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Image Library - Images relevant to South African Profiles

Project Aim

  • To encourage the use of profile images that depict the person.
  • To encourage contribution of creative profile images and their use on relevant profiles. (Please upload or tag images to this project.)
  • To discuss and replace generic images which do not accurately depict the purported profile.

In many cases a suitable profile photograph, painting or sculpture does not exist. In those cases there are many other alternative options including: (Ranked in order of preference)

  1. The persons image on a coin, banknote or a stamp.
  2. The person's gravestone.
  3. The person's residence.
  4. The person's signature.
  5. A personal belonging of the person.
  6. A primary source document like a birth or death certificate of the person.
  7. A photo of the cemetery the person is buried in. (if the person didn't have a headstone).
  8. The specific ship or sailing vessel used by an immigrant.
  9. A Historical Society Marker relating to the profile.
  10. A GENi project image. Some profile category projects have a custom project "Icon" designed specifically as a profile image, for profiles that don't yet have a better image available for them. Narrow category projects being ranked higher than general category projects. (Note: overly generic project themes are not helpful.)
  11. Where it is known that a person died young and thus would not have children, a "Died Young" image may be useful to minimize incorrect merging. Text only "Died Young" images work for English speaking users and should be avoided.
  12. Creative and genealogically logical submissions are welcome! but avoid idiosyncratic images.

Profile Images ‧ Guidelines start_page/3steps-matches.png

Profile Image Etiquette

  • You are encouraged to replace low ranked images with higher ranked images when available.
  • You DO need permission replacing OR applying generic images on a wide scale (more than 5)... not only from the profile managers but also from other users active in that part of the tree. This can be done though public discussions or personal messages.
  • Do not use profile images as a personal marker system to "tag" profiles you have worked on or added sources to..

Category Ideas (Input welcome) icn_collaborator_both_14.gif

Historical Markers icn_photos_video.gif

  • Generic
    • SV Prog (Stamvader Progenitor)
    • SM Prog (Stammoeder Progenitor)
    • Progenitor
    • Matriach
  • Specific
    • VOC SV Prog
    • VOC SM Prog
    • VOC Progenitor
    • VOC Matriach
    • Slave SV Prog
    • Slave SM Prog
    • Slave Progenitor
    • Slave Matriach
    • Slave Owner Progenitor
    • Slave Owner
    • Huguenot SV Prog
    • Huguenot SM Prog
    • Huguenot Progenitor
    • Huguenot Matriach
    • 1820 Settler SV Prog
    • 1820 Settler SM Prog
    • 1820 Settler Progenitor
    • 1820 Settler Matriach
  • Voortrekker
  • Anglo Boer War
    • ABW Veteran
    • ABW POW
    • ABW Casualty
    • Concentration camp casualty
  • Immigrant origin

Occupation Markers icn_photos_video.gif

  • Boer/Farmer
  • Soldier
  • Sailor
  • Miner
  • Prospector
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Blacksmith
  • Transport rider
  • Saddle maker

Generic Tree Markers icn_photos_video.gif

  • Died Young (Christian)
  • Died Young (religion unknown)
  • No Issue
  • End of Line

Temporary Markers icn_photos_video.gif (To be used to show the profiles research status and until a more appropriate image is found)

  • Under Review
  • Research Needed (brickwalls)
  • Discrepancies noted

Do Not Use:

  • Any picture or image that breaks the TOS = Terms of Service of GENI.
  • Any picture not documented with honest COPYRIGHT's claim's. ©
  • Any pictures which contain a Registered Trademark; use of such images requires the explicit permission from the owner of that trademark.

How to Tag an image

Where you have an image which you would like to use repeatedly for many Profiles you do not need to to load the image over and over again. You can tag a profile to an image once you have loaded it.

  1. Upload the image into your albums, or add it to a profile
  2. When you wish to use the same image for another profile open the "media tab" on that profile page
  3. Click on the "Add photo" or "Click here to upload photos" link
  4. At the next window select "browse your albums"
  5. Open the album housing the image you wish to use
  6. Select the required image by ticking the box on the image you want
  7.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Add Photos"
  8.  You will return to the profile page with image in situ.
  9. If this is not the first image loaded to the profile and you need it to be the profile photo, click the image under media and set it as the profile image.


  1. Open the image in your photo albums (under Family drop down menu)
  2. The first heading under the image is "In this Photo" - with names and at the end of the list "edit" - click edit
  3. Type the name of the person you wish to tag into the window and select the appropriate person that comes up from the list. If none comes up with the search more tool copy the number only found at the end of the profile address/url and paste that into the box. If the search more box is not offered add a space after the number and press return. Then select the correct name that is offered and press return. Note where you have reached a profile from another linked to it the last number in the address is not the profile number - it will be preceded by "?through=" xxxx which is the profile you have come from. The correct number for the profile is immediately before this.

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