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Samuel Jones MP (deceased)

Soldier In The Militia During King Philips War. Awarded Narragansetts No7 Land Grant #9

8/14/2011 8/14/2012

4/10/2009 8/14/2012

George Brown MP (1651 - 1721)

The will of George Brown of Eastham, yeoman, dated 29 June 1721, mentioned "All my sons and daughters" and specifically mentioned wife Mehitable, sons William, James and George Brown, and daughter Merc...

6/17/2008 8/13/2012

Jonathan Crowell MP (c.1671 - c.1715)

"John Crow"

General Notes: From Andrea Crowell: ............For those interested in early English Crowells on Cape Cod.......... "Who was the wife of John Crowell, grandson of the immigrant John? She's frequen...

8/17/2007 8/13/2012

Daniel Baker MP (1650 - c.1715)

Certifed Marriage Record added From E. nickerson. Gr. grandson. // Be very careful if merging with this profile. Others lines with same-named individuals exist in the Family Tree! --- Marched with ...

2/13/2007 8/13/2012

William Baker MP (1655 - bef.1727)

From Sally Thomas: William 2, Youngest son of Francis (b. 1611) in Eng. and Isobel Twining resided at Yarmouth. He served in King Philip’s War. He married first Mary Pierce, sister ...

2/13/2007 8/13/2012

John Chase, of Yarmouth MP (1649 - 1684)

Added by Elwin C Nickerson about my Great Grandfather -Marched with other Men of Yarmouth on Mount Hope in 1675 Expedition. /King Philip's War, 1675. (ref: NEHGR Jan 1933, pg 52 John CHASE (AFN:G6TW...

2/13/2007 8/13/2012

Josiah Cooke, Jr. MP (1645 - 1731)


Josiah Cooke (Cook) Jr 1 was born in 1645 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts. He died on 31 Jan 1732 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Family parents: Josiah Cooke born in 1610 in Leyden, ...

7/30/2007 8/13/2012

Thomas Mulford MP (1640 - 1706)

Child of Judge John Mulford and Anne Sparkes: 1.Thomas Mulford was born about 1640, of Eastham, Cape Cod, Plymouth Colony to Judge John Mulford (1604-1686) and Anne Sparkes (1614- .) He married (1) *...

8/20/2008 8/13/2012

Samuel Atkins MP (1679 - c.1768)

Ref: MH Family Tree record

10/7/2008 8/13/2012

John Phinney, II MP (1638 - 1718)

"John Phinney", "Jr."

John Phinney Jr. was the son of John Sr. and Christina Phinney. This John, Sr, with his brother Robert, sister Catherine and mother arrived from England prior to 1639. John Jr. was the founder of the...

3/31/2007 8/12/2012

Joseph Bearse MP (1651 - 1728)

Recruited to Fight in The Great Swamp Fight - 1/2 blood Wampanoag Indian from his mother- December-1675-Served Under Captain John Gorham which he died in the return trip-( Later Known as Sons John Gorh...

7/3/2008 8/12/2012

Captain John Knowles MP (1640 - 1675)

"Captain John Knowles"

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson about my Ancestor.Family Records. Killed by Indians in Defense of Taunton , Massachusetts during the King Philip War. Orderd in to Service with others From Eastham , Barnsta...

7/2/2008 8/12/2012

Joseph Harding, Jr. MP (1628 - 1687)

ttps:// Plymouth Colony, its history & people, 1620-1691 By Eugene Aubrey Stratton Pg. 297

7/30/2007 8/12/2012

James Maker, Sr. MP (c.1660 - 1731)

Added by Elwin Nickerson II about my Great Grandfather: Notes for RACHEL: Of the Wampanoag Tribe. Grantee Lot 6-Gorham , Maine. NOBODY ever took advantage of this Grant. WHY I wonder!!!!!!! Is it Perha...

2/24/2008 8/12/2012