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Schwenkfelder Descendants of the 20th and 21st centuries

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  • Christopher Heebner (1770 - 1827)
    Lived and died on a farm later owned by ex-Governor John T. Hartranft. Christopher was a farmer. details from Schwenkfelder Library: III. Christopher Heebner (21-5a) (21- 5b) Son of Christoph and S...
  • Richard Schweiker, U.S. Senator, Secretary of Health and Human Services (1926 - 2015)
    Richard Schultz Schweiker (born June 1, 1926) is an American politician. A member of the Republican Party, he served as the 14th U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Ronald...
  • Susanna Heebner (Wiegner) (1738 - 1814)
    ~• as her parents travelled to America, specifically to the Schwenkfelder PA colony in 1734, Susanna must have been born in PA for she was born in 1738.
  • Ann Eliza Casselberry (1829 - 1912)
    The Casselberry House now houses the Lower Providence Historical Society, 275 Evansburg Rd., Collegeville, PA 19426 See: " you can call 610-631-9755 or visit our website" At the time of her marriag...
  • Abraham Beyer, Sr. (1690 - 1754)
    Came to Pennsylvania in the 5th wave of Schwenkfelders with his family in 1747 on the Perth Amboy from Prussia via Holland "BRECHT, SAMUEL KRIEBEL. The Migrations of the Schwenkfelders. In Genealogic...


To build a list of recent descendants for research purposes.

Managers: Please add profiles of such descendants.


icn_pushpin_out.gif By using the green push-pin after choosing any of the Schwenkfelder immigrants below you may discover another person's relationship to the sect.
In such manner users will be able to find their relationships to these immigrant families.
~• Many users will notice that if you are directly related to one Schwenkfelder, you are probably directly related to most of the immigrants.

Immigrant Family Surnames in alphabetical order

immigrant profiles listed underneath each name Woman: Maiden names used

icn_pushpin_out.gif Beyer Beyer, Andrew; Abraham Beyer, Sr.

icn_pushpin_out.gifDresher Hans Christopher Dresher

icn_pushpin_out.gifHartranft Tobias Hartranft ; Abraham Yeakel Hartranft

icn_pushpin_out.gifHeebner/Hübner George Heebner

icn_pushpin_out.gifHeydrick Anna Krauss & Melchior Heydrick

icn_pushpin_out.gifJacobi (please add profiles)

icn_pushpin_out.gifKrauss Balthasar Krauss

icn_pushpin_out.gifKribel/Kriebel Melchior Kribel

icn_pushpin_out.gifReinwald Ann Reinwald

icn_pushpin_out.gifRieff John "Hans" G. Reiff

icn_pushpin_out.gifSchubert David Schubert

icn_pushpin_out.gifTeichman Maria Schubert

icn_pushpin_out.gifWiegner Hans Wiegner

icn_pushpin_out.gifYeakel Barbara Yeakel & Rosina Beyer & Anna Maria Yeakel

Famous Individuals of Schwenkfelder Exile Heritage

  1. icn_pushpin_out.gif wikipedia for Brevet Maj. General John F. Hartranft (USA), Governor of Pennsylvania
  2. icn_pushpin_out.gifRachel Conrad Nason Distinguished Honor Award from the US State Dept. • George Hübner is Rachel Conrad Nason (Jones)'s 6th great grandfather.
  3. icn_pushpin_out.gif Hon. Johann Jacob Reiff, Jr. Pa Assemblyman who voted for ratification of the US Constitution
  4. icn_pushpin_out.gifUS Supreme Court Justice Owen J. RobertsGeorge Hübner is Owen J. Roberts, US Supreme Ct.'s fifth great grandfather.
  5. icn_pushpin_out.gifRichard Schweiker, U.S. Senator, Secretary of Health and Human Services

~• 'Many of them have ably filled positions of trust and responsibility. Some have been elected to represent their districts in the halls of Congress, some in the Senate and House of Representatives at Harrisburg, others have risen to prominence at the bar of justice, including the Supreme bench ; many have become scholars of note, having attained proficiency in the arts and sciences. Some have risen to eminence in the science of medicine, and one to the highest gifts within the power of the people to bestow, namely that of Governor of the State of Pennsylvania, was conferred upon the late John F. Hartranft:, a brave and tried soldier, who fought his way from comparative obscurity to that of a general.' •~ written by Asher Anders (see resource below)


  1. Schwenkfelder Library & Historical Society, PA:
  2. Wikipedia:
  3. Society of the Descendants
  4. Immigrant Ship Lists
  5. Asher Anders paper
  6. Schwenkfelder cemetery records

Schwenkfelder Society Surname list

(quoting from resources above) JOIN THE SCHWENKFELDER FAMILY TREE

If you can trace your family back to an Anders, Beyer (Byer / Beer / Beier), Dietrich, Dresher (Drescher), Groh, Hartranft (Herterranft), Heebner (Hübner/Heavener/Hevener), Heydrick, Hoffman, Hoffrichter, John, Krauss (Krause), Kriebel (Krieble / Kribel), Mentzel, Meschter (Meishter / Meisther / Master), Muehmer, Neuman, Reynald, Rinewalt (Reinewald / Reinwald / Reinwalt), Scheps, Schultz (Scholtz / Scholtze), Schubert (Shubert / Shoebart), Seipt (Seibt), Teichman, Wagner (Wagener), Warmer, Weigner / Wiegner, Weiss, Yeakel (Yeakle / Jäckel / Jäkel), then perhaps you are a Schwenkfelder descendant and we are looking for you!

~• In other words: go to: first.... and secondly, here, to build wider connections in the Geni World Family Tree.



webmail/other.png 1) It will take some time to transcribe and cross-reference all Immigrant Schwenkfelders here. I am looking for volunteers to assist... Please message me, Mike van Beuren , with ideas for this project. I am sending out Collaborators invitations somewhat at random. Are you interested in joining?
2) If you don't want to join, please help by suggesting famous or otherwise notable individuals of Schwenkfelder Exile Heritage by message.