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People Connected to Stirlingshire

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  • John Cleland in Arnbrae (b. - 1677)
    JOHN CLELAND IN ARNBRAE Jon Cleland in Campsie paroch (1646) Jon Cleland in Arnbrae (1648) Johne Cleiland in this paroch [Campsie] (1652) Johne Cliland in Arbrie, parish of Campsie (1677) M...
  • Reverend John Bruce, Minister of the Gospel at Airth (b. - 1741)
    REVEREND JOHN BRUCE Minister of the Gospel at Airth Fasti IV: 296 Genealogy Clan MacFarlane and associated clans genealogy Genealogy Fasti Ecclesiæ Scoticanæ. The Succession of Ministers in the...
  • VII. James Bruce of Powfoulis (b. - 1688)
    VII. JAMES BRUCE OF POWFOULIS James Bruce of Powfoulis, here treated, is the son and heir of VI. James Bruce of Powfoulis He was served as heir to his deceased father on 23 September 1653. Inquisitionum
  • V. Archibald Bruce of Powfoulis (deceased)
    V. ARCHIBALD BRUCE OF POWFOULIS Archibald Bruce of Powfoulis, here treated is the son of IV. Sir James Bruce of Powfoulis He gave up the inventory of his deceased father's estate on 29 February 1640 an...
  • III. Archibald Bruce of Powfoulis (b. - 1603)
    III ARCHIBALD BRUCE OF POWFOULIS Archibald Bruce of Powfoullis, here treated, is the son of I. Andrew Bruce of Powfoulis He is noticed as such in a letter of reversion dated 1572. Powfoulis Writs: 644

People Connected to Stirlingshire

Historic County of Scotland

Image right - Stirlingshire within Scotland

See also

Stirlingshire Main Page
Stirlingshire - Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries and Graveyards
Historic Buildings of Stirlingshire

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  1. Please link any GENI Profiles with links to Stirlingshire to this project.
  2. You can ALSO add the earliest heads of families to the list of Stirlingshire Families on Geni below (don't forget to link their profiles to the project as well). These would usually be male! Please restrict people added to the list to the earliest head of family!

Note People with links to Stirlingshire can be linked to the project but not necessarily added to the list below.

People connected to Stirlingshire can also be linked to the following groups.


Historical and Political people

- accommodated by the project Historical Stirlingshire (Link to follow) which covers the History of Stirlingshire and historical/political people. Some of these are also listed in the Famous people category.

Famous or Notable People

Those people of note with connections to the county are listed below. Some of these connections are a little tenuous - counties like to lay claim to people of renown! Please visit Stirlingshire - Famous People and add them to the listing there.


People from Stirlingshire who went to the "New world" and were early progenitors in those countries. Where the earliest ancestor is known please add them to the list of "Stirlingshire families on Geni" below if that was their roots, or to the appropriate county project.

Where the earliest known ancestor is the emigrant add them to the list below. In some cases if there is a project that covers them in detail please link the project - there is no point in duplicating the list.

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Stirlingshire Families on Geni

Names with Bold links are to Geni profiles. Other links take you to external biographical web pages.
























Emigrants from Stirlingshire

Please add the names of people from Stirlingshire who settled in the "New World"




South Africa

1820 British Settlers in South Africa

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