/9/2007 1/22/2013

Max Jacobowitz MP (1876 - 1949)

"Mayer ben Zev"

From "Three Score and a Dozen" by Milton Jacobowitz, August 16, 1949. "Max Jacobowitz, was born Mayer ben Zev, in Zamplain Medyon (Austria Hungary) on March 28, 1877, to Wolf Jacobowitz and to a moth...

10/21/2008 1/22/2013

Morris A Jacobowitz MP (1873 - 1943)

"Mosharia", "Aryeh"

November 18, 2011, phone conversation between David and Walter. David sent Walter Milton's tribute to Max and Walter had never seen it. But he said that his grandfather Morris had worked for Max. Morri...

10/21/2008 1/22/2013

Aaron Jacobowitz MP (1870 - 1939)

"Aaron wasn't often invited socially, except at these special events, but Pop (Elias) always kept in touch with him and his family, occasionally visiting them, and always, I am so glad to remember, wit...

10/21/2008 1/22/2013

Tillie Diamond MP (1867 - 1960)


Marleen Barr, Tillie's great-grandaughter writes (9/4/2012) "I am in a little bit of a shock because I have lived my whole life not knowing that Tillie was even named Jacobowitz. I remember Tillie ...

1/26/2009 1/22/2013

Elias Jacobowitz MP (1879 - 1961)

"Poppop", "Pop-pop", "Pop", "Eli"

Leah Kreinik Jacobowitz wrote, ' Pop had a running fight with Mayor "I am the law" Haig. Pop wrote letters to the editor and stood up for civility. He rented Fairmount Hall to Norman Thomas, the social...

5/1/2008 1/22/2013

Norman B Jacobowitz MP (1912 - 1985)

"Nachman ben Elijahu"

He would have been 100 this August 6, 2012. Norman Jacobowitz SSDI === Birth: Aug 6 1912 Death: Feb 1985 Last residence: San Diego, California 92128, USA Residence code: 05 = Norman B Jacobowitz...

7/17/2007 1/22/2013

Kuba Jacobowicz MP (1898 - 1944)

Vera Jakubovics: "By the way Jakubovics Kuba was married to my mother relative, unfortunately I was too young and did ask enough questions about this relation, just remember that my parents found out t...

4/2/2008 1/22/2013

Milton Isaac Jacobi MP (1886 - 1950)


Was a shop teacher in P.S. 149 in Brooklyn Arnold Jacoby: My dear mother (Esther Klein Jacobowitz) -- I know little of her early life. She must have gone to a Hebrew school probably a cheder in Homm...

4/17/2008 1/22/2013

Wolf Farkas Jacobowitz MP (1845 - 1914)

"זאב‬ Ze'ev", "Farkas", "Wulfe"

Wolf is the root of the Ashkenazic last names Wolfson, Wouk, and Volkovich. The wolf was the symbol of the tribe of Benjamin. People named after Wolf: Wilfred (Billy) Jacobowitz, Miriam's brother w...

4/13/2008 1/22/2013

Fancsi Jacobowitz MP (1872 - 1944)

"Fanny", "Fanchie", "Fancsi-Mama", "Fantschi", "Fannie"

David Jacobowitz put in a request to the International Tracing Service through the US Holocaust Museum for records of her death in the camps. DWJ, September 28, 2012. Vera Eigner's Yad Vashem Testimo...

4/11/2008 1/11/2013

Esti Klein MP (c.1850 - 1903)

"Esti", "Ester", "JAKOBOVITS"

Jiri Jacobowitz has some e-mails received from Kovács Lewis and I was surprised with an e-mail dated November 10, 2005. I will reduce (summarize) his message; Kovac Lewis reports: JACOBOWITZ, ESTHER - ...

12/23/2007 1/10/2013