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Mckees of Virginia, Kentucky & Indiana

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  • James L McKee (1831 - 1909)
    Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Sep 27 2020, 3:37:50 UTC
  • William McKee (c.1750 - bef.1808)
    A glich on MyHertiage side when adding correct parents For Mary Britton ro Thomas Edwards & Lucy Wade) over wrote profiles for William McKee and Phoebe McKee (Snodgrass Baker)- think they are corrected...
  • John Van Lear Mckee (1810 - 1871)
    Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jun 1 2017, 23:00:27 UTC
  • Hugh Ware McKee (aft.1800 - bef.1850)
    NOTE - Think some have tried to combine 2 very different families together as one Hugh Weir or Ware Mckee who married Lettice McKee into this one and vice versa Clue to parentage:>>Necrological Reports...
  • Dr. Alexander Robertson McKee, M.D. (1816 - 1886)
    . He attended Centre College, got his M.D. 1839 at U. of Pa. Went to Danville, Boyle, Ky Found in the Kentucky Genealogical and Biographical Sketches of Kentucky Vol. 4 Edited by Thomas W. Westerfield ...

Note: While using ANY genealogical website or program...please be informed that ANY possible family connections are NOT valid until they can be verified with documentation.

Scope of Project is To build a single, validated and documented shared family tree the goals being:

  • 1) to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information
  • 2) to clean up duplicates and ensure quality of the involved profiles
  • 3) to sort out the lines and connect the different lines
  • 4) RULE - All profiles marked PUBLIC - with me as the controling manager ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED TO PRIVATE under any circumstances. UNLESS YOU ARE THE Living profile person and ASK for control of your profile - I have choosen to leave any profile I feel to be LIVIING blank of all data - birth, marriage etc. = only those of DECEASED status will contain data IF known

McKee is a Northern Irish and Scottish name. Mc stands for 'son of.' Kee is an anglicized form of a Gaelic personal name meaning 'fire.' Originally, it was the name of a pagan god.

My Manuscript

I have a hugh manuscript that I have been working on for years on this line from Virginia down to today - it includes Civil war Pension file papers for the sons of James M. and Joseph Howe Mckee's sons of Owen county Indiana who served in the civil war. it also contains my great grandfather (Robert Thomas McKee) Civil War Diary. it contains biographies found in county histories and much more.

The manuscript contains information from the '*' books it contains wills, deeds obtiuaries, county history biographies as i find them.

There is even and "Unconnected Section of 12 or more lines.


The Blood ancestors GEDCOM which gives me the spouses and descendants generated from the profile of McKee's of Ireland, Rockbridge county Virginia & later Kentucky -

A new one is needed to de done as soon as I complete the verifying of this line again as of this date 28 Jul 2014 working on it

Books I Have in PDF on my computer



3 HISTORY THE HOUSE AND CLAN MACKAY, For connection and elucidation, Besides account of many other Scottish families, A variety of more particularly of those relating to the Northern Division of Scotland during the most critical and interesting periods; with a Genealogical table of the clan. by Robert MacKay, writer, Thruso, Edinburgh

4 The Mackeys and Allied Families (Variously spelled) by Beatrice MacKey Doughtie (Bowen press, Decatur, Ga., 1957 1002 pgs.)

5 The Mackeys and Allied Families (Variously spelled) by Beatrice MacKey Doughtie Errta Sheet #2, Including supplelmnetal data, 1973

6 JOHN MASON DYER FAMILY of Union County, Kentucky Ancestors and Decendants Researched and Compiled by JANE DYER ARNOLD (Mrs. J. P.) 338 West Cedar Street Franklin, Kentucky 42134 - 1972 (fully in Geni)

7 A HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OP DAVID McKEE, OF ANAHILT, With a General Sketch of the Early McKees by Prof. JAMES Y. McKEE. PHILADELPHIA : JOSEPH D. McKEE. 1892. (fully in Geni)

8 The book of Mackay (1906 Edinburgh : N. Macleod ) Agnus Mackay

Books on the Virginia & Kentucky line

1) The McKee’s of Virginia and Kentucky by George Wilson McKee (Pittsburgh, J. B. Richards, 1891, 196 pgs.) George W. McKee can be found online

It is sad to say that the only Mckee's delt with in detail are those of noteablity and those who served in the military - there are some elaborate biographical sketches in the book - I have tried to place all information into the manuscript

2) McKee Record, Compilied by Adelaid Jenness (J.H. Jordan, printer, Dana, Il., 1910; 114 pgs.) Mary Adelaide McKee

this deals with mainly the desencands of Samuel Mckee - tho not fully documented and alot of it was 'just Names' it gave a good outline of descendants of which by to do research - but also one must remember back in 1910 data was not as freely accessable as it is today.

3) The McKees of Virginia and Kentucky A. Patricia McKees Bauer (Author), George Wilson McKee (Author) Paperback: 176 pages Publisher: Heritage Books (February 1994)

List of Books Containing McKee History

NOTE: the books by Raymond McKee & Beatrice MacKey Doughtie contain the Kentucky & Virginia lines also and also many unconnected lines of McKees

  • 1) A History of the Descendants of David McKee , by James Y. McKee (Pennsylvania, 1872) can be found on line
  • 2) American Genealogy of the Allied Families of McKee, McClintock, Mills, Stip, and Stewart. Compiled by James Robert McKee (Los Angles, Ca. 1900)10)
  • 3) McKee and Allied Families (American Historical Co., New York, 1949, 141 pg.)
  • 4) The Book of McKee by Raymond W. McKee (Hodges, Figgis & Co. Ltd.; Dublin, Ireland, 1959 559 pgs.)

Have on disk in PDF Format

  • 5) The Mackeys and Allied Families (Variously spelled) by Beatrice MacKey Doughtie (Bowen press, Decatur, Ga., 1957 1002 pgs.)

I have in PDF form along with a supplement to it done in 1973 of 178 pgs.

  • 6) Wallace-Bruce and Closely Related Families by James Wallace Mohn (Northfield, Mn.; 1930 389 pgs.)
  • 7) Faces Westward Vol. 1 by Jennie Starks McKee (Edwards Bros.; Ann Arbor, Mi.; 15 19 pgs.
  • 8) Our Pioneer Ancestors by Emma Riggs and Henry Earl Riggs (Ann Arbor, Mi.; Edwards Bros., 1941) This can be viewed in full here
  • 9) Sketch of the McKee Families of Butler co., Pa. By James O. McKee (Butler co., Pa., 1924)
  • 10) Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, Vol. 12 No. 1 1930 The Early History of McKeesport by Walter L. Riggs
  • 11) The Descendants of Samuel Edward and Martha Emmart (1968) Emil M. Sunley
  • 12) The Garvin genealogy: Descendants of Henry and Sarah McKee Garvin of Ireland and Pennsylvania [Unknown Binding] Richard M Cochran (Author) Publisher: R.M. Cochran (1983)
  • 13) James Madison McKee family [Unknown Binding] Wilbyrn Andrew McKee (Author) Unknown Binding: 11 pages Publisher: W.A. McKee (1975)
  • 14) Our Irish Origins: Mckee Family History [Paperback] A. Tate (Author) Publisher: Craig Printing
  • 16) Wallace-Bruce and closely related families : Barefoots, Taylors, Wilsons, McKees, Douglasses, Liddells, Hendersons, Notestines, and others : history and genealogy [Paperback] James Wallace (Author 389p. 1930.
  • 16) Genealogy of Chadwick, King, and allied families: McKee, Callahan, Hughs/Hughes, Mock, Roberts, Langston [Unknown Binding] Darline Chadwick Smith (Author) Publisher: D.C. Smith; 1st edition (1982)
  • 17) Mary Ann's relatives: McKee, Tucker, White, Armstrong, McKeever, Godlove, Brenner, Steward, Ray, Kern, a preliminary study of the above and related ... from censuses, newspapers, and family records [Unknown Binding] Kay F Sellers (Author) Publisher: K.F. Sellers; 1st edition (1998)
  • 18) The genealogy, the family history and a number of personal histories of Patrick Graham, 1747-1844, Elizabeth McKee Graham and their descendants [Unknown Binding] Claire A Anderson (Author) Publisher: the Author (1968)
  • 19) The book of Mackay (1906 Edinburgh : N. Macleod ) Agnus Mackay


The Mckee book states one place there was 10-11 brothers - - yet another on write later on - " In 1737 when a large migration of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians to Pennsylvania and the Valley of Virginia took place, five brothers McKee came with that colony.

  • 1 ) Two of them. John and Robert, settled on a portion of Burden's grant, on Carr's Creek, in what is now Rockbridge County, about eight miles north-west of Lexington.
  • 2) The other three brothers settled in and near Lancaster, Pa.,
  • remained at that place until 1760, when William, one of the brothers, removed to Augusta County, Va., from which place his family
  • removed in 1788 to Kentucky and settled in Mason and Montgomery Counties. The other two brothers removed about the same period * (1788), from Lancaster to Pittsburgh and Wheeling respectively...."

it is also stated that they could of been a brother to David McKee of Mckeesport, Pennsylvania

Another Legend of the McKees

Ten or eleven brothers named Mckee came from Ireland to America in 1738, and
settled near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Three of these-Robert, William and John -- came to Augusta County, but at what date is uncertain, Their descendants state that it was about 1760, but the records of the county show that John McKee purchased a tract of land in the forks of the James River on August 16, 1752 ,

Yet Another Legend of the McKees

Compiled by Philip I. McKee

There were supposed to have been a family of McKees living in Belfast, Ireland, in the shipbuilding business. There were ten sons and a daughter, along with the mother and father.

The boys all wanted to go to America and the father and mother, up in years, and having some competence for their support, agreed to let them go providing they built ther own ship, which they did.

They landed in Chesapeake Bay near Philadelphia and remained there for a while.

Then three broke away from the others and went down into Virginia.

The others settled in Pennsylvania. The McKee at McKeesport was David and he no doubt knew enough about ship building to build a ferry, which he did.

Two brothers in Virginia, William and Samuel were both in the Revolutionary war and both married the same woman, as the brother took over as brother's widow ".

This legend is included because it is interesting, but the present author doubts the veracity of several of its elements. It is the first time the shipbuilding aspect has come to my attention be it true or false, Certainly, David of Mckeespost did not come over with the McKees of Virginia, or the early Pennsylvania McKees

pg. 52 The Book of McKees by Raymond W. McKee, 1959, Dublin, Hodges Figgis & CO. LTD.


There are some who are trying to connect the McKees of Kentucky & Virginia to that of the McKee line who has Shawnee ancestry - but they are found in accounts to be two VERY SEPARATE McKee branches as documented thus far as follows:

Found in in Alexander's the biography is: 'This would date the arrival of Alexander McKee and his son Thomas McKee [Husband of “Mary McKee” of Shawnee ancestry ] in America circa 1707 (in the year 1707 three McKee brothers landed at Boston from Ireland. Note thus this definitely sets him apart from the Kentucky & Virginia McKee's as their ancestry is stated as such:

Of the McKees of Kentucky & Virginia their ancestry is stated as: Ten or eleven brothers named Mckee came from Ireland to America in 1738, and settled near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Three of these- Robert McKee, William McKee and John McKee -- came to Augusta County, but at what date is uncertain, Their descendants state that it was about 1760, but the records of the county show that John McKee purchased a tract of land in the forks of the James River on August 16, 1752 ,


With a General Sketch of the Early McKee’s Prof. JAMES Y. McKee. PHILADELPHIA: JOSEPH D. McKee. 1892. this book states that:

The first real knowledge we have of the McKees dates from over two hundred years ago, when four brothers bearing that name left Scotland for bonnie England.
There they soon joined the army of William, Prince of Orange, and shortly - afterwards, in 1690, we find them, with the rest of the army, in the northern part of Ireland.
We have been unable to learn the Christian names of these four brothers.
All we know of one is that he returned with William's army to England. where we lose all trace of him.
Three were induced to remain in Ireland by grants of land for services rendered....

This books seems to think that  a   McKee brother with his sons came to America and are the progenitors of the  Virgiania and Kentucky McKee's 

One married and settled in County Antrim; but even tradition has no further information for us concerning either himself or his descendants although from actual knowledge in our possession concerning the other two brothers and their descendants, it seems almost a certainty that he and his family emigrated during the exodus from Ulster to America, about 1735, and were the progenitors of the McKees in Kentucky and Virginia, whose history has been written by George Wilson McKee, Major of Ordnance, U. S. A. ....
Of the aforesaid book George Wilson McKee, McKees of Virginia and Kentucky, the, Pittsburgh, J. B. Richards, 1891. the ancestry is found stated :

"In about 1738, ten or eleven brothers McKee emigrated to America, his summary of Mckee orgins was:<br/>

1)They were of Irish, Celtic origin and the main body of them went into Scotland in the 12th Century to assist William the Lion in driving the Danish pirates from Caithness and the north generally
2) Few if them probably joined William of Normandy in the 11th century when the latter, preparatory to his descent upon the Sussex coast of England invited to his standard professional soldiers, free-lances, adventures and cut throats from all parts of Europe
3) Tradition says of them that from the earliest down of the reformation they have been Protestants. Early in the 16th century, owing to the Civil feuds of Scotland, their native land for centuries, they emigrated back to Ireland - - thence after a brief sojourn to France. There they remained until the massacre of the Huguenots, on St. Bartholomew’s Day, August 24, 152. Being firm adherents of the Protestant faith, they experienced the utmost fury of the enemies of their religion on that day. But few were left to tell the tale of horror. Those few fled to the North of Ireland. And there again, in 1641, under the reign of Charles the first, the most famous of the Stuarts, and in 1688, under James the second most pusillanimous, they again experienced the fury of persecution on account of their religion. It is said that some of those, who escaped the massacre on St. Bartholomew’s, day fled into Holland and marched into Ireland later, with the forces of William, Prince of Orange. In about 1738, ten or eleven brothers McKee emigrated to America.
4) In 1738 when a large migration of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians to Pennsylvania and the valley of Virginia took place, some brothers McKee, variously estimated from five, ten or eleven sons of one who had borne a part in the defense of Derry, arrived in America and first settled near Lancaster, Pa. There they separated – some settling near wheeling, W. Va. And Pittsburgh, Pa. And some going to the far west. Two of the brothers John and Robert, went almost directly to Va., (about (1757) and settled on a portion of Borden’s grant, on Kerr’s Creek in what is now Rockbridge county, about 8 miles north-west of Lexington. In 1760 William, another of the brothers, also removed to Augusta County, Va

and yet another version....

Laurel County, Kentucky: History Revealed Through Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of Its Ancestors Lulu Press, Inc, Dec 9, 201
Found in a sketch on William Jackson married TMaria Louisa McKee is a very different version of the emigration of the mckee brothers:

The present McKee family traces its ancestry back to  one of seven brothers who emigrated from England to America and settled near Staunton, Virginia, in the year 1775. These brothers were strict, plain Calvinists and were very porr after their emigration to America, but with th passage of time they were able to save enough money to purchase a large tract of land in the Old DOminion commonwealth and they were decidedly<br/>

Other McKee Brothers

Zillah Mellott Garland told of hearing of 3 brothers that came from Ireland. James McKee settled at McKee's Gap [ Buck Valley Fulton County Pa around 1793 ], another in Maryland and a third, David, near Pittsburgh, Pa.and is likely the founder of McKeesport according to the Western Pa. Historical Magazine Vol. 13 Jan. 1930 #1 PP3-19

Descendants of Patrick Sr McKie and Janet MacDonall

Some are connecting the Virginias McKee's to this ancestry but with the documenation missing and what has been presented in the Mckee genealogies I have never been fully comfortably with connecting the Virginia and Pennsylvania McKee's to this lineage as yet I feel there is alot of work to be done on it and missing information:

Patrick Sr McKie , b. abt. 1500/bef 1515 in Cumloden Scotland deceased in Minnigaff Kirkcudbright Scotland. He married abt. 1520 in Scotland, Janet MacDonall , b. bef. 1515/1520 in Garthland Scotland; deceased in Scotland, daughter of Uchtred MacDowall [born Abt. 1500 in Garthland]

I have a PDF file to show discrepencies etc. and where they have been connecting the Mckee's of Pennsylvania, Virginia to this - - as far as I can ascertain there is no documentation for what has been presented and is presented on and the many family trees that are floating around out there.

NOTHING  of these  lines  in Ireland and Scotland is  concrete and yet fully veriified -  it needs alot fo work to determine the correct  descendants - needless to say that the McKee brothers  of Rockbridge county Virginia  are listed   several times  over as is David McKee of McKeesport, Pennsylvania and  in different generations. - it is impossible to cut these out in  MY OPINION because you do not know if there were actual children by that name  for those parents or not  or whether over the years they were just  MANUFACTURED   by people researching in order to connect  the Mckee's of  Virginia & Kentucky and McKeesport  in order to connect to the Scotland & Ireland Mckee ancestry known -  needless ot say it is a mess.

Gedcoms that were passed to me and print outs of these the early Scotland Ireland lines were names only and went around in vicous circles as they had matched together as being one in the following combinfations:

  • son/father
  • nephew/uncle
  • grandfather/grandson
  • son/father= grandfather/grandson
  • grandfather/grandson = nephew/uncle
  • nephew/uncle = son/father

with no dates I done my best to get the lineage back into working order MAYBE

PLEASE feel welcome in the about me section if you can to express concerns, doubts etc. if you are unable to edit profile send me the profile link the infromation as you would like to see in the about me - any documentation and I will gladly place it into the profile(s) Most needed is dates and locations for an approximate time period and location probably locations and births can be filled in as <Dumbarton, Scotland> of person being of a cetrain location can be put in the "Display as" blank Anything is more than welcome to help sort these lines out -

Nothing will be deleted as entered it will be either merged or re-aligned according to documentation found and presented


A full list of unconnected McKee branches will be found here McKee's Unconnected on Geni


--- McKee's of Ireland, Rockbridge county Virginia & later Kentucky-7895 was born 1681 in < Ireland> --- married   --- --- (Mrs. McKee)

They had the following children:

  • John McKee was born 1707 in <Ireland>. He died 2 Mar 1792 in , Rockbridge, Virginia.John married 1st Jane Logan, daughter of David Logan-7905 (MRIN:3922), on 29 Jan 1744. Jane was born 1707 in <Pennsylvania>. She died 17 Jul 1763 in Kerr Creek, Rockbridge, Virginia. John also married 2nd Rosannah Cunningham . Rosannah was born 1765 in <Pennsylvania>.
  • Robert McKee was born 1692 in < Londonderry Town> Ireland. He died 11 Jun 1774/1776 in , Rockbridge, Virginia. Robert married Agnes
    (Mrs Robert McKee) in , , Ireland. Agnes was born 1700 in < Ireland>. She died 29 Jan 1780.
  • William McKee was born 1700 in <Offaly, Offaly, > Ireland. He died 1775 in , , Virginia. William Mary
    (Mrs William McKee) about 1725. Mary was born 1704 in <Northern Ireland>.
  • Margaret [-?- McKee] Birth: 1724 ireland Death: 1798 Kerr's Creek, Rockbridge, Virginia. Wife of Robert Hamilton and James Gardner

and some list David McKee of McKeesport, Pennsylvania married Margaret [-?-] as being of this family


Mackay - or in Gaelic MacAoidha - is a Scottish Highland clan, deriving from mac meaning "son of" and Aoidh, often written in English as "Ive," meaning "fire" and originally the name of a Celtic god. The Mackay clan came originally from trathnaver in Caithness and was said to have had Pictish origins.... more can be found here on this name spelling

Books Transcriped into GENI

The descendants from these books are fully listed on GENI


2 A HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OP DAVID McKEE, OF ANAHILT, With a General Sketch of the Early McKees by Prof. JAMES Y. McKEE. PHILADELPHIA : JOSEPH D. McKEE. 1892. (fully in Geni)

3 The book of Mackay (1906 Edinburgh : N. Macleod ) Agnus Mackay

4 The book of Mackay (1906 Edinburgh : N. Macleod ) Agnus Mackay BY ROBERT MACKAY, WRITER, THURSO. EDINBURGH : PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR, BY ANDREW JACK & co. 233, HIGH STREET. MDCCCXXIX [1829]

and these two books were incorporated into the Virginia and Kentucky McKee Lineage and my personal manuscript:

1 JOHN MASON DYER FAMILY of Union County, Kentucky Ancestors and Decendants Researched and Compiled by JANE DYER ARNOLD (Mrs. J. P.) 338 West Cedar Street Franklin, Kentucky 42134 - 1972 (fully in Geni)

2 McKee Record, Compiled by Adelaid Jenness (J.H. Jordan, printer, Dana, Il., 1910; 114 pgs.) Mary Adelaide McKee


This is the best example of a combined non researched non-documented early ancestry of the Ky & Virginia McK'ees and because of this it is still be perpetuated

Descendants of Alexander William McKee Generation One

1.Alexander William McKee was born about 1665-1668, possibly in Derry N. Ireland and died May 1740 in “Will” Oughly, Drumbo Doen N. Ireland.He was believed the son of James, David or JamesMackey and Margaret Patterson of Down Ireland.He married about 169x to Miriam Brown, bca 1670 in County Down and they are believed to have at least six children includingRobert Brown McKee, Jean McKee, Thomas McKee, William McKee, Patrick McKee and John McKee all born and some married in Ireland. David McKee?
Generation Two

These brothers and possible sisters with their respective families allappear to have settled first in Lancaster Co PA. from Ireland about 1736-1738.Robert and John moved south from Lancaster Co. PA about 1749-5x and settled about eight miles north of the present city of Lexington VA in the Borden Tract of Augusta Co VA later Rockbridge Co. There are no tract recorded conveyance to McKee prior to 1750 at which time a John McKee purchased 170 acres from Mary Doutlat.Some settlers did locate near to but outside the Borden Boundary.This 92,000 acre tract is well explained in Ref 2 as noted.

Brother William McKee, in 1760, followed Robert and John to Augusta Co. VA.His married son James appears to have accompanied this move.Of the two brothers stayed in PA, they appear to have moved west from Lancaster County, about 1788, Patrick to the Wheeling West VA area and Thomas to Pittsburgh PA area.

      2.Robert Brown McKee son of Alexander William McKee and Miriam Brown was born about 1692 in Drumbo, Down N. Ireland and died 6 Nov 1774 (or 11 June 1776) in Augusta now Rockbridge Co Virginia.He married, possibly in March 1730?, at Drumbo Ireland toAgnes Cunningham born 2 Feb 1707.She was daughter of John Cunningham and Elizabeth Stewart.She died 29 Jan 1780 in Rockbridge Co VA. They hadWilliam McKee, John McKee and possibly Alexander McKee.

3.John McKee 2nd son of Alexander and Miriam was believed christened on 13 June 1706 in Drumbo Ireland and died on 2 Mar 1792 in Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge Co, VA.He first married Jane Logan on 29 Jan 1744. She born about 1730 asdaughter of David Logan of Cumberland PA.Jane was killed late in term of another child during an Indian raid on the Kerrs Creek settlement of July 17 1763. At the time of her death there were eight children in the family including , Mary McKee, Miriam McKee, William McKee, James Logan McKee, Robert Logan McKee John McKee William McKee David McKee.Widower John McKee later married Rosannah Cunningham on 12 Dec 1765 in Rockbridge Co. VA and they had one son John J. McKee likely born in Rockbridge Co. Rosannah died 19 Jan 1806.
4.William McKee was likely born about 170x in Drumbo Ireland and died in Virginia. He followed his brothers Robert and John from Lancaster PA to VA about 1760. Little known other that he is believed to be the father of a James McKee of Rockbridge Co VA.. There is a record of a William McKee owning a Borden tract next to John Summers in 1768.Family tradition has that he and family moved to Montgomery County KY about 1788.
Generation Three

The threechildren of pioneer Robert Brown McKee and Agnes Cunningham include William, John and possibly Alexander.

      5.William McKee born 17 May 1732 and died 12 Oct 1816 in Garrard Co KY.He came to America as child with father Robert from Ireland.He firstmarried on 20 May 1766 to his cousin Miriam McKee daughter of John and Jane Logan McKeepossibly in Jessamine KYThey had eight surviving children all born in Virginia as he moved to Lincoln Co Kentucky in 1792four years before Miriam’s death on 3 Oct 1796.William remarried to a widow, Mrs Davis, who seems to have been a relative by blood.

This William active in both French & Indian War and Revolutionary War. He was a Captain of VA Militia Company at Pt Pleasant in 1774 appointed a Colonel in 1785 and later served as a Virginia delegate from Rockbridge County to ratify the US Constitution.

      6.John James McKee was born about 1735 in Rockbridge Co VA and died in March 1780 (or 1808) on Buffalo Creek of Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge Co.He married Ester Davidson Houston, born 1742 in Augusta Co VA and died about 1780. She was the daughter of Robert and Margaret Davidson Houston. John marriedin 1761 on Kerrs Creek, Botetourt Co VA.They are buried in Oxford Church Cemetery, Lexington KY.
      7.Alexander McKee, possibly the third son, was born about 1750 and died in Maury Co TN between 1830-1840. This Alexander believed to have married in Orange Co NC to Mary Bean, born 11 June 1746 in Orange Co NC and died 3 Aug 1822 in Maury Co TN. Alexander and Mary, her 2nd,were married about 1770 in Orange Co NC.. Both believed to be buried in Maury Co TN.

The nine known children of pioneer John McKee, (son of Alexander McKee), include eight with Jane Logan McKee and one with Rosanna Cunningham.

      8.Mary McKee who was born 11 June 1746 in Orange Co NC and died 3 Aug. 1822 in Maury Co TN.Shemarried Hugh Weir (Ware), (b1742 & d16 Jul 1822).They possibly had had daughter, Jane Weir born 14 Apl 1775 in Augusta Co VA..As the oldest child Marywas noted first as Mary Weir in her fathers will.According to family records, the couple lived and died on Whistle Ck, Rockbridge County.
      9.Miriam McKee was born 27 Sept 1747 and died 30 Oct 1796 in Lincoln Co. KY.She married on 20 May 1766 to her cousin William McKee in Jassamine Co Ky where they lived and both likely died.They had eight surviving of thirteen known children. 10. William McKee was born 18 Feb 1750 and died an infant on 28 Jul 1752. 11.James Logan McKee was born 14 Mar.1752 on Kerrs Creek , Rockbridge Co VA and died 14 Aug 1832.He first married on 6 Jun 1782 to Janet Telford, b 19 Oct 1754, d 30 Apl 1800,in Rockbridge Co VAThey had one known son John Telford McKee born in 1785, Janet died in 1800 and James later married on 26 Mar1807, to Mrs. Nancy Scott, born on Colliers Creek Rockbridge Co VA, a widow and possible relative of his first wife.At time of marriage she had two children, Jane and Samuel W.After marrying James they had two children Martha H and Mary S. McKee. 12. Robert Logan McKee was born 4 Mar 1754 at Kerrs Creek Rockbridge Co VA and died about 1812 possibly in Woodford Co KY.He first married in 1786 to Margaret Hamilton who died in 1793.They had two children (John, b 1787 & Samuel b 1789) and moved to KY about 1790 where Margaret died in 1793.Robert then re-married in 1795 to Jane Jack of NC.They had four children (Margaret, Mary, James & Robert all believed born in KY).This Robert L McKee was active in VA militia in Indian Wars and Revolutionary War.

13.John McKee was born 17 Dec 1756 and died 24 May as young boy in 1761.

      14. William McKee was born 28 Feb 1759 on Kerrs Creek Rockbridge Co VA and died about 1833.He married Jean or Jane Kenady (Kennedy) on 21 Jan 1790 in Botetourt Co VA. They had two known children (James M. And Margaret McKee both had large families in VA).William & Janet are buried in New Providence Church Cemetery of VA.This William may have been the first sheriff of Rockbridge Co.
      15. David McKee was born 25 Dec 1760 and died 20 Aug 1825 in Union Mills, Jassamine Co KY.His W< probated Sep 1825. On 16 Sept.1788 in Rockbridge Co, he married Anne Dunlap, b 5 Dec 1765, in Aspen Grove, Rockbridge Co and d 2 Jul 1814 in Jessamine KY. She was daughter of Robert and Mary Gay Dunlap.They had ten known children in Ky. (Jane Logan, Miriam, Margaret, Nancy Logan, John, Robert, David and James. Some later moved to IL and OH.)

16.John McKee Jr. is only known child that pioneer John McKee had with 2nd wife Rosanna Cunningham.This son was born 27 Oct 1771 and died 1 Dec.1815 in Rockbridge County. Believed to stayed on the old McKee place on Kerrs Ck after having married Susanna Simonds 14 Jun 1795.She died before John Jr.on 20 Mar 1815. They had no children.This John Jr. was half uncle to John Telford McKee
The only identifiable child of pioneer William McKee (son of Alexander McKee of Drumbo, Ire.) is James McKee.

      17. James McKee was born about 1726 and died 26 Apl 1778.He married Lydia Todd, ( born about 1736, died about 1811), about 1756 She was daughter of nearby James Todd family who later moved to Bedford Co.James and Lydiahad seven known children.Possibly this Lydia was related to Levi Todd and early pioneer of Fayette Co VA.James McKee signed his LW&T on 26 Apl 1778. It was probated on 4 Aug 1778 naming wife Lydia as an Executor. Thereafter Lydia moved with children to Kentucky

Merging of the McKees's of VIrginia & McKeesport

Decennial Record of the Class of 1896, Yale College By Yale University. Class of 1896

McKee Dunn McKee Gardener and health seeker Residence Biltmore NC Permanent mail address 1753 Rhode Island Avenue Washington DC
..McKee Dunn McKee was born Oct 21st 1873 at Washington DC He is a son of David Ritchie McKee and Frances Elizabeth McKee who were married May 11th 1871 at Washington and had two other children both sons Lanier McKee 95 and David Ritchie Mckee Jr. 1903
.David Ritchie McKee b Sept 17th 1842 at Wheeling W Va is manager of the New York Associated Press Washington He is a son of Redick McKee (Redrick Mckee, Colonel) a merchant Wheeling San Francisco and Washington and Eliza Ritchie of Cannonsburg Pa The family is of Scotch descent ancestors emigrated from the north of Ireland in 1750 settled at what is McKeesport Pa
Frances Elizabeth Dunn McKee b Dec 6th 1849 at Madison Ind is the daughter of William McKee Dunn a lawyer of Madison afterwards of Washington and Elizabeth Frances Lanier of Madison William McKee Dunn was an honorary graduate of Yale 35 BA Indiana University 32 Prof Math and LL D Hanover College 77 and served as congressman 1859 63
McKee prepared at Exeter He played on the Second Banjo Club in Freshman year and afterwards on the University Glee and Banjo Club for three years A High Oration at the Junior Exhibition and at Commencement He was a member of the Renaissance Club and a Cup Man Phi Beta Kappa Eta Phi DKE Bones
He was married Dec 27th 1902 at Washington D C to Miss Henrietta Bates daughter of Paymaster General Alfred Elliott Bates USA of Washington and has one child a son Elliott Bates McKee b Nov 26th 1904 at Washington
To Dunn McKee belongs the credit of starting the annual winter dinners of 96 at the old Yale Club in Madison Square He spent the first year out of college in Washington came to New York in 1897 and remained there off and on until 1902 at first with the Wall Street firm of Bertron & Storrs and until 1900 with the Compressed Gas Capsule Company In 1900 he visited Alaska with his brother and upon his return in the fall of that year he became interested with Neale and Thome in a coal mining deal in Pottstown Pa During part of the year 1901 02 he lived in the Adirondacks The Sexennial Record contains a full account of his service in the war with Spain as a private in Troop A NY Volunteer Cavalry and later down in Cuba as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Volunteer Signal Corps and aide de camp to General Randolph
McKee is now President of the Two Kings Mining Company of Chihuahua Mexico he gives the following account of his life since 1902
Spent a couple of months at Saranac Lake and then went out to Silver City New Mexico where we visited ranches went camping did some hunting and fishing and were out doors all the time Acquired a few interests in valuable mining properties Spent two months of the spring of 1904 in California with classmate Loomis and bride Came East in June stopping en route at Denver and the Fair at St Louis No classmates visible though I saw a lot at New Haven the end of the month Spent a couple of months in the Berkshires and then became a student oldest living undergraduate at the School of Mines at Golden Colo Returned to Washington to meet my week old son and then gave up books and took my family to Denver for the winter Came East in June 1905 and after depositing family at seashore went up to the Buck Run Colliery near Minersville Pa where classmates Neale and Thorne are digging coal Remained there as purchasing agent until Christmas when I came South to Asheville and in April took a house on the Vanderbilt estate near Biltmore I am at present engaged in raising vegetables and flowers and incidentally gathering bunches of health See Appendix

Hence this is where i think came the desire to merge the McKeesport, Pa & Virginia as being the same "branch" back when they immigrated to america.