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Hungarian Coffee Corner

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  • Sigfrid Brachfeld (1830 - 1907)
    (1) Wedding record 743: (2) LUDASI, Samu (age 33, b. Szekes-Fehervar) son of Jakab Gansl & Rozalia (Krausz) married BRACHFELD, Adel (age 24, b. Pest) daughter of Szigfrid Brachfeld & Leonora (LIEBNER...
  • Clarisse Loxton-Peacock - Lady Dunnett (1914 - 2004)
    DOB May 7 1915 according to 1939 census
  • Rabbi Milton Schlager (1925 - 2011)
    My father was a rabbi in 1947 he was in Israel he helped out in the war. He was there when Israel became a state! My father and his brother both went to study under a man named Victor Miller at a Yes...
  • Dr. Peter Friedmann (1846 - 1919)
  • Aladár (Vladimir) Leimdörfer (1877 - 1936)
    LEIMDORFFER, Aladar (b. 27-Jul-1877, Pest). Parents: Jakab Leimdorfer & Julia ENGEL. Birth Record: Budapest / 162-04 (Local Gov't, Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun). Note: Father b. Uj-Szony / Mother b. Gyor. So...

Kávéház (magyar=Hungarian Coffee=Kávé,Kávéház Corner=sarok)

  • " Hey, what's this coffee corner project all about?" - "Mi ez a Hungarian Coffee Corner Project? Mit tudnek en hozni ehez?"

Coffee is a place where we can have a chat... or more. About anything. It would be nice if you and others would exchange thoughts there too. Preferably about Hungary and Hungarians but we know that things and persons are related...... Ez egy hely bárminek a megbeszélésére, hozzál témákat, kérdéseket, válaszokat!

Place to meet & great geni-users, to co-operate. col-laborate & com-memorate to find & research

it is a place to discuss anything, pl / e.g.

aktualitások - actualities
to chat about Hungary, politics


közös Ősök, családfa - kapcsolódások - mutual ancestry

Érdekes emberek, családok - interesting people and fanilies

Places in Hungary

Kávéház és Irodalom - literature in Coffee haus
Bridge - (Bridzs)
Chess belongs to coffee corner - it is to be found in a separate Chess Corner /Sakkkör
Music corner - Astoria Cafe - "Ki nyer ma?"
  • play the violin, brother?
  • and sister, how about some backing vocals?
kérdések, javaslatok - questions, suggestions
  • stb - etc

Bátran Kapcsolódj be! Feel FREE to ask membership, for this place is to get in touch with some other to develop better genealogy in Geni and help each other to find more mutual brothers & sisters in foreign archives a/o explore projects....

Kávéház (magyar=Hungarian Coffee Corner)

  • Place to meet & greet other geni-users to co-operate & collaborate to find & research
    • Kávéház és Irodalom - literature in Coffee haus
      • The Best Historical Coffeehouses of Budapest
        • New York (Hungaria)****Central Kávéház
        • „Kávéház nélkül nincs irodalom” – mondta Márai Sándor, 20. századi magyar írónk, aki maga is gyakorta megfordult, és inspirálódott, alkotott a New York Kávéház történelmi épületében. A magyar irodalom és a Kávéház történelme a kezdetektől egybeforrt. A páratlan szépségű New York Kávéház számos magyar költőnket megihlette köztük Kosztolányi Dezsőt is.
          • Regular guests of Centrál Kávéház were e.g. Kálmán Mikszáth, Sándor Bródy, Dezső Szomory, Attila Szemere, Géza Gárdonyi, Gyula Krúdy, Jenő Heltai and Ignotius. The famous paper, which started a kind of intellectual revolution, had a regular table twice here. From 1908 to 1916, every week the likes of , Dezső Kosztolányi, Frigyes Karinthy, Ferenc Molnár and Mihály Babits sat down next to each other and fougth their own intellectual duels. Karinthy has discovered the first signs of his brain tumor while sitting here, and sketched the first draft of A Journey Round My Skull when he returned after his operation to his table in Centrál Kávéház. From 1920 – at the time of the second regular table – returning guests were Árpád Tóth, Zsigmond Móricz, Lőrinc Szabó, but Attila József and Géza Ottlik as well.
        • Hadik Kávéház operated as one of the intellectual centres of Budapest at its time. Opened in 1906, the place received its current name in 1922, from the nearby Hadik barracks. his is the time, when under its new owner, Adolf Kaiser, the coffeehouse’s heyday started. In the 1920s the walls of Hadik saw the figures of Dezső Kosztolányi, Zsigmond Móricz, Árpád Tóth, Milán Füst, Lajos Nagy and Tibor Déry as well, but the most legendary regular was Frigyes Karinthy and his wife, Aranka Böhm.
        • Pilvax Kávéház The legendary revolutionary coffeehouse opened its doors in 1838, originally run by the name Café Renaissance. Its first owner was Ferenc Privorsky. It started operating as Pilvax in the 1840s (it was named after its owner at the time), and soon became one of the most favourite downtown cafés of the Pest youths. This is where the Young Hungary and the Society of Ten were formed, the latter’s most famous member being Sándor Petőfi, who had spent his breakfasts here every morning – many times in the company of Pál Vásárhelyi and János Vajda. The radical boys of Pest got used to the place so much, that in March 1848 they’ve decided here, that they will break out a revolution: they composed their 12 points of the Hungarian Revolutionairies of 1848 sitting by one of the tables of Pilvax, and supposedly Petőfi recited the Nemzeti Dal (‘National Song’) here, for the first time ever. Since 15 March 1848 until that year’s August, the café was named Revolutionary Hall.
    • Sakk - chess
    • Music corner - Astoria Cafe
    • Érdekes emberek - interesting people
    • kérdések, javaslatok - questions, suggestions
    • közös Ősök, családfa - kapcsolódások - mutual ancestry
    • stb - etc

Bátran Kapcsolódj be! Feel FREE to ask membership, for this place is to get in touch with each other to develop better genealogy in Geni and help each other to find archives a/o explore projects....