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Sexton Family of Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana

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Note: While using ANY genealogical website or program...please be informed that ANY possible family connections are NOT valid until they can be verified with documentation.

Scope of Project

is To build a single, validated and documented shared family tree  

the goals being:

  • 1) to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information
  • 2) to clean up duplicates and ensure quality of the involved profiles
  • 3) to sort out the lines and connect the different lines
*•4) RULE - All profiles marked PUBLIC - with me as the controling manager ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED TO PRIVATE under any circumstances. UNLESS YOU ARE THE Living profile person and ASK for control of your profile - I have choosen to leave any profile I feel to be LIVIING blank of all data - birth, marriage etc. = only those of DECEASED status will contain data IF known

Please feel free to add any male Sexton Sexson in the line to the project.

Also please help to convert variant names with "/" into [] brackets there are at least several programs which uses a single line for all names separated by "/" and it reads the names using the "/" method as given name/middle name/surname thus anything after the TWO "/" are truncated and are either lost. or lumped into the surname field.

There is a manuscript on the sexton family - and unconnected families it is a xerox project - unindex, etc. hard to use - it is loose leaf and in 2 large notebook binders but most valuable - :

Donald Jr. and Georgie Benton, Sextons, The, ( no date)

i started putting this into PAF several years ago and need to get back to - it - - i will use it as reference when can and see if i can get back to databing it into PAF there just doe snot seem to be enough hours to get done what i want to do....

Pictured under William Sexton William Lemuel Sexton the 2 Sexton notebooks by the benton's - they deal withthe Sexton family, and are chocked full of various information. back in 2004 I was trying to database into PAF - got a starte but had household sickness that interrupted in - which continues besides computer problems which put me behind... as can will work with them and see what more can get up - will check for branches if requested and do it that way.

I have included a sample page of how the notebook is set-up and it is NOT index - I am entering all into PAF - I have re-started with this - and have a profile called "Sexton Notebook" to work with this as all pages have to be gone through and as doing it entering it in GENI and before that into PAF and then tossing the pages into the "FILE 13" AKA the trash can. there are lots of clipped articles as will as biographical sketches from county histories - those will be typed in - there are wills, etc. so its going to take time. It will be a slow process.

Sexton Notebook Entries unconnected to Wm. Sexton & Leah Free ==

Dennis Sexton
William Saxton/Sexton & Elizabeth Black starts this line at


Willis Sexton died on April 6, 2005

Patricia O'Connor died on 17 March 2009

I am not sure of the status of Donald Jr. and Georgie Benton


this branch of sexton's has been very throughly research - and is presented here in 3-4 sections as listed below

Section1  1st 4 generations 

section 2 - Genration 5   and also at  which it think is a revison

section 3 - generation 6

Notes from other researchers:

Census: 1704 There were 2 William Sextons on the 1704 Rent Roll of Virginia, one in the Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, & one in Prince George County

PROP: 1668 New Kent Co., VA - a JOHN SEXTON had 700 acres of land - Father???

Immigration: From Ireland to VA, a Richard Sexton in 1653, and a Nicholaus Sexton in 1654 - one could be a GRANDFATHER

THIS  SITE IS STAGANT and no longer updated Pat died several years ago as did her colloborator Willis Sexton - also dependent upon how searched for it is  does not always come up in internet searches 
I have  put the information also over to  so that it can be updated, corrected and documentation added to it - 

i think I have one chapter possibly yet to move over to the site.

==New Sexton PAF Database==

This is a combination of the following:

  • Pat O'Conner's data from the above stated website
  • My Personal Sexton research and Sexton line of Virginia, Kentucky and Greene county Indiana Sexton/Sexson's
  • Various data from internet resources
  • Family trees found through various resources
  • The Benton NoteBooks to be entered

Purpose - intent for free will sharing via GENI and GEDCOM


There are several branches that use the spelling of SEXSON the tombstones reflect the spelling also - early records may revert back to the spelling of 'Sexton' there are several trees on which carry all branches out as "Sexton" as does the Sexton Notebooks Donald B. Jr. and Georgie Benton, - 2 volumes, The, no date manuscript. Why they insist on doing this is unknown -

These branches or twigs of the SEXSON spelling are:

Enoch Sexson  @  Enoch Howard Sexson 

Joel Benton [Banton] Sexson

@ Judge Joel Benton [Banton] Sexson 

Frederic Free Sexson @ Frederick Free Sexson (22)

Lemuel Boone Sexson @ Lemuel Boone Sexson Lemuel Boone (1821-1893) Sexson

There could be more branches who use the "SEXSON" variant than listed above but for now these are the one I have come across and trying to restore the branches back to that spelling.

==Sexton Heritage from my Personal PAF==

First Generation

1. [-?-] / James Sexton-9675 was born in of Ireland.

He had the following children:

  • + 2 M i. John Sexton-8776 was born about 1720 and died about 1763.
  • 3 M ii. Robert Sexton-9758.
  • 4 M iii. William Sexton-9225.

Second Generation

2. John Sexton-8776 ([-?-] / James) was born about 1720. He died about 1763 in , Luneburg, Virginia.

John Sexton and Robert Sexton had bought land in Lunenburg Co in 1759. Robert sold his in 1765, Charles sold John's in 1772.

John Saxton bought 135 acres of land in Lunenburg Co Va on 3 Jul 1759 Lunenburg Co Deed Book 5 pg 416

The Church Wardens of Cornwell Parish were ordered to bind out Benjamin, Archibald, William, Elizabeth and John Sexton, orphans of John Sexton on 12 May 1763. Lunenburg Co Court Order Book 9 pg 41 12 May 1763

Charles Sexton sold the 135 acre farm on 23 Mar 1772 Charlotte Co Deed Book 3 pg 145

In 1783 a James Newell on a treasury warrant took possession of 300 acres on Rock Creek of New River to include the improvements of Will, Benjamin, Charles and John Sexton. Montgomery Co Entry Book B pg 27

He had the following children:

  • + 5 M i. Charles Sexton-9713 was born c. 1745 and died 1823.
  • + 6 M ii. William Sexton-8757 was born 11 Feb 1747 or 4 Feb 1748 and died 31 Dec 1829/1830.
  • 7 F iii. Elizabeth Sexton-9714 was born about 1749/1753.
  • + 8 M iv. Benajmin Sexton-9853 was born Dec 1751/1752 and died Mar 1831.
  • 9 M v. Archibald Sexton-9854 was born about 1755 in Virginia. He died 26 Jan 1778.
  • + 10 M vi. John Sexton-9992 was born Abt 1759/14 May 1762 and died 4 Jul 1844.
  • + 11 M vii. Pryor Sexton-9993 was born about 1760/1761 and died 18 Sep 1835. PARENTAGE HAS NOT BEEN FULLY PROVEN

Third Generation

5. Charles Sexton-9713 (John, [-?-] / James) was born c. 1745. He died 1823.

He had the following children:

  • 12 M i. Bartlett Sexton-9996 was born about 1777 in virginia. He died after 1860 in , Boyd, Kentucky. Bartlett married (MRIN:2064) Catherine Galyean/Gallion-9921. Catherine was born 1778 in Virginia. She died after 1880 in , Boyd, Kentucky.
  • 13 M ii. John Sexton-9995 was born before 1778. He died before 1830. John married (MRIN:5078) Delanes [-?-]-11179.
  • 14 M iii. Elisha Sexton-9915.
  • 15 M iv. Charles Sexton Jr.-9919.

6. William Sexton-8757 (John, [-?-] / James) was born 11 Feb 1747 or 4 Feb 1748 in New River, Grayson, Virginia. He died 31 Dec 1829/1830 in Corbin, Whitley, Kentucky and was buried in Old Sexson Cemetery, Near Corbin, Whitely Kentucky.

He had the following children:

  • 16 M i. Isaac Sexton-8759 was born 1773/1774 in , Wythe, Virginia. He died by Aug 1848 in , Shelby, Indiana. Isaac married (MRIN:4500) Hannah Morgan-8768. Hannah was born about 1781 in North Caroline.
  • 17 M ii. Archibald Sexton-9943 was born about 1775 in Virginia. He died before 1820 in , Shelby, Indiana. Archibald married (MRIN:5063) Sarah [-?-]-9957. Sarah was born about 1776 in Virginia. She died about 1860 in Indiana.
  • 18 F iii. Olivia Jane Sexton-9944 was born about 1782. Olivia married (MRIN:4987) Peter Snider-9952 on 8 Apr 1800 in , Grayson, Virginia. Peter was born 1780 in Virginia.

William also married (2-MRIN:4468) Leah or Virginia Free or Ferree-8758, daughter of Isaac Free or Ferree-9631 (MRIN:4499), about 1785 in , Montgomery, Virginia. Leah was born 1750/1751 or 1766 in New River, Grayson, Virginia. She died 18 Aug 1839 in Hobbieville, Greene, Indiana and was buried Aug 1839 in Old Stone/Storm Cemetery, Hobbieville, Greene, Indiana.

They had the following children:

  • 19 M iv. Jacob Sexton-8762 was born 1783/1784 in , Grayson, Virginia. He died before 12 Aug 1852 in Des Moines, Iowa. Jacob married (MRIN:4506) Mary Burris-8771, daughter of William Burris-9732 (MRIN:4511), on 26 Jul 1808 in , Grayson, Virginia. Mary was born 1763 or 1778 in Virginia. She died in Nebraska.
  • 20 M v. Enoch Sexton-8763 was born 12 Sep 1785 in , Grayson, Virginia. He died 29 Oct 1875 in Sprice Creek, Whitley, Kentucky and was buried in Enoch Sexson or Fulson Cemetery, , Whitley, Kentucky. Enoch married (MRIN:4507) Mary Elizabeth Taylor-8772 "Polly", daughter of William Taylor-9711 and Mary Austin-9712 (MRIN:4512), about 1812 in , Grayson, Virginia. Polly was born 4 Sep 1793 in , Grayson, Virginia. She died 2 Feb 1879 in , Whitley, Kentucky and was buried in Enoch Sexson or Fulson Cemetery, , Whitley, Kentucky.Enoch married (MRIN:4507) Mary Elizabeth Taylor-8772 "Polly", daughter of William Taylor-9711 and Mary Austin-9712 (MRIN:4512), about 1812 in , Grayson, Virginia. Polly was born 4 Sep 1793 in , Grayson, Virginia. She died 2 Feb 1879 in , Whitley, Kentucky and was buried in Enoch Sexson or Fulson Cemetery, , Whitley, Kentucky.
  • 21 F vi. Margaret Sexton-8712 "Peggy" was born about 1786/1788 in , Wythe, Virginia. She died 13 Jul 1859 in Highland Twp., Greene, Indiana. Peggy married (MRIN:4074) Robert Long-8711 on 21 Jan 1806 in , Knox or Whitley, Kentucky. Robert was born 1788 in , , South Carolina. He died 19 May 1859 in , Greene, Indiana.
  • 22 M vii. James Sexton-8761 was born 1778/1788 in , Augusta or Grayson, Virginia. He died 4 Jul 1854 or 1858 in , Whitley, Kentucky or Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana and was buried in , Whitley, Kentucky or Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana. James married (1-MRIN:4503) Amey Durham-8770 on 6 Oct 1816 in , Knox, Kentucky. Amey was born 9 Jan 1791 in Kentucky. She died 8 Dec 1825 in , Whiltey, Kentucky. James also married (2-MRIN:4504) Edith [-?-]-9721 after 1825. Edith was born 1788. James also married (3-MRIN:4505) Polly Rogers-9657, daughter of James Rogers-9688 (MRIN:4927), on 23 Jun 1828 in , Whitley, Kentucky. Polly was born about 1804/1805 in , , Kentucky. She died Jul 1850 in , Whitley, Kentucky.
  • 23 M viii. Fredrick Free SEXSON-8764 was born 16 Dec 1790/1791 in , Wythe or Grayson, Virginia. He died 24 Feb 1843 in Ash Grove, Shelby, Illinois and was buried in Ash Grove Cemetery, , Shelby, Illinois. Fredrick married (MRIN:4508) Mary Morgan-8773 "Polly" on 26 Dec 1816 in , Knox, Kentucky. Polly was born 28 Mar 1800 in , Whitley, Kentucky. She died 28 Feb 1887 in Cochran's Grove, Shelby, Illinois and was buried in Ash Grove Cemetery, , Shelby, Illinois.
  • 24 M ix. Joel Benton SEXSON-8765 was born 23 May 1800 or 17 Aug 1801 in , Grayson, Virginia. He died 14 Oct 1868 or 14 Dec. 1868 in Hobbieville, Greene, Indiana and was buried in Old Stone/Storm Cemetery, Hobbieville, Greene, Indiana. Joel married (MRIN:4509) Abigail V. Davis-8775, daughter of John Davis-9855 and Rebecca Lovin-9856 (MRIN:4515), on 1 Sep 1822 in , Monroe, Indiana. Abigail was born 9/18 Dec 1805 in , , Kentucky. She died 17 Feb 1894 in , Greene, Indiana and was buried in Storm Cemetery, Center Twp., Greene, Indiana.
  • 25 M x. Esom Sexton-8766 was born 23 May 1803 in , Grayson, Virginia or Whitley Co., Kentucky. He died before 4 Feb 1841.
  • 26 M xi. William Wallace Sexton-8767 was born in , Wythe, Virginia. William married (MRIN:4510) Nancy Hixson-9710 on 21 Sep 1815 in , Knox, Tennessee. Nancy was born 1796 in , , Virginia. She died 1863 in , , Kentucky.
  • 27 M xii. Lemuel Edward Sexton-9664 was born 15 Jan 1798/1799 in , Grayson, Virginia. He died 31 Mar 1885 in Clearmont, Nodaway, Missouri and was buried in Hazel Bell Cemetery, Clearmont, Nodaway, Missouri. Lemuel married (1-MRIN:4929) Martha Serena Davis-9665, daughter of John Davis-9855 and Rebecca Lovin-9856 (MRIN:4515), on 6 Oct 1816 in , Knox, Kentucky. Martha was born 1797 in , Albemarle, Virginia or North Carolina. She died in , Monroe, Indiana. Lemuel also married (2-MRIN:4513) Jane Ross-8774 "Jincey", daughter of Thomas Ross-9911 (MRIN:4514), about 1830 in , Greene, Indiana. Jincey was born 1795 in North Carolina. She died 4 Apr 1875 in , Nodaway, Missouri and was buried in Hazel Dell Cemetery, , , Missouri.

8. Benajmin Sexton-9853 (John, [-?-] / James) was born Dec 1751/1752 in Virginia. He died Mar 1831 in , Bath, Kentucky and was buried in Cox's Mill Cemetery, , Wolfe, Kentucky.

Benajmin married (MRIN:5016) Comfort Smith-9994 about 1774 in , wythe, virginia. Comfort was born about Dec 1754. She died Mar 1844 in , Bath, Kentucky.

They had the following children:

  • 28 M i. John Sexton-10004 was born about 1775. John married (MRIN:5081) Elizabeth Ingram-10016. Elizabeth was born about 1770 in Maryland.
  • 29 M ii. William Sexton-9997 was born about 1778. William married (MRIN:5079) Mary or Elizabeth Cock-10012 on 17 Sep 1800 in , Grayson, Virginia. Mary was born 1770/1780.
  • 30 M iii. Obediah Sexton-9998 was born about 1780.
  • 31 F iv. Judah Sexton-9999 was born 15 Apr 1782. Judah married (MRIN:4139) John Cox-8089, son of James Cox-10013 and Anna [-?-]-10014 (MRIN:4140). John was born 1781 in <Washington, Virginia>.
  • 32 M v. Benjamin Sexton Jr-10000 was born about 1785 in Virginia. Benjamin married (MRIN:1990) Rhoda [-?-]-9920. Rhoda was born about 1788 in Pennsylvania.
  • 33 F vi. Nancy Sexton-10001 was born about 1787.
  • 34 F vii. Amanda Lou Sexton-10002 was born about 1790.
  • 35 F viii. Mary Ann Sexton-10003 was born about 1791. Mary married (MRIN:5080) Solomon Cox-10015.

10. John Sexton-9992 (John, [-?-] / James) was born Abt 1759/14 May 1762 in , Lunenburg, Virginia / i Grayson County. He died 4 Jul 1844 in , Greene, Tennessee and was buried in Paint Creek, , Greene, Tennesse/Cocke, Tennesee..

John married (MRIN:4518) Mary Ann Gilbert-11222, daughter of Daniel Gilbert-11205 and Mary Sexton-10071 (MRIN:5053), on 4 Mar 1780 in , Bedford, Virginia. Mary was born about 1764 in virginia. She died after 1850 in , Cocke, Tennesse.

They had the following children:

  • 36 M i. William D Sexton-11169 was born 1781/1782 in , Grayson, Virginia. He died 1868 in , Grayson, Virginia William married (1-MRIN:4387) Elizabeth Cooke-8779 on 17 Sep 1800 in , Grayson, Virginia. Elizabeth was born 1782. She died about 1823. William also married (2-MRIN:4395) Elizabeth 'betsy' Hoge / Hodge-11151 on 11 Nov 1824 in , Grayson, Virginia. Elizabeth was born 1787. She died about 1860.
  • 37 M ii. Benjamin Sexton-8597 was born about 1783. He died about 1816 in , Grayson, Virginia. Benjamin married (MRIN:2088) Nancy Taylor-10618.
  • 38 F iii. Elizabeth Sexton-11156 was born about 1783/1785 in , Grayson, Virginia. Elizabeth married (MRIN:1989) james cox-8780 before 17 Sep 1800.
  • 39 M iv. Gilbert D Sexton-11129 was born 7 Dec 1786. He died about 1845.
  • 40 M v. George Sexton-11171 was born about 1794. He died about 1865.
  • 41 Judah / Juditha Sexton-11165 was born 15 Jul 1794 in , Grayson, Virginia. She died about 1845. Judah married (MRIN:5100) John Cornwell-11075 on 1810 in , Grayson, Virginia.
  • 42 M vii. Isaac Sexton-8777 was born about 1797.
  • 43 M viii. Elijah Sexton-11115 was born 1798 in , Grayson, Virginia. He died 12 Feb 1864.
  • 44 F ix. Nancy Sexton-9696 was born 1803 in , Grayson, Virginia.
  • 45 M x. Lorenzo DOw Sexton-7086 was born about 1805. Lorenzo married (MRIN:1978) Anna Cantrell-11207 .

11. Pryor Sexton-9993 (John, [-?-] / James) was born about 1760/1761. He died 18 Sep 1835 in , Grayson, Virginia.

Pryor married (MRIN:5077) Catherine Coker-10017 about 1783.

They had the following children:

  • 46 F i. Elizabeth Sexton-8810 was born before 1780/1790 in Virginia. She died 1848 in , Grayson, Virginia. Elizabeth married (MRIN:1938) David Knight-11119 on 4 Sep 1810 in , Grayson, Virginia.
  • 47 M ii. Thornton Sexton-11121 was born about 1784 in Virginia. He died 1870 in Ashe, North Carolina. Thornton married (MRIN:1582) Easter wallace-11127.
  • 48 M iii. William Sexton-11122 was born before 1784/1805 in Virginia. He died 27 Apr 1851 in Ashe, North Carolina. William married (MRIN:1621) Susaanah wallace-11126. Susaanah was born about 1790.
  • 49 F iv. Leah Sexton-8782 was born about 1785. Leah married (MRIN:1936) Daniel Welsh-8960.
  • 50 F v. ruth Sexton-11123 was born about 1795 in , Grayson, Virginia. She died 8 Jul 1869 in , Grayson, Virginia. ruth married (MRIN:1519) burton Hawkins-9000.
  • 51 M vi. Pryor Sexton Jr-8988 was born about 1805 in Virginia.
  • 52 M vii. David Sexton-8950 was born after 1805.

The biggest problem with the ancestry of this Sexton line has been ASSUMPTIONS of the past without documentation and profiles with no dates and places - especially with the Given names being the same I know there maybe little documentation for the early generations BUT we need to try and document as much as possible There are several branches of SEXTON's

  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee and of course
  • Virginia

some of the Virginia branch are proving to connect to the other branches by marrying spouse with the same surname "Sexton" these are occurring with those who have migrated into Kentucky and Tennessee

===Others have just simple wanted to connect all Sexton's from one main Immigrant person and many of these trees are still out there flying around making it hard - to keep the lines corrected and separated. So documentation, dates, places and full names and nicknames are VERY IMPORTANT in helping to distinguished similar named Sexton descendants from each other.===


These are links that other people over time have come to disect off the orginial research of Patricia O'conner and Willis Section.

or lines that have been connected to the line that should not be; they may connect at a later date elsewhere in the genealogy.

Also I have listed the profile as a part of the Sexton Project before disecting them off of the above branch and as saftey net in finding them in the "BIG TREE" and will continue to list them here also for that reason.

William Sexton & ELizabeth Black >William sexton & Mary Jarrett & sons 1) Calvary T. Sexton 2) John Wesley sexton and here William Saxton/Sexton their desendants had Patricia O'conner detach them from the line along with their sisters.

Joseph Sexton & Phoebe Campbell - Joseph William Sexton, Sr. will be as Reason being - they are not the parents of William Sexton & Leah free/ferre


Ida M. Sexton Amburn married Thomas Jefferson Amburn