Genealogy Projects tagged with mitochondrial DNA on the Geni Family Tree

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  • mtDNA Haplogroups

    This is a master project, to collect information about the specific mtDNA haplogroup projects on Geni. All modern humans descend in the female line from a particular woman, nicknamed "Mitochondrial Eve," who lived about 150,000 years ago. Each of us has inherited her mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), along with the mutations that have accumulated in our individual family lines. Mitochondrial DNA (...

  • H11 (Mitochondrial DNA)

    ( initiated project) Related Projects: H mtDNA Project H11a mtDNA Project H11a1 mtDNA Project H11a2-T16092C mtDNA Project H11a2a mtDNA Project H11a2a1 mtDNA Project H11a2a2 mtDNA Project H11b1 mtDNA Project and more..... Most distant H11 maternal ancestors : Please see H11a project and add yours here!

  • DNA Testing: Choosing a test

    Genetic genealogy is a hot topic, but many people are put off by the learning curve. This is a place to get answers to your questions. MH/Geni DNA Tests This project is sponsored by Geni's curators to provide help in choosing a DNA test and understanding what questions the different types of tests might answer. How to participate If you want to see the discussions from thi...