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Landed Gentry at the Cape of Good Hope 1825

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This project includes the members of the landed gentry at the Cape in the year 1825. The list of individuals have been sourced from the Records of the Cape Colony - Letters to Lord Charles Somerset.

Alexander van Breda (Boshoff, Newlands)

D.G. Van Reenen (Rhenoster Fontein)

E. Buyskes (Onderschuur, Cape District)

W. Versfeld (Klaasenbosch, Wynberg, Cape District)

J.J. Kotze (Blaauwberg, Cape District)

F.J. Becker (Goed Geloof, Cape District)

Joseph Barry (Port Beaufort)

Thomas Frederik Dreyer (Alphen, Cape District)

W.F. Van Reede van Oudtshoorn (Witteboomen, Cape District)

J.P. Cloete (Great Constantia, Cape District)

J. N. Colyn (Constantia, Cape District)

J.G. Cloete (Little Constantia, Cape District)

R.A.M. Cloete (Buiten Verwagting)

Daniel Russouw (Steenberg)

Petrus Michiel Eksteen (Tokai, Cape District)

Izaak Van Reenen, S.B.z. (Witteboomen, Cape District)

J. Van Reede van Oudtshoorn (New Constantia, Cape District)

Hendrik Oostwald Eksteen (Bergvliet, Cape District)

D.G. Eksteen (Kirstenbosch, Cape District)

H. Cloete, Rson (Mount Pleasant, Cape District)

J.P.L. Cloete (Westervoord, Cape District)

J.P. De Villiers, Json (Libertas, Stellenbosch District)

J.G. Munnik (The Hope at Rondebosch)

H.Cloete, Hson (Eklenburg, Rondebosch, Cape District)

J.W. Eksteen (Zorgvliet, Cape District)

W.A. Van Schoor (Rondebosch)

J.R. Louw (Soeten Inval at the Paarl)

J.W. Lutgens (Molenvliet)

W. Duckitt (Orange Fountain, Cape District)

J. Van Reenen (Ganzekraal, Cape District)

J.G. Franke van Reenen (Kammelks Fountain, Cape District)

T. Van Schalkwyk (Papkuilsfontein)

Dk. Slabbert (Long Fountain, Cape District)

J.J. Kotze, Jr. (Bonteberg, Cape District)

D. VAN Reenen (Yzerfontein, Cape District)

S.J. Van Der Spuy (Koeberg, Cape District)

S. S. Lombard (Koeberg, Cape District)

N. Mostert (Koeberg, Cape District)

M. De Kock (Koeberg, Cape District)

A.S. Gobregts (Koeberg, Cape District)

J.A. Van Breda (Cape District)

M.J. Van Der Spuy(Cape District)

S.J. Van Der Spuy (Cape District)

L.P. Van Sittert (Cape District)

N.W. Loubscher (Cape District)

Petrus Louw (Vogelzang, Koeberg, Cape District)

W.A. Van Niekerk (Koeberg, Cape District)

Albertus Johannes Myburgh (Cape District)

M.L. Neethling, Senior (Tygerberg, Cape District)

J.W. Louw (Tygerberg & Evertsdal, Durbanville).

C. Mosterd (Valkenburg)

S.V. Van Reenen (Constantia, Cape District)

F. Duckitt (Orange Fountain, Cape District)

J.D. De Villiers (Ydas Valley, Stellenbosch)

H.C. Esterhuyzen (the place Onrust)

Marthinus Beyers (the place Uitkyk)

Ryk Hendrik Myburgh (the place Elsenburg)

H. Cloete, D. son (the place Mariendal)

Christ. F. Beyers (the place Hassenburg)

J.A. Beyers (the place Klygat)

G. J. Joubert (the place Krommenek)

Michiel De Kock (Koelenhof)

J. Bosman (the place Welgelegen)

P. Fischer (Bottelary)

P. Van Der Byl (Eerste River)

H. Vos, H. son (little Paradys, Eerste River)

P.A. Myburgh (Kars River)

Petrus Johannes Marais (Wolwedans)

J.A. Myburgh (Eerste River)

D. Beyers (Klapmuts)

S.V. Van Niekerk (Oliphants Fountain)

N. G. Mostert, F. son (Klipheuvel)

William Proctor (Drooge Valley, District Stellenbosch)

H. H. van Niekerk (Mosselbanks River, District Stellenbosch)

J.D. Edzard Grimbeek (Fieldcornet at Zwartland and owner of the places Zoutfontein and Nooitgedacht)

H. J. Van Der Spuy (Paarl Diamant)

D. Cloete (owner of the places Nooitgedacht, Dekkersvalley, Vryburg and twee Weltevredens, Mossel River, Woest Arabia, Baviaans Fountain, and Droogekloof)

G.H. De Wet (owner of the place Rustenburg)

C.J. Fick (owner of the place Schoongezicht at Jonkers Hoek)

M. H. Van Der Spuy (Stellenbosch)

J.H. Neethling, M. son (Place the Kuilen)

D.P. De Villiers (places Zeven River, Dwarsriviershoek, Koesters Valley, and Rietkuil Banghoek)

H. R. De Vos (the place Groot Verwagting, situated at Hottentots Holland)

J. A. Hurter (the place Velbryers Moole at Hottentots Holland)

P.H. Morkel (the place Morgenster at Hottentots Holland)

H. Hendriksz (the place Land and Sea light at Hottentots Holland)

W. Morkel (the place Voorburg, Hottentots Holland)

P.G. Myburgh (the place Paarl Valley at Hottentots Holland)

Wouter De Vos, D. son (the place Paarde Valley)

Willem Morkel, D. son (the place Welgegund)

H.J. Morkel (the place Onverwagt)

D. J. Morkel (the place Bomen)

G. M. De Villiers (the place Harmonie)

Arend Loedolff (the place Zeemans Hoop)

M.W. Theujnissen, Jr. (the place Vrede en Hoop)

J. G. Brink, J. son (Hottentots Holland Kloof)

Needham & Evans (Goedverwachting)

Francois Roos, J. son (owner of the place Coetzenburg at the Eerste River)

J.A. Myburgh, Senior (owner of the places Meerlust at the Eerste River, Nooitgedacht, Klipfontein, Vergelegen, and Vogelrivier)

P. Roux, J. son (owner of the places Vredenburg at the Eerste River, Bergshoop, Uitkomst, and Hermanns Heuvel)

A. F. De Villiers, J. son (owner of the place Doornbosch at the Eerste River)

Christ. Ackerman (owner of the place Welgevallen at the Eerste River)

C.J. Briers (owner of the place Kromme River)

P. Briers (Stellenbosch)

W.D. Hoffman (owner of the places Bergzigt and Matjes Kuil)

A.P. Cloete, R. son (owner of the place Schoongezigt in the district of Stellenbosch)

G. C. Immelman (Sanddrift)

J. D. Hugo (Stellenbosch)

C. L. Wykerd (Stellenbosch)

J. M. van Niekerk (Stellenbosch)

D.J. Van Ryneveld

A. T. Du Toit (Stellenbosch)

P. C. VAN Blommenstein

F. R. Neethling (Stellenbosch)

P. J. Wessels (Joostenberg)

S. J. Cats (Stellenbosch)

J. A. Cats (Stellenbosch)

Ph. a. de Vos (Stellenbosch)

A. F. Fick (Stellenbosch)

P.A. Myburgh (Stellenbosch)

P. S. Cats (Stellenbosch)

A. B. DE Villiers (Paarl)

J. F. G. Pietersen (Stellenbosch)

G. G. Lindenburg(Stelleubosch)

Jacob Eksteen (Stellenbosch)

D. L. Brink (Stellenbosch)

J. A. Minnaar (Stellenbosch)

H.J. Neethling (Stellenbosch)

P.G. Neethling

Although some changes, involving the integration of the previous social and administrative traditions at the Cape with British principles and procedures, had taken place, it was a gradual process. This was particularly evident in a rural area like Wynberg where the owners of the large farms in the vicinity were still the "landed gentry" of Dutch and German origin, as in the time of the V.O.C. - the Eksteen, Colyn, Cloete, Versveld, Dreyer and van Reenen families had long associations with these farms and with viticulture. Some members of these families became anglicized, but their use of the Dutch language persisted, particularly in many of the memorials submitted by them to the English-speaking Governors.

There was also the necessary concomitant increase in trading outfits in Cape Town to replace the VOC monopolies and extend the officials' private trading. In the 1770s the family dynasties of van Reenen, van Ryneveld, Kirsten, Cloete, Cruywagen and le Febre were established by local entrepreneurs with official VOC connections. During the Second British Occupation, after 1806, these local merchants were subsumed by merchants with direct connections with British capital in London, but many burgher families married their daughters into this immigrant merchant class, as they had with the British military officers in the late 18th century (Freund 1989:328-334; Ross 1989(a):263-264). The purchasers of goods at the auction of le Febre's estate, who had English names, unless already married, almost invariably wed local girls. For example, Colonel John Graham married Johanna Cloete (Philip 1981:149; Benjamin Grayson married Anna Wannenburg (ibid.: 152); Joseph Luson married Catharina Cloete.

CLOETE - 5th Generation and Later: b4c2d2e8 -- Cloetes van Weskaap (Stellenbosch, Kaapstad)

e8 Dirk, =20.9.1767 (Stellenbosch; getuies: Jacob Eksteen, Hester Catharina Brandt) † 26.2.1833, x 4.8.1792 Sophia Margaretha Myburgh, *1776, dv Philip Albert Myburgh & Hester Anna van der Byl; xx (Stellenbosch) 18.5.1800 Anna Elizabeth van der Byl

f1 Hendrik, =27.10.1793 (Stellenbosch) † 12.9.1838 (Clapmuts)[%2845%29 KAB 3004/38], x (Stellenbosch) 4.9.1813 Anna Gesina Borcherds, *8.10.1794 (Stellenbosch) † 11.1.1870 (Stellenbosch)[(75) KAB 5888], dv Meent Borcherds & Aletta Jacoba de Witt

g1 Aletta Jacoba, *19.4.1815 (Stellenbosch) † 22.9.1887 (Stellenbosch)[%2872%29 KAB 1552], x (Stellenbosch; 30,18) 7.6.1833 Jacob Versfeld, MD, *1803 † bef 1887

g2 Dirk, *24.4.1819 (=2.5.1819 Stellenbosch) † 23.6.1894 (Alphen)[KAB 1415], woon “Alphen”, Constantia, x (spes. lisensie) 30.3.1843 Johanna Reiniera Catharina van Oosterzee, *9.12.1823 † 12.12.1891 (Alphen, Wynberg)[%2868%29 KAB 2049/91], dv Johannes Knockers van Oosterzee & Augusta Wilhelmina Magdalena Thalman

g2h1 Augusta Wilhelmina, *13.12.1843 (Durbanville), x (Wynberg) 13.8.1860 Daniel Cloete

g2h2 Hendrik, *2.9.1845 (Durbanville)

g2h3 Johannes Knockers van Oosterzee, *5.6.1847 (Durbanville) † 4.1.1886 (High St, Worcester)[KAB 93/86] , Doctor in Medicine, x Hester Magdalene Porter

g2h3i1 Memor van Oosterzee, *13.5.1886 (Alphen, Constantia)

g2h4 Anna Gezina, *1849, x 1895 Capt. John Spence, from Birsay, Orkneys [James Athol Steele, 2005]

g2h5 Hendrik, *1851 (Wynberg), parlementslid vir Wynberg, x Christina Deliana van Warmelo, *22.9.1870, dv Ds Nicolas Jacobus van Warmelo & Maria Magdalena Elizabeth Maré

g2h5i1 Nicolette, x B Father

g2h5i2 Reneira, x Stanley

g2h5i3 Deliana, x Southey

g2h5i4 Mary

g2h6 Francois Louis Charles Biccard, *1853 † 15.2.1911, x Susan Eliza de Jongh Dyason, * 18.2.1863 † 11.6.1922, dv D’Urban Dyason & Susanna Hester Wilhelmina van Breda

g2h6i1 Dirk, x Hudson

g2h6i2 Reneé

g2h6i3 Durban, x Freda Spilhaus

g2h7 Johanna Reiniera Catharina, *3.1855 (Alphen, Wynberg) † 12.12.1895 (Wynberg)[KAB 2834] x Capt. Charles Henry Jackson

g2h8 Dr. Dirk, *1857 (Alphen) † 9.4.1894 (Alphen, KP)[%2837%29 TAB o8862)], x Elsie Catharina Carolina Albertyn; geen kinders

g2h9 Maria Johanna Emerentia (Nuié), x Robertson; xx Blenkins

g2h10 Aletta Jacoba, x Ashe

g2h11 Frances Wilhelmina, x Douglas Hamilton

g2h12 Philippus Albertus Myburgh, x Alida Johanna de Villiers, dv lord Henry de Villiers

g2h12i1 Celia

g2h12i2 Claudine

g2h12i3 John H de Villiers, x Searle

g3 Anna Elizabeth, *10.8.1822 (Mariendahl, Stellenbosch) † 9.7.1893 (Tuglewood, Newlands)[%2870.11%29 KAB 1369/93], x (spes. lisensie) 14.7.1842 Johannes Adriaan le Sueur, † 21.6.1876

g4 Sophia Margaretha Myburgh, *29.5.1825 (=17.7.1825 Stellenbosch), x (spes. lisensie) 7.9.1849 Johannes Brink

g5 Hester Anna, *9.7.1826 † 13.11.1897, x (Wynberg) 26.7.1854 William Ferdinand Duckitt, *4.7.1826 † 11.2.1885, sv Frederick Duckitt & Hillegonda Johanna Versfeld

g6 Johanna Catharina, *30.6.1832 (Nooitgedacht, Stellenbosch) † 25.9.1884 (Glen Alpine, Constantia)[%2851.2.25%29 KAB 493/85], x Johannes Tobias Jurgens

f2 Philippus Albertus, =25.1.1795 (Stellenbosch) † 21.10.1870 (Klapmuts)[KAB 6616/1870], eienaar v Clapmuts estate, x (Kaapstad) 6.6.1826 Maria Catharina ElselinaVersfeld, *1.1806 (Claassenbosch) † 19.7.1890 (Klapmuts)[( 84.6.16) KAB 1561/90], dv Willem Versfeld & Maria NN

g1 Martha Catharina, *1827, x (Stellenbosch) 9.5.1854 Pieter Gerhard Myburg, P-zn

g2 Sophia Margaretha Myburg, *5.1.1829, x (Stellenbosch) 22.7.1851 Rudolph Cloete Jurgens, JJ-sn; te Klapmuts

g3 Anna Elizabeth, *4.5.1830 † 1849

g4 Hellegonda Johanna Catharina, *1831 † 1913

g5 Hester Anna, *1833, x (spes lis) 23.9.1854 Robert James Crozier

g6 Aletta Jacoba, *26.7.1835 † 1838

g7 Dirk, *10.4.1837 † 1929

g8 William Ferdinand, *8.1.1839 † 1840

g9 Aletta Jacoba, *10.11.1840, x Johannes Gerhardus Brand

g10 Catharina Reniera, *8.3.1843 † 1922

g11 Elizabeth Johanna, *10.3.1845 † 1921

g12 Philippus Albertus, *1848 † 1928, x 15.3.1881 Johanna Philippina van Reenen, *1860, dv Jan van Reenen & Elsabe Antoinette Jacoba Gie

g12h1 Philip Albert, *15.11.1882 (Stellenbosch) † c. 1962, x Kathleen Robinson

g12h2 Elsabe Antoinette, *23.2.1884

g12h3 Jan, *5.3.1886

g12h4 Elselina, *7.10.1887, x J.M. Hugo

g12h5 Annie Barry, *28.6.1889 † c. 1990

g12h6 William Francis, *1897, x Monica Avenhold

g12h7 Joan Philippina, *1898, x Harold Hastings Beck

f3 Hester Anna, *1796 (Stellenbosch, =20.11.1796) † 20.9.1848 (5 St Georges Str Kaapstad)[%2851.10%29 KAB 9738/48], x G Munnik

e8 xx (Stellenbosch) 18.5.1800 Anna Elizabeth van der Byl, *1779 † 19.4.1865 (Stellenbosch)[%2886%29 KAB 1781/65], dv Andries Christoffel van der Byl & Maria van Dyk

e8f4 Andries Christoffel, =15.3.1801 (Stellenbosch) † 13.4.1881 (“Vischershok”)[%2880%29 KAB 1785], x (Stellenbosch) 11.7.1828 Maria Catharina van Reenen, *29.10.1809, dv Jacob van Reenen & Sophia Margaretha Jacoba van Schoor

e8f4g1 Anna Elizabeth van der Byl

e8f4g2 Maria Catharina, *13.12.1834, x Melt Loubser

e8f4g3 Dirk, *4.1.1837 (Koeberg) † 14.1.1887 (Koeberg, huis van SJ van der Spuy)[%2850.0.10%29 KAB 221/87], x Alida Magdalena Malan

e8f4g3h1 Andries Christoffel, *21.9.1865 (Durbanville)

e8f4g3h2 Stephanus Malan, *3.5.1867 (Durbanville)

e8f4g3h3 Dirk Johannes, *5.2.1869 (Durbanville)

e8f4g3h4 Adriaan Johannes, *27.3.1869 (Durbanville)

e8f4g3h5 Jacoba Anna Christina, *29.11.1872 (Durbanville)

e8f4g3h6 Ryk Arnoldus Mauritius, *16.5.1875 (Durbanville)

e8f4g4 Jacob van Reenen, *1838 † 26.6.1907 (Darling)[%2868.9%29 KAB 4405/24],[sy ma volgens sy SK is Maria Johanna Gie], x (Darling) Anna Margaretha Versfeld, † 7.1923

e8f4g4h1 Sophia Margaretha Jacoba, x de Wit

e8f4g4h2 Mathilda Anna, *27.4.1873 † 1950, x Christiaan Daniel Dirk van Reenen, *29.4.1868 † 1.9.1936, sv Christiaan Daniel Dirk van Reenen & Catharina Frederika Cloete

e8f4g4h3 Andries Christoffel

e8f4g4h4 Hillegonda Johanna, x van der Westhuizen

e8f4g4h5 Marthinus Versfeld

e8f4g4h6 Elizabeth Johanna, x van Vuuren

e8f4g4h7 Rykje Catharina, x Kruger

e8f4g5 Jan

e8f4g6 Gerhardus Munnik, *5.3.1845 (Durbanville)

e8f5 Maria Elizabeth, =30.5.1802 (Stellenbosch)

e8f6 Dirk Ryk Arnoldus, =18.9.1803 (Brandenburg, Paarl) † 4.10.1871 (Plein Street, Stellenbosch)[KAB 7495/71], x (Lutherse Kerk) 19.12.1831 Johanna Catharina Munnik, *1808 † 7.2.1880 (Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch)[%2872%29 KAB 7796/80], dv Johannes Albertus Munnik & Sara Christina Dreyer

e8f6g1 Sara Christina, =13.1.1833 (Lutherse Kerk)

e8f6g2 Dirk, *4.3.1835 (Klapmuts)

e8f6g3 Anna Elizabeth van der Byl, *14.7.1836, x (Stellenbosch) 28.12.1860 Paul Pieter Neethling, Pieter-zn

e8f6g4 Elizabeth Jacomina, *14.4.1841, x Ryk Arnoldus Mauritius Cloete, *11.7.1825 (Kaapstad) † 28.7.1878 (Papkuilsfontein, Tygerberg)

e8f6g5 Sara Christina Munnik, *9.3.1838 [miskien x Andries Christoffel van der byl?? -- getuies in 1874 by g7h2, sy as Sara Catharina]

e8f6g6 Catharina Reniera, *8.10.1843 † 6.4.1918 (Myrtle Grove, Sir Lowry’s Pass)[%2874.6%29 KAB 1156/18] x Jan Adriaan van Schoor D’Oliveira, † bef 1902; xx (Stellenbosch) 10.2.1903 Christiaan Ludolph Neethling, Sr, *1834 (Stellenbosch) † 19.7.1907 (Eikenhof, Johannesburg)[(73.1) TAB 10743], wew Maria Magdalena Johanna Zinn († 18.5.1902), sv Christiaan Ludolph Neethling & Maria Elizabeth Bosman

e8f6g7 Johannes Albertus Munnik, *1.4.1845 (Klapmuts) † 25.3.1923 (Myrtle Grove, Sir Lowry’s Pass)[%2877.11%29 KAB 978/1923], x Anna Maria Francina van der Byl

e8f6g7h1 Dirk Ryk Arnoldus, *2.11.1885

e8f6g7h2 Gesina Wilhelmina Constantina, *3.3.1887, x David Pieter Mostert

e8f6g7h3 Johanna Catharina

e8f6g7h4 Andries Christoffel van der Byl, *1888, x (Stellenbosch) 31.12.1918 Hester Debora Marais, *1888

e8f6g7h5 Johannes Albertus Munnik, *1893, x (Stellenbosch) 7.9.1920 Elizabeth Wilhelmina Johanna Marais

e8f6g8 Andries Christoffel van der Byl, *1.4.1845 (Mariendal, Klapmuts), x Petronella Johanna Elizabeth van der Byl, *1850 † 13.4.1875 (Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch)[%2824.9%29 KAB 1567, ]dv Andries Christoffel van der Byl & Gesina Wilhelmina Constantia Marais

e8f6g8h1 Dirk Ryk Arnoldus, *25.3.1873

e8f6g8h2 Gesina Wilhelmina Constantina, *5.9.1874 (Jonkershoek), x (Stellenbosch) 22.10.1901 Francois Jacobus Hugo

e8f6g9 Gerhardus Munnik, *11.12.1848

e8f6g10 Ryk Hendrik, *13.10.1851, te Reddersburg

e8f7 Maria Elizabeth, =19.5.1805

e8f8 Anna Elizabeth, =15.3.1807

e8f9 Anna Elizabeth, *5.1.1809 (=29.1.1809 Stellenbosch) † 14.6.1877 (Stellenbosch)[%2868.5%29 KAB 4178], x (Stellenbosch) 11.7.1828 Daniel Johannes Morkel, Daniel-zn

e8f10 Catharina Reiniera, *4.10.1810 (Nooitgedacht; =28.10.1810 Stellenbosch) † 11.10.1878 (Stellenbosch)[%2868%29 KAB5929/78], x (Stellenbosch) 2.12.1834 Ryk Hendrik Myburgh

e8f11 Sophia Margaretha, *22.2.1813 (Nooitgedacht, Klapmuts; =14.3.1813 Stellenbosch) † 7.2.1872 (John Street, Cape Town)[%2859%29 KAB 8201], x (Stellenbosch) 2.12.1834 Pieter Hendrik Woutersen, Piet-zn, *1802

e8f12 Pieter Lourens, =16.6.1816 † 27.6.1817

e8f13 Rykje Catharina, *1821 (Nooitgedacht, Stellenbosch) † 11.5.1857 (Stellenbosch)[%2836.2.10%29 KAB 4474/57], x (Stellenbosch) 2.3.1841 Willem Johannes Herold